Meanwhile, back in Tyne, the Griffiths had just gotten the news that their army had been defeated at the Battle of the Jehovian Plains, and that the Palmorii had been utterly destroyed. The person delivering the news was Marshall Florian, a Griffith who had escaped the battlefield and ran all the way back to Tyne. He was at the Griffith’s war room, with King Francis, Queen Beatrix, Prince Victor, and Duke Armand Canner.

“So how did the battle of the Jehovian Plains go, Marshall Florian? Did we gain the power of the Jehovian Seals? Did we destroy the traitorous Handlirians and the so called Free Alliance of Libernia?” asked Francis.

“No, my King. I’m sorry. We initially had the upper hand in the battle and were beating the Free Alliance, but somehow the Free Alliance held on, and they destroyed our forces. I think they got to the Jehovian Seals first, which is why they beat us. Many of our soldiers were killed, including Generals Lucius and Bardus. The Palmorii retreated back to their Sanctuary, and the Handlirians and the Free Alliance followed them there, and utterly destroyed the Palmorii and their Sanctuary in a battle there” said Marshall Florian.

“What?!? So you’re telling me that we were winning the battle, and suddenly, we lost the power of the Jehovian Seals and lost the battle?! And now we don’t have the Palmorii as allies anymore, because they were completely destroyed by the Handlirians?!?” yelled Francis.

“Yes my King, that’s exactly what I am saying! The Handlirians and the Free Alliance now have the upper hand in the war!” said Florian.

“The Free Alliance of Libernia has been a nuisance for long enough, and they have prevented our complete takeover of Libernia. We were to gain the power of the Jehovian Seals and destroy them, but the Free Alliance has gotten the power first and destroyed the Palmorii! These are desperate times! What are we going to do now?!?” yelled Victor.

“We are going to have to crack down more on our population. Increase our security and troops, and increase executions to instill fear, and conscript more people into the army to instill loyalty” said Beatrix.

“And we must create propaganda. Tell the people that the Free Alliance is evil, and if they manage to take over Libernia, order will turn into chaos. They must know that we keep order around Libernia. This is how we must deal with the Free Alliance rebels” said Armand.

“Yes, you’re right. We must force the people to continue to be loyal for us and fight for us” said Francis.

So the Griffiths began to announce that these were desperate times and that the Free Alliance rebels were advancing, and that there would be mandatory conscription for the Griffith army. The heralds announced all this in the streets of Tyne, and in other cities and towns still controlled by the Griffiths.

“Attention, citizens. These are desperate times, times in which the traitorous Free Alliance of Libernia, led by the false King James Canner, seems to have the upper hand in the civil war that has raged for 6 years. Our army is suffering, and that is why we need conscripts for the army. We will force every able-bodied man and woman in the kingdom to fight for the army” said one particular herald in the streets of Tyne. This herald, like all heralds in the cities, was announcing the news from a wooden platform on the ground, with a lantern over his head. He was surrounded by 4 guards in order to protect him from any extreme displays of anger that the crowd could have at these news.

There was a crowd surrounding the herald, and there were mixed reactions to these announcements. Some of the people supported the Griffiths, and they were happy with the announcements and for the chance to defend Libernia. But lots of other people didn’t like the conscription, and they made their feelings known.

“All hail the Griffiths!” some of the crowd yelled.

“Conscription is necessary to defend Libernia!” said other people.

“You can’t do this! We have our own lives, our own families to be with and feed!” yelled other people.

“Down with the Griffiths! They tax us so much that we can’t even afford money for ourselves! And now they force us to fight for their blasted regime!” yelled another angry person.

As the people were crowding about, the guards that were in front of the herald stood to protect him from the angry crowd members. The herald continued announcing the news.

“We suspect that there may be a large number of traitors and Free Alliance sympathizers, so there will be an inquisition and investigations in the kingdom to find the traitors and execute them. This is necessary to keep order in the kingdom and prevent the evil Free Alliance from taking over. If the false Prince James Canner takes over the kingdom, there will be chaos” said the herald.

The Griffiths began an inquisition in their kingdom, where suspected traitors were searched for and executed. The Griffith guards in each city or town controlled by the Griffiths searched the cities for any sympathizers of the Canners and anyone who was suspected of having had contact with them. The guards mostly relied on rumours and investigation to find them. They kicked down house doors and kidnapped the suspected traitors.

One of the families that was suspected of being Canner sympathizers was the Fitzander family in Tyne. The Fitzander family were secret Canner supporters, and they sent money, information and resources to the Free Alliance of Libernia. The Griffith guards found a lead to the Fitzander family through rumours that circulated in Tyne. When Griffith guards arrived at the Fitzander home, the father Royce Fitzander attempted to escape the house with his wife Caroline, his 2 sons Adam and Scott, and the daughter Natalie. They tried to escape their home through the back.

Royce was in the study of the Fitzander house, where there were bookshelves on both sides with several books, a knight suit of armor, and a large table in the middle with a map. He was wearing glasses, and was wearing chestnut clothes. He was an old man with grey hair and green eyes. He was writing a letter to Lord Edmonton, the leader of the city state of Artin, and was going to send him information on how to take Tyne when the time came. Suddenly, his wife Caroline and his children came into the study.

“Royce, we must escape the house fast! We are in grave danger! The Griffiths have found out that we are Canner sympathizers!” said Caroline worryingly.

“Very well. Let us escape. But let me get my things together first” said Royce.

“Father, there is no time! They are coming now!” said Adam.

“All right son, let us escape then” said Royce.

The entire Fitzander family left their manor, but as they walked out onto the front door and the front porch, there was a force of Griffith guards waiting for them.

“You’re not going anywhere, traitor!” said the Griffith captain in charge of the guards.

“We are not traitors, sir. What proof do you have?” said Scott.

“This” said one of the Griffith guards as he held out a letter at the Fitzanders. The letter was one of Royce’s that had been addressed to James Canner.

“How did you come by that?” said Royce.

“Our guards intercepted one o the smugglers that smuggles your letters. And it’s not the only proof that you’re a traitor. We have more letters like this. You couldn’t have hidden from us forever. And your punishment will be severe. Execution for your entire family” said the Griffith captain.

“No, please! Just execute me, don’t punish my entire family!” said Royce.

“A noble choice, but your entire family is treasonous against the Griffiths, so you all must be executed as a result. Take them to the dungeons of the Griffith castle!” said the Griffith captain.

The Griffith garrison led the entire Fitzander family all the way to the Griffith castle, where they were taken to the dungeons and put in a cell. There, they awaited their inevitable execution in agony. Caroline, Adam, Scott and Natalie began to cry.

“We’re all going to die, Dad!” said Natalie as she sobbed.

“It’s alright, my daughter. We have helped the Free Alliance and the true King James Canner. The Griffiths will eventually fall and pay for all they’ve done” said Royce.

They couldn’t sleep, knowing they would die soon. That morning, the Fitzander family was taken to the courtyards of the Griffith castle along with other suspected traitors and Canner sympathizers. There, they were all hanged.

Many people did not like the new conscription order by the Griffiths, and they were tired of the oppressive Griffith rule that had gone on for 6 years, and riots broke out in the town squares of several cities. The people waved torches and pikes as they rebelled against the Griffiths. The riots were violent, and the Griffiths had a bit of trouble quelling them, but with reinforcements the Griffiths were able to quell the riots and rebellions, closing down the town squares with guards, and cutting down everyone who resisted. There was no mercy shown to the protesters, and they were all cut down. But the riots and rebellions made the Griffiths vulnerable, and they were brought to the attention of the Handlirians and the Pale-Reach leaders at Artin.

The Handlirian, Gelandian and Pale-Reach leaders that led the Free Alliance of Libernia were gathered at the palace of Lord Edmonton, in his throne room. They included Lord Edmonton himself, along with the rightful King James Canner, Daniel and Mary Canner, King Alfonse of Geland, Queen Rosa, Prince Giusepin, Princess Constance, General Pedrus, Captain Harold, the inventor Thomas Wardsith, Commander Fergus, Allan Tremel, Boris Tantis, Grand Master Rowan, Xanatos, Quintus and Josephine. They were all sitting in Lord Edmonton’s war room, in a long wooden table that had a map of Libernia on it. On the map, cities that were controlled by the Free Alliance of Libernia were marked by blue flags, and Griffith controlled ones were marked with red flags. They were deciding how to beat the Griffiths in the war, and which city to free first.

“As you all know, we are all here in order to decide which course of action would be best to defeat the Griffiths in this war. We have the upper hand in this war now, but we have to plan our attacks and battle strategies wisely” said Lord Edmonton.

“The Griffiths are becoming vulnerable, and they know it. That’s why they have imposed a conscription law for their army, and why they have launched an inquisition to find and execute anyone who is suspected of supporting our rebellion. Many of the families that do support us have sadly been caught and executed, such as the Fitzanders. But these oppressive laws are also angering the common people, who are launching riots and rebellions and are becoming difficult for the Griffiths to stop. On top of that, the only significant cities that the Griffiths still control are Femur, Blythe and Dorme. So if we take those cities, we will limit the Griffiths to Tyne” said Allan Tremel.

“Yes, I agree. We would have a lot of civilian support in those cities, and the Griffiths guards are already disoriented trying to quell the rebellions. Plus, they won’t have any Palmorii to help them” said Grand Master Rowan.

“All right. I shall focus the Gelandian army on taking Dorme, since it’s closer to Geland and our army. The rest of the Free Alliance army will be able to focus on Blythe and Femur while we focus on Dorme” said General Pedrus.

“What about King James? Which city does he think we should take first?” said Xanatos.

“I think we should take Blythe first. That city is strategically important as one of the most important cities in the Pale-Reach. Also, the city has always resisted Griffith rule since the beginning, so the people there would welcome us. Then after that, we can focus on the other cities that the Griffiths control. I think that we should send a letter to the people of Blythe telling them that we will come and free their city, so that they will help us” said James.

“Yes, I agree with James. Blythe is an important city, and we helped defend it from the Griffiths about 5 years ago, but sadly during the war the city was taken by the Griffith and the city’s Count Desiderius was captured and killed. We should retake the city, and the people would be happy to assist us” said Quintus.

“Good idea. I will send the improved battering rams that I have invented to help at Blythe” said Tom.

“It is settled then. We shall take Blythe first, then we will focus on Femur, and Dorme and the other cities. Put together an army to take the city of Blythe” said Lord Edmonton.

So a Free Alliance army, composed of mostly Pale-Reach soldiers with a few Handlirians mixed in, was put together in order to retake the city of Blythe from the Griffiths. 3 battering rams made by Tom were also sent to the battle. A courier mailed a letter to the rioters in the city. James and Daniel Canner led the army, along with Commander Fergus and Master Quintus.

The army marched to Blythe, and arrived about a week later at night. They assembled outside the city walls, and hid behind some of the trees and the dense grass in the plains as they prepared to storm the city.

“All right, James. What should our battle plan be?” asked Master Quintus.

“Well, I think we should send someone into the city to tell the people of our presence. If the people know that we are here, they could riot and rebel against the guards, and that could distract the guards and give us a chance to storm the city gate” said James.

“Good idea. Who should go?” asked Master Quintus.

“I will” said Daniel.

“All right, but keep your hood up so that you are not noticed” said Quintus.

Daniel went to one of the city walls, and he climbed the wall. He went down from the wall onto the city street, and went to an alleyway in the city, where there were citizens and mercenaries that were armed to the teeth with swords and axes, and were prepared to attack. They were being led by a hired mercenary named Heath, a buff and chubby man with short, greying hair. A young man, who appeared about 20 years old with green eyes and red hair, was also with the mercenaries. He was Weldor, the son of Desiderius, deceased count of Blythe. Daniel found them in the alleyway, where he took off his hood and told them his identity.

“It’s me, Daniel Canner.” said Daniel.

“Hello, Daniel. I understand you’re here to help me take back my city, right?” said Weldor.

“Yes, Weldor. When this is all over, you will be Count of Blythe. But for now, the Free Alliance army is outside the city, waiting. Start attacking, and then we will come into the city and attack” said Daniel.

“All right, Daniel. We will attack now” said Heath.

Daniel went with the armed mercenaries as they snuck to one of the city streets, where they attacked the guards there. The guard was afraid, and he went to the bell to try to ring it, but he was dispatched by Daniel who threw a knife at him. The mercenaries killed the guards that were there in a swordfight, then they went to the front of the gate, where there was a few dozen Griffith guards waiting for them. There were also archers on top of the city towers that were shooting and killing a few of the rioters and the mercenaries.

“Archers! Be careful!” said Weldor.

The mercenaries didn’t have bows, so they couldn’t deal with the archers that were hurling arrows at them from the towers. The mercenaries were now engaged in a full-on battle with the Griffith guards, and were sword fighting against the Griffith soldiers. The mercenaries did not seem to be faring well against the Griffith guards, who were killing some of the mercenaries.

Back outside, James gave the order to break open the city gate with the battering rams.

“Break down the gate with the battering rams!” yelled James.

The 3 battering rams were brought forward to the gate, and they began smashing the city gate open. The city gate was very strong, but it was eventually smashed , and the Free Alliance army stormed in and aided the mercenaries against the Griffith guards. James was leading the Free Alliance army, and he killed several Griffith guards in sword combat. The Pale-Reach army was prepared with archers, as they knew before the battle that there would be Griffith archers in the towers. The Pale-Reach archers shot down the Griffith archers with crossbows, and killed them. The tide changed as the Pale-Reach army easily overpowered the Griffith army, and the Handlirian mages even used ice and fire spells to kill some of the guards.

As the Free Alliance and the Griffiths were fighting, the Griffith governor of the city, Anthony Maffus, was on top of the tallest tower in the city, surrounded by archers. He looked at the fighting with worry, and ordered more reinforcements to go down and deal with the problem.

“Damn. The Free Alliance is really hurting my guards. We are gonna need more guards to deal with the problem” said Anthony.

“Yes sir, I will get more reinforcements immediately to deal with the Free Alliance” said one of the archers on top of the tower with Anthony.

The archer went down the tower and went to the barracks, a very large stone building that was not as tall as the other towers in the city. There, more Griffith reinforcements were rushing out of the barracks, led by Commander Carius. The Griffith reinforcements even had trebuchets.

Meanwhile, the Free Alliance army and the mercenaries had defeated the Griffith guards in the front gate, and they advanced further into the city. The citizens of the city had left their homes to see what was going on, and they cheered the Free Alliance on as they advanced to the city square.

“Freedom! The Free Alliance is here! Finally the Griffiths will be expelled from our great Blythe!” yelled the citizens as they stood on the streets cheering on the Free Alliance army. Griffith archers on the rooftops and towers began to shoot at the citizens, but some of the Free Alliance crossbowmen shot down the archers on the rooftops, and James and Daniel climbed the rooftops and towers, killing the archers by stabbing them as they came up the tower. The Griffith archers failed to notice them as they climbed the towers.

The Griffith reinforcements led by Commander Carius intercepted the Free Alliance army on the city square. There, they fought each other, with the Free Alliance having the advantage due to the Handlirians hurling spells at the Griffith guards. The Griffith soldiers kept pouring into the square.

“Keep fighting!” yelled James as he led the Free Alliance soldiers through the Griffith guards. As James fought against several of the guards, he was killing them with ease with his sword. James and Master Quintus were leading the Free Alliance army as they sword fought against the Griffith guards. The citizens also poured into the square and aided the Free Alliance in fighting the Griffith guards. The battle was raging through midnight. There were several Griffith archers all across the rooftops and the towers, and they were shooting arrows at the Free Alliance armies with their crossbows with dangerous proficiency and making the battle difficult for them. On top of that, the Griffith guards were killing the Free Alliance crossbow men to make it more difficult for them to deal with the archers. Heath took notice of this, and he went and told James.

“King James, there is a problem. The archers up on the towers and the rooftops are shooting down our soldiers, which is making the battle hard for us. The problem needs to be dealt with if we are to win the battle” said Heath. A Griffith guard swung his sword behind Heath, but Heath turned around and decapitated him with his axe.

“All right, Heath. I’ll deal with the archers right now!” said James.

James went to his brother, Daniel and asked him to help deal with the archers.

“Brother, the archers up on the rooftops and tower are causing trouble for our army! Would you mind helping me to kill them?” said James as he fought against Griffith guards with his brother.

“Yes, brother. I’ll help you” said Daniel.

Master Quintus and a few Handlirians were fighting near James and Daniel, and they agreed to help too.

“I’ll help you too” said Master Quintus.

James, Daniel, Master Quintus and 2 Handlirians climbed the city buildings, using an invisibility spell in order to be hidden from the archers. They climbed the 4 buildings surrounding the square separately. James climbed the left building, Daniel climbed the right building, Master Quintus climbed the front building, and the 2 Handlirians, who were cloaked in white and wielded 2 small iron daggers, climbed the back building. They were Handlirian Shadows, a special Handlirian unit that uses stealth to deal with enemies. James came up to the building, unnoticed by the archers on top. He came up and stabbed the archer in the chest with his dagger, and the archer fell into the square. James then came up to the rooftop, and stabbed the other archer. The third archer noticed James, but James dispatched him with an ice spell.

Daniel came up from the wall of the building, and surprised the archer there by coming up the wall and stabbing him in the chest with a knife. The other archers there didn’t notice. Daniel got up to the roof and he threw a knife at one of the archers. Another archer on the other side of the roof noticed Daniel, and he shot an arrow at him, but Daniel dodged the arrow and then he lunged at the archer, stabbing him in the stomach.

Master Quintus went up to the building and engaged the archers in sword combat after he blocked all the arrows that the archers shot at him. He fought the 6 archers on the rooftop, and his proficiency in sword fighting meant that the archers stood no chance against him. Quintus cut through them with ease.

Meanwhile, the 2 Handlirian shadows were completely stealthy against the archers in the back rooftop. The 8 archers on that rooftop failed to notice the Shadows as they snuck behind them and backstabbed them. They had no idea what was going on, and they were afraid as the Shadows kept cutting them down. They took out their swords and swung them at the floor hysterically.

“What is going on?!? Who is here?!?” yelled a frightened guard.

Soon enough, all the guards on that rooftop were dead.

With less archers in the rooftops, the Free Alliance army was doing better in the battle against the Griffith guards, and they were able to kill several of the Griffith guards. Commander Fergus, Weldor and Heath were leading the Free Alliance army.

James took out his gun, and he aimed it at one of the archers in the towers. There were 4 towers in the square, and James shot down the archer he was aiming at. The rifleman fell off the tower. James then shot down another archer. The Handlirian Shadows were climbing the other 2 towers, and they both waited until the Griffith archer were close to the edge of the tower before coming up and stabbing them.

James took notice of Governor Maffus, who was on the highest tower of the city surrounded by riflemen. Maffus was holding a sword and daring James to come up and fight him and his armoured guards .

“Come on, King of Libernia. Fight me! Fight me!” yelled Anthony.

James ran across the city rooftops to the tower. When he reached the tower, he began to climb it. James got to the top of the tower, and there, the 6 guards on the tower with Maffus shot him with their muskets, but James used a spell to shield himself from the bullets. The guards then tossed their muskets on the ground and took out their swords and they attacked James. James parried one of the guards’ attacks, then he stabbed the guard. Another guard swung his sword at James, but he dodged the guard then stabbed him in the stomach. James kicked another guard in the stomach, causing the guard to clutch his stomach, then James stabbed him in the head.

There were now 3 guards left with Maffus, and as James continued fighting them, Daniel and Master Quintus came up to the tower, having climbed it while James was fighting. Master Quintus easily dispatched one guard, while Daniel swordfought against another guard and beat him, stabbing him in the stomach. James killed the last guard, and suddenly Maffus was alone.

“It’s over, Governor Maffus. Surrender now!” said James.

Governor Maffus dropped his sword and surrendered but 2 more Griffith guards came up to the tower. They were killed by James, Daniel and Master Quintus. Maffus sat there with his arms raised, having surrendered.

Back down in the city square, the Free Alliance army and the mercenaries were soundly beating the Griffith army. The Free Alliance was pushing back the Griffith army, led by Weldor Heath and Commander Fergus. The citizens of Blythe were also helping the Free Alliance

“We’re winning the battle!” yelled Commander Fergus.

Commander Carius was not happy about losing the battle, and he got a rush of anger, running as he killing several Free Alliance soldiers, mercenaries and rioters. Commander Carius finally came face to face with Heath and Fergus, and they fought against each other. The duel was fierce, with Heath and Fergus clashing their swords against Carius. Heath and Fergus eventually overpowered Carius and killed him.

The Free Alliance beat the Griffiths, and the remaining Griffith soldiers dropped their weapons and surrendered. The battle was now over, and the Free Alliance had won and taken Blythe. The rioters, mercenaries and citizens began to cheer.

“Well, it appears we’ve won the battle. Thanks for your help, Commander Fergus. We couldn’t have done it without you” said Heath.

James, Daniel and Master Quintus arrived in the square with Maffus, who had both of his hands tied together. Heath thanked them.

“And thank you as well, King James Canner and Daniel. You, along with Master Quintus and the Handlirians, helped deal with the archers on the roofs and Governor Maffus. Know that we will always stand by your side, along with the people of Blythe” said Heath.

Heath bowed to James and Daniel, along with the rest of the mercenaries and the populace. Blythe was once again free from Griffith occupation, and within days Weldor, Count Desiderius’ son, was made the new count of the city state. The Handlirians and the mercenaries who had fought against the Griffiths were there at his inauguration, as the proud citizens of Blythe cheered. Weldor stood in front of the Count’s Palace, a stone building, and a crowd of cheering people was in front of him. James and Daniel Canner, Master Quintus, Commander Fergus and Heath stood with Weldor.

“I am happy to be your new Count, Blythe, and I am happy to lead you on this period of freedom from the Griffiths. I couldn’t have done it alone, of course. I had the help and support of the citizens of Blythe, you guys, and I would like to thank you all for it. I also had the support of mercenaries that you all hired secretly, led by Heath. We also had the help of the Free Alliance army, led by Commander Fergus, Master Quintus of the Handlirian Order, the Rightful King of Libernia James Canner, and his brother, Prince Daniel Canner. They played a big part in winning the battle, and I would like to thank them for their help as well. We will pledge our full support to help the Free Alliance of Libernia against the Griffiths. Now here’s to a free Blythe and Libernia!” said Count Weldor before raising his hands. He held his hands with James, Daniel, Master Quintus, Commander Fergus and Heath.

The people of Blythe cheered loudly and celebrated.

Meanwhile, the Gelandian navy, led by General Pedrus and Handlirian Master Josephine, had taken the city of Dorme in a battle on the Ithacan Sea, the big sea between Libernia and Geland where the city lay near the border between the 2 kingdoms. There, the Griffith and Gelandian armies had fought in a naval battle on the lake with ships. The Griffith ships had red sails and the symbol of the Griffiths, a black griffin, on it, while the Gelandian ships had blue sails with the symbol of Geland, a wolf. The ships from the 2 sides attacked each other by hurling cannon fire at each other from their ships, and the naval battle was fierce. Dorme was visible from across the lake, though there was a fog that was caused by heavy rain and thunder that was happening during the battle.

The Gelandian command ship was the largest of the ships, and had a bigger hull. On the deck of the command ship sat General Pedrus and Master Josephine. The captain of the ship was named Vaccine.

“All right men, we are going to take the city of Dorme today. The Griffith fleet is waiting for use on the other side. Let us show them that we will fight for our brothers in Libernia!” yelled General Pedrus.

The Gelandian soldiers on the ship cheered, prepared to strike a blow at the Griffiths.

From the distance, the command ship saw a Gelandian ship locked in battle with a Griffith ship. Both of the ships were firing their cannons at each other and tearing their ships apart. Things were not looking good for the Gelandian ship. The Gelandian soldiers on board that ship were forced to duck from the cannon fire that rained down on their ship.

“Duck!” yelled the captain of that ship as the soldiers ducked from the impending cannon fire.

The Griffith soldiers threw hook ropes at the hull of the Gelandian ship, and they began pulling the ship close to them. As the ropes brought the 2 chips closer together, the Griffith and Gelandian soldiers took up arms and began to fight with their swords. The Griffith soldiers began to come onto the Gelandian ship and fight Gelandian soldiers. Swordclashes were taking place between the 2 soldiers on the ships as the 2 ships continued to tear each other apart.

Watching that battle from afar on the command ship, Captain Vaccine ordered the cannoneers to shoot down the Griffith ship.

“Attention, cannoneers. Shoot down the Griffith ship that is attacking one of our own. Use the ranged cannon!” said Captain Vaccine.

The Gelandian soldiers on the command ship prepared the ranged cannon by putting gunpowder on it. The ranged cannon could shoot cannonballs from afar. Once the ranged cannon was prepared, one of the cannoneers aimed it at the Griffith ship and fired it.

The cannon fired multiple cannonballs at the ship, and the cannonballs hit the sails of the Griffith ship, destroying them.

Vaccine then steered the command ship forward to the Griffith ship. The command ship had an iron ram, and as it approached the Griffith ship, it rammed into it, piercing the enemy ship’s hull and destroying it. The enemy ship sank.

There were still lots of Griffith soldiers that had made it into the Gelandian ship and were attacking the sailors.

“We need help over here, General Pedrus!” said one of the Gelandian soldiers sword fighting the Griffith soldiers on the ship.

General Pedrus and Master Josephine jumped to the other ship. There, they attacked the Gelandian soldiers. More Gelandian soldiers also came from the command ship. Eventually, the Gelandian soldiers had overpowered the Griffith soldiers on their ship.

However, the Griffith command ship was coming from behind the ship, and it hurled cannonballs at the ship.

“Watch out! There’s another enemy ship coming!” said Master Josephine.

Master Josephine, General Pedrus, and the Gelandian soldiers ducked in order to avoid the impending cannon fire coming from the Griffith command ship. The cannon fire was really damaging the ship, and some of the Gelandian soldiers were killed. The remaining Gelandian soldiers started to make their way to the Gelandian command ship. The Gelandian command ship threw ropes at the Gelandian ship as it was rained with cannon fire by the Griffith command ship in order to allow the crew to escape. Gelandian soldiers made their way to the Gelandian command ship by walking on the ropes. The Griffith command ship continued to rain cannonballs on the Gelandian ship, and eventually, it sank as the Griffith command ship rammed into it and came face to face with the Gelandian command ship. The Gelandian soldiers that had remained on the ship perished as it sank.

Standing at the hull of the Griffith command ship was a bearded captain wearing a black hat and a red caped suit. A general in silver Griffith armor wearing a helmet was beside him. They both appeared to be taunting the Gelandians.

“Fire!” yelled the Griffith general.

The Griffith command ship fired more cannonballs at the Gelandian command ship. The cannonballs hurt the Gelandian command ship and ripped splinters of wood off of it. More Gelandian soldiers were killed by the cannon blast, either by the explosion, being burned by the fire that the cannonballs caused, or by falling off the ship. The cannon fire mixed in with the thunder.

“We have to fire back!” yelled General Pedrus.

The Gelandian soldiers immediately loaded cannonballs onto the ship’s cannons, and the command ship fired cannonballs back at the Griffith ship. The cannonballs hit their target and caused damage to the Griffith ship. The Gelandian and Griffith command ships steered beside each other, and they both fired cannonballs at each other. The battle was now becoming fierce quickly, as the naval battle continued beside the command ships. The ships continued to hurl cannon balls at each other, tearing themselves apart. The ships soon went close to each other, and the soldiers on the Griffith ship hurled hook ropes at the Gelandian ship.

“Throw hook ropes at the Gelandian command ship!” ordered the Griffith general.

The Griffith soldiers began to reel in the Gelandian ship, and the 2 ships began to be reeled in closer and closer together. Gelandian and Griffith soldiers began to make their way to each other’s ships, and there, they fought each other by sword. There were also crossbows implanted on both of the ships, and the soldiers from both sides shot arrows at each other from the crossbows.

General Pedrus and Master Josephine jumped from their ship to the Griffith ship. At the Griffith ship, they helped fight the Griffith soldiers that were there. General Pedrus sword fought the Griffith soldiers and killed many of them with his superior fighting skills, while Master Josephine harnessed the water from the sea and used it against the Griffith soldiers on the command ship, washing many of them away into the sea.

The Griffith general and the captain came down from the ship deck and attacked the Gelandian soldiers that were on their ship. There was now an intense, full-on sword clash going on in the deck of the Griffith command ship as the storm continued to rage on the sea. The Griffith soldiers were winning the sword clash on the Gelandian command ship and were killing several of the Gelandian soldiers both on the Griffith and Gelandian command ships. General Pedrus continued to clash hard against the Griffith soldiers, but the Griffith general disarmed him and punched him in the face with his other hand, and General Pedrus fell back. Pedrus backed himself up to one of the ship’s posts as the Griffith general extended his sword at his neck. Meanwhile, Master Josephine had been knocked out onto the ocean after being knocked down into the ocean by the Griffith soldiers she was fighting.

However, Master Josephine survived in the water, and she floated on the water using her magical spells. As the battle continued, Master Josephine got herself back up onto the Griffith ship by summoning a wave to put her onto the ship with magic. General Pedrus was about to be killed by the Griffith general, but Master Josephiner saved him by blasting the Griffith general with a water spell, and the Griffith general fell into the water. Master Josephine helped General Pedrus get back up by extending her hand to him.

“Thanks for the help” said Pedrus.

“No problem” said Josephine.

General Pedrus and Master Josephine went to help the Gelandian soldiers fight off the Griffiths. Meanwhile, 2 Gelandian ships were arriving in the area to help reinforce the command ship against the Griffith command ship. As the fierce sword clashes continued against the Griffiths in that ship, some of the Griffith soldiers were shot down by crossbows. The crossbow bolts had come from one of the Gelandian ships that had arrived to help.

“Reinforcements have arrived!” yelled one of the Gelandian soldiers.

The Gelandian reinforcement ships began to shoot cannonballs at the Griffith command ship. The Gelandian command ship also began to shoot cannonballs at the Griffith command ship. The impending damage being taken by the Griffith command ship caused it to rock back and forth and become unstable, and at any time it was going to be destroyed.

“Wait! Don’t destroy the ship! We have to get back to our command ship!” yelled Master Josephine.

Master Josephine and General Pedrus immediately made their way back to the Gelandian command ship along with a handful of Gelandian soldiers, walking on top of the ropes that still connected the 2 ships in order to get there. The Gelandian soldiers that remained on the Griffith ship continued to walk on the ropes in order to make their way to the Gelandian command ship. Some of the Gelandian soldiers were cut down by the Griffiths and their captain as they tried to make their way back. Finally, the 3 Gelandian ships dealt the final cannon blow at the Gelandian ship, which exploded and sank into the ocean below.

The Gelandian soldiers cheered as they saw the Griffith command ship sinking. As he looked out at the sunken Griffith command ship, Pedrus caught sight of the Griffith captain’s hat floating on the ocean.

The Gelandian navy had won the naval battle against the Griffiths, having destroyed most of the Griffith ships, and they could now advance to the city of Dorme. As the storm cleared and the sun rose, General Pedrus ordered the dozen Gelandian ships that remained to push forward to Dorme.

“Push on to Dorme, Gelandian Navy! We have defeated the Griffith navy. Now we must take the city!” said General Pedrus.

The Gelandian ships steered to the city of Dorme, and they approached the city’s docks. There, they unloaded onto the wooden docks, led by General Pedrus and Master Josephine. The soldiers made their way into the top level of the dock, where a small band of Griffith soldiers was standing.

“You navy has been defeated by ours. We demand that you open the gate now!” said General Pedrus.

The Griffith soldiers refused to open the gate, so Pedrus attacked him along with their soldiers. The clash was over quickly, with the Gelandian soldiers defeating the Griffith soldiers. Master Josephine opened the gate to the city, and the Gelandian soldiers entered the city. They advanced through the city streets with significant civilian support, and fighting Griffith guards as they went. The civilians carried swords and knives that they used to fight against the Griffiths alongside the Gelandian soldiers. The city had several canals, and the 2 sides sometimes fought each other through the canals, and the bodies of the Griffith soldiers the Gelandian soldiers killed fell into the city’s canals as the Gelandian soldiers that had came from fighting the naval battle advanced with ease through the city streets. Finally, the Gelandian army reached the city square, where they forced the Griffith governor of the city to surrender. The Governor’s Palace stood in front of them, and it glowed white in the sun, It had 3 spires, and the 3rd spire was the tallest, with a cross on it.

“We have taken over your city. You only have one choice left. You must surrender, now!” said Master Josephine.

The governor of the city, an old, bearded man wearing a grey fur cloak, stepped down from the balcony of the Governor’s Palace, and there, he was arrested by the Gelandian soldiers that were there. The citizens cheered, and Dorme was freed from Griffith control.