The Free Alliance and the Griffith armies clashed swords against each other, and the battle began. Handlirian knights mounted on horses charged against the Griffith knights. Some of the Palmorii were mounted on dragons, while Masters Xanatos, Peter, Talynn and Cereus were mounted on giant Eagles. The rest of the Masters, Josephine, Icarus and Alfrid were on their white horses helping the battle effort. The Palmorii also had giant blue Trolls and Witch-Dogs helping them. Both of the sides had armed convoys with horse carriages that seemed to be holding something valuable.
As the Fellowship watched the battle from afar, safe on their cliff, they were conflicted on what to do and what was going on in the battle.
“What is going on with the battle?” asked Zara.
“The Free Alliance of Libernia and the Griffiths and Palmorii are fighting for the entrance to the Grand Jehovian Hall. You see that giant gateway over there? That is the Jehovian Sanctuary, and whoever has the blessing of the Jehovian Monks will gain access into the Sanctuary. Inside the Sanctuary is where all the Jehovian Seals converge. Whoever unites the Seals on that door will gain a great power, the power to vanquish their enemies” said Rowan as she pointed to the giant door.
“That monastery over there is also the home of the Jehovian monks. They are the protectors of the Jehovian gateway, and according to the legend, their favour must be gained before one is to gain the power of the Jehovian Seals” said Quintus.
“So the convoys have Jehovian Seals in them?” said James.
“Yes. Both the Handlirians and the Palmorii have brought their Jehovian Seals in order to gain the power of the Jehovian Seal” said Rowan.
“Shouldn’t we go back to the Hall of Dunmrieg and get the last Seal?” asked James.
“Yes. Let’s go back immediately to the Hall and get the last Seal. If we don’t, our enemy will” said Quintus.
As the battle continued to rage in the plains, the Fellowship went back to the gateway where they came from, and they went the whole way back through the bridge to the Hall of Dunmrieg. There, they encountered the goblins, who they had to defend themselves against.
“It’s the goblins again! Defend yourselves, Handlirians!” said Master Quintus.
The goblins surrounded the Fellowship, which gathered in a circle. The Handlirians in the front of the circle, Master Rowan, Shay, Lana and Zara made a fire circle around the Fellowship, so that any goblins that entered the circle would get fried. They kept the shield up as they moved to the tomb where the Seal was kept. The goblins kept trying to penetrate the shield, but they were getting killed by the fire. The Handlirians continued to move further to the tomb, but their shield was weakening.
“Our shield won’t last much longer!” said Lana.
The shield soon faded, and the Fellowship was completely vulnerable to the goblins. The goblins wasted no time in attacking the Fellowship, and the Fellowship was forced to defend themselves with their swords. They slashed the goblins and killed a large number of them, but they were getting overwhelmed by the goblins.
Suddenly, 2 of the goblins were shot from behind with arrows. The Fellowship turned around, and on the other side of the hall, there was a band of 15 elven archers wearing golden armour, who were being led by General Randul.
“Reinforcements!” yelled Shay as he pointed to the elven archers.
“Go! Go! Go!” yelled General Randul.
“Go inside the tomb!” said Master Rowan.
The Fellowship immediately entered the wooden doors to the tomb. There, they went to the tombstone where the Jehovian Seal was. The tombstone was no longer sealed, and it was open and had a skeleton inside wearing gold and turquoise armour and a crown. The skeleton was also holding the Jehovian Seal.
“Well, at least we got to the Jehovian Seal before the enemy did. Now let us leave” said Master Rowan.
Master Rowan took the Jehovian Seal, then the Fellowship immediately left the tomb and made their way back to the Hall.
Meanwhile, outside the Jehovian Monastery, the battle continued in  full swing. The foot soldiers of the Pale Reach alliance attacked the foot soldiers of the Griffiths with pikes. They were being led by Commander Steve and Captain Harold, who were on their horses and were slashing the Griffith soldiers with their swords. The Griffith army was being led by Commanders Lucius and Bardus. They were also on horseback, attacking the Pale-Reach foot soldiers. The Trolls were killing Pale-Reach foot soldiers by hurling their clubs at them and smashing the floor. The Witch-Dogs were also killing Pale-Reach foot soldiers by fiercely pouncing on them. The Palmorii army was being led by Grand Inquisitor Thantus and Lord Nilats, who were both on their dragons raining fire on the Handlrians. There were elven archers that were raining arrows down on the Griffith soldiers. The Handlirians were mounted on their eagles, with which they attacked the Griffith and Palmorii foot soldiers. The Palmorii were also on their dragons, and they rained fire onto the Handlirian and Pale-Reach soldiers.
“Shield! Create a shield from the fire, Handlirians!” said Master Icarus.
The Handlirians on the ground crated a magical shield to defend themselves against the fire from the Palmorii dragons when it rained down on them. It worked: as the dragons rained fire on the Handlirians, the fire deflected off the shield.
“Penetrate the shield!” yelled one of the Palmorii on the dragons.
The Palmorin continued to attempt to penetrate the shield, but he was snatched away and killed by Master Xanatos and his eagle.
The Pale-Reach army was using the inventor Tom’s glider in order to drop bombs at the Griffith’s army. The gliders were doing some damage, but they were unreliable and they were hard to fly in. Many of the gliders were fried or snatched away and killed by the Palmorii dragons.
“Ha! Pathetic gliders!” said Thantus as he killed 3 gliders on his dragons by spraying them with fire.
The Palmorii strike team led by Second Inquisitor Zayne was busy trying to get behind the enemy lines and get the Handlirian’s Seals. They had already picked up the Palmorii’s own Seals from their convoy. They rode their horses in a passage on the snowy hill that was around the battle and clear of the Free Alliance army. They occasionally ran into Pale Reach and Gelandian soldiers, but they easily dispatched them with dark spells and their swords.
“Let us go, Palmorii. This path will get us to the Handlirian’s convoy, where we shall take their 2 Jehovian Seals” said Thantus.
“And what shall we do after that, Lord Thantus?” asked Apprentice Granceto.
“We will go to the Jehovian Sanctuary and gain the blessing of the monks in order to be given the power of the Jehovian Seals” said Thantus.
“Very well, my Lord” said Granceto.
The Palmorii continued to push their way to the Handlirian convoy through the passage, and, when they got near the carriage, they were attacked by 6 Handlirian Knights on horseback wearing silver armor.
“Don’t let them get the Jehovian Seals!” said the Handlirian Knights as they charged at the Palmorii. The Handlirian Knights and the Palmorii charged at each other. One of the Handlirian Knights recognized Daniel Canner among the Palmorii, and was shocked.
“Daniel Canner?!? What the hell are you doing with the Palmorii, you traitor?!” said one of the Handlirian Knights.
“I’m sorry, Veed, but I am a Palmorii now. Here I can go to my full potential as a wizard, without being hindered by the rules of the Handlirians” said Daniel.
Daniel and Veed then duelled each other, and though Veed managed to knock Daniel off his horse, Daniel killed Veed with a life-draining spell.
Meanwhile, the Fellowship of the Seals was heading to their convoy, where they were going to get the Handlirian’s 2 Jehovian Seals. When they were nearing, they saw that Handlirian convoy was being attacked by the Palmorii, and she told the Fellowship to get the Seal.
“Our convoy that is carrying the Jehovian Seals is being attacked. We have to get the Seals quickly!” said Rowan.
“Let’s split up. Me and the Handlirian Masters go and protect our convoy from the Palmorii, while the Handliian students go and retrieve our Seals” said Castilius.
“Very well” said Master Quintus.
“Just please don’t kill my brother. He’s been brainwashed by the Palmorii. It’s not him” said James.
“All right. We will neutralize him, but we won’t kill him” said Master Rowan.
James and the Handlirian students went to retrieve the Jehovian Seal from the Handlirian convoy while Castilius and the 2 Handlirian Masters went to stop the Palmorii. The Handlirian’s carriage where they kept the Selas was elegant and covered in a white tarp that had the Handlirian symbol in blue: a sword with a circle that had the 4 Handlirian elements divided by a cross: Fire, Ice, Lighting and Healing. At the convoy, James grabbed the 2 Jehovian Seals from the inside of the carriage with permission from the 4 Handlirian Knights there.
“Oh, it’s you guys trying to get the Seals? What are you going to use them for?” asked one of the Handlirian Knights.
“We are going to bring the Seals to their rightful place at the Jehovian Sanctuary” said Shay.
Meanwhile, Castilius and Masters Rowan and Quintus were helping the 4 remaining Handlirian Knights fight off the Palmorii. Master Rowan was fighting against Apprentice Tirallius, and they were clashing their staffs. Apprentice Tirallius attempted to use a life-draining spell on Master Rowan, but Master Rowan, being the very skilled master that she was, blocked Apprentice Tirallius’ spells, and during the duel she killed Tirallius with a electrocution spell, and Tirallius fell to the cold floor, dead. Master Quintus was duelling Lord Reltih with his sword, and they clashed swords while on their horses. James, Shay, Alan, Lana and Zara went to help the Handlirian Masters fight the Palmorii.
“No! You may have killed Apprentice Tirallius and saved your 2 Seals, but we still have the advantage!” said Lord Zayne.
“What advantage?” said Castilius as he continued to sword fight against Lord Zayne.
“We are winning the battle, fool!” said Lord Raymus as he pointed to the battle that was a quarter of a mile away. The battle was not going too well for the Handlirians and the Free Alliance armies. Masters Cereus and Talynn had been killed by the Palmorii. Master Cereus had been fried to bits on the air along with his eagle by a Palmorin on his dragon, while Talynn had been killed by a Palmorii Witch-Dog. Commander Steve of the Pale-Reach army had been killed in battle as well. The Palmorii and the Griffith armies were pushing forward on the line of the Handlirians and the Free Alliance army, and were getting closer and closer to the Jehovian Monastery.
“Oh no!” said Lana as she looked at how the battle was going for the Handlirians.
“Now, prepare to die, Handlirians!” said Zayne.
The Handlirians and the Palmorii continued to swordfight against each other. James was duelling Lord Raymus, who was carrying the Palmorii’s Jehovian Seals. As James and Raymus duelled, James sensed that he was carrying the Jehovian Seals. During the swordfight, James slashed Lord Raymus’ legs and knapsack, and the 3 Jehovian Seals fell of Lord Raymus. James immediately jumped to the snowy ground, grabbed the 3 Jehovian Seals, and told the Fellowship to run to the monastery.
“I’ve got their Jehovian Seals! Run! To the monastery!” said James.
The Fellowship began to run towards the monastery. James was holding the 3 Jehovian Seals
“Stop them!” said Raymus.
The Palmorii immediately began to chase the Handlirians to the monastery, and the 2 groups continued to fight by hurling spells at each other. James dropped 2 of the Jehovian Seals. Lord Reltih grabbed both of the Seals. James immediately put his Jehovian Seal in his knapsack as he continued to run with the Fellowship towards the Jehovian monastery.
“You know you can’t outrun us!” said Zayne as he continued to chase the Fellowship to the monastery.
The Fellowship was now close to the stone monastery, and they were going up the stone steps of the monastery. The front of the monastery had 2 giant stone doors, Zayne cast a life-draining spell at Zara, and she stopped cold.
“Sister!” said Lana.
Zayne then stabbed Zara in the stomach, and she fell down the snowy floor, dead.
“Nooo!” said Lana.
Lana ran at Zayne, angry and wanting revenge.
“No, Lana! He’s too strong for you! Don’t throw away your life!” said Quintus.
Hesitantly, Lana listened to Master Quintus, and the Fellowship went up the golden steps of the monastery, opened the golden door and entered the monastery.
The stone monastery’s interior was made out of stone, gold, and turquoise. There were windows at some parts of the bottom of the monastery. The front of the monastery also had torches that lit the monastery. The monastery only had one floor, and the ceiling of the monastery was huge. There were 6 monks in the monastery, and they were sitting down and meditating at the far end of the room, at one of the windows. They wore dark blue, almost black robes. As the Fellowship went further up the steps, the monks sat up, turned around, and walked at the Fellowship. The monks were old men, and they had beards. They looked very similar to each other.
“You have come far travellers, why? Who are you, and what do you seek?” said one of the monks.
“We are members of the Handlirian Order, an ancient, noble order of wizards and knights that is dedicated to defending the continent of Cletus from the evil of the Palmorii. We seek to protect the Jehovian Seals and their power from the Palmorii and the Griffiths, who wish to use them for evil. We have 4 of the Seals, but the Palmorii have 2” said Master Rowan.
James took the 4 Jehovian Seal in his robe pocket and gave them to one of the monks.
“Handlirians…Handlirians. We do no know what Handlirians are, as we have been isolated for so long, protecting the Jehovian Sanctuary from any evil, and seeking those who are worthy to have its power” said another of the monks.
“Worthy? How do we prove ourselves to be worthy?” said Shay.
“In order to be worthy to have the power of the Jehovian Seals, you must fight a battle, and prove you can use them for good. As the Jehovian Monks, we have protected the secrets of the Jehovians and their power for thousands of years. I am Sicnarph, the leader of the Jehovian Monks. The other monks are Egbar, Holesca, Ichtum, Chiros, and Partun” said one of the monks, Sicnarph.
The monks clasped their hands together, and they separated their arms and stretched them in a circle.
Right at around this time, the Palmorii entered the monastery, composed of Zayne, Lords Raymus and Reltih, Apprentices Granceto, Maul and Daniel. They walked over to the Fellowship and the Jehovian monks.
“Out of our way, Handlirians! We are the worthy ones, and we will get the power of the Jehovian Seal!” said Zayne as he held his black sword at the Handlirians along with the rest of the Palmorii.
Lana looked at Zayne with hatred.
“You! You killed my sister, you bastard!” yelled Lana as she took out her staff.
“Yes, and you all shall be dead, and the Palmorii shall gain the power of the Jehovian Seals. We shall reestablish our empire in Cletus!” said Zayne.
“So, it appears that another party is interested in gaining the power of the Jehovian Seals. What shall we do, Master Sicnarph?” asked Holesca.
“We shall have a battle to the death between the 2 parties that are interested in gaining the power of the Seals. The side that wins the battle, shall gain access to the Jehovian Sanctuary and will gain the power of the Jehovian Seals!” said Sicnarph.
“Fair enough” said Master Rowan.
The Jehovian monks went up the stone steps of the monastery in order to spectate the battle, while in the big stone room of the monastery, the Handlirians and the Palmorii prepared to battle in what would be the greatest battle of the age. They had their swords out, and they walked around the stone room, poised to attack.
The battle continued to be bad for the Handlirians and the Free Alliance of Libernia. The Palmorii and the Griffiths were decimating the Alliance’s army, and were advancing towards the monastery. All of the gliders who were using the invention created by Tom were dead, having been burned off the skies by the Palmorii Dragons. The Gelandian force had lost several troops , including General Galante who had been decapitated in a duel on horseback by General Lucius. The Skarsaginian Warriors had been decimated, but, true to their fierce warrior heritage, continued to fight under the tutelage of General Skald.
“Don’t give up, Skarsegians! We fight for the honour of our brothers in Libernia and the Pale-Reach! We intend to honour that oath, even to the last man!” yelled General Skald as he killed 2 Griffith soldiers with his axe.
The Handlrians also kept fighting, and they were in the front of the lines, being led by Master Yolrond and Master Xanatos. Master Xanatos had gone to the ground after his eagle was killed by one of the dragons, and though he was hurt, he was on his caramel-coloured stallion rallying the remaining Handlirians.
“We will never fall to the Palmorii! Handlirians, do not lose hope! I have faith that our brothers at the monastery will stop the Palmorii and gain control of the power of the Jehovian Seals!” said Master Xanatos.
Master Xanatos then charged at the Palmorii Witch-Dogs and at Lord Nilats. Lord Nilats, with his gray hair and must ache and wearing black armor with his hood down, on a black horse, watched the Handlrians with a taunting expression.
“Pathetic. The Handlirians continue to fight despite us having the upper hand. They know they can’t win. Let us show them!” said Lord Nilats.
Lord Nilats charged at the Handlirians along with the other Palmorii Assassins that were with him. The Witch-Dogs also charged at the front with Nilats and the Assassins. 20 metres away, the Pale-Reach foot soldiers were clashing swords with the Griffith force. Both sides were also hurling stones at each other with catapults. It was a bloody battle.
Master Yolrond was still on his eagle, raining whatever destruction he could on the Griffith and Palmorii forces. When he was near the ground on one of their forces, he snatched some of the enemy soldiers with his eagle, and he also used fire spells to rain fire down on the enemy. He continued to fight fiercely, along with Master Peter. They had killed quite a number of the Palmorii Dragons with both their magical spells and their Eagles.
“We won’t give up, right, Master Yolrond?” said Master Peter.
“Yes, Master Peter. Watch out!” said Master Yolrond.
Peter turned around, but it was too late. His eagle was bitten in the neck by Grand Inquisitor Thantus’ dragon, and Master Peter fell down to his death on the ground.
Thantus flew at Master Yolrond, facing him.
“Master Yolrond, my old enemy” said Thantus.
“Thantus” said Master Yolrond.
“Your arrogance has blinded you, Yolrond, and the Handlirian Order. You were blind to the return of the Palmorii, and now you shall pay for it!” said Thantus.
“No! The Fellowship of the Seals shall gain the power of the Seals, and they shall destroy your apprentice and his apprentices, as I shall destroy you!” said Yolrond.
Yolrond’s eagle flew around Thantus’ dragon, and they hurled spells at each other. They deflected their spells.
Meanwhile, in the Jehovian Monastery, the Fellowship of the Seals was sword fighting against the Palmorii. Master Rowan duelled against Zayne, while Master Quintus duelled against Lord Raymus and Castilius duelled against Reltih. James duelled against his brother Daniel, while Lana, Shay and Alan duelled against Apprentices Granceto and Maul. As James fought his brother, he tried to talk some sense into him.
“Brother, this is not you! You are a Handlirian, not a Palmorin!” said James as he clashed swords with his brother.
“I am a Palmorin now, brother. Here, I am more powerful than I ever was with the Handlirian Order!” said Daniel.
James and Daniel walked around the room clashing swords. James and Daniel then clashed spells with their other hand: Daniel’s spell was an electrocution spell, while James’ spell was an ice spell. The 2 spells fought against each other, and James’ spell won out. Daniel was knocked back to the wall of the monastery. He got up, and he swung his sword at his brother, but James blocked it.
Master Rowan clashed her staff against Lord Zayne’s dark staff. It was a tough battle, and Master Rowan was hurling spells at Zayne, who was likewise hurling spells at Rowan. They blocked each other’s spells as they hurled them, but they hit each other a lot with their spells. They also clashed their staffs, and when they did, energy from both their staffs was released.
Master Quintus and Castilius fought together against Lords Raymus and Reltih. They walked around the room in a defensive position, and on occasion they attacked each other. It was a safe way for both of them to fight.
Lana, Shay and Alan fought Apprentices Granceto and Maul with their staffs. They hurled spells at each other. Shay used his speed to dodge Maul’s spells, and Shay attempted to hit Maul with fire spells. But while Shay had his speed, Maul had his prowess at blocking Shay’s spells. Apprentice Granceto was very good, and he more than held his own against Lana and Alan combined. They also fought by hurling spells at each other. Apprentice Granceto blocked and dodged Alan’s spells, and he used a paralysis spell on Alan, who fell down on the floor.
“Alan!” yelled Lana.
Granceto was then about to drain Alan’s life using a spell, but Lana blocked his spell with her staff. Alan got backup and continued to fight Granceto with Lana.
Yolrond and Thantus continued to fight above the air of the battlefield below them. They were hurling spells at each other, but their eagle and dragon crashed into each other, an, as their animals clashed with each other, they continued to fight each other by hurling spells. Their animals, dead, crashed into a hill that was above the battlefield, and now they were going to fight on foot. The hill had some small stone ruins in it, and it had ice. They both got up, and they faced each other.
“Let’s finish this, my old enemy!” said Yolrond.
They ran at each other and clashed swords. As they clashed swords, the energies of light and black magic also clashed, and energies came out of their swords. With their other hands, Yolrond and Thantus used a spell to push each other, and they spells pushed them both back, and they fell onto the icy floor. They both got back up, and they clashed spells again with their non-sword hands: Yolrond used a shock spell, while Thantus used a fire spell. Their spells continued to clash.
Back at the Jehovian Monastery, the battle continued. Master Quintus and Castilius’ swordfight against Lord Raymus and Reltih had taken them out of the monastery through the back door and into the snowy ground below on the back of the monastery. They were fighting beside a ledge. Raymus suddenly stabbed Castilius in the stomach during the swordclash.
“Noooo!” said Quintus.
Quintus was angry, and he charged at Lord Raymus. However, his anger caused him to let his guard down, and the 2 Palmorii Lords knocked Quintus off the edge. Quintus sword was knocked off the ledge, and he was holding on to the stone ledge for dear life as Lord Raymus walked around him tauntingly. Lord Reltih had gone to help Zayne fight against Rowan.
Quintus focused on Castilius’ sword, and when the Palmorii had least expected it, Quintus jumped from his position on the ledge and landed behind Lord Raymus. During his jump, Quintus had used magic to force Castilius’ sword to his hand, and when he landed, he cut Lord Raymus in half. Lord Raymus looked at Quintus with a shocked expression, and then his 2 halves tumbled down the ledge into the crevasse outside.
Quintus then approached Castilius, who was on the icy floor, bleeding from his wound. He kneeled down.
“It’s…it’s too late, Master Quintus” said Castilius.
“No, Castilius. I can save you. Just hold on” said Master Quintus.
“Promise me…promise me that you will do what you must to keep the power of the Seals away from the Palmorii, even if you must…destroy…them” said Castilius, before his body became immobile.
James continued to duel against his brother in the corner of the giant room. Master Rowan also continued to clash against Lord Zayne, and the clash against their magical spells in the centre of the room. Their duel was so fierce that there was a magical circle forming around them. Eventually, the duel brought all the remaining Handlirians together, who were standing against the Palmorii. The Palmorii trapped the Handlrians using a spell, and the Handlirians were trapped in a circle of dark magic that drained their energy. The Jehovian Masters came down from the balcony and declared the Palmorii as the winners of the battle and gave them their blessing. Sicnarph and the rest of the Jehovian Monks faced Zayne, Lord Reltih and Apprentices Granceto and Maul.
“You have defeated your enemy in battle, and you have proven yourselves worthy to gain the power of the Jehovian Seals. You have our blessing” said Sicnarph as he bowed down to Zayne and the rest of the Palmorii. Energy seeped from the Jehovian Monks to the Palmorii.
“No! You can’t do this! The Palmorii wish to use the Seals for evil!” yelled Alan as he struggled in the fire circle along with the rest of the Handlirians.
“They won the battle, so they have proven themselves worthy. Now come with us, Palmorii. You shall now gain the power of the Jehovian Seals” said Sicnarph.
“You will not survive this, Handlirians. The circle will drain your energy, and in time, you will be dead” said Zayne.
The Jehovian Monks and the Palmorii left the monastery through the giant back door. The Handlirians were trapped in the dark magic circle, and they were becoming weakened.
Master Yolrond and Thantus’ clash continued on the mountain, and the clash had become so fierce that a whirlwind circle was forming beside them. The ice hill that they were on was becoming narrower and narrower as they clashed their swords. The ice was falling off the hill, and the stone ruins were falling off the hill as well. Eventually, they were both just barely on the hill.
“Hahaha! Your Handlirian friends at the monastery have lost to the Palmorii, and they are going to die! We have all the Jehovian Seals, and we will gain their power and destroy the Handlirian Order!” said Thantus.
“Noooo! You will never win, Thantus!” said Yolrond.
As the sword clash continued, the hill became so narrow that Yolrond fell off the hill. He held on to the icy ledge, and as Thantus walked up to him, Yolrond grabbed his leet and dragged him down with him. As they fell down the collapsing hill, they continued to clash against each other with spells. They landed on a hill that was lower, and there they continued their clash.
The Handlirians were still trapped in the dark magic circle, and their energy was being drained.
“Use magic to try and break out of the circle!” said Master Rowan.
The Handlirians attempted to use magic in order to break out of the dark magic circle, and the magic was weakening the circle, but it was a lot of work, and the Handlirian’s magic reserves were being drained.
“It’s not working! Our magic reserves are being drained!” said Lana angrily.
Suddenly, James spotted the spectral spirit of Ian Vilsor, along with the spectral spirits of Castilius, Zara, and Masters Cereus, Talynn and Peter. He also saw the spectral ghost of his father, the late King Roderick Canner of Libernia.
“James Canner” said Ian.
“Ian Vilsor?” asked James
“Yes. It is me, James Canner. You are trying to break free of this dark magic circle, are you not?” said Ian.
“Yes, but it’s not working. The circle is too powerful, and it’s draining our energy. If we don’t break out of here, we will be dead” said James.
“You must continue to try. The circle is being weakened by your magic. You must combine your energies in order to be able to break out of the circle, and you must use a light magic spell. If you combine all of your magics, the circle will break” said Master Cereus.
“Very well, but how will we stop the Palmorii from getting the power of the Jehovian Seals? They have the blessing of the Jehovian Monks since they beat us in battle, and now they are opening the Jehovian Sanctuary and will have access to it’s power” said James.
“You must destroy the Jehovian Seals. It is better to destroy them than to let their dark power fall into enemy hands. What you will need in order to destroy the Jehovian Seals is a golden sword, here in this monastery” said Master Talynn.
“After you manage to break yourself free from this dark magic circle, we will lead you to the location of the sword. Then you shall go to the Jehovian Sanctuary and destroy the Seals by hitting them with the sword. Without the power of the Jehovian Seals, the Palmorii will be defenseless, and the power will seep into the Handlirians” said Master Peter.
“Don’t the Palmorii have the monks’ blessing?” asked James.
“Yes, but the blessing can be taken away and transferred to you, if you are willing to sacrifice the Seals and their power. That’s what really gets you the power of the Seals. Selflessness. Now tell the others to break out of the magical circle using their combined energies. Hold your hands together in order to combine your energies” said Zara.
“Father?” asked James as he looked at the spectral ghost of the late King Roderick.
“I am so proud of you, my son. You truly have the heart of a King of Libernia. Now go, my son. Do what the Handlirians instructed you to do” said Roderick.
Suddenly, the spectral spirits disappeared from James’ sight.
“James! You looked like you were having a vision for a while!” said Master Rowan.
“Yes, I was. I know what we have to do. We have to hold our hands together and combine all our magical energies with a light spell in order to break out of the circle, then we must destroy the Jehovian Seals in order to prevent their power from falling into the wrong hands” said James.
“So the prophecy is true. The Seals will actually have to be destroyed in order to prevent them from falling into enemy hands, and you are the Chosen One that will do it, James. But how are you going to destroy them?” said Master Quintus.
“There is a sword here in this monastery that can destroy the Seals, but I have no time to explain. We must break out of the circle now!” said James as he held Quintus’ hand.
“Everyone, hold hands! We are going to combine our magics to break out of this circle! We are going to cast a light spell!” said Master Rowan.
The Fellowship all held their hands, and they cast a light spell. Glowing spheres of light filled the air of the dark magic circle, and the spheres were weakening the dark circle. The Fellowship was also glowing. In time, the dark magical circle was destroyed, and it gave way.
The Fellowship was now kneeling down, and they got up. James saw the ghosts again. The ghosts led him outside the monastery through the back door, into the courtyard of the monastery, where there was a tower. The rest of the Fellowship followed James as he led them to the courtyard. James led them beside the stone tower, which was about 150 metres high and had a round top made of gold.
“The sword is on top of that tower, but the way up the tower will not be easy. It will be dangerous, and the stone steps will fall as you go further up the tower. If you fall of the tower, you will be dead, because there will be gas that is released at the bottom that will kill you instantly.  What you will need to get the sword is purpose and purity. That will get you the ability to go up the stone steps. Only you can do this James, because you are the Chosen One” said Master Cereus.
James told this to the rest of the Handlirians.
“I will have to get to the top of that tower, where the sword is located. Only I can do it, because I am the Chosen One that is supposed to destroy the Seals. I think you will all have to step back a bit from the tower, because it’s going to be dangerous” said James.
“All right. Step back from the tower, everyone!” said Quintus.
The Fellowship stepped back a few metres from the tower. Then James began his ascent up the stone steps. The stone steps were sticking out from the tower, and as James ascended, gas began to form in the bottom of the tower, and the stone steps began to disappear into the tower. It was hard for James, and James was getting tired, but James was able to continue ascending up the stone tower by focusing on his purpose: to get the golden sword to destroy the Jehovian Seals in order to prevent them from getting into enemy hands. This allowed James to continue ascending and ascending up the stone tower fast enough to not fall into the lethal crevasse below.
Eventually, James got to the top of the stone tower, where there was a golden sword that was sitting on a stone table in the middle of the tower interior. James grabbed the golden sword and put it in his sword sheath, then he went back down the tower, where the stone steps had already reappeared. James got to the bottom of the tower, where the gases had already receded. He unsheathed the golden sword as he walked up to the Fellowship.
“So you’ve got the sword. Now let us go and stop the Palmorii” said Master Rowan.
The remaining members of the Fellowship of the Seals went down the golden steps of the courtyard, and they went to the door of the Jehovian Sanctuary, where the Palmorii had already gained entrance in the Jehovian Sanctuary. The interior of the Jehovian Sanctuary was made of gold and turquoise, and was about the size of the interior hall of the Jehovian Monastery. There were about 4 columns on each side of the Sanctuary that were made of turquoise, and were connected by turquoise beams. On the other side of the Sanctuary, there was a giant golden wall that had carved murals on it, murals that depicted Jehovian Monks holding the Seals, and demonstrations of the Seal’s power in battle, where the mural showed the victory of the side that had the Jehovian Seal. The mural also showed the crowning of a king with the Seal. There were big circle slots inside the murals, where the Jehovian Seals were supposed to be placed.
As the Palmorii and the Jehovian monks stood at the golden mural, Second Inquisitor Zayne brought the Seals out, and he placed them one by one on the mural.
“Now we shall gain the power to destroy the Handlirians and to rebuild our empire in Cletus!” said Zayne as he placed the Seals.
But suddenly, the Handlirians came into the Sanctuary, and just as Zayne had placed the last Jehovian Seal on the mural, James ran at the mural with his sword and he destroyed one of the bottom Seals, cutting it in half.
“Handlirians! I did not think that you would return, and I did not think that you would sacrifice the power of the Jehovian Seals by destroying them! Perhaps you are all worthy of the power that the Seals bring” said Sicnarph.
“What?!?” said Lord Reltih.
“You are all supposed to be dead!” said Zayne.
“Well, here we are, and we will stop you!” said Master Rowan.
With his golden sword, James destroyed 2 more of the Jehovian Seals, before Lord Reltih swung his sword at James’ head. James ducked Reltih’s blow, then he turned around, and he and Reltih engaged in a sword fight. Daniel also fought with his Palmorii Master against James. The Handlirians resumed fighting the Palmorii, and Alan, Shay and Lana fought Apprentices Granceto and Maul, while Master Quintus and Rowan fought Zayne.
As James fought Lord Relith and Daniel, they jumped around the giant room with magic, and their clash was very fierce. They clashed their swords, and James had to dodge the fast attacks of Lord Relith.
“It’s time to die, James!” said Lord Reltih as he fought James
They were now both on one of the beams in the Sanctuary that was connected to the columns. They got back down the stone floor and continued to fight there. As James and Daniel fought each other, James did not notice Lord Reltih behind him. Lord Reltih tripped James, and James fell far back to the floor and dropped his sword. Lord Reltih leaped to attack James, and was about to kill him, but James was saved by Shay, who had sensed that James was in danger.  Shay jumped in the way to save James, and he blocked Lord Reltih’s attack with his sword. Shay used his speed to attempt to attack Reltih, and he used his speed to cut Relith in the shoulder, but Reltih knew how to deal with Shay’s speed. As Shay lunged at Relith again, Relith stabbed Shay in the stomach with his sword, and Shay fell to the ground, dying.
“Shay! Nooooo!” yelled James.
Daniel attacked his brother from behind, but James blocked the attack from behind, and he kicked his brother down off the beam onto the floor. James then went to Shay, who was bleeding on the floor. His brother was on the stone floor.
“James Canner, the true King of Libernia” said Shay.
“Hold on, Shay. You can survive this! Hold on!” said James.
“You were the one meant to survive, James. You are the rightful King of Libernia. You must destroy the Seals now, and win…the…battle…” said Shay weakly before dying.
“Shay? Noooo!” yelled James. James was crying.
Daniel got up from the floor and grabbed his sword.
“Brother, please. Snap out of it. Look at what the Palmorii have turned you into. They’ve made you into what you swore to destroy! You must stop this, brother! Fight with me!” said James.
“I stand with you, brother” said Daniel.
Lord Relith had been on the floor the entire time, hurt from Shay’s attacks. Reltih ran at James and attacked him. Lord Reltih and Daniel fought, and the Palmorii Lord was not too happy about his apprentice betraying him.
“Fool. You would betray me?!?” said Lord Reltih.
“No. I betrayed my brother, the Handlirian Order, and all of Libernia! You will pay for what you did to me and for killing Shay!” yelled Daniel as he continued to fight Lord Reltih. James fought Lord Relith as well.
Alan used his spells to combat Maul as they fought, Alan dodged Maul’s attacks as Maul swung at him with his two swords. Maul chased Alan around the hall, but was unable to kill him. Maul was getting frustrated at Alan, and his anger caused him to lose his guard.
“Why won’t you die?!?” said Maul angrily.
“Because, I am focused, while your anger is causing you to lose your focus” said Alan.
Alan then jumped at Maul and decapitated him. Alan landed on the stone floor as Maul’s head rolled on the floor with his body.
Grand Master Yolrond and Grand Inquisitor Thantus’ fierce struggle continued on the lower hill. They were clashing in the lower hill that they had landed on, and they clashed with magic as their swords had been disintegrated during the fight. The very essence of the land they were on was being ripped apart as the forces of light and dark magic clashed. Thantus felt the power of the Seals being broken from the Palmorii as he fought Yolrond.
“Nooo! The power of the Jehovian Seals is gone from the Palmorii!” said Thantus.
“You see, Thantus? The Fellowship and the Handlirians haven’t lost yet! On the other hand, you have lost! The oppression of the Palmorii will never return!” said Yolrond.
“No, no, no, you will die!” said Master Thantus angrily as he sent an dark energy spell to Yolrond. The spell hit Yolrond in his body, and it weakened him, but Yolrond blocked the spell, and he transferred the dark magic back to Thantus. Yolrond used all his energy against Thantus, and Thantus was getting weakened by the dark energy spell. Eventually, Yolrond knocked Thantus off the hill, and Thantus slowly disintegrated as he was knocked back off the hill.
“Noooooo!” yelled Thantus as he was disintegrated.
Master Yolrond fell to the snowy floor, weakened from his fight against the Palmorii leader. He was dying, and he watched the battle that continued below.
The Free Alliance of Libernia now had the upper hand in the battle. Their perseverance, even when the battle had seemed lost, had paid off. They were pushing back the Griffiths and the Palmorii, and were rallied by Masters Xanatos, Josephine and Icarus. Captain Harold, Commander Fergus and Corporal Jerome also rallied the armies of the Pale Reach and Geland. They had a spirit and perseverance that was not present in the Palmorii. The Palmorii foot soldiers were further weakened by the death of Thantus. The Trolls, some of the most powerful Palmorii war machines, were taken down by the precision of the Elven archers that were fighting with the Handlirians. The Witch-Dogs were taken down by Handlriian Knights on horseback. The Skarsegian warriors were very strong, still being led by General Skald, who had survived the battle. Furthermore, 5 more Eagles came to help the Handlirians and the Free Alliance, and the Eagles brought damage to the Griffith soldiers, sweeping down to the round and grabbing some of the Griffith soldiers. The Pale-Reach and Gelandian soldiers combined each other and got into a phalanx, charging at the Griffith soldiers.
However, Lord Nilats was still on his dragon, and he rained fire down on the Handlirians. The Handlirians made a shield in order to protect themselves from the fire, then, together, they electrocuted Lord Nilats’ dragon. Lord Nilats’ dragon crashed down onto the battlefield. Lord Nilats emerged from his dragon, angry. Masters Xanatos, Icarus and Josephine went up to Lord Nilats. Lord Nilats lunged at Master Xanatos with his sword, but Master Xanatos blocked the attack, and they both engaged in a battle. Nilats was no match for the combined Handlirian Masters, and they killed him by slamming their staff near him, and Nilats fell back, dead.
“We’re winning the battle!” said Master Josephine.
“I knew we could do it! We did the right thing by persevering!” said Master Xanatos.
As Captain Harold rallied the cavalry of the Free Alliance of Libernia that was fighting past the Griffith army, he caught the sight of Commander Lucius, who was the leader of the Griffith army, and his fellow Commander Bardus. Lucius and Bardus charged at Captain Harold.
“Welcome to your death!” said Harold as he charged at Lucius and Bardus. They clashed swords on horseback. Captain Harold’s skill allowed him to fight both Lucius and Bardus at the same time as he dodged their attacks on his horse. Eventually, after dodging one of Bardus’ attacks, Harold stabbed Bardus in the chest with his sword, and Bardus fell off his horse dead.
“Impossible! We were winning the battle!” yelled Lucius in disbelief.
“You have lost!” said Harold as he charged at Commander Lucius along with 4 other Pale-Reach knights. Commander Lucius was killed by them, and he also fell off his horse.
“Hooray!” yelled the Pale Reach knights as they killed more of the Griffith soldiers. The Griffith soldiers were now retreating, along with the remaining Palmorii Assassins, Dark Mages and Witch-Dogs. They were retreating out of the valley.
“Retreat back to the Palmorii Sanctuary!” yelled one of the Palmorii Dark Mages as the remaining Palmorii left the valley and went back to the Palmorii Sanctuary.
Master Icarus looked at the retreating Palmorii along with Masters Xanatos and Josephine.
“They are retreating. What should we do, Master Xanatos?” asked Master Icarus.
“We will follow them. But let us wait for the Fellowship of the Seals first” said Master Xanatos.
The Fellowship and the Palmorii continued to clash in the Jehovian Sanctuary while all these events happened in the battlefield. Masters Rowan and Quintus were fighting against Zayne, but Zayne had pushed Master Quintus back with magic, and Master Quintus landed on a column, which had collapsed on him along with rubble. James and Daniel were now fighting against Reltih, and they managed to lure the Palmorii Lord to the ledge, where he was trapped.
“This is for Shay, you bastard!” yelled James.
James and Daniel surrounded Lord Relith, then James stabbed Lord Relith in the chest and kicked him off the edge.
“Brother. Help Alan and Lana defeat Apprentice Granceto! I will go and destroy the rest of the Jehovian Seals!” said James.
“Yes, James!” said Daniel.
James walked over to the golden mural, where the Jehovian Monks were standing and where the Jehovian Seals stood. Sicnarph and the rest of the Jehovian Masters looked at James.
“You are going to destroy the golden wall and the rest of the Seals, are you not, Chosen One?” asked Sicnarph.
“Yes. It is the only way to prevent the Palmorii from using their power for evil” said James.
“We always knew that the true power of the Jehovian Seals comes from selflessness and sacrifice, from one that would be willing to destroy such powerful and beautiful objects for the sake of good. Do what you must, Chosen One” said Sicnarph.
James swung his golden sword as hard as he could at the golden wall, and the Jehovian Seals disintegrated in a flash of lightning. Energy was released, and the energy seeped into the remaining Handlirians.
“Nooooo! It can’t be! I had the power of the Jehovian seals! I was going to destroy you” said Zayne in disbelief and anger as he felt what had happened. Zayne was still clashing with Master Rowan, but now he was weakened. Master Rowan was using the same energy and magic that her father had used to destroy Thantus, and she destroyed Zayne with it. Rowan’s body glowed with a combination of white and dark magic, and she extended her hand at Zayne, whose body raised as Master Rowan levitated.
“You have no power here, Palmorin. You have lost this battle! Go back into the hole from where you came, and stay there!” said Rowan.
Zayne was being weakened as he was being raised in the air by Rowan. Zayne’s very life essence and energy was being drained by the very same dark magic that he had used his entire life as a Palmorin as his body burned and disintegrated in the air. Zayne tried to resist, and he moved his body around in the air, but it only served to speed up his disintegration. Finally, when Zayne was nothing more than a dead, lifeless skeleton, Rowan sent him tumbling down the chasm of the Sanctuary.
Alan, Lana and Daniel clashed against Granceto, in the southeast corner of the giant room. Granceto was the last remaining Palmorin in the room. He was no match for the combined power of the 3 Handlirians, and in time, he was killed too by a fireball to the face from Lana.
With all the Palmorii dead, the Handlirians went to the centre of the hall to the destroyed golden mural, where the Jehovian Monks were standing. The destroyed golden mural gave way to a dark pathway. Master Rowan was weakened from the magical power that it took to destroy Zayne. She went to the column where Master Quintus had fallen. She put her hand on him to check if he was alright.
“Oh no. Are you alright, Master Quintus? You’re not dead, are you?” asked Rowan.
Even though Quintus was unconscious, Master Rowan felt his energy, and she saw that he was still alive.
“Thank God” said Rowan.
She carried Quintus’ body with her to the centre of the murals to the rest of the Handlirians. There, Sicnarph and the rest of the Jehovian Monks bowed down to the Handlirians.
“You have done well, Handlirians. Your motives truly are pure, that you were willing to destroy the Jehovian Seals in order to prevent their power from falling to the enemy. That is why you have our blessing, instead of the Palmorii” said Master Sicnarph.
“But I don’t understand. Why would you give the Palmorii your blessing, then? Why would you give them access into the Jehovian Sanctuary with all the Seals?” asked Alan.
“Because, we had foresaw what would happen. We knew what the Palmorii wanted the entire time, that they wanted the power for evil. But we saw that you would stop the Palmorii, and that the Chosen One would destroy the Seals in order to prevent the power from falling into enemy hands. We were setting things up for the inevitable confrontation that would take place between you and the Palmorii here, but you had our blessing the entire time. Prophecy cannot be interfered with. It is dangerous” said Chiros.
“Now go inside the pathway, Handlirians. There is something waiting for you on the other side” said Ichtum.
The Fellowship, along with the newly redeemed Daniel, entered the dark pathway. Suddenly, Master Quintus, who was on Master Rowan’s arms, woke up. He fell down on the floor and got up.
“What did I miss?” asked Master Quintus.
“The Palmorii were destroyed, and we have won this battle” said Master Rowan.
“Good” said Quintus.
The Fellowship of the Seals entered the passageway, and they emerged in a room that was empty, except for a giant golden circle on the bottom with turquoise borders, and a spectral white woman was there. The woman wore a white gown, and she had long brown hair and she wore a tall turquoise crown.
“Greetings, Handlirians. My name is Jena. I am a remnant of the ancient civilization of the Jehovians. Long ago, we were sent by God into the world. We lived all around the continent that you call Cletus. We built great cities and we made great scientific advancements. We even created humans as our servants. We were the most advanced civilization, so much that you humans called us gods. We were not gods, but we believed ourselves to be gods, and our power corrupted us as we became arrogant and oppressive towards the world. God could not ignore what we were doing, and so he sent his divine servants, the Nephi, which you call angels, into the world. The Nephi bore children with humans, called the Elves. God helped the humans and Elves fight a war with us in order to punish us for our sins. With the help of the Elves, humans rebelled against us, and our civilization was destroyed as a punishment for transgressing against God. Our objects of power, the Jehovian Seals, became lost and scattered all around the world. The very few of us that remained realized the failures of our civilization, and we worked to keep our objects of power hidden from the world in order to prevent today’s civilizations from making the same mistakes” said Jena.
“But your objects of power eventually did resurface” said James.
“Yes. The Jehovian Seals could never have stayed hidden forever. They had to be found eventually, and they were. An evil order of dark magic wanted to use the Seals in order to gain the power to vanquish their enemies and reestablish their evil empire in Cletus” said Jena.
“The Palmorii” said Rowan.
“They came so close to gaining the power of the Seals. However, a Chosen One destroyed the objects of power in order to prevent their power from falling into enemy hands, and in that act of selflessness, of righteousness, the power of the Jehovian Seals was transferred to you. You now have the upper hand in the war against the Griffiths and the Palmorii. The Palmorii Sanctuary is weakened after the deaths of their leaders and a large part of their army. You must do what your ancestors did 1000 years ago, you must march on the Palmorii Sanctuary and destroy it. Now’s your chance. Then after the Palmorii are destroyed, you must continue to fight the Griffiths and march on Tyne. In time, you will defeat the Griffiths, and the rightful King of Libernia shall be placed on the throne” said Jena.
“That’s me” said James.
“Now go. Events are coming together, and you must use the power and the advantage that you now have” said Jena.
Jena suddenly disappeared.
“Well, we must do what Jena said. We must go and put an end to the Palmorii” said Master Quintus.
Master Rowan was having a vision, where she saw her father, Master Yolrond, laying on the floor of the snowy hill where he still was, dying.
“My daughter” said Yolrond.
“Father!” said Rowan.
“My energy is spent, and I am dying. I destroyed Grand Inquisitor Thantus, the leader of the Palmorii, but at a great cost. I will not survive this, my daughter” said Yolrond.
“No, Father! Hold on! You can still be saved!” said Rowan.
“I have already served my purpose as leader of the Handlirian Order for nearly 2000 years, my daughter. Now it is your turn. Rowan, I declare you as the new Grand Master of the Handlirian Order. Your first act will be to rally the Handlirian and Pale-Reach armies to march on the Palmorii Sanctuary and destroy it. Goodbye” said Yolrond, before his body became lifeless and immobile. White light began to carry Master Yolrond’s body and life essence to the sky. Before long, Master Yolrond’s body had disappeared, and Master Rowan’s vision had ended.
Master Rowan was crying, but the Handlirians didn’t ask her what had happened. They already knew what had happened. Before long, Rowan recovered and told the Handlirians to come with her.
“Come with me, Handlirians. We must rally the armies together to march onto the Palmorii Sanctuary” said Grand Master Rowan.
The Handlirians left the Sanctuary and went to the rocky plains outside, where Masters Xanatos, Icarus and Josephine were waiting along with Captain Harold and Commanders Steve and Fergus.
“By your word, Grand Master Rowan, do we march onto the Palmorii Sanctuary?” asked Master Xanatos.
“Yes. Everyone, we march on the Palmorii Sanctuary!” said Grand Master Rowan.
“We need rest! We’ve fought hard for the entire day, and we are tired and have several wounded” said one of the Pale-Reach soldiers.
“Very well. Set up a camp. We will rest, but not for too long. We cannot allow the Palmorii to regain their strength” said Grand Master Rowan.