The Handlirians set up a camp with yellow tents, where the rested for the night. The dead were brought in on wooden wagons, and were covered with white blankets that had the 3 symbols of the Free Alliance of Libernia: the Handlirian symbol of the 4 elements of fire, ice, lightning and healing, the Canner family crest of a lion, and the Gelandian symbol of a blue wolf. A funeral took place for the dead, where the Handlirians started a fire and buried the dead. The Handlirians, the Pale-Reach soldiers, the Gelandians and the Skarsegians held torches in order to commemorate the dead. Master Rowan spoke from a wooden podium along with Masters Quintus, Xanatos, Icarus and Josephine. James and Daniel Canner were also in the podium, along with Captain Harold and Commander

“Today, we won a hard fought battle against the Palmorii and the Griffiths, a battle that would have determined the fate of Libernia and Cletus. However, the win came at a heavy cost, and we lost many brave souls today, including, but not limited to, Handlirian Grand Master Yolrond, who, as you all know was my father, Masters Talynn, Cereus, Peter, Castilius, Handlirian Knight Shay Scipius, Handlrian Squire Zara Westphallion, General Galante along with a lot of brave combatants of his Gelandian army, Commanders Steve of the Pale-Reach army, and Marshals Kellan and Thorald of the Skarsegian army. All these brave souls will be missed, but they will never be forgotten, and they will live on in our hopes and dreams. They died as martyrs, they died for the cause of freedom in Libernia against the tyranny of the Griffiths, and they died for all of us. May God give them great comfort in the next life” said Grand Master Rowan.

Everyone in the funeral procession raised their torches in reverence and respect for those that died in the Battle of the Jehovian Plains. There was silence around the camp.

James then went up and spoke to the army along with his brother Daniel.

“Another reason we are fighting this war is to restore the place of my family as the rulers of Libernia, and to install me as King. When I am King, I will not forget the vows of freedom that I promised all the people of Libernia. I will not be a tyrant like the Griffiths. I will ensure freedom and peace for all!” said James as he raised his hand into a fist.

“King James! King James! King James! King James” yelled the crowd.

After the funeral ceremony, all the soldiers in the army went to get some rest. They slept in sleeping bags made from leather. James slept in a tent along with his brother Daniel, Lana, Alan, and Master Quintus. As James tried to sleep, his brother apologized to him for betraying him.

“I’m sorry” said Daniel.

“For what?” asked James.

“For betraying the Handlirian Order and you, for attempting to kill you, for all those deaths. It was all my fault” said Daniel.

“I forgive you, brother. Remember, you were tortured and hypnotized for many months. You were turned into something that you’re not through no fault of your own. Forgive yourself, brother. The point is that you fought against it, and you returned to the Handlirians and helped me fight the Palmorii at the Sanctuary” said James.

“You’re right, brother. Do you know what brought me back to the good side? It was Shay’s death, and his sacrifice for you. When that happened, I remembered who I was, and I felt a touch of humanity within myself. That is when I became good again” said Daniel.

“Good, brother. Now relax and go to sleep” said James.

James and Daniel went to sleep.

The next morning, Grand Master Rowan and Prince James called all the Handlirians and the Free Alliance soldiers together in order to prepare for the assault of the Palmorii Sanctuary in the Gray Mountains. The soldiers were all lined up together, and Prince James, Captain Harold and Grand Master Rowan were in the front drilling the army.

“All right, Free Alliance armies. Today is the day we end the Palmorii threat. You fought well 2 days ago and yesterday in preventing the Palmorii and the Griffiths from getting their hands on the Jehovian Seals, and we severely crippled their armies and killed the Palmorii leaders. But the Palmorii are not totally defeated yet. They still have their Sanctuary intact. We must match to the Sanctuary and destroy it before they have time to recover. After we destroy the Palmorii, the Griffiths will be weaker, and we will turn our attention to them” said James.

“The Palmorii Sanctuary is on the opposite side of the Gray Mountains, as you can see here in this map” said Master Rowan as she showed a giant map at the soldiers. “Because the Gray Mountains are so vast, it will take a bit of a while to get there. Once we get there, we will storm the Sanctuary and kill all the Palmorii there. Then we will destroy the Sanctuary using war machines” said Master Rowan.

Suddenly, reinforcements arrived in the camp. The reinforcements were soldiers from the Pale-Reach city states of Sparburgh and Troch, and wore silver armor with knight helmets and red chest linen that had the symbols of the 2 city states. There were also reinforcements from Geland, and also a small number of Handlirians. The reinforcements made their way to the lines where the rest of the soldiers were, while the leaders of the reinforcements, Generals Severus, Paris and Xavier of the Pale-Reach. General Severus was a middle aged strong man with short black hair, while Commander Paris had balding red hair with brown eyes and was chubby. Xavier was a young, skinny man with long brown hair. Commanders Gincarlus and Blaise led the Gelandian reinforcements. Gincarlus was a middle aged-man with a black beard and a moustache, while Blaise had short dirty blond hair. Handlirian Squire Edwin, a young man with light brown hair made into a ponytail, wearing the silver armor of the Handlirians, led the small Handlirian reinforcements. The commanders of the reinforcements made their way to Grand Master Rowan, Prince James and Captain Harold.

“Reinforcements sires, from the Pale-Reach city states of Sparburgh and Troch, and the Kingdom of Geland. We have heard that you need help in destroying the Palmorii Sanctuary, and so we stand with you” said General Severus as he bowed down to James, Rowan and Steve along with the rest of the generals.

“Good. I think we are ready. Let us march on the Palmorii Sanctuary” said Captain Harold.

So the rested Free Alliance army began to march through the Gray Mountains to the Palmorii Sanctuary, being led by Prince James, Grand Master Rowan and Captain Harold. The wounded stayed behind in the camp, along with some of the Skarsegian and Pale-Reach soldiers who were ready to defend the camp if it was attacked. They marched through a path that was between the mountains.

Meanwhile, back at the Palmorii Sanctuary, the Palmorii had just received word that their army was defeated at the Jehovian Plains, and that Grand Inquisitor Thantus and Second Inquisitor Zayne were dead along with several of the Lords. The Palmorii were disorganized after losing the battle.

“My Lord, we have lost the Battle of the Jehovian Plains. Grand Inquisitor Thantus and Second Inquisitor Zayne are dead, along with Lords Nilats, Reltih, and Raymus. A large portion of our army was also destroyed there, and those of us that survived made our way back here. We must defend the Palmorii Sanctuary against the Handlrians” said Apprentice Motom of the Palmorii. He was in the courtyard of the Sanctuary, with a lot of Palmorii Lords and Apprentices that had survived the battle as well.

“What?!?? We had the upper hand in that battle! How did we lose?!?” yelled Lord Pmirt in anger as he grabbed Apprentice Motom on the throat and raised him. Apprentice Motum was being choked by Lord Pmirt.

“My Lord…I’m sorry…I can’t explain…they just suddenly beat us…” said Apprentice Motum as he was being choked by Pmirt.

“No excuses! Now die, you useless bastard!” said Pmirt before tossing the now burning Motum below a cliff.

Lord Pmirt turned to the remaining army of Palmorii Assassins, Dark Mages and Witch-Dogs, and he declared himself as the new leader of the Palmorii.

“Listen! All of you! I am the new leader of the Palmorii Order! As the new leader, I order you all to help defend the Palmorii Sanctuary against the Handlirian and Free Alliance of Libernia armies that will inevitably come to attack our Sanctuary. We start defending now! The Assassins, Trolls and the Witch-Dogs shall come with me and attack the Handlirians at the front door, while the Dark Mages shall be at the walls of the Sanctuary raining down dark spells on the Free Alliance of Libernia army. The Handlirians and the Free Alliance may have won the battle at the Jehovian Plains, but they are weakened, and we will use that to our advantage! We will destroy their army, and then we will regain our strength and regroup with the Griffiths to end this war and destroy the traitorous Alliance!” said Lord Pmirt.

The Palmorii immediately set up their defences. There were Palmorii Dark Mages that were on the dark, gothic walls of the Sanctuary, ready to rain down spells on the Handlirians. The Palmorii Assassins and warriors, with their dark cloaks and some of them on black horses, were in formation along with the Witch-Dogs and the remaining Trolls. The Palmorii Lords even summoned dark spirits to help them in their desperation. There was a gothic wall that was between 2 hills that protected the Palmorii Sanctuary. From there, the Palmorii would surprise the Handlirian and Free Alliance armies.

The Handlirian and Free Alliance armies arrived at the Palmorii Sanctuary at the dark gothic gate. The dark gate seemed to be completely empty. James went forward with his horse at the gate.

“Let the Lord of the Palmorii come forth!” yelled James.

As James said this, a Palmorii Dark Mage with dark robes and a hood that covered everything but his mouth came forward from the gate and attacked James with dark magic. However, James was ready for him. James blocked the dark magic with his sword, then he decapitated the Dark Mage.

Suddenly, the top of the gate wall revealed several Dark Mages, and the gate opened as an army of Assassins, more Dark Mages, Witch-Dogs and Trolls charged at the Free Alliance army. Even the dark spirits commanded by the Palmorii charged. A dragon was then revealed in the sky, being commanded by Lord Pmirt.

“Stand your ground!” yelled Captain Harold.

The Free Alliance and Handlirians stood their ground, and they set up a phalanx of spears in order to protect themselves from the Palmorii. The Palmorii army charged, but they met the shields of the Free Alliance army. The Free Alliance soldiers bashed the Palmorii with their shields, and then they charged and attacked the Palmorii with their swords and spears. The battle had now truly begun. Even the Free Alliance reinforcements were now charging at the Palmorii. The 2 sides clashed swords, and from his horse, James rallied the armies and attacked the Palmorii soldiers with his sword. Captain Harold also attacked the enemy soldiers from horseback, and Master Rowan used magic from her staff to kill the Palmorii Dark Mages on the ground. The Elven Archers shot arrows at the Palmorii Archers and Dark Mages that were on the walls raining down arrows on the Free Alliance armies. The Dark Mages were using magic to conjure their bows that they used to shoot arrows at the Handlirian and Free Alliance armies. The Witch-Dogs also attacked the Free Alliance, with the giant wolves devouring the soldiers while the hags hurled dark spells at the soldiers. The battle seemed to be going in favour of the Palmorii.

This didn’t stop the Free Alliance and the Handlirians from holding their ground in the battle. The reinforcements were doing particularly well in the battle, being led by Generals Severus, Paris and Xavier. The 3 general’s advanced the Pale-Reach army to cause damage to the Palmorii army. The Gelandians also had good cavalry, which they used to further attack the Palmorii. General’s Gincarlus and Blaise were leading the Gelandian cavalry. The Handlirian reinforcements led by Squire Edwin also helped. The 2 armies ended up getting scrambled in their fight against each other. However, there were 3 Palmorii Lords that were on their dragons.

“Hell shall rain upon you, Handlirians!” yelled Lord Pmirt as he rained fire down on the Handlirians with his dragon. There were 2 other Palmorii Lords on their dragons.

“Watch out for the dragons!” yelled Master Xanatos to the Handlirians.

The Handlirians set up a magical shield to protect themselves from the dragon fire, but some of them were still incinerated by the dragon fire. The Free Alliance armies were also being hurt by the dragons. The Trolls were also causing trouble for the Free Alliance as they smashed into the ground, smashing their clubs on the ground and knocking down and killing many Free Alliance soldiers. The Trolls also grabbed some soldiers and threw them across the battlefield, killing them. The Witch-Dogs stepped up their dark magic and sent waves of dark spells that hurt the Free Alliance foot soldiers. The dark skeletal spirits summoned by the Palmorii also attacked the Handlirians. The battle was getting more and more intense for the Handlirians.

“Brother, we have to do something! The dragons are raining down fire on us, and they are causing real damage!” said Daniel to James.

“Don’t worry brother, I’ve got a plan. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m going to wait until the dragon comes close and then I will climb the dragon and kill the Palmorii Lord on it” said James.

James rode near one of the dragons, and waited for the dragon to come to him. He stood on his horse, and when the dragon came close to him and spat dragon fire, James dodged the dragon fire with his horse. Then James jumped and grabbed one of the dragon’s arms. The dragon tried to shake James off with his arms, but James climbed the top of the dragon to where one of the Palmorii Lords was controlling the dragon. The Palmorii Lord noticed James, and he took out his sword and fought James, but James knocked the Palmorii Lord off the dragon, and the Palmorii Lord fell off the beast to his death. James then took control of the beast.

At around this time, there were 4 Handlirian Eagles that had arrived at the battlefield. They were being manned by Handlirian Squires, one of them being Edwin, and they spotted James’ dragon. They were about to attack, but then they saw that James was manning the dragon.

“James Canner? What are you doing on that dragon?” said Edwin.

“I was manning the dragon. I got on the dragon and I killed the Palmorin that was on it” said James.

“Well, kill it! The dragon is hostile! Get onto my eagle!” said Edwin.

At this time, James’ dragon was becoming hostile, attempting to attack the eagles and was swishing around with its body and arms in an attempt to get James off its back. Edwin got his eagle below James’ dragon in order to catch James. They were nearing the gothic wall, and James had another idea. When he killed the dragon, it would crash onto the gothic wall of the fortress, destroying a part of the fortress, and the Handlirian and Free Alliance armies would be able to enter the fortress through that gap. As they approached the gothic wall very closely, James stabbed the dragon in the neck, then he jumped off the dragon onto Edwin’s eagle. The dragon spat out dragon fire, but the dragon crashed onto the wall, destroying part of it and killing the Palmorii archers and Dark Mages that were on it. Below on the battlefield, Captain Harold saw that there was a gap on the wall of the Palmorii Sanctuary, and he told the Free Alliance armies to push forward and go through the gap.

“There is a gap on the wall of the Palmorii Sanctuary! Come on, push through the enemy and get through the gap!” yelled Captain Harold.

The Handlirian Eagles caused damage to the Palmorii ground troops, and they focused on taking down the Trolls and the Witch-Dogs. The Eagles grabbed the Witch-Dogs with their talons and hurled them down the battlefield. They pushed down the ground and killed many of the Palmorii Assassins. The Free Alliance armies also had catapults that were killing the Trolls. The Free Alliance and Handlirian armies were pushing forward to the wall of the Palmorii Sanctuary. They organized themselves into a phalanx, with spears at the front of the phalanx as they pushed forward and continued killing Palmorii. Captain Harold continued charging on horseback along with Commanders Fergus, Severus, Paris and Xavier. The Free Alliance armies were now approaching the gate of the Sanctuary wall, and they poured through the gap of the wall into the Sanctuary. The Handlirians also made to through the gap of the wall, casting offensive spells in order to get through the Palmorii army and being led on horseback by Grand Master Rowan and Master Xanatos.

As he saw the Palmorii losing the battle, Lord Pmirt could not hide his raging anger.

“What?!?! We’re supposed to be winning this battle!” yelled Lord Pmirt in anger.

James’ and Edwin’s eagle approached Lord Pmirt’s eagle.

“You’ve lost, Lord Pmirt!” yelled James.

“No, I have not lost yet, false King!” yelled Pmirt. Pmirt charged at James and Edwin with his dragon, which spat fire at them. James was able to maneuver the eagle to dodge the fire and the charging dragon. Lord Pmirt raged as he charged at James and Edwin’s eagle. He was determined to kill them both, and they had to continually dodge his dragon and his fire.

Meanwhile, Daniel was with the rest of the Handlirians as they continued to battle the Palmorii on the smoky, volcanic wasteland that was near their Sanctuary. The area past the gothic wall was full of volcanic ash and was a rocky wasteland. Daniel hacked and slashed Palmorii Assassins with his sword. The Free Alliance continued to push forward and kill more Palmorii.

However, the Palmorii had undead warriors fighting for them, and whenever the Handlirians killed a Palmorin, that Palmorin would be ressurrected through the Palmorii’s enchantment. Because of this, an undead army began to pour out of the Palmorii Sanctuary, an army composed of all the Palmorii that the Handlirian and Free Alliance armies had killed in the battle. The army was huge.

“Oh no. The Palmorii have a huge undead army. That’s not good” said Master Xanatos as he noticed that the undead army was pouring out of the Sanctuary.

“We must go over to the Sanctuary and stop the enchantment” said Master Rowan.

“Yes. Let’s go, Grand Master” said Xanatos.

“I’ll join you both” said Master Icarus, who was beside them.

Grand Master Rowan and Master Xanatos rode past the battle to the Palmorii Sanctuary. They were accompanied by Master Icarus.

Meanwhile, James and Edwin continued to battle Pmirt on his dragon. Pmirt was dangerous, as he was attacking with the 2 other Palmorii dragons. James and Edwin were forced to use cunning in order to dodge his attacks, and 2 other Eagles had been killed by Pmirt. The battle was becoming very intense and dangerous.

“Stop running! Fight back! Fight like a man, you so-called Prince of Libernia!” said Pmirt tauntingly.

James and Edwin maneuvered their eagle beside Pmirt, and they exchanged spells against each other. James and Edwin hurled offensive fire and ice spells at Pmirt, while Pmirt hurled lightning spells against them. It was a fierce battle, and Edwin was electrocuted by one of Pmirt’s spells. However, Edwin healed himself with a healing spell, and James defended Edwin with a shield spell. Pmirt broke the shield with some lightning spells, and he attacked James and Edwin with lightning. James and Edwin were unable to defend against Lord Pmirt’s lightning, and they were both being tortured.

“Now you both die!” yelled Pmirt.

But just as it seemed that Pmirt could kill them both, James raised his sword and deflected the lightning back at Pmirt. An eagle then came up behind Lord Pmirt, and an arrow pierced Lord Pmirt in the chest. Lord Pmirt fell off his dragon all the way to the ground, dead. Master Josephine was holding a white bow, and was on one of the eagles. She had fired the shot. 2 other eagles had also arrived with Master Josephine, and they had killed the remaining Palmorii dragons both with their eagles and offensive magic.

“Thanks, Master Josephine” said Edwin.

“No problem” said Master Josephine.

They both looked down at the battle that was raging in the area of the Palmorii Sanctuary, where the undead army was becoming larger and larger, and the Handlirian and Free Alliance armies seemed to be struggling.

“The undead army is getting larger and larger. What is going on down there?” asked Edwin.

“The Palmorii are desperate not to lose, so they have an enchantment or an object that is reviving their dead soldiers and having them fight for them. We have to fly over there and stop the enchantment” said Master Josephine.

“Let’s fly near the Sanctuary with the eagles” said James.

“Very wel, but we must not get too close to the Sanctuary. Otherwise our eagles will be shot down by the Palmorii” said Master Josephine.

James and Edwin began to fly on their eagle to the Palmorii Sanctuary along with Master Josephine. They flew over the wall, and over the battle that raged below them. When they were a stone’s throw near the Palmorii Sanctuary and near the ground, they jumped off their eagles. They were near the dark front door of the Sanctuary, and there was a small Handlirian and Pale-Reach force that was storming the Sanctuary and was accompanied by Masters Rowan, Xanatos and Icarus on their horses. They were trying to get through the open front gate into the Sanctuary, and they were being attacked by a few Witch-Dogs and Palmorii Assassins.

“James! It’s just about time!” said Xanatos as he fought off Palmorii with his staff.

“The enchantment is being powered by 4 giant dark crystals on the ceiling of the Sanctuary! We are going to have to destroy those crystals in order to destroy the enchantment and the undead army” yelled Rowan as she fought off the Palmorii.

“Our army back there is distracting the Palmorii just so we have this opportunity to stop the enchantment! We mustn’t waste it! Come on!” yelled Icarus.

The small Handlirian and Pale-Reach force pushed forward into the courtyard of the Palmorii Sanctuary. On the Sanctuary’s ceiling, there were 4 glowing black crystals that were connected with each other through dark energy, and they were spawning dead warriors to fight for the Palmorii through a portal to the land of the dead. There were 2 small stone staircases on either side of the Sanctuary, and on the top of those staircases there were ledges that looked out onto the centre of the Sanctuary where the enchantment’s portal gave way. The crystals were being protected by Palmorii Dark Mages with black cloaks and iron headdresses. The undead armies coming out of the portal attacked the Pale-Reach force, and they had to fight them off.

“James, you go up the left side with Edwin, Masters Xanatos, and Josephine. Alan, you come with me, Master Icarus and Lana. We will take a couple of Handlirian and Pale-Reach soldiers with us. Let’s go!” said Master Rowan.

They both went up the stone steps with a few dozen Handlirian and Pale Reach soldiers. They fought hard up the steps, fighting both undead and alive Palmorii Assassins and Witch-Dogs. After fighting their way up the steps, they both reached the ledges, where there were Palmorii Dark Mages that were using magic to protect the crystals. James charged at one of the Dark Mages, and the Dark Mage stopped his magic and attacked James. James fought the Dark Mage with his sword clashing against the Mage’s staff. Xanatos, Josephine and Alan fought with him, hitting the Dark Mage with their staffs. Eventually, they overpowered the Dark Mage and killed him. James, Alan, Master Xanatos and Josephine combined their magic into a fire spell and hurled it at the crystal that the Dark Mage had been protecting, and the crystal was destroyed. There were now 3 crystals left.

On the other ledge, Master Rowan went up and fought her way through the Palmorii forces on the stone steps, and she fought the Dark Mage by herself, clashing her staff with the Dark Mage. Her superior edge in magic allowed her to easily overpower the Dark Mage as she killed him with an electrocution spell. She then hurled a fire spell at the unprotected crystal, destroying it. Master Icarus, Edwin and Lana went further, and they encountered the 3rd Dark Mage that was protecting the 3rd crystal. They fought him together, combining their magics to kill him. As immediately as the Dark Mage fell to the ground dead, the 3 of them destroyed the crystal with their combined magics.

The portal was getting weaker and weaker, as were the undead spirits that were fighting the Free Alliance armies both inside and outside the Sanctuary. Most of the undead spirits were even disappearing or being consumed by hellfire. The Handlirians and Free Alliance were now killing the undead spirits with ease, and they cheered as they killed more and more of the enemy. They were fighting hard now, and pushed the Palmorii back to the Sanctuary. the Palmorii were losing more and more troops.

Back in the Palmorii Sanctuary, there was now only one crystal and Dark Mage left, and he was on the other side of the Sanctuary protecting the crystal with dark magic. In order to take out this Dark Mage, Rowan, Xanatos, Icarus, Josephine, James, Edwin, and Alan teamed up and fought him together, clashing their swords and staffs with the Dark Mage. The Dark Mage was no match for them, and was immediately killed. They then destroyed the last crystal, collapsing the portal and causing a chain reaction in the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary was becoming unstable and was collapsing. The Handlirians had to escape the Sanctuary fast.

“Good job guys, we managed to destroy the portal. But now the Sanctuary is becoming unstable. We have to run away fast!” yelled Master Rowan.

The Handlirians began to run down the steps and away from the Sanctuary. Even though some of the Handlirian and Pale Reach forces that had been on the ground battling the Palmorii forces had died, the ones that survived ran away from the Sanctuary. They all reached the outside of the Sanctuary, where the Free Alliance army under Captain Harold had already assembled 4 catapults to hurl at the Palmorii Sanctuary in order to destroy it. They waited until the Handlirian forces had left the Sanctuary before they would hurl the stones at the Sanctuary.

“Hold!” yelled Captain Harold.

When James, Master Rowan and the remaining Handlirians arrived at the location of the Free Alliance army, Captain Harold gave the order to hurl the catapults.

“Hurl the catapults! Destroy the Sanctuary!” yelled Captain Harold as he pointed his arm at the Palmorii Sanctuary.

The catapults hurled stones at the already unstable Sanctuary, and this served to speed up the process of the Sanctuary’s destruction. The catapults hurled another round of stones at the Sanctuary, until the Sanctuary collapsed. However, the collapse of the Sanctuary caused an earthquake in the area, and the Free Alliance had to escape the area.

“Earthquake! We must run away immediately!” yelled Commander Fergus.

The Free Alliance army immediately began to leave the area and ran to the wall that protected the Sanctuary. They ran as fast as they could as the earthquake approached the area. They ran past the dead dragon that James had killed, and ran past the other dead dragons that were in the area. Some of the Free Alliance soldiers perished in the earthquake, but most of them made it past the wall of the Sanctuary through the gap, where there was no earthquake. As the army watched the earthquake engulf the entire area around the destroyed Palmorii Sanctuary, they could not help but feel that their mission had been accomplished in their tiredness. It was now dusk, ad the sun was setting.

“And so the Palmorii Order is destroyed. After 6 years of bloodshed and darkness, it’s finally over” said Master Xanatos.

“No, remember. The war is not over yet. The Griffiths still rule Libernia, and they need to be dealt with” said Captain Harold.

“But we have the upper hand in the war. The Griffiths no longer have the Palmorii to help them, so they will be weaker. We will retake Libernia from the Griffiths in no time, and we will restore Libernia to its rightful ruler” said Master Rowan.

As James looked at the horizon, his brother Daniel rode up beside him.

“We did it brother. We destroyed the Palmorii” said Daniel.

“Yes, we did. And you helped alot. Did you kill alot of Palmorii?” said James.

“Yes, I’m sure I killed several. I had help from my fellow Handlirians, at any rate. We won the battle, and that’s all that matters” said Daniel.

“Yes. This war will be over soon, brother, Before you know it, al this bloodshed will be over, and we will return to the peaceful life that we had so long ago, when there was no war” said James.

The Handlirian and Free Alliance armies left the battlefield, and marched back to the camp to rest before the next stage of the war that would come against the Griffiths.