The Final Battle for Tyne was now over. The city had been freed from the tyranny of the Griffiths, along with the rest of Libernia. After many years of fighting, the Libernian Civil War was finally over, and the Griffith regime was no more, and the people of Libernia were happy that they had been toppled.


The citizens of Tyne celebrated the fall of the Griffiths the next day in the afternoon, and King James and Queen Cassandra paraded around the city in a chariot. The chariot was made of gold, and it was drawn by 2 beautiful white horses. James and Cassandra were both wearing crowns and elegant clothes. James was wearing silver clothes with a red cape, and his family crest, a blue and red shield with a lion in the centre was in the centre of his shirt. Cassandra was wearing a red dress with her family crest, a dove in the centre.

As they both sat on the chariot holding their hands together, the citizens of the city ran after them, throwing confetti their way. There was a drummer that marched in front of the chariot, performing the instrument as he went. The heroes of the Battle of Tyne were also marching behind the chariot, with Master Rowan and Captain Harold walking behind them. The rest of the battle leaders were also marching behind them, leading the rest of the battle’s heroes. The Canner and Veinhall families marched behind the heroes of the battle. It was a grand occasion, and everyone there was happy that the Griffiths had been toppled. The people threw confetti at the way of the chariot as the King and Queen passed through the streets of Tyne.

“All hail the King and Queen of Libernia! All hail the King and Queen of Libernia!” the people chanted as the chariot passed.

The chariot continued to pass through the streets of Tyne as the people followed along with the crowd. The chariot’s destination was the castle.

The aftermath of the battle of Tyne was evident in the city streets, as there were a few dead citizens and Griffith soldiers in the city streets. There was also some rubble in the city streets from the trebuchets that had been fired by both sides, and the western wall was still broken. But none of that mattered to the citizens of Tyne at the moment. They were just happy that the battle was over and that they were free from the Griffiths after being under their tyranny for so long. And it didn’t matter to the heroes of the Free Alliance or to the King and Queen either. They all understood that casualties and damage were inevitable parts of war.

When the parade finally reached the castle, James and Cassandra got off the chariot and went up the steps to the top of the castle. Along with them, the leaders of the Free Alliance army, Handlirian Grand Mster Rowan, Masters Xanatos, Quintus, Josephine, Captain Harold, Commander Fergus and General also went up the steps with the King and Queen, along with the Canner and Veinhall families.

King James began to speak to the people of Tyne from the steps of the castle.

“People of Tyne, it is all over! The civil war of Libernia is over, and the Griffiths are no more. This war which lasted 8 years has been long and hard, and many people died for our cause. My uncle Duke Armand was one of them. He helped us free the city, as you all have by fighting for us. But he was captured and tortured by the Griffiths, as many of you were. Many members of the Free Alliance died fighting for our cause. Many members of the Handlirian Order, a noble order of wizards and Knights which I am part of, also died fighting for our cause. But all those deaths were not in vain. Because of their sacrifices, you are all free, and I have been made the rightful King of Libernia, like my father, and his father before him. As your King, I will lead the kingdom out of the damage and despair that has been caused by the war, and I will lead us to a golden age!” said James.

“I am your new Queen, Cassandra Veinhall-Canner. I helped the Free Alliance war effort by making the battle plans for the battles that they fought. I and my family opposed the Griffiths from the very beginning of their reign of terror. When King James came here to rescue the political prisoners that the Griffiths had imprisoned, we escaped Tyne for the city of Calablin, where the Handlirian Order is situated. There, we helped the Free Alliance and the Handlirian Order to repay their refuge.  We have all suffered together, but now we are free, and we will rebuild Libernia together!” said Cassandra.

“We will begin rebuilding Libernia by rebuilding the damage that has been caused to Tyne and other cities. We will give reparations to those who have been hurt by the war as best as we can. We will also bring the Griffith leaders and collaborators to justice.  We will put good governors in charge of each city and province of Libernia. The Handlirian Order will continue their role as the peacekeepers of Cletus.  Captain Harold will continue as the leader of the whole Libernian army, and my brother Daniel shall be the new Duke of Tyne. My mother, the former Queen Mary Pentanes-Canner is now the Queen mother of Libernia. We shall continue to be allies of Geland, and we will not forget how they helped us in our own civil war. We may have suffered a civil war for 8 years, but we Libernians are a strong people, and I know that we can create a golden age together!” said James.

The people cheered, and it was a grand occasion for all Tyne.

That night after the celebrations, James went to the crypts underneath the Irvine Cathedral in order to visit the tomb of his father, the late King Roderick. It had now been 8 years since Roderick was assassinated by the Palmorii. Beside the Cathedral, there was a big cemetery. In the middle of the cemetery, there was a pathway that led to the crypts of the Kings and Queens of Libernia underneath the ground. James went down there to the tombs.

The crypt was very big, and there were columns all over the crypt where the tombs of the Libernian monarchs were stacked all over the crypt. James walked over to the tomb of King Roderick. There, he knelt down in reverence to his father, and he closed his eyes and meditated.

“Father, I have reclaimed my rightful place as King of Libernia. Help me to be a good King and govern Libernia well’ said James.

As James meditated, his mother entered the crypt as well. James was unaware that his mother was there until she came behind him and spoke.

“Your father would be very proud of you, James” said Mary.

James opened his eyes and looked at his mother, turning around.

“Hello, Mother” said James.


Mary kneeled beside James and put her arm on his back, and together, they both closed their eyes and meditated on Roderick’s tomb.


“Duke Armand should be buried here, beside his brother’s tomb. He died a hero” said James.


“Yes, I’m sure he will be buried here beside his brother” said Mary.


James and Mary meditated together in the tomb for the rest of the night.


The next week, there was a funeral for Armand near the Irvine Cathedral. James and Cassandra sat at one of the balconies on the right of the cathedral, facing the populace which was at the cemetery of the cathedral. The body of Armand was placed in a wooden coffin, and King James spoke to the populace.

“Today we mourn the death of the former Duke of Tyne, Armand Canner. He was my uncle and was a good man. I know that many of you hate him because you think he was a traitor, but know this. Duke Armand was not a traitor. He never supported the Griffiths. But he was afraid of what the Griffiths would do to him and his family if he wasn’t loyal to them, and his fear overtook his dislike of the Griffiths. But even as Duke of Tyne, he helped our efforts of rebellion. When I and my brother snuck into Tyne in order to free political prisoners that had been imprisoned by the Griffiths, Duke Armand allowed us into the castle and made it possible for us to free the prisoners and escape. Among the political prisoners were Captain Harold and the late Allan Tremel, who played big parts in our cause. He also helped us take Tyne during our siege of the city by allowing a small team of our soldiers into the city to help the citizens. He was a huge help to us, and I hope he will find peace in the next life” said James.

Thomas Canner stepped up to the porch to speak.

“Most of you knew Armand as the Duke of Tyne, and possibly as a traitor. But I knew him as my father, and he was a good father. He always stood up to the Griffiths, and if the Griffiths ever threatened us, he would step in to protect us. He cared about us, and about the welfare of the people of Tyne.He was a good man, but was afraid” said Thomas.

Victoria and Anne grabbed Armand’s wooden coffin, and they dragged it down to the crypt. All of the citizens of Tyne bowed down in reverence, along with the King, Queen and their families. The Handlirians and the Libernian commanders also bowed down. The Canners put the coffin into the tomb beside the body of the former King Roderick.

Under its new King James Canner, there was now peace in Libernia. There were a few remnants of Griffith soldiers, supporters and leaders, but they were easily defeated by the new Libernian army. The cities that had been affected by the Libernian Civil War, including Tyne, Femur and Blythe, were rebuilt and repaired by the strength and will of the Libernian people. As a result of their alliance during the Libernian Civil War, Libernia had cultivated a strong friendship with Geland. Libernia swept away the damage that had been caused by the war, and became a strong and prosperous kingdom again. It was the beginning of a new Golden Age for Libernia.

King James and Queen Cassandra governed Libernia well, and they were known all across the continent of Cletus as strong willed, wise and intelligent monarchs. They often made diplomatic visits to the other kingdoms in Cletus: Geland, Austaly in the centre, Skarsgin in the northernmost area of Cletus, the Pale-Reach city states, Rusbia in the far east, and Grethenbul in the far south.

The Handlirian Order continued to act as the peacekeepers of Cletus, and continued to be led by Grand Master Rowan Diadhaid. The Handlirian Council was recreated in order to replace the members that had died in the Libernian Civil War, including Masters Cereus, Peter and Talynn. King James was made a Handlirian Master in an honorary ceremony in Calablin, and he was put in the Handlirian Council. Daniel Canner became a Master of the Handlirian Order, and he decided to move to Calablin in order to devote himself fully to the order.

King James and Queen Cassandra gave birth to 3 children: 2 sons and 1 daughter. James named his children in honor of people he knew or had known. Their firstborn son was named Yolrond Shay, and was born 2 years after the end of the Libernian Civil War. Yolrond had his mother’s black eyes, but he had his father’s light brown hair. Their daughter Zara Rowan was born 3 years later, and their last child, Roderick Castilius, was born 2 years later. Zara had blue eyes with dirty blond hair, and she was beautiful. Adam had dark brown hair with brown eyes. Their children received good educations at the College of Hayford, like James and Daniel had. When they reached the proper age, they were sent to the Handlirian Order, and they went both to the College of Hayford and the Handlirian Order.  Daniel, meanwhile, became a Handlirian Master, and he went to live in Calablin. He married Lana, who also became a Handlirian Master. They had 2 mixed human-elven girls: Caterina and Esmeralda. Caterina was the elder child, and she had slightly curved ears and glowing green eyes, signs of her elven heritage. She also had blond hair like her mother. Esmeralda was 3 years her junior, and she had black hair like her father, along with green eyes. They grew up in Calablin with their parents, and were inducted into the Handlirian Order. Philip Veinhall became the Duke of Tyne, and he married a woman named Theron. He had one child with her, a son named Peter. Thomas and Anne Canner found soulmates as well. Thomas married a woman named Hilda, and they had 2 children together: Veronica and Edward. Anne married a man named Cornelius, and they had 1 child together, a son named Henry. Louis Darvon became the Governor of Tyne, and he also had children: 2 sons named Frederick and Bourbon with a woman named Kiara.

King James also wrote a book about his ordeal, titled “Chronicles of the Fugitive Prince”. It detailed James’ escape from Tyne after the assassination of his father, his induction into the Handlirian Order, his quest to find the Jehovian Seals and his fight to reclaim Libernia from the Griffiths. The book became very popular throughout Libernia and Cletus.


14 years after the fall of the Griffiths, the Canner and Veinhall families came to Tyne in order to celebrate the annual anniversary of the fall of the Griffiths. There was a celebration and a memorial in the city square where the Pantheon was located. The Canner and Veinhall families were on the balcony of the Pantheon. King James stood there with Queen Cassandra and their children Yolrond, Zara and Roderick. Behind them stood Daniel with Lana and their children Caterina and Esmeralda. Duke Philip was also on the balcony with his wife Theron and their son Peter. Governor Louis was on the balcony as well. The Queen Mother Mary was also there beside her son King James. The leaders of the Handlirian Order had payed a special visit to Tyne in order to commemorate this event. Harold was there as well, though he had retired from his duties as Captain of the Libernian army due to becoming older and older for the duty.

James spoke to the people of Tyne as the event commenced.

“People of Tyne, today we celebrate the anniversary of the end of the Libernian Civil War and the fall of the Griffith regime. 14 years ago today, I stormed the walls of Tyne with the Free Alliance army, and we captured Tyne from the Griffiths, signaling their fall. That was the day when freedom prevailed over tyranny. This day must always be remembered, and we must also remember those who sacrificed their lives to free us from tyranny and give us the strong and free kingdom that we live in today. Now let us celebrate!” said James.

The people cheered, and the festivities began. There was a carnival in Tyne where the people played games such as capture the flag, boat racing on the Tyne River, and horse racing. It was a grand day, and the King’s children also participated in the festivities.


After the day was over, the King and Queen returned to the Canner castle with their children. Prince Yolrond really wanted to read his father’s book, but his father had told him to wait. However, Yolrond was very curious, and really wanted to read the book. So Yolrond waited until nighttime. At midnight, when he was sure everyone was asleep, Yolrond snuck out of his room quietly. His brother Roderick and sister Zara were fast asleep in the room, and Yolrond tiptoed quietly before opening the door. Yolrond walked quietly around the halls of the castle, being careful not to be seen.


When Yolrond reached the library where his father’s book was, he opened the door quietly and entered the room. Yolrond searched the bookshelves for a book titled “Chronicles of the Fugitive Prince”. However, Yolrond had trouble finding the book as he scorched the bookshelves.

“Where is it? Where is it?” said Yolrond quietly as he searched the bookshelves.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed, Yolrond?” said James.

Yolrond turned around, and his father James was standing at the door.  He was waering a red robe and looked llike he had just come out of bed. Yolrond was startled at his father’s sudden appearance, and he gasped.

“Oh, sorry Father. I was looking for the book that you write. Can I please read it? Please? I’m really curious to know what has happened in your life” asked Yolrond.

James looked at his son, then he walked toward the bookshelf. James grabbed a book from the center of the bookshelf. The book was made of leather and had a red velvet color, and it had the Canner family crest in the centre. It was titled “Chronicles of the Fugitive Prince”. James handed the book to his son and looked into his eyes.

“Very well, you can read my book. But treat it with respect. And Yolrond Shay, remember this. You were named after 2 real people that are in this book. They were members of the Handlirian Order, and one of them was the Grand Master of the Order. They were very special people to me. You may be blown away by what you find in the book” said James.

Yolrond looked at his father’s eyes and smiled.

“Thanks, father” said Yolrond.