After the celebrations were over, James and the Free Alliance focused on the war again. The Griffiths now had much less territory in Libernia, and they only held Tyne and the area nearby. The Free Alliance, led by King James, camped themselves outside the city of Tyne on the wall. There, in James’ command tent, the leaders of the army tried to decide how to take the city.


“So as you all know, we have finally pushed the Griffiths here to Tyne, the capital of Libernia. They are cornered, and they know it, so they will be very resourceful and dangerous, and they will fight like cornered rats. So we will have to be careful, and we will have to come up with a plan to get past the mighty walls of Tyne. I, as King, suggest that we besiege the city, as it will trap the Griffiths and make them even more vulnerable than they are now. And when the time is right, we will break down the walls and enter the city!” said King James.


“Great job, James. That is why you are the leader of our armies!” said Master Rowan.


Cassandra pointed at the map with her pencil in order to explain the plan more broadly.


“We will surround the city with catapults and war machines for the siege. This siege will seal the Griffith army in the city, but we must be careful not to hurt the citizens of the city or let them starve. When the siege gets them vulnerable enough, we will attack the city, and we will have some or our soldiers perform special tasks in the city to further weaken the Griffiths. In time, we will bring the Griffiths to justice, and Tyne will be free!” said Cassandra as she pointed to the map with her pencil.


“That’s a good plan. That is the plan that we will use in order to take Tyne. Now let’s go and debrief the plan to the Free Alliance army outside” said Harold.


The leaders of the Free Alliance army left the tent in order to debrief the plan to the army. James spoke to them.


“All right, we are going to take the city of Tyne now. But we have to do it carefully, as the Griffiths will fight like cornered rats, and the walls of Tyne are the mightiest in Libernia. We will take the city by besieging it, so that the Griffiths will be weakened within the walls. When the time is right, we will storm the mighty walls and aid the discontented citizens of the city in fighting the Griffiths, and we will find the leaders of the Griffith regime in Tyne, as well as the Griffith family themselves and bring them to justice!” said James. James raised his hand after his speech, and the soldiers cheered.


“Well said, King James” said Master Rowan.


The Free Alliance’s war machines were set up around the city perimeter by Tom, the Free Alliance’s official engineer, and his son Christoph. The war machines were trebuchets and catapults. The entire Free Alliance army formed up in a line around the city walls. The Siege of Tyne had begun.


Meanwhile, the Griffith guards that were on the gates of Tyne saw the Free Alliance army preparing for the siege.


“The Free Alliance. They are besieging our city. I must deliver these news to the Griffith royals immediately! Stay here!” said the captain of the guard on the city walls.


The captain reported to the Griffith castle, where King Francis, Prince Victor, Queen Beatrix, Governor Draco and Duke Armand were sitting on the giant rectangular table in the Great Hall.


“Hello, captain. Do you have something to report? Perhaps something about the war?” said King Francis.


“Yes, my King. The Free Alliance has arrived at the walls of the city, and they are laying siege to it!” said the captain.


“Damn. Things have really spiralled out of control for us. We have failed to hold on to Libernia. What are we going to do now?!?!” said Francis angrily.


“Perhaps the time has come to acknowledge that you have no hope left, my King. Perhaps you should surrender to the Free Alliance” said Armand.


“Surrender?!? I don’t dare! I will never give up my kingdom, and you are a fool for suggesting otherwise!” yelled Francis as he pushed Armand off his chair and punched him.


“Husband, calm yourself. We can still hold on to power, if we fight hard against the Free Alliance and turn the populace against them” said Beatrix.


“And how would we do that?” said Francis as he let go of Armand.


“We must convince the people that the Free Alliance is evil by telling them about the siege, and we must make sure that the people do not get essential supplies sic as good in order to prove this. We must also resist the siege and strike back when the time is right” said Beatrix.


“It’s a great idea, my King” said Governor Draco.


“Very well. We will attempt to convince the populace that the Free Alliance is evil. We will also prepare our forces to attack when the siege is over and the time is right. We will set up trebuchets on the city walls in order to attack the Free Alliance” said King Francis.


“What would you have me do, Father?” said Victor.


“Son, I would like you to help set up the war machines on the city walls. I will also make you the captain of the city guard. You will fight against the Free Alliance when the time comes” said Francis.


So the city guard began cutting off the supplies of food during the duration of the Siege of Tyne. The Siege also unintentionally managed to cut off the food supplies. When the people began to starve and get upset, Governor Draco told them that the shortage of food was being caused by the siege. Draco made this announcement at the city hall as the people crowded the city streets to protest in anger. The people were waving flags and torches in anger around the city hall.


“We don’t have enough to eat!” yelled one of the protesters.


“What the hell is going on?!?Is it the siege that is cutting off our food supplies, or the Griffiths?!?” yelled another protestor.


“Calm down everyone! I can explain what is cutting off our city’s food supplies! It is the siege of our city, the very siege that is being caused by the so-called Free Alliance of Libernia! The Free Alliance has destroyed the unity and order that we have brought all across Libernia! And when they take over Tyne, order will be gone in Libernia. We must not allow that to happen, which is why you, as the great citizens of Tyne, must help us stop the Free Alliance! Take up arms! Save our city!” said Governor Draco.


Duke Armand was sitting in his room at the Griffith castle. His wife and children were there with him. He had been conflicted for the 7 years that he had served as Duke of Tyne under the Griffiths. He had no love for the Griffiths, but he was too afraid to stand against them, and what it would do to him and his family. But now it didn’t matter. Now the Griffiths were under siege in the capital city of Libernia, and would be out of power anytime soon. Armand might as well help the Free Alliance and make the fall of the Griffiths quicker. He had made his decision. He would go to the Free Alliance and help them. He would also give provisions to the people of Tyne.


Armand put on his cloak and prepared to go outside, but his daughter Anne stopped him.


“Father, what are you doing?” asked Anne.


“I’m going to go to the Free Alliance camp and give them advice to help them take the city of Tyne. The Griffith occupation will be over soon, my daughter, and we will be free from their tyranny” said Armand.


“But Father, will it be safe? You could be caught and killed for treason by the Griffiths” said Anne.


“It won’t matter. The Griffiths will be done soon, so I might as well help make their end quicker. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine” said Tom.


Duke Armand snuck out of the Griffith castle with his cloak on. He went outside the city to the camp where the Free Alliance was. There, he entered the command tent, where King James was sitting along with his brother Daniel and the rest of the leaders of the Free Alliance army: Rowan, Xanatos, Quintus, Josephine, Harold, Fergus, and Pedrus. There, Armand took off his hood.


“Uncle Armand?” asked James.


“Hello, nephew. I am here in order to help you in your efforts to take the city of Tyne. What is your plan for taking the city?” said Armand.


“We are going to lay siege to the city in order to weaken the Griffith armies with our war machines, and when the time is right, we will storm the city” said Rowan.


“That is a great approach, as the Griffiths are desperate and will fight very hard to keep control of Tyne, so they will be hard to fight at once, and will be unwilling to surrender the city. With the siege, you will weaken the Griffiths and their resistance, and when the time is right, when the citizens revolt, and the Griffith armies are weakened from prolonged fighting against you. But you have to consider the citizens of the city too. The citizens of the city are being abused by the Griffiths, and they are low on food and essential supplies. In their desperation to hold on to Libernia, the Griffiths are becoming more and more cruel and strict.  To show the citizens that you care about them, you must give them provisions and food, and you must help them rise up in revolution against the Griffiths.” said Armand.


“Very well. But how would we do that? And what exactly would it accomplish?” said Daniel.


“Helping the citizens of the city revolt would distract the Griffiths, as they would have to divert troops to focus on putting down the revolution in their city. That would leave the city gates undefended, which would make it easier for you to storm the city when the time comes. You can sneak soldiers and smuggle provisions into the city using this secret route here. This is a secret path into the city from the river. From here, you will emerge in a tower in the city, and outside the tower, you will arrive in a city road. This path is not as defended as the other parts of the city wall” said Armand.


“Very well. I will have some of the Free Alliance soldiers and Handlirian Shadows sneak into the city to smuggle provisions to the citizens and help them rise up in revolt” said Master Rowan.


“I am also going to help you take the city. Count on me for advice. When you get past the city walls and into the city, I will help you further” said Armand as he extended his arm to James. James shaked his uncle’s hand.


“Thanks for your help, Uncle. Now I know that you are not a traitor, and that your heart lies with your family” said James.


Armand left the tent and immediately went back into Tyne hooded.


The Siege of Tyne lasted a total of 6 months. During that time, the Free Alliance army surrounded the city of Tyne with their armies and war machines, while the Griffith army waited them out on the city walls with their own war machines. There were several battles that took place between the Free Alliance and the Griffith soldiers just outside the city during the duration of the siege. The Griffith soldiers, led by Victor Griffith, would come out from the city walls in order to meet the Free Alliance in battle, and fierce sword clashes would take place between the 2 armies.


All the while, the Handlirian Shadows along with Daniel, Alan and Lana did errands in the city, including smuggling supplies into the city in order to keep the citizens from starving. They also protected the citizens from the Griffiths, who very often abused them, and helped the citizens rise up in revolution against the Griffiths.


One of the most important errands performed by the Handlirian Shadows was the assassination of Governor Draco. Governor Draco spoke to the citizens of the city from the Pantheon. He gave the news to the citizens, and ordered them to fight against the Free Alliance.

“You must fight against the Free Alliance! They are outside our city, and they will attack our city soon! When they take power, things will be worse in Libernia! That must not be allowed to happen!” said Governor Draco from the Pantheon.

Suddenly, the force of Handlirian Shadows came down from the buildings surrounding the city square along with Handlirian Knights Daniel, Alana and Lana. They were holding food crates, and they dropped them on the middle of the city square. The citizens cheered as the Handlirian

“You have brought us food! We thank you! Who are you?” said an old man to Daniel.

Daniel, who was wearing a hood, took it off, revealing himself.

“I am Daniel Canner, one of the Princes of Libernia. Our duty is to help you citizens rise up your opressors, and to keep you supplied and fed. Governor Draco is spreading lies to you! You must not believe him!” said Daniel.

However, Governor Draco and the Griffith guards in the city square did not appreciate the intrusion by the Handlirian Shadows, and the captain of the guards walked forward at Daniel and pulled out his sword.

“What are you doing here? This instusion is unacceptable! Leave now, or die!” yelled Governor Armand at the Handlirian Shadows.

Alan stepped up to the front of the crowd

“We are saving the citizens from you!” yelled Alan to Governor Draco.

“Don’t listen to them! They are here to destroy the peace that we have established!” said Draco.

“That is a lie and you all know it! Why do you think you are low on food and supplies?!? The Griffiths are taking all the food from the city and are blaming us for it, when in reality we are trying to free you all from their opression” said Daniel.

“Enough of this! Guards, kill them all!” yelled Draco.

The Griffith soldiers on the corners of the city squared took out their swords and began to run at the Handlirian Shadows. Lana lashed out at the captain with a pushing spell, pushed the guard down to the ground.

“Attack! Kill these brigands!” yelled the Griffith captain.

Lana, Alan, Daniel and the rest of the Handlirian Shadows took out their daggers and prepared to fight the Griffith guards that were coming from the city square. Many of the disacquainted citizens of the city helped them. The citizens were also killing several Griffith soldiers. A few of the citizens were fighting for the Griffiths, and the majority of the citizens who were against the Griffiths fought against thir own citizens. A small force of Free Alliance soldiers came from the secret passage in the tower and came into the city square. They also fought against the Griffith soldiers. The Handlirian Shadows used stealth and speed in order to fight the Griffith soldiers. They threw smoke spells at the ground in order to disorient the Griffith soldiers, and then they slashed at the Griffith soldiers with their daggers and killed them. The Griffiths had no idea what was hitting them, and in their fear, the Griffith soldiers slashed at the air.

“Blast! Where are those bloody brigands?!?!” yelled the Griffith captain as he swung his sword frantically at the air.

As the Griffith captain swung his sword around, he accidentally hit one of his soldiers, killing him.

Suddenly, Lana showed up behind the Griffith captain, and she killed the captain by putting her sword to his neck and slashing it.

More of the Griffith guards were being killed by the Handlirian Shadows on the rooftops of the city square, as they fired crossbow shots at the Griffith guards. The Handlirian Shadows on the rooftops had earlier climbed on top of the rooftops and assassinated the Griffith guards before they knew what hit them. The citizens of the city dealt with the rest of the city guards. The city square was full of the bodies of the city guards and also a substantial number of citizens who had been killed by the fighting.

Governor Draco was on the Pantheon, and he was shooting down citizens using his crossbow.  There were about half a dozen other Grififth soldiers on the building with Draco, and they were helping Draco by shooting down some of the citizens.

More Griffith soldiers were pouring into the square, along with another Griffith captain.

“Stop these rebels! Protect Governor Draco!” yelled the Griffith captain as he came into the square with more Griffith soldiers.

As Alan and Daniel fought the approaching Griffith soldiers together, Alan caught sight of Draco, and he told Daniel to go and assassinate Draco.

“Daniel! Draco is right there on top of the Pantheon! Go and deal with him!” said Alan.

“All right!” said Daniel.

Daniel ran away from the fighting as he parried against 2 Griffith guards and stabbed them with his sword.

Daniel went to the left side of the square, where he climbed the building there.  Daniel walked on top of the building, and he jumped across of the city square buildings before he got to the left side of the Pantheon. Along the way, the Handlirian Shadows went with Daniel and helped him deal with the remaining Griffith archers on the way swiftly. However, as Daniel was running on the rooftop, Victor crept up behind him and tackled him down on the roof.

“You’ll never get to the Governor!” yelled the Griffith captain as he prepared to swing his sword at Daniel.

However, before the Griffith captain could bring his sword down at Daniel, a Handlirian Shadow hurled a smoke bomb at his face, distracting him. This allowed Daniel to immediately get up.

On top of the Pantheon, there were even more archers. The Handlirian Shadows went to climb the Pantheon in order to deal with the archers and cover Daniel.

Daniel jumped to the left side of the Pantheon, and he began to climb to the top of the building.

Meanwhile, the Griffith captain recovered from the smoke spell and climbed down to the city street, where he tried to stop by pulling out his crossbow and shooting at Daniel. As Daniel climbed to the top of the building, the Grriffith captain attempted to shoot Daniel several times with the crossbow.

Alan caught sight of the Griffith captain shooting at Daniel, and he rushed in to help. Alan hurled a shock spell at the captain. The captain was electrocuted by the spell, but he recovered and rushed at Alan with his sword. Alan blocked the Griffith captain’s sword attack with his staff, and the 2 began to clash.

This distraction gave Daniel the time he needed to reach the porch of the Pantheon where Draco was firing at the citizens. Draco was unaware of Daniel’s presence. There, Daniel got up to the porch and fought the Griffith guards who were there, killing one of them by parrying his attack and stabbing him in the stomach. Governor Draco stopped firing at the citizens with his crossbow and turned around at Daniel.

“Daniel Canner! What a pleasant surprise! It appears you’ve come to your death!” said Governor Draco.

“No, Governor Draco, you have come to yours!” said Daniel.

The rest of the Griffith soldiers charged at Daniel with their swords, as Governor Draco reloaded his crossbow to use against Daniel. Daniel was fighting against the 4 Griffith soldiers, and he was using his sword to block the guard’s attacks as the guards swung their swords at him. Daniel killed 1 guard by breaking his guard and slashing at the guard’s neck. Daniel killed another guard by ducking the guard’s attack, hitting him in the stomach, and slashing horizontally at the guard’s stomach. However, Governor Draco was trying to get a clear shot at Daniel with his crossbow, and when he finally did, he shot at Daniel’s shoulder. Daniel was in pain as he was shot in the shoulder, clutching his shoulder with his hand. A Handlirian Shadow jumped down from the top of the Pantheon and landed on Governor Draco, stabbing him in the chest as he came down. Another Handlirian Shadow came down from the top and killed the other Griffith soldier in the same way. Daniel and the 2 Handlirian Shadows easily killed the last Griffith guard on the porch.

“Thanks for the help” said Daniel to the Handlirian Shadow that had saved him.

“It is my pleasure, Daniel Canner” said the Handlirian Shadow as he lowered his hood, revealing him to be Edwin, who had fought with Daniel in the Battle of the Palmorii Sanctuary.

The citizens began to cheer at the death of Governor Draco, and they were pushing back the Griiffith soldiers.

“Retreat to the castle!” yelled one of the Griffith soldiers.

The Griffith soldiers began to retreat back to the Griffith castle.

“You saved us from the Griffiths, and you killed the evil Governor Draco. Thank you!” said a middle-aged woman holding a sword and a torch.

“You’re very welcome. You must help us rise up against the Griffiths! They have oppressed you for years now! Rise up in revolution, and in time, the Griffiths will be overthrown” said Daniel.

“We will stand with you always, Prince Daniel” said a young man, bowing down to Daniel along with the rest of the citizens.


The remaining Griffith guards retreated back to the Griffith castle, and one of them went to King Francis’ bedroom, where they told him what was going on. King Francis was asleep in his bedroom with Queen Beatrix.

“King Francis, we have a serious problem in our hands” said the Griffith guard.

King Francis woke up from the bed.

“What is it?” said Francis angrily.

“The citizens of the city have risen up in revolution, and they are being helped by Handlirian Shadows and Free Alliance soldiers. They just assassinated Governor Draco in his speech at the city square, and we were unable to stop them” said the Griffith soldiers.


“What?!?!? They killed Governor Draco?!?! How could you let the Free Alliance become this powerful, and the revolution become this messed up?!?!” yelled Francis angrily as he rose up from his bed and grabbed the guard in the neck.


The guard struggled against Francis, but he had a strong grip. Francis hurled the guard to the ground.


“Sir…please…give me a second chance!” said the guards as he struggled against Francis. But Francis continued choking the guard on the ground, and eventually the guard was choked to death.


“What are we going to do now, husband? The citizens of the city are now revolting. Your plan to get them to fight for us has failed” said Beatrix.


“We are going to have to put down the revolt. Show the citizens who is boss of Tyne. I have worked hard to become King, and I will not give up my throne! If we go down, then so will the citizens of Tyne” said Francis angrily.


“I think we have a traitor in our midst, Duke Armand. Remember that he is a Canner, and that he has always been uneasy about our rule. He has never really seemed to like our regime. So it’s very probable that he is helping the Handlirian Shadows and the Free Alliance besiege our city. He must be thrown in the dungeons now! We will give him the ultimate punishment: we will torture and starve him over the period of the siege, and we will only kill him when he begs it” said Beatrix.


“You’re right. Armand is a traitor. I shall send some guards to throw Armand in the dungeons.” said Francis.


So that night, 4 Griffith guards broke into Armand’s apartment in the castle while he was asleep along with his family. The Griffith guards knocked down the door to the apartment, and Armand and his family woke up.

“Father! What is going on?!?! Why did they break into our apartment?!?!” said Anne.

“Armand Canner, you are under arrest for aiding the Free Alliance of Libernia! You will come to the dungeons with us!” said one of the Griffith guards. That guard grabbed Armand from his bed and started beating him.

“No! Leave my father alone!” yelled Thomas. Thomas punched the guard in the face, but another guard kicked Tom in the shin and pinned his arms together.

“Please! Let him go!” pleaded Victoria tearfully.

“It’s all right, my wife. I have done the right thing helping the Free Alliance. They will eventually retake the city, and the Griffiths will pay for what they have done” said Armand. The guard that was grabbing Armand kneed him in the stomach, and another guard knocked the butt of his sword at Armand’s head, knocking him unconscious. The guards carried the unconscious Armand to the dungeon, along with his son Thomas. Once they were at the dungeon, the Griffith guards threw them into one of the cells together, where they were chained to the cells.

Back at the room, Anne and Victoria were horrified at what had just happened.

“Why did they take Dad and Tom?!?! Those bastards!!!” said Anne tearfully.

“Armand has been helpi ng the Free Alliance in the siege of this city. He has snuck Handlirian Shadows and a small contingent of Free Alliance soldiers into the city in order to rise up in revolution against the Griffiths. The Griffiths don’t like that. But don’t worry. Soon, the Griffiths will be done for, and our cousin James will take his rightful place as King of Libernia” said Victoria.

For the rest of the siege, Duke Armand was imprisoned inside the dungeons of the Griffith castle, along with his son, Thomas.  The Griffiths made sure that life in the dungeons was hellish for Armand and his son in order to punish Armand for his treason. The guards starved both Armand and his son by giving them very minimal food. The guards would occasionally whip Armand while forcing Thomas to watch.  It was tourtorous for Armand, and when the guards were done with the whipping Armand’s back would be bloody with marks from the whiplashes. The guards would also beat up Armand. Thomas couldn’t do anything to save his father from ths torture, and as he looked at the guards torturing his father, he screamed and cried, cursing and hating the guards for torturing his father.



The citizens would revolt in the city throughout the duration of the siege, and full fledged battles between the city guards and the citizens would take place in the city square and other parts of the city. The Handlirian Shadows, along with Handlirian Knights Daniel, Alan and Lana and a relatively small force of Free Alliance soldiers, would help the citizens fight against the Griffith guards in the city. Even without Duke Armand, the Shadows were abe to get into the city through the secret passage, which they had memoirized.  There were also a number of citizens in the city that helped the Shadows and the Free Alliance soldiers get into the secret passage. The revolution weakened both the Griffith’s forces and their resolve in the city, and though Francis, Victor, and Beatrix attempted to quell the revolution, the citizens and the Free Alliance were too powerful. A few of the city’s citizens sided with the Griffiths, but not enough to tip the tide in the Griffith’s favor. Finally, the Griffiths became distracted enough for the Free Alliance to attack them in the decisive battle where they managed to break past the walls of Tyne.


In the decisive battle, the Griffith army rushed out of the city gate in order to meet the Free Alliance soldiers. The Free Alliance and Handlirians, who were far away on the other side of the city gate stood their ground and waited for the Free Alliance soldiers to come to them.


“Stand your ground!” yelled King James, who was on a horse in the front of the phalanx.


The Griffith soldiers charged at the Free Alliance army, and the Handlirian Knights, who were on the front of the Free Alliance line along with Master Quintus, formed a phalanx with their swords. When the Griffith soldiers arrived to them, the Free Alliance Knights along with Captain Harold and King James who were on their horses jumped over the phalanx and slashed at the Griffith soldiers with their swords. The Free Alliance and the Griffith soldiers began to clash against each other, and King James led the Free Alliance in the clash. The battle was fierce, and the Free Alliance had the advantage of having the magic of the Handlirians in the battle. The Griffith soldiers were no match for the the magical spells of ice and fire that the Handlirian mages hurled at them.


The Handlirian mages hurled the spells from a cliff overlooking the area, being led by Rowan, Xanatos and Josephine. The Elven archers also hurled arrows at the Griffith soldiers, and the rain of arrows and magics killed many of the Griffith soldiers. Some of the Free Alliance soldiers were killed during the melee clash against the Griffiths, but not many.


While the bulk Free Alliance army was fighting the Griffith army near the cliff, a contingent of Free Alliance soldiers led by Generals Fergus and Pedrus was scouring around the walls of Tyne and were fighting the Griffith soldiers. They were waiting for the wall to be broken by the trebuchets so that they could enter the city. They surrounded the city, and occasionally had to deal with Griffith foot soldiers and archers. They had crossbowmen that dealt with the Griffith archers by shooting them down. They fought


The 2 sides had their trebeuchets ready, and they began to hurl their trebuchets at each other, making the battlefield even more dangerous than it already was. The soldiers on both sides were forced to dodge the incoming fireballs that were being hurled by the trebuchets. James himself dodged several of the cannonballs as he rode to the cliff where the Handlirian mages and the elven archers were situated.


“James, where are you going?” said Captain Harold as he looked at James running towards the cliff while fighting


James got off his horse and climbed up to the cliff, where he took out his blade gun and began shooting the Griffith soldiers with his blades. James was now more proficient with his blade gun, and was shooting down several Griffith soldiers. The elven archers were now using fire arrows that exploded when they hit the Griffith soldiers.


“Come to help, James?” said Master Rowan.


“Yes” said James as he shot another Griffith soldier with his gun.


The trebuchets on both sides continued to fire at each other, and the Free Alliance’s trebuchets were having success in hitting the walls of Tyne, weakening the walls of the city. But one of the Free Alliance’s trebuchets, which had the inventor Tom manning it, was destroyed by one of the Griffith trebuchets. Tom jumped out of the trebuchet as it collapsed. Tom landed in front of Captain Harold, who helped him up from the ground as the battle continued beside them.


“Thanks for the help, Harold” said Tom.


“No problem, Tom” said Captain Harold. A Griffith knight lunged at Harold, but he stabbed the knight in the chest as he came up holding Tom.


Tom took out his sword and fought the Griffith guards alongside the Free Alliance army.


The Free Alliance army was pushing the Griffith army further back to the gates of Tyne.

From the top of the city walls, Victor, who was with the archers on the top of the city wall, watched his forces being defeated and pushed back by the Free Alliance. He was not very happy.


“Why are you soldiers so incompetent?!?! Hit them harder!” yelled Victor.


“But Prince Victor, we’re hitting the Free Alliance with all we’ve got!  Their forces are more numerous than ours, and they are defeating us!” said one of the Griffith soldiers.


Victor grabbed that soldier and hurled him off the wall, and as the guard fell, Victor jumped off the gate and landed on the bridge, landing on the soldier’s back to break his fall.


“Ouch!” said the soldier as his back broke.


Victor went forward, where a small contingent of Griffith soldiers was waiting for him.


“Rush forward, men!” yelled Victor as he took out his sword.


Victor and the Griffith soldiers rushed forward at the Free Alliance army, which was already fighting the bulk of his army. Victor clashed swords with a number of Free Alliance soldiers, and showed his superior swordsmanship by killing a large number of the Free Alliance soldiers on his own. Victor, being surrounded by a small number of the Free Alliance soldiers, parried their sword attacks as they charged at him, and then he killed the soldiers by stabbing them with his sword. Victor also used his speed to kill many of the Free Alliance soldiers with his swift sword strikes. But even with Victor helping their efforts, the Griffiths were still being forced to fall back to the larger Free Alliance army.


“Victor, we have to fall back! The Free Alliance is advancing and is destroying us!” said one of the Griffiths fighting with Victor.


“No, we stay here and continue fighting! Fight harder!” yelled Victor.


Victor continued to sword-clash against the Free Alliance army with his contingent of Griffith soldiers. Victor’s anger caused him to fight harder than ever, and he killed even more Free Alliance soldiers using his sword skills. But in time, the Griffith soldiers around him began to retreat, as they were being overrun. They retreated back to near the city gate, where there were wooden barricades the Griffiths had set up.


“Goddamn it!” Victor yelled angrily as he retreated with his contingent of Griffith soldiers.


Up at the top of the cliff, James continued to shoot at the Griffith soldiers. When he saw them retreating, James decided to go down to the ground in order to chase the Griffith soldiers.


“Master Rowan! The Griffith soldiers are retreating down to near the city gate! We should go down there and chase them there so we will be able to fight them!” yelled James to Master Rowan.


“You’re right, King James! Archers and Mages, get off the cliff and go to the ground! We are going to chase the Griffiths to the city gate!” yelled Master Rowan.


James, Masters Rowan, Xanatos, and Josephine got off the cliff along with the Handlirian Mages and elven archers that they were leading. They got off the cliff by walking on the path that led to ground level. When they got to ground level, they caught up with the Free Alliance foot soldiers and Handlirian Knights who were already near the city gate of Tyne, being led by Captain Harold, Commander Fergus and Master Quintus. Tom was also fighting with them. They were trying to break the wooden barricades that were put on by the Griffith soldiers and prevented their advance to the gate.


“Barricade the gates! Don’t let the Free Alliance get into the city!” yelled Victor.


The Free Alliance army was clashing with the wooden barricades, trying to get past them. The Griffiths took advantage of the barricades by shooting Free Alliance soldiers with crossbows. The archers on top of the city walls also shot at the Free Alliance army. The Free Alliance army was weakened in this spot. However, their army was larger than the Griffiths, and the Knights, led by James and Harold, were in front to try and break the barricades. They slashed at the barricades with their swords in order to break them. James managed to break one of the barricades, and Harold managed to break another barricade. But it would still be harder to get into the city through the gate.


The trebuchets were still both hurling stones at each other, though, and the Free Alliance had almost broken through the western wall of the city. It was now evening. Finally, the western wall was broken, and a gap was created in that wall that would allow the Free Alliance to enter Tyne. The contingent of Free Alliance soldiers led by Pedrus and Fergus that was fighting Griffith soldiers near that part of the wall in the forest began to enter Tyne through the gap.


“The wall has been breached! Enter the gap to Tyne!” yelled General Pedrus.


The Free Alliance soldiers began to enter Tyne, being led by Fergus and Pedrus in front. They marched into the city and were greeted by citizens who were happy at being freed by the Griffiths. The citizens marched with the Free Alliance on the streets of the city.


The force of Handlirian Shadows and Free Alliance soldiers that had infiltrated the city for months revealed themselves near the city hall. They had been hiding and waiting for the right time in order to reveal themselves and fight against the Griffith soldiers. There was a small force of Griffith soldiers in the city hall, but the Handlirian Shadows easily dispatched them by fighting them. Daniel was leading the force, and he killed several of the Griffith soldiers.


Meanwhile, back at the city gate, the Free Alliance army managed to break the Griffith barricades despite the small setbacks that they had with the Griffith crossbow archers and the barricades slowing them down. They had also broken past the city gate with a stone from the trebuchet, which had broken the metal gate of the city. The Free Alliance soldiers, entered the city along with the Handlirian Mages and Knights. They slashed past the Griffith soldiers, and the Griffith soldiers, who were outnumbered, began to retreat to the Griffith castle along with Victor.


As James slashed past some Griffith soldiers, he spotted the remainder of the Griffith army running away to the Griffith castle along with their leader, Victor. The people on the streets were cheering for the Free Alliance and for King James.


“King James! King James! King James!” chanted the crowd.


“King James! Allow us to fight with you!” said a young man, who was with a contingent of citizens who were armed with swords, pikes and torches.


“Come! Come and fight with me and the Free Alliance!” said James.


The Free Alliance army continued to march across the streets of Tyne, chasing the retreating Griffith army to their castle. James and Harold walked in the front of the army, along with Masters Rowan, Xanatos, Quintus and Josephine.  The chase took them past the streets of the city, and the 2 sides even marched across the Ross bridge, the city’s famous bridge. The Ross bridge had buildings on both sides of it, and it was roofed wth a red velvet roof. Once they marched past the bridge, the 2 armies continued to march across the city streets. Their march w took them past the famed College of Hayford. During the march of the 2 armies, the Free Alliance crossbowmen shot some of the retreating Griffith soldiers. The Handlirian Mages also shot spells at the retreating Griffith soldiers, further weakening the already weak Griffith army. When the Free Alliance army marched past the city hall, the Handlirian Shadows and the small Free Alliance force led by Daniel, Alan and Lana joined them in chasing the Griffith army.


“Brother!” said James to Daniel as he joined the Free Alliance.


“Brother! You managed to break into the city walls! Now let’s go to our rightful castle and end the Griffith reign!” said Daniel.


The Free Alliance army continued chasing the Griffith army to the Griffith castle.



From the very top of the Griffith castle, Francis and Beatrix watched the wall of Tyne get breached and the Free Alliance entering the city. They were afraid that their army would lose the battle, and what would happen to them after the Free Alliance of Libernia won the battle.


“We are losing the battle! The Free Alliance has breached the walls of Tyne, and their army is pouring into the city. They are utterly defeating our army, and they have a much larger army. We stand no chance, husband!” said Beatrix.


“No…No…NOOOO! I’ve lost my kingdom, I’ve lost my throne! And who knows if my son Victor is still alive down there! What will happen to me and you when the Free Alliance takes Tyne?!?!” yelled Francis hysterically. Francis began to cry in fear.


The Free Alliance and the Griffith armies finally reached the castle after a long chase across the city. The Free Alliance had the Griffith army cornered in the castle courtyard, and the 2 sides clashed in one final battle.


“Let’s finish this!” yelled Captain Harold as the Free Alliance and Handlirians clashed swords with the remainder of the Griffiths in the battle.


James fought at the front of the army, and as he cut through the Griffith soldiers, he noticed Victor. Victor also noticed him, and James and Victor began to walk towards each other as the battle raged around them. When they finally got near each other, they clashed swords.


“Victor, my old enemy! How nice to see you again” said James as he clashed with Victor.


“James! It’s nice to see you again to. We may have lost this battle, but I will still kill you to avenge this loss!” said Victor.


James and Victor duelled against each other as the battle raged beside them. The battle was intense, and they both exhibited their swordplay skills as both of them managed to break their blocks many times during the battle.


As they clashed, Francis and Beatrix watched them fight from the top of the castle. They both had knives on their hands, as they were both prepared to commit suicide. But first they wanted to watch the battle between James and their son. Their last hope was that their son would avenge them by killing James.



James and Victor battled fiercely, and Victor managed to break Jame’s block and slice his shoulder. James knelt down to the floor, clutching his bleeding shoulder with one of his hands.


“Now you will die!” said Victor to James.


However, as Victor prepared to slash his sword at James, James hit Victor’s chest with one of his blades from his blade gun. Victor went back, yelling, then James got up and put his sword through Victor’s stomach. Victor looked up at James, stunned.


“Any last words, Victor?” said James.


“Your uncle…we imprisoned him, and we tortured him. He…doesn’t have long to live” said Victor before he became motionless. James pulled his sword out of Victor’s stomach, and Victor fell to the courtyard floor, dead. James looked at Victor’s body, and he spat on it.


Meanwhile, the Griffith soldiers had been no match for the huge Free Alliance force. The Free Alliance force easily liked a number of the Griffith soldiers, until the remaining Griffith soldiers surrendered, seeing their commander killed by James. There were about two dozen Griffith soldiers left, and they knelt and put their hands up.


“Enough! We surrender! We stand no chance!” yelled one of the Griffith soldiers.


“Well, the battle is over. Fergus, stay here with some Free Alliance soldiers in order to keep the Griffith soldiers in check. I am going to enter the castle along with James, Daniel and Harold and some Free Alliance soldiers in order to bring Francis and Beatrix Griffith to justice” said Master Rowan.


“Very well” said Fergus.


James walked to Master Rowan, telling her about Armand being imprisoned in the castle dungeons.


“Rowan, my uncle Armand is in the dungeons of the castle, and he is nearly dead. We have to go save him!” said James.


“All right, James. We will go and save your uncle” said Rowan.


Rowan, James and Daniel entered the front door of the castle along with a dozen Free Alliance soldiers.



Francis and Beatrix Griffith were upset and horrified at seeing their son Victor killed by James, and at seeing the Griffith soldiers surrender to the Free Alliance. Their final wish had failed to come true, and thus they had finally decided to commit suicide.


“Noooooo, my dear Victor!” yelled Beatrix tearfully.


“It’s all over. We have lost control over our kingdom, our army had been destroyed. The Free Alliance had entered the castle, and they will find us soon. Who knows what punishment we shall receive from them. We must do it, now. Stab me in the heart with your knife, Beatrix. And in turn, I shall stab you in the heart with my knife. This shall be over, and we will die together” said Francis. Francis approached his wife with the knife in his hand, and he stabbed her in the heart with the knife. Beatrix, in turn, stabbed Francis in the heart with her knife. Both Francis and Beatrix fell to the ground, dead.


James entered the front door of the castle with Rowan and Harold by his side. When he entered the castle, he walked forward past the staircase room and the Great Hall to the hallway that had the dungeons on the left side. There were a few Griffith guards there, and James, Rowan and Harold had to fight them off. They easily dispatched the guards, and after they dealt with the guards, they stopped. James told them that he was going to go down to the dungeon to rescue his uncle.

“All right, I’m going to go down and rescue Uncle Armand. You guys go and deal with Francis and Beatrix” said James.

“Very well, James” said Rowan.

James went down to the dungeons, where there were a few more Griffith guards in the stone hallways. James fought off the Griffith guards, and he killed them easily by slashing them with his sword. James searched the bodies of the dead guards for the keys, and he found the keys on the body of the guard captain. James searched all the cages in the dungeons in order to find Armand. Along the way, he also encountered other political prisoners who had been imprisoned by the Griffiths, and he freed them from their cages using the keys.

“Please, free us from the dungeons!” said an old, bald man who was imprisoned in one of the cages.

“As your King, that is exactly what I intend to do” said James.

“James Canner?” said the man in amazement.

James freed the old man by putting one of the keys on the cage’s keyhole. He freed the other prisoners the same way as he walked around the dungeons looking for Armand.

James finally found Armand, chained to the wall in one of the cages along with his son Thomas. Armand was wearing dirty rags, as he had worn throughout his imprisonment, and he looked miserable. He was dirty and starved, and had a number of whip lashes on his face and body. Thomas was chained to the wall beside Armand, and he also looked dirty and miserable, though he was not as hurt as his father.

“Uncle Armand!” said James as he put the key on the cage’s keyhole and opened it. James entered the cage.

“James! You did it! You managed to enter Tyne and defeat the Griffiths!” said Armand weakly.

“Yes I did, uncle. The Griffiths are no more now, and they will be brought to justice” said James.

“Is Victor dead?” asked Thomas.

“Yes, I killed him. He will no longer bully you or anyone else” said James.

“Good” said Thomas.

“Uncle, I’ve come to get you out of here along with your son” said James. James unlocked Armand’s wrist shackles using another key, and Armand collapsed to the floor. James also unlocked Thomas’ wrist shackles.

“II am beyond saving, James.  I don’t have long to live” said Armand weakly.

“What do you mean, uncle? You can still be saved” said James.

“They tortured me very badly during my time here. Please… both of you come closer. I have something very important to tell you, and I must tell it quickly before I die” said Armand.

James and Thomas came closer to Armand and knelt in front of him. James held the weak Armand.

“Father?” asked Thomas.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t do enough…to fight against the Griffiths. I was a coward. I should never have been Duke of Tyne under their rule. I should have…fought against them. Forgive me” said Armand tearfully.

“It’s all right, Uncle. You helped me break out the prisoners in this castle when I infiltrated Tyne, and you helped us besiege the city. You ultimately helped weaken the Griffiths” said James.

“Well…the Griffiths are gone now, and they have…paid for their crimes. Knowing that I helped play a part in that…I can now…die in…poeace” said Armand weakley. Armand became motionless.

“Uncle Armand? Stay with me Uncle Armand!” said James as he shook Armand’s immobile body. James began to cry as he saw that Armand was dead.

“Father? Father, no! Noooo!” said Thomas tearfully. Thomas slumped over the body of Uncle Armand crying. James was also crying.


Master Rowan and Captain Harold searched the castle for Francis and Beatrix Griffith.  They split up in 2 groups in order to be able to search the castle faster. Captain Harold searched the first 2 floors of the castle, while Master Rowan searched the 3rd and 4th floors and the top of the castle. While searching the floors, Rowan and Harold had to fight some of the remaining Griffith guards in the castle who had not surrendered.

As Captain Harold was on the 2nd floor of the castle, he entered one of the hallways. The hallway had red walls and paintings around it, as well as torches that lit the way. During their wlk around the hallway, Captain Harold’s group walked past Anne and Victoria Canner’s apartment, and the apartment door opened. Anne and Victoria Canner walked out into the hallway.

“Victoria and Anne Canner?” said Harold.

“Harold. It’s been a long time. It’s over, right? The Griffiths have fallen?” said Victoria.

“Yes. We have taken Tyne, and now we are searching the castle in order to find Beatrix and Francis and bring them to justice for their crimes” said Harold.

“Please do. They are evil, and they kidnapped and tortured my father and brother. Could we please go down to the dungeon to see how my father and brother are doing?” said Anne.

“It may not be safe. There are still a few guards in the castle who have not surrendered. I’ll have some of my soldiers go with you” said Harold.

Anne and Victoria walked down the hallway to the staircase room, and then they went down the stairs to the first floor of the castle. There, in the Great Hall, they encountered Thomas Canner.

“James! Brother!” said Anne joyfully as she hugged Thomas and James.

“It’s nice to see you both are safe. But where is my husband Armand?” asked Victoria.

“He…didn’t make it” said Thomas as James walked into the Great Hall carrying Armand’s body.

“Oh! Oh no!!!!” said Victora tearfully. She cried at seeing the body of her husband. Anne also cried as she saw her father’s dead body.

“I’m sorry. He truly died a hero” said James.

“Yes, I’m sure he did. We’ll make sure he is remembered as such” said Victoria.


Master Rowan and her soldiers had been searching the entire night for Francis and Beatrix in the castle, but they were unable to find them. They were now on the staircase on the castle’s 4th floor.

“Are you sure that they didn’t escape, Master Rowan?” said one of the Free Alliance soldiers.

“Yes, I’m perfectly sure. The Free Alliance army has surrounded the castle to make sure they don’t escape. And we have not searched the top of the castle yet. We are going to go there now” said Master Rowan.

Master Rowan and the Free Alliance soldiers walked up the staircase, where they emerged on the top of the castle.  It was now nearing dawn. They found the bodies of Francis and Beatrix Griffith, slumped on the stone floor of the castle summit, and they walked near the bodies.

“They’re dead, Master Rowan” said one of the Free Alliance soldiers.

“Yes, I can see that. It appears to have been a suicide, as they are both holding knives and they have them plunged on their hearts” said Master Rowan.

“They must have been too cowardly to face justice” said one of the Free Alliance soldiers.

Captain Harold and his contigent of Free Alliance soldiers arrived at the castle summit as well as James, Victor, Thomas and Anne. They caught sight of the bodies of Francis and Beatrix as well.

“Our work here is done. Francis and Beatrix chose to commit suicide rather than face justice” said Rowan.

“So it’s over then. After many years of fighting, we have taken back Libernia, and I have taken back my rightful place as King” said James.

“Yes, it is all over. We must now go down to the courtyard and inform the rest of the Free Alliance army and the people about this” said Harold.

“Wait. This will let them know that they have been dealt with” said James. James grabbed Francis’ body walked over on the front of the castle summit, and hurled it over the side to the castle courtyard. He did the same with Beatrix’s body.

On the castle courtyard, there was a crowd of citizens that was with the Free Alliance army. Cassandra, King James’ wife, had come to the castle courtyard with her brother Philip after the battle had ended.  The Griffith soldiers were still kneeling in surrender. They all saw the bodies of Francis and Beatrix as they were hurled over the side of the castle summit. Everyone now knew it was over.

“It’s Francis and Beatrix Griffith! They are dead!” said Commander Fergus.

The soldiers cheered at seeing the Griffiths dead.  James, Victoria, Thomas, Anne, Harold and Rowan later emerged from the front of the castle to the courtyard.

“Asyou can see Francis and Beatrix Griffith are dead, by their own hands. They were cowards, and chose to die rather than face justice for the evil they had done. May they get justice in the next life!” said Harold.

“The fighting is now over. The Griffiths are now no more, and I can finally take my rightful place as King of Libernia. We have won this day!” said James.

The soldiers cheered, and started hailing James. Cassandra and Daniel walked forward to the stairs where James was, and Cassandra put her hand behind James’ back, facing the crowd along with him

“King James! Queen Cassandra! All hail the Canners!” yelled the crowd.