After the Battle of Blythe, the Free Alliance focused on taking Femur, the stone city where the Fellowship of the Seals had gone to find the 2nd Jehovian Seal nearly 6 years ago, and where Handlirian student Ian Vilsor had perished in that same quest.

The Free Alliance was camped outside the city of Femur with their catapults and battering rams. The camp was in the forest, on the top of a hill that overlooked the city. Their tents were yellow. Tom, who was the chief engineer for the Free Alliance, was outside working on the catapults and battering rams along with his son Christoph. James, Daniel, Commander Fergus and Master Quintus went straight to Femur from Blythe in order to help the Free Alliance. Inside the logistics tent, Cassandra and her brother Philip were working on the battle plan and the map.

James, Daniel and Master Quintus arrived at the camp on horseback, and there were greeted by Captain Harold, who was commanding the Free Alliance army along with Xanatos and Rowan.

“Hello, James, Daniel and Master Quintus. I am glad that you came to help us take Femur. I have heard that you successfully freed Blythe from the Griffiths. Good job. The Griffiths get weaker every day that we fight them. Now go and rest for a bit. I will call you when we are ready to go over the battle plan” said Harold.

James and Daniel went to the battering rams and the catapults, and they greeted Tom.

“Hello, Tom” said James and Daniel.

“Hello, James and Daniel. It is good to see you again, and I am so glad you are both alive! The battle at the Jehovian Plains was very intense, and many Free Alliance and Handlirian fighters died. There are the war machines that me and my son have improved. The catapults now fire faster, and they use balls filled with gunpowder so that they explode when they fire. And the battering rams are now made of steel and are stronger, so they can get through most walls” said Tom.

“That’s good, Tom. The Free Alliance is lucky to have an engineer like you. You improve our war machines greatly and give us the upper hand in the war” said James.

“With these machines, we will have a better chance of winning the war” said Christoph.

James went inside the logistics tent to greet Cassandra and Philip.

“James, Daniel! It’s great to see you both again. It was really scary fearing whether you were alive or not, and that you were captured by the Palmorii!” said Cassandra while hugging James and Daniel.

“Yes, but thankfully, I survived, and I broke free from Palmorii control. And we destroyed the Palmorii and their Sanctuary” said Daniel.

“What exactly are you doing?” asked James.

“Me and Cassandra are drawing up a battle plan for the battle. The battle plan will show the best way to take Femur from the Griffiths” said Philip.

“And what plan have you come up with?” asked James.

“We’re going to use our war machines in order to try to break open the mighty gate of Femur. There is a river that surrounds the city, and a stone bridge that leads to the city gate. We will have the Free Alliance army push forward to the city gate, bring forward the battering rams. We will also use the catapults in order to attack the city walls from across the river. And when the gate is opened, we will pour in the Free Alliance soldiers to fight the Griffiths inside. We will have Handlirians and Free Alliance soldiers protecting the war machines. You, James are going to lead the army inside the city along with your brother” said Cassandra.

“Sounds good” said James.

James and Daniel relaxed for a bit in the tent along with Cassandra and Philip.
Meanwhile, in Femur, Victor Griffith arrived along with Griffith reinforcements. He rode into the city gate from the stone bridge along with the Griffith reinforcements. He went past the city gate, which was opened by Griffith guards, and rode to the King’s palace, where the Griffith Governor Silvius was waiting for him outside the metal doors of the giant stone palace. Silvius was a middle aged man with long graying hair and blue eyes. He wore a blue cloak with fur. The stone palace was big, and it had a fire in between the buildings stone doors. Above the doors, there was an elaborate stone carving of a king, which was a relic of Femur’s status as former capital of Libernia, before the capital was moved to Tyne. Victor arrived at the palace with the reinforcements, greeted by Silvius.

“Hello, Prince Victor. I understand you are here in order to help defend the city from the Free Alliance” said Silvius.

“Yes. We will not allow this city to fall to the personal army of the false king of Libernia. We must defend the city” said Victor.

“Very well, Victor. Come in” said Silvius.

Victor entered the King’s Palace along with Silvius. Inside the King’s Palace was a long throne room with a long wooden table, and at the end of the room was a stone throne where the Governor sat. Above the stone throne, there were 2 red banners with the official symbol of the Griffiths, a yellow griffin. On the left side of the throne room was a door that led to the war room. Silvius led Victor to the war room, where they briefed on the battle with the official Griffith general of the city, Arminius. Arminius was a bearded man with long brown hair, and he was wearing steel armour that had the official symbol of the Griffiths. They sat down in chairs near a table that had a map of Libernia, where they discussed the battle plan.

“So the battle plan is as follows. We will have archers and giant crossbows on the walls that will defend Femur. The giant crossbows are based on designs that were stolen from the chief Free Alliance engineer, Thomas Wardsith. When they are fired, they will explode, causing great damage to the Free Alliance armies. We have the added advantage that Femur is surrounded by a river, and the only way to the city gate is through the stone bridge that goes over the river to the city gate. We will also have the best Griffith warriors come out of the city in order to greet the Free Alliance.” said General Arminius.

“You, Prince Victor, are going to coordinate the archers and the army, and you will also storm out with the Griffith army when the time comes. You must do everything in your power to defend our city against the Free Alliance” said Governor Silvius.

“Your have my word that I will not allow the ancient capital of Libernia to fall to the false King” said Victor.

Victor left the King’s Palace and went outside, where he met with his Griffith reinforcements.
Meanwhile, back at the Free Alliance camp, Captain Harold had called the whole Free Alliance army together to the centre of the camp in order to discuss the battle plan. He stood behind a wooden table that had a map of the city of Femur on it, along with Cassandra, Philip, James, Daniel, Master Quintus, Master Xanatos and Master Rowan.

“All right everyone, this will be our official battle plan to attack the city of Femur. We have very advanced war machines that can break open the mighty gate of the city. We are going to bring the battering rams forward to the city gate, while we will have the catapults hurl stones at the walls from across the river. We will have Handlirian mages and knights protecting both the battering rams and the catapults as they do their job. When the city gate is opened, then we will pour in the Free Alliance army that will be led by King James, Daniel and me. We will fight off the Griffith army and go to the King’s Palace to capture Governor Silvius and end the battle. We will try to do as little damage as possible to the city, as this is a special, historical city that was the ancient capital of Libernia” said Captain Harold.

“Now let’s go and free Femur!” said Master Rowan.

The Free Alliance army marched down the hill to Femur, led by James, Daniel, Captain Harold, Commander Fergus Grand Master Rowan, Xanatos and Quintus. The Free Alliance’s catapults and battering rams were also marched down the hill by Thomas and his son Christoph. The Free Alliance army assembled at the entrance of the stone bridge that went past the river to the city gate. Inside the city, on top of the gate, Victor Griffith was on the city walls with the Griffith archers and crossbowmen.

As the Free Alliance army was assembled on the start of the bridge, James, Daniel, Captain Harold, Commander Fergus, Master Quintus, Master Xanatos and Grand Master Rowan rode forward, while Victor and General Arminius rode forward with a Griffith force.

“James Roderick Canner, the false King of Libernia! How nice to see you again!” yelled Victor tauntingly.

“It’s good to see you too, Victor Griffith, the false Prince of Libernia! I can’t wait for the day when your family is removed from power and is punished for their deeds! Now come out here and fight me like a man!” yelled James.

Victor raised his hand to give the order to the Griffith crossbow archers to shoot James. The crossbow archers all shot arrows at James, but Master Rowan put a magical shield around James. The battle then started, with the Free Alliance army, led by James, Daniel, Captain Harold, Masters Quintus, Xanatos and Rowan, charging at Victor, Arminius and the Griffith army. The catapults of the Free Alliance hurled stones at the archers on the city walls from afar, while the battering rams began their journey through the bridge to the mighty gate. Handlirian Mages, including Alan and Lana, formed shields around the battering rams, protecting them from the arrows fired by the Griffith archers, while Handlirian Knights defended the battering rams from the Griffith infantry. Handlirian Mages also protected the marching Free Alliance army from the Griffith arrows.

However, the giant Griffith crossbows that were on top of the walls were firing at the Free Alliance army, and they were causing damage to the army as they exploded. But the Free Alliance army continued to push forward to the gate. The catapults also hurled stones at the city walls. As the Free Alliance continued to fight at the stone bridge, James continued to charge to the gate with one of the battering rams and a small Free Alliance force, but they were apprehended by a force of Griffith Knights on horseback and infantry.

James charged at the Griffith force along with his brother, Daniel, in order to hold off the Griffith forces and protect the war machines, and some Handlirian Knights and Free Alliance soldiers followed them. They clashed against the Griffith soldiers, and James attacked the Griffith soldiers from horseback along with Daniel. James managed to kill several of the Griffith soldiers, and even dealt with the knights on horseback. But the Griffith soldiers, along with Victor and Arminius, managed to destroy the battering ram before James and Daniel could deal with them.

“Damn” said James as he continued to fight the Griffith soldiers along with Daniel and the Free Alliance soldiers.

The other 2 battering rams, which were nearly at the gate and were being pushed by Tom and Christoph, were being defended by more Free Alliance soldiers along with Masters Quintus, Xanatos and Rowan, and they were having better luck defending the battering rams. Tom and Christoph also fended off the Griffith soldiers with their swords. Master Rowan called James and Daniel to help defend those rams.

“James! Daniel! Help us defend the battering rams!” said Rowan.

James and Daniel rode forward to Rowan, Xanatos and Quintus. They helped fend off the Griffith knights and foot soldiers that were attacking the battering ram. They succeeded in defending the battering ram, while the Handlirian Mages continued to form the shield around the rams. Soon enough, the rams made it forward to the gate, and slammed it open. The city gate was now open, and the Free Alliance could now enter Femur.

“The gate is open! Enter the city!” said Harold.

Most of the Free Alliance army entered Femur, having gotten past the Griffiths on the stone bridge. Inside the stone city streets, they encountered more Griffith soldiers. The Griffith soldiers that were outside had pushed back into the stone city along with Victor and Arminius.

The battle between the Free Alliance and the Griffiths continued in the city streets. There were burning pieces of wood on the streets due to the Free Alliance catapults having hurled stones at the city walls. There was a tavern near the city gate, and on the left and right of the city, there were stone alleyways and foundations, and on top of the foundations there were stone buildings made of stone and wood. The citizens of the city were running around, and they were afraid of the battle that was going on.

James and Daniel helped Captain Harold l, Commander Fergus and the Free Alliance army in the swordclash that was taking place in the streets against the Griffiths. The 2 armies were clashing in the city streets.

Meanwhile, immediately after the city gate was opened, Master Rowan, Quintus and some Handlirian Shadows and Mages went up the city walls in order to deal with the giant crossbows and the Griffith archers and make it safer for the Free Alliance army to advance inside the city without being killed by the archers. Rowan, Quintus and the Handlirians got to the top of the walls with deadly combat and magic precision, and the Griffith soldiers were no match for them. Once at the top of the wall, the Handlirian Shadows threw a smoke spell at the floor, which caused the Griffith archers to become disoriented. Then the Handlirian Mages, along with Rowan and Quintus, killed the Griffith archers, and the Shadows used the giant crossbows in the wall to shoot at the Griffith soldiers in the city.

With the archers dealt with, and the giant crossbows secured and being used to help the Free Alliance, Master Rowan, Quintus and the Handlirians went down to help the Free Alliance army, which had advanced past the city streets. Master Xanatos was already down at the streets along with other in the battle fighting the Griffiths. The fierce swordclash was becoming too much for the Griffiths, who were losing soldiers and being forced to fall back closer and closer to the King’s Palace. The Handlirians, with their magical offensive spells, were helping the Free Alliance greatly in advancing. Handlirian Mages Alan and Lana were among them. Captain Harold, Commander Fergus, James and Daniel continued to push the Free Alliance army forward. The Free Alliance army was now at one of the city’s stone aqueducts. There, the Griffiths had set up a trap for the Free Alliance. They had put gunpowder bombs on the bottom of the aqueduct’s stone beams. When the bombs were lit with fire, they would explode, destroying the aqueduct. Arminius told the Griffith army to destroy the aqueduct using fire in order to make the Free Alliance’s advance harder.

“Destroy the aqueduct! Bury the Free Alliance!” yelled Arminius.

Some Griffith archers dipped their arrows in a fire nearby, then they fired their arrows at the bombs. The bombs exploded, destroying the foundations of the aqueduct and causing it to collapse.

“Get down!” said James as he grabbed his brother and got down on the floor along with some of the Free Alliance and Handlirian soldiers. A shield was also made by the Handlirian mages, but the shields were unable to withstand the aqueduct when it collapsed on the Free Alliance army. More Free Alliance and Handlirian soldiers were killed when the stone aqueduct collapsed on them.

When the smoke cleared, James looked up from the floor. He saw the Free Alliance continuing to fight against the Griffiths, and Victor standing on top of the fallen aqueduct. James got up, grabbed his sword and deflected Victor’s sword slashing at him. James and Victor clashed swords while the battle continued beside them on the stone streets. The clash was fierce.

“You should know that you will lose this battle, false king!” said Victor.

“I don’t think so!” yelled James.

Victor knocked James in the face with the back of his sword, then Victor ran from James and climbed one of the stone buildings. James regained his composure and chased Victor, climbing the same stone building. James chased Victor across the wooden roofs of Femur’s stone buildings.

Meanwhile, the battle continued between the Free Alliance and the Griffiths. Despite the setback that had come about with the aqueduct collapsing on them, the Free Alliance army regained its composure and continued to fight. One of the battering rams was brought forward by Tom in order to clear the debris from the fallen aqueduct. Master Quintus and the Handlirian Mages including Alan and Lana battled the Griffiths with magical spells while protecting the battering ram. The battering ram eventually cleared out the debris and allowed the Free Alliance to continue advancing through the streets of Femur, and they could now see the King’s Palace. Captain Harold and Commander Fergus led the Free Alliance’s charge as they advanced nearer and nearer to the King’s Palace.

James and Victor continue to sword-clash on the top of the Ubrian Cathedral. The clash was fierce, as both James and Victor were amazing swordsmen. As they clashed against each other, Victor caught the eye of the Free Alliance army pushing the Griffith army back to the King’s palace.

“You have lost, Victor!” yelled James.

“No! Noooo!” yelled Victor angrily. Victor charged at James, but James knocked Victor to the floor. Victor was on the floor, with James extending his sword to his head. Victor threw a knife to James’ leg and knocked him off the cathedral, then Victor ran away from the cathedral. James was falling fast to the bottom of the tall cathedral, but he was caught in a levitation spell by Master Rowan, who brought him down to the floor slowly.

“Where were you, James?” asked Master Rowan.

“I was chasing Victor Griffith, but he appears to have escaped, and he knocked me off the cathedral!” said James.

“Well, that’s not good. We have to get back to the battle, at any rate” said Rowan.
Victor Griffith knew that the battle had been lost for the Griffiths. He was outside the walls of Femur, at the stables. He swam past the river of Femur to the other side of the bank past the bridge, where the stables and his horse were. Once he got to the other side, he went to the stables, got on his horse, and sped away from the city, on his way to Tyne.
It was now dusk as the Battle of Femur was drawing to a close. The Free Alliance army had made it to the King’s Palace, and were soundly beating the Griffith army near the entrance to the palace at the stone archway. The Griffith fought like cornered rats, as they knew this they were losing the battle. General Arminius was still alive, and was fighting with his soldiers.

“They are fighting like cornered rats, because they know they have lost the battle! We’ve got this” yelled Harold.

Master Rowan and James rode to the King’s Palace. The Free Alliance soldiers cheered as they pushed the Griffith soldiers to the door of the palace. Captain Harold came face to face with General Arminius.

“You’ve lost, Arminius. Surrender now!” said Harold.

Arminius refused to surrender, and he charged at Harold. Harold and Arminius clashed swords, and Harold overpowered Arminius and stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

The remaining Griffith soldiers dropped their weapons and surrendered. The leaders of the Free Alliance army, James, Daniel, Harold Master Quintus and Master Rowan entered the King’s Palace, where Silvius was sitting on his throne.

“It’s over, Silvius. The Griffith army has surrendered the city. You have no one to save you now!” said Captain Harold.

“You give me no choice anyway. Very well, I surrender” said Silvius as he stood up and walked to Harold, kneeled and raised his hands. Harold tied Governor Silvius’ hands with chains.

James, Daniel, Harold, Fergus, Quintus, Xanatos and Rowan marched outside to the courtyard with the captured Silvius. The people were cheering them on. It was now dusk outside, and the Free Alliance had fought hard to take the city and lost a significant amount of men. The Free Alliance army, along with the Handlirians, marched across the city streets in victory, and were being cheered on by the people, who were happy that the city had been secured by the Free Alliance.

The next day, a great ceremony and celebration took place in Femur. James Canner was crowned as the King of Libernia, and also formally wed to his long-time girlfriend Cassandra Veinhall. The coronation and wedding of James took place in the Ubrian Cathedral. Inside the stone cathedral, on the altar with a bald priest wearing red priest clothes, James, who was wearing a red cape with formal silver clothes that had the symbol of Libernia, was holding Cassandra’s right hand with his left. Cassandra was wearing a white dress and was wearing makeup, and looked very beautiful. The cathedral was packed with citizens of Femur, and the Handlirians and Free Alliance soldiers, including, Rowan, Quintus, Xanatos and Harold, sat at the top seats of the cathedral. At the front of the cathedral, near James and Cassandra, sat Bilius and Philip Veinhall, along with Mary Pentanes-Canner and Daniel Canner. Thomas Wardsith also sat at the front of the cathedral as James’ godfather, and his wife Rowena and son Christoph sat with him. The Darvon family also sat in that area, with the parents Arthur and Lena, and the children Louis, Jessica and Erica. Trumpets were being blown on the organ at the top of the church as part of the celebration.

There were 2 crowns on the altar table. One of them was a golden crown lined with jewels, which was meant for a king. The other was a silver crown, meant for a queen. The priest grabbed the golden crown and put it on James’ head. The priest then grabbed the silver crown and put it on Cassandra’s head.

“King James Canner of Libernia, do you take Cassandra Veinhall as your wife?” said the priest.

“Yes” said James.

Queen Cassandra Veinhall of Libernia, do you take James Canner as your wife?” said the priest.

“Yes” said Cassandra.

“Very well. King James Canner of Libernia and Queen Cassandra Veinhall-Canner of Libernia, I declare you both husband and wife!” said the priest. James and Cassandra held up and raised their hands while the people in the cathedral cheered. Great celebration took place in the church as the legitimate King of Libernia was crowned and wed. James and Cassandra began to walk to the entrance of the cathedral holding hands, with the people continuing to celebrate. They reached the cathedral door and went out into the road. There were horses that were prepared for James and Cassandra, with James’ horse being a chestnut coloured steed, while Cassandra’s horse was white. They mounted their horses and rode on the stone streets of Femur. Mary, Daniel, Bilius and Philip followed close behind them as their family. The Handlirians and the Free Alliance that had fought in the battle that had taken place the previous day walked behind the Canner and Veinhall family as the event took place, being led by Master Rowan, Quintus, Harold and Fergus. A crowd of people was beside all of them on the street, celebrating and tossing confetti.

“Long live the King! Long live the King!” chanted the crowd in pride and reverence.

As he saw the crowd of people celebrating his coronation as their king and continued on his wife past the James felt glorious. He was happy that he was a symbol that the people of Libernia had rallied around through the nearly 7 long years that they had suffered under the oppression of the Griffiths. He was also happy that the war was nearly over. Cassandra felt the same way. She felt happy that she had given hope to the people by helping the Free Alliance of Libernia and the Handlirian Order greatly.

James and Cassandra reached the King’s Palace, where they dismounted their horses and they went up on the palace’s stone podium. There, James and Cassandra spoke to the people.

“Today, we celebrate many things. We celebrate the freedom of Femur, the ancient capital of Libernia, from the tyranny of the Griffiths. We also celebrate the coronation of Libernia’s new King, James Canner, and his wedding to me, the new Queen of Libernia. The end of the war is near, and we shall all work together. Libernia will come back, stronger as ever!” said Cassandra.

“It is great to be crowned king of Libernia. I assure you all, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ever since I was little, I have looked forward to becoming the king and using my talents to help Libernia and it’s people. Even if bad and unexpected things have happened in my life, even if my father was assassinated and my family was overthrown by the Griffiths, I have still worked hard to become the king of Libernia. And today, my dream has come true, and I am the King of Libernia!” said James.

The people cheered loudly as triumph and happiness continued to be felt around the city.

That night, there was a great feast in the King’s Palace. James feasted on the long table of the palace alongside his new wife Cassandra, his brother Daniel, his mother Mary, his brother in law Philip, and his father in law Bilius. At that table also sat Rowan, Quintus, Xanatos, Harold and Ferguson. The Wardsith and Darvon families also sat at the table. They celebrated the freedom of Femur and the coronation of James as King. The Free Alliance and Handlirian soldiers who had fought in the battle were also seated on the table. They feasted hard and celebrated both winning the battle and the coronation of James. They ate pork ribs and drank a lot of wine in the wild feast. Musicians played harps in the palace as they ate.

“Let us drink to a free Libernia!” said James, before drinking his wine.

Everyone on the table did cheers and knocked their glasses together, before sipping their wine.