Outside the gates of Cathurch, in the mountainous green plains, Master Quintus decided to go searching for the other 3 Jehovian Seals.

“We have to search for the rest of the Jehovian Seals. We now have 3 Jehovian Seals, which will help us in our war against the enemy. However, the enemy may have 2 or 3 Jehovian Seals. However, we will first return to Calablin in order to get supplies” said Master Quintus.

The Handlirians bought horses from the stable outside of Cathurch in order to return to Calablin. They rode their horses back to Calablin.

Meanwhile, the Griffiths knew that the Handlirian Order had 2 of the Jehovian Seals. In their castle in Tyne, in their war room, they planned to find the last untouched Jehovian Seal.

“The Handlirians have 2 of the Jehovian Seals, and they have now found another one” said Victor.

“Now they will be able to challenge us! We must find the last untouched Jehovian Seal and take the one they just found so that we will be able to crush them” said Grand Inquisitor Thantus Zhar.

“Yes, we should. We must find the last Jehovian Seal. According to the legend, the last Jehovian Seal is found where the underground mountains dwell underneath the convergence” said Francis.

“That’s in the Gray Mountains. They are large, and there is a vast network of caves that runs underneath the mountains, which is where the last Jehovian Seal will be found. A group of reclusive monks called the Jehovian Monks also lives there. It is the place where all the Jehovian Seals shall come together if you have all of them. Let us go there. I shall send my apprentice Zayne and Raymus, while I shall go with an army of Palmorii. We shall go now” said Thantus.

“Let us go. I shall also send Griffith soldiers to the Gray Mountains. We will find the last Seal, then we shall gain the power of the Jehovian Seals and destroy the Handlirian Order and the rebels” said General Lucius.

Meanwhile, a Griffith soldier walked into the war room, with news about what happened at Cathurch.

“My King, Cathurch has fallen! The Handlirians managed to neutralize the Followers of Novayus, and they killed Father Loman and Lord Luthor. They also took the Jehovian Seal from there” said the Griffith soldier.

“Blast! You’ve got to be kidding me! Where are they now?!?” said Francis angrily.

“They are most likely heading to Calablin” said the soldier.

“Let’s ambush them on the way and take their Jehovian Seal!” said Governor Draco.

“Yes. Let us send a small search party of Witch-Dogs. They will be able to track the Handlirian’s scent. Their main focus will be to take the Seal, but if they can, they should ” said Thantus.

A small search party of Witch-Dogs immediately left Tyne on their giant wolves, and they rode searching the Fellowship.

Meanwhile, the Handlirians were in the wilderness, on their horses heading back to Calablin. They were on the road with a large forest beside them on all sides. Suddenly, Cassandra spotted a Witch-Dog from afar, and she warned the Fellowship.

“The Witch-Dogs are here!” yelled Cassandra.

“Run away and take out your sword!” said Quintus.

The 5 Witch-Dogs began to chase the Fellowship as they tried to run on the road on their horses. The Fellowship all took our their swords, prepared to fight the Witch-Dogs. The Witch-Dogs neared the Fellowship and swung their swords at them. The Fellowship stopped the attacks by swinging their swords. The Jehovian Seal, which the Witch-Dogs were looking for, was inside a leather sack in Master Quintus’ horse. The Fellowship continued to fight the Witch-Dogs on horseback, and James managed to kill one of the Witch-Dogs with an ice spike spell.

However, one of the Witch Dogs also killed Cassandra’s horse, and Cassandra was stranded on the ground.

“Get on my horse, Cassandra!” yelled James as he grabbed Cassandra’s hand and helped her onto his horse.

One of the Witch-Dogs was also duelling Master Quintus. As he was duelling her, she took the sack that Quintus had and escaped.

“The Jehovian Seal!” yelled Quintus.

One of the Witch-Dogs was also duelling Daniel, and the Witch-Dog used a paralysis spell on Daniel, and Daniel fell off his horse, paralyzed.

“Brother!” yelled James.

With the Jehovian Seal, and Daniel, the Witch-Dogs escaped. The Fellowship chased them.

“Chase them! We can’t let them get away!” said Quintus.

The Fellowship chased the Witch-Dogs on their horses. They rode their horses long and hard, chasing the Witch-Dogs. However, the Witch-Dogs were too fast for them. They eventually lost track of the Witch-Dogs in the forest.

“Damn it! My brother is gone!” said James angrily.

“Well, they got away with the Jehovian Seal” said Master Quintus.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Shay.

“We should rescue Daniel, and the Jehovian Seal. Or we should find the last untouched Jehovian Seal. I’m actually not sure. We should really return to Calablin. We could get help and supplies there. But we should travel secretly, and off the road” said Quintus.

The remaining members of the Fellowship of the Seals returned to Calablin on horseback, travelling in the forest and off the road so as not to be noticed by enemies.

Meanwhile, the Witch-Dogs took Daniel back with him to the Palmorii Sanctuary in the Gray Mountains. There, in the courtyard they brought Daniel to Grand Inquisitor Thantus Zhar and his apprentice Zayne.

“My lord, we have managed to capture Daniel Canner. What should we do with him? Should we kill him?” asked one of the hags.

“No. He could be a valuable asset to our cause if he were turned against the Handlirians. Let’s use mind control incantations on him. Bring him to the torture room in the dungeon” said Thantus.

The Witch-Dogs and the Palmorii brought Daniel to the dungeons in the lower level of the castle. The dungeons were dark and terrible. There were green fire torches lighting the dungeon, and there were all sorts of torture tools on the rocky wall.

There, Daniel was put on an iron table by the hags, and they tortured him there with dark spells, such as fire and electrocution spells, while mind control incantations were put inside his head.

“Ahhhh!!” yelled Daniel.

“You will bend to our will, and you will join us in our fight against the Handlirians!” said the hag.

“I’ll never join you!” yelled Daniel.

The hag continued to torture Daniel.

Meanwhile, the Fellowship had just returned to Calablin. They met with Grand Master Yolrond in his office, and they told him about the recent events in his office.

“So how did the trip to Cathurch go? Did you manage to stop the Followers of Novayus and free Cathurch? Did you manage to rescue Master Farana? And where is Daniel?” asked Master Yolrond.

“Good news and bad news. We did manage to stop the Followers of Novayus and thwart the Griffith’s plan to take over Cathurch. The Followers of Novayus were supported by the Griffiths, and the Griffiths were going to occupy the city in the disorganization that had been caused by the cult. Father Loman was a traitor, and was still loyal to the Griffiths. There was also a Palmorin, Lord Luthor, helping them. We stopped them, and we killed Father Loman and took his Jehovian Seal. Sadly, Master Farana was killed during the fight against Father Loman and the Palmorin. And on our way back here, we were ambushed by Palmorii Witch-Dogs, and they took Daniel and the Jehovian Seal” said Master Quintus.

“Well, that’s good, and not good. Even though you managed to stop the Followers of Novayus and free Cathurch from the Griffiths, you lost Daniel and the Jehovian Seal to the Palmorii. And it’s sad that Master Farana is dead. Now you will have to get the Seal back, or you will have to find the last untouched Jehovian Seal” said Master Yolrond.

“Well, where would we find the last untouched Jehovian Seal?” said James.

“The legends could point us in the right direction. Let me consult my book on the Seals” said Yolrond as he got a book from his bookshelf and opened it. The book was about the legends of the Jehovian Seal. He flipped through the book’s pages, and he read through some of the pages along with the Fellowship. They finally stopped at a page that had a map of a mountain and a monastery in the mountain.

“There! That must be the place where we will find the last Jehovian Seal!” said Quintus as he pointed to the diagram.

“According to the words here, this is the place where all the Jehovian Seals converge. We may find the last Jehovian Seal here, and then we will focus on the other Seals. There is a large group of caves that runs underneath the Gray Mountains, and the last Jehovian Seal may be there. There is also a group of reclusive monks that lives here nearby, the Jehovian Monks. Apparently, it also says that the last remnants of the Jehovian civilization live there” said Yolrond.

“So our mission is to go there and find the last Jehovian Seal?” asked Shay.

“Yes, but it will be dangerous. The Fellowship will have to be larger, remade to it’s former size, and we will even have to bring an army. Our enemy also wants the Seal there, so it will not be easy. I sense there will be a grand battle there. However, it’s difficult because of the ongoing war. Leave. I shall call you to brief you when I can” said Yolrond.

“What about my brother? If he has been captured, we can’t just leave him there. We have to rescue him!” said James.

“I believe an opportunity will soon arise to rescue your brother, James. However, right now we will have to focus on finding the last Jehovian Seal and stopping the Griffiths from using the Seals for evil. Get some rest James. You really need it after all the work you’ve done for us” said Yolrond.

The Fellowship left Yolrond’s office, and James went to the inventor Tom’s house. There, he spoke with Tom and his son Christoph.

“Hello, Uncle Tom and Christoph. Are you working on any new inventions?” asked James.

“Yes, actually. I am helping the war effort of the Free Alliance of Libernia by making war machines such as catapults, battering rams and gliders. I also help train the army sometimes. What are you up to?” said Tom.

“Well, I am going to find the last Jehovian Seal with the Fellowship in the Gray Mountains, and we will have to fight against the Griffiths. So maybe we can use some of your inventions?” said James.

“That reminds me…you need more blades for your blade gun, don’t you? Let me get you some more blades. I actually have an improved version that uses gunpowder and will hit the enemy with devastating efficiency. The blades will explode when you hit the enemy with them” said Tom as he took James ‘ blade gun from his hand and fit it with blades. Tom also gave James extra blades. “Also, your Strang armor is old and battered, so you will need a new layer” said Christoph. Christoph grabbed a Strang armor shirt from the shelf and gave it to James, who took off his old, battered Strang shirt and put Christoph’s new one on.

“I am working on a glider that hurls bombs at the enemy. I intend for the Alliance army to use it in the Gray Mountains. It could really help against the enemy” said Tom.

“How would you use it?” asked James.

“Well, the glider would have a bomb dispenser on the top, and whenever the person gliding wants to hurl a bomb, he would pull a small rope, and the dispenser would bring a bomb down on top of the enemy. It could really hurt the enemy, but it’s also risky. The Alliance army will test it in the next battle” said Tom.

Christoph also sharpened James’ sword, as it was also dull and battered. When Christoph was done repairing and refining James’ equipment, he told James.

“Now here’s your equipment, all refined and remade. We wish you good luck in your mission” said Christoph.

“Thanks” said James.

James left Tom’s house and went back to the boys’ dormitory at the Handlirian Academy. There, he went to sleep, and he had a nightmare. In the nightmare, he saw his brother, Daniel, in the dungeons of the Palmorii Sanctuary. He was being tortured by a hag, who was using mind control spells on him.

“Submit! Submit! The Handlirian Order is holding you back from your true power. The Palmorii can help you reach your true potential as a wizard” said the hag.

“Why should I listen to you?” said Daniel.

“Do you really think the Free Alliance of the Pale Reach cares about you? Do you really think the Handlirians care about you? No, they only want to use you to further their own goals. When the war is over, and their enemy is defeated, they will turn against you and take Libernia for themselves. Know this! It is true!” said the hag.

“It is…it is…not” said Daniel as the hag continued to torture him. The hag blasted Daniel with even more torture spells and dark energy, and the torture was really hurting Daniel.

“It is…true” said Daniel.

James suddenly woke up in the boys’ dormitory, screaming.

“Nooooo!” yelled James.

The boys went to James’ bed, and they comforted James.

“What’s wrong, James? What was happening? Did you have a nightmare?” said Shay.

“Yes, I did. It was my brother. He’s alive, but he is being held prisoner by the Palmorii. He was being tortured in the dungeons of the Palmorii Sanctuary. They were using mind spells on him to try and turn him against the Handlirian Order. And…” said James.

“It must be difficult. To see your own brother, being tortured and being turned against everything he stands for” said Alan.

“It is” said James.

“The best thing you can do is pray. Pray to God to save your brother, and to help you deal with this” said Peter.

“Very well. I shall pray to God to save my brother. Oh God, Father Almighty, please, save my brother from the torture that he is experiencing at the hands of the Palmorii. He is suffering so much, and is being turned against everything he stands for. Please make his will strong, and don’t let him fall. Please. Amen” said James as he prayed to God.

“I hope your brother is alright” said Ray.

That morning, James visited his mother, Mary, at her special apartment in the Handlirian Academy. Her apartment was big, and had 2 floors overlooking the city of Calablin. The first floor of her apartment was where her bedroom was, and also where her special library where she read books was. There was also a wooden table and a kitchen on the first floor. The front of the first floor had a big transparent window. The second floor of the apartment was outdoors on top of the first, and had a courtyard with a fountain of 2 marble statues. The apartment glowed a beautiful marble, like the rest of the Handlirian Academy, and was truly fit for a queen like Mary. James entered the apartment, and Mary greeted him.

“James, my son! Please, come inside!” said Mary.

James entered his mother’s apartment, and sat down on the wooden table on the living room. Mary gave him honey bread and milk for breakfast, and she spoke to him about Daniel.

“Daniel has been captured by the enemy, hasn’t he?” asked Mary.

“Yes, mother. He was captured by the Palmorii Witch-Dogs on our way back here, and they took him and the Jehovian Seal. They are torturing him, and trying to turn him against us” said James.

“That’s terrible!” said Mary.

“Yes, it is. I had a terrible nightmare about it last night. I prayed to God to save him, and to not let his will be broken” said James.

“It’s good to pray to God. I’m sure he cares about your brother, and for the Handlirians.” said Mary.

“I will be going on a mission with the Fellowship of the Seals to find the last Jehovian Seal in the Gray Mountains. It will be a risky mission, and we will most certainly have to face the Griffiths and the Palmorii” said James.

“I wish you luck in your mission, my son. May you survive and succeed” said Mary.

At that moment, Shay knocked on the apartment door.

James opened the door, and Shay informed James he was needed at the courtyard.

“James, the Fellowship of the Seals is needed at the courtyard. Master Yolrond is ready to brief us on our mission” said Shay.

“Very well, Shay. I’ll be there” said James.

James hugged his mother and kissed her, then he went to Shay to the academy courtyard. There, the rest of the Fellowship of the Seals were assembled, including the previously missing members Lana, Zara, Castilius and Master Rowan. There was also a new member of the Fellowship, Alan.

“Welcome everyone. We have summoned the Fellowship of the Seals back here to find the last untouched Jehovian Seal, which is somewhere in the vast network of crypts and caves in the Gray Mountains. The Gray Mountains is also the home of a monastery with a group of reclusive monks, and that is the place where the Seals all come together. This will not be an easy mission. It will be a difficult one, as the interior of the Gray Mountains is filled with dark creatures, and our enemy will be waiting for us. We will bring a separate Handlirian army to distract the enemy army so that you will be able to find the Seal. I have added a new student, Alan to the Fellowship” said Yolrond.

“Hello everyone” said Alan as he waved his hand.

“How would we find the Jehovian Seal?” asked Lana.

“Well, you could use telepathy or clairvoyance to find the last Seal. It will not be easy to find, but with patience you will be able to find it. Now go on your way to the Gray Mountains. I shall follow you later with an army of Handlirians and Pale-Reach rebels” said Yolrond.

The Fellowship of the Seals bowed down to Yolrond, then they went to the stables, where they got horses and began the long ride to the Gray Mountains. They traveled together, so as to be safe. The trip was long and hard, and they had to face several obstacles. About 3 days after the Fellowship departed, Master Yolrond put together an army of Handlirians and Pale-Reach rebels to help the Fellowship at the Gray Mountains. The Handlirian army was led by the present members of the Handlirian Council, Masters Xanatos, Peter, Maria, Talynn, Cereus, Aloysius and Icarus. The Pale-Reach army was led by Captain Harold and Commanders Fergus and Steve. They assembled outside of Calablin, and Master Yolrond gave them a speech.

“Free Armies of Libernia, today we fight for our brothers at the Gray Mountains who are searching for the last Jehovian Seal. They need our help to fend off the Palmorii and the Griffiths, and that’s what we are going to do! To arms, men! This will be a grand battle!” said Yolrond.

The Free Army of Libernia began marching towards the Grey Mountains.

Meanwhile, the Fellowship of the Seal was on their way to the Gray Mountains. It took the Fellowship a long time to get to the Gray Mountains, and they had to get past several obstacles such as Palmorii Witch-Dogs and passing through several mountains. When they arrived at the Gray Mountains, they arrived at what appeared to be a dead end. The forest was on one side, and on the other, there was a lake and a stone moat that led to a stone wall. The Fellowship arrived at the moat.

“It’s a dead end. What are we supposed to do?” asked Zara.

“Well, let me consult the book” said Master Quintus as she opened the book on the Jehovian Seals. She flipped the pages, looking for information. “According to the book, there is a hidden door here. It will only open if you say a specific phrase. You’re supposed to say ‘Let me enter, friend’ in the Elvish language” said Quintus.

“Ejamed Rartne, Ogima” said Master Rowan. As she said that, a door with the shape of the tree began to glow in white light on the stone wall, and the door opened up into the cave.

“Well, that should do it” said James.

However, a giant serpentine monster rose up from the lake, and it snatched Alan with it’s mouth.

“Alan!” yelled Castilius.

Alan resisted against the serpent, and he attacked the monster with fire spells. The monster opened its mouth, and Alan fell into the lake. Alan swam and climbed onto the moat, and the Fellowship began to defend against the serpentine creature. Masters Rowan and Quintus put a shield around the Fellowship as they entered the cave. They went further into the cave, and when they were all far enough inside the dark cave, the door closed, and they were safe from the giant serpent.

The Palmorii Order was also searching for the Seal, and they arrived at the crypt at about the same time as the Fellowship. The Palmorii search party was composed of Second Inquisitor Zayne, Lords Raymus, and Reltih, and Apprentices Granceto, Tirallius, and Maul. They left the Palmorii Sanctuary at around the same time as the Fellowship. Daniel was also with the Palmorii, having been turned to their side after enough torture.

They arrived at the Gray Mountains through a totally different path than the Handlirians. They followed the road from their Sanctuary, and they travelled on the road through the forest, pushing their way through and killing any enemies or suspicious travellers they came across on the way.

“Once we have the Seal, nothing will stop us from rebuilding our empire in Cletus!” said Zayne.

“Daniel, walk faster!” said Lord Reltih as he whipped Daniel from his horse.

“Yes, Master” said Daniel as he ran to catch up with the rest of the Palmorii convoy.

Daniel looked significantly different. He was weakened, and his eyes were kind of red. He also had black spots under his eyes. His skin was also paler. He was wearing black armour with a cape, and after being converted to the Palmorii after being tortured for months, had been apprenticed to Lord Reltih. Lord Reltih had black hair with a moustache and brown eyes.

They continued walking on the road to the Gray Mountains, and they encountered a convoy of travellers. The travellers appeared to be nobles, as they were wearing elegant green clothing, and they were walking with a carriage that had goods, and were accompanied by 7 guards wearing leather armor. When they spotted the Palmorii, they attacked.

“They’re Palmorii! They practice dark magic. Attack!” said one of the armoured guards as the convoy went past the Palmorii. The guards pulled out their swords and began to attack the Palmorii.

“This is your last mistake!” yelled Zayne as he took out his sword along with the rest of the Palmorii. Thantus used an electrocution spell to electrocute and kill 3 of the guards. Lords Raymus and Relith, along with Daniel, also lashed out at the convoy guards. The Palmorii apprentices Granceto, Tirallius and Maul killed then rest of the convoy. In a short time, everyone in the convoy was dead.

“Fools. Now let us continue on the way to the Gray Mountains” said Zayne.

The Palmorii pushed further onto the road, and they arrived at a cave mouth.

“This cave leads to the vast network of caves underneath the Gray Mountains. This is where we shall enter” said Raymus.

The Palmorii entered the cave mouth.

The Fellowship of the Seals was now inside a cave under the Gray Mountains. It was completely dark after the door had closed.

“Can we have some light here, please?” said Lana.

Master Rowan took her staff and lit it, and her staff lit, giving a bit of light to the cave.

“Light your own staffs, students” said Master Rowan.

The students took out their staffs and lit them. With light to guide them, they pushed further into the cave. As they went further into the cave, Master Rowan read from the map of the Gray Mountain caves in order to try to find the Jehovian Seal.

“There’s a dead end further down there. We’re going to have to turn right” said Master Rowan.

The Fellowship turned right, entering into a cave with giant spider webs. There were white spider eggs all over the cave. 5 giant spiders emerged from the ceiling, and they attacked the Fellowship by hurling webs at the moment.

“Defend yourselves!” said Castilius, who blocked one of the spider’s webs, and when the spider lunged at him, Castilius stabbed the spider in the mouth, killing it.

The Handlirian students hurled shock and fire spells at the spiders with their staffs. James killed a spider by setting it on fire this way. Shay killed 2 spiders by shocking them with his staff. The spiders were all to easy to kill for Masters Rowan and Quintus. In a short time, they had killed all the spiders, and they continued further into the cave system. As they went further, they caught sight of some skeletons in the cave, perhaps of unfortunate travellers that died in the caves. Some of the bodies were also fresher, and decomposing.

“Those skeletons, who could these people be?” asked Alan.

“These are unfortunate travellers, or stragglers that were killed in the vast maze of these caves. It is very easy to get lost and die in these perilous caves. That is why it is a good thing we know where we are going” said Quintus.

They continued further into the caves, and the cave gradually waned down and the walls became solid stone and gold.

“We are emerging in the place where we shall find the Jehovian Seal” said Rowan.

They finally emerged in a tall, big room with a stone tower. The tower had a round top made of gold. There was also stone steps that led into a loop up to the tower. There was a chasm below the stone steps.

“We have to get to that tower. It’s the next path to the Seal” said Rowan.

However, there were also goblins in that room. The goblins had pointy ears and pale, white skin. They came down the steps and attacked the Fellowship. The Fellowship blocked the goblins’ attacks with their staffs, and they attacked the goblins with magical offensive spells. James slammed his staff on the floor, hurling one of the goblins down the steps into the chasm and killing him. Alan took out his sword on his other hand, and with both his staff and sword in hand, he easily killed the goblins. Lana and Zara formed a shield together, which protected them from the goblins, and they combined a shock spell to kill 3 goblins. Master Quintus killed several goblins with his sword, and Master Rowan also killed several goblins with her staff. However, more goblins kept coming.

“Push forward! Attack the goblins as you go up the steps!” said James.

Inspired by James’ words, the Fellowship went up the steps as they continued to walk up the steps onto the tower. They killed goblins as they walked up the steps. They made it up the tower, having killed all the goblins. Inside the tower, there was a corridor. They went into the corridor, which had golden pipes running into the ceiling that powered the crypt.

As Shay was walking onto the corridor, he accidentally stepped onto a pressure plate, and 3 blades came up from the floor and spun.

“It’s a trap! Dodge it!” said Castilius.

The Fellowship jumped to the side of the crypt in order to dodge the blades. When the blades receded back into the floor, they continued further into the corridor.

The Palmorii were also following the cave network, and they also had to face obstacles such as the spiders and the orcs. They emerged into the Jehovian crypt, in a big stone room with a golden door at the end. There, in that room, there was a giant Jehovian animatronic, and a control panel on another level of the room accessible by stone steps.

“That’s a Jehovian Guardian. It guards the Jehovian crypts in the Gray Mountains” said Daniel.

The Jehovian Guardian suddenly turned at the Palmorii, and it attacked. The Palmorii ran to the higher level of the room, where they used a spell to drain the life out of the animatronic, and stayed a safe distance from it as they used the spell. In time, the animatronic fell onto the stone floor and broke into pieces, it’s energy having been drained by the Palmorii.

“Now let us continue” said Zayne.

The Palmorii walked up the stone steps, where they went through the golden door. There, they emerged in a giant stone hall with hundreds of columns.

“We have arrived at the Hall of Dunmrieg. We are on the right track” said Reltih.

At around this same time, the Fellowship had also emerged in this giant, vast stone hall.

“The Hall of Dunmrieg. It is said to have been the most powerful hall of the Jehovian civilization during it’s dawn” said Quintus.

“Now we have to go further into the hall. The Jehovian Seal will be around here somewhere” said Rowan.

There were some torches on the pillars lighting the hall, but for the most part, the hall was dark. The Fellowship had to light the way using their staffs. As they continued further into the hall, they heard an ugly howl.

“Goblins! Brace yourselves!” said Castilius.

The Fellowship hacked and slashed the goblins with their swords, and together in a circle, they managed to kill a large number of the goblins. But there was also a very large number of goblins, and they were becoming too much for the Fellowship.

“There are too many!” yelled Alan as he continued to hack and slash the goblins with his sword.

“Head there, to that room! That’s where the Jehovian Seal is located!” said Rowan as she pointed to a wooden door on the left of the hall.

The Fellowship immediately made their way to the wooden door, making a magical shield around themselves as they went. James and Shay also helped defend the Fellowship from the orcs as they made their way to the wooden door. They opened the door to the room and immediately closed it as Quintus and Rowan threw smoke bomb spells at the orcs to kill some of them and distract them.

They were safe from the goblins in the room. The room appeared to be a tomb, with a stone and gold sarcophagus at the centre of the room, surrounded by mountains of gold and treasure. The room was huge, and it had stone walls with elaborate designs of the greatness of the ancient Jehovian civilization.

“Could the Jehovian Seal be in the sarchophagus?” said Zara.

“Yes. It would be convenient for it to be in the sarcophagus” said Master Rowan.

The students looked around the room, amazed. Master Rowan went up to the sarcophagus and took a look at the words there in the Jehovian language, matching it with her book. She saw that the sarcophagus was sealed, and that the Jehovian Seal was be in there, along with the body of an ancient Jehovian noble.

“Herein lies Prince Exardus of Dunmrieg, with the last Jehovian Seal. May the one who is worthy enough to slay the heathen beast get the Seal. Students, the Seal is in the sarcophagus. We must open it in order to get it, but it is sealed. We will have to slay a beast in order to get it” said Master Rowan.

James was going the tomb and was in the upper level, along with Shay, Alan, Lana and Zara. They searched everywhere for the so-called beast, but they couldn’t find it.

“There’s nothing, Masters. No beasts around here” said Alan.

“Be patient. There has to be something” said Castilius.

Suddenly, one of the walls in the tomb opened, and inside the wall, there was a giant red dragon.

“It’s a dragon! Students, prepare to fight!” said Master Rowan.

The dragon attacked the Fellowship by spraying fire. The Fellowship used a shield spell to protect themselves from the fire, and they hurled fire and shock spells at the dragons, but the dragon was too strong.

“Bows! Use your bows to attack the dragon!” said Master Quintus.

The Handlirians, who were walking around the giant room in order to avoid being fried by the dragon in his constant fire breathing attacks, took out their bows and began to shoot the dragon, but the bows were no use. The dragon”s armour was too strong. The dragon hurled fire at Alan, and Alan managed to jump out of the beast’s way, but his Handlirian robes caught on fire Alan rolled on the floor as he continued to run away from the dragon and the fire on his robes died.

Lana and Zara were protecting themselves from the beast using a shield. The beast sprayed fire at them, but it couldn’t penetrate their shield.

James, who was now on the second level of the room, took out his wrist gun and attempted to shoot the beast, but it knocked his gun away from his wrist, and it tumbled down on the first level of the room. James jumped down to the first level of the room to retrieve his gun, and then he got up and he shot the dragon with it. The bullet did hurt the creature, but it was still going strong. The creature attempted to bite Castilius, but Castilius slashed the creature’s tongue, and the creature brought it’s mouth back. James put the wrist gun back on his wrist, and he shot the creature again. It weakened the dragon’s armour, but it did little more than that.

“The creature is too strong! We can’t pierce it’s armour!” said Lana.

The dragon continued to attack the Handlirians, and it flew away from the tomb, breaking through the wall and flying into the Hall of Dunmrieg.

“Follow the dragon! We have to slay it so that the coffin will open!” said Castilius.

The Fellowship left the tomb through the large broken gap in the wall, and they followed the dragon to the hall, where the goblins, afraid of the dragon, were running away from it. The dragon was attacking the goblins, and he was eating and killing them.

“So that’s why the goblins didn’t follow us into the tomb. They probably knew about the dragon, and they are afraid of it” said Zara.

“Well, at least we won’t have to worry about the goblins now that the dragon is taking care of them for us” said Shay.

“But we have to chase the dragon!” said James, who started to run towards the dragon.

“James!” yelled Rowan as the rest of the Fellowship charged after James.

But on one of the pillars, the Palmorii were waiting for the Fellowship.

“So, Handlirians, we finally meet” said Zayne.

The Handlirians immediately took out their swords and stood their guard. The Palmorii also had their swords out, and they were both walking around the area pf the pillars, ready to strike.

“You will never get the Seal! You’ll have to kill the dragon to get it” said Castilius.

“Oh really?! Because that’s what we’re here for. We will kill the dragon and you all, and we will get the Seal” said Raymus.

Daniel was with the Palmorii, and he caught the sight of James. James was horrified at his brother’s pale and dark appearance, and at what the Palmorii had done to him.

“My brother. What have you done to my brother?!” said James.

“We freed him from the control of you Handlirians, and we are giving him a chance to prove his power” said Reltih.

“He is right. The Handlirians only want to use me to further their own goals, like you, brother. Once you become King, brother, you will cast me away. I will not allow that” said Daniel.

“Listen to yourself, brother. It’s the Palmorii that are using you to further their own goals. I love you, and I would never cast you away as King. This is not you, brother!” said James.

“Lies! All lies!” yelled Daniel, who ran over to his brother and lunged at him with his sword. James blocked his brother’s attack, and at this time, the Handlirians and the Palmorii began to sword fight in the hall.

“I don’t want to fight you!” said James as he parried his brother’s sword attacks.

Master Rowan was duelling Zayne, while Master Quintus was duelling Raymus. Lana and Zara were duelling Apprentices Granceto and Tirallius with ranged magic staff and spells. It was a full fledged fight between the Handlirians and the Palmorii, and here they fought. Castilius duelled Lord Raymus. Alan and Shay duelled Apprentice Maul, while James duelled Lord Reltih and his brother. James attempted to shoot Relith with his wrist gun, but Reltih blocked his blade.

“You think guns will work against dark magic, you so-called King of Libernia? Think again!” said Relith as he used a life-draining spell on James. James stood paralyzed as his life was being drained.

However, they both heard the dragon roar. The dragon was returning, and it flew to both the Handlirians and the Palmorii as it attacked them. The Handlirians the the Palmorii both stopped fighting the began to run away from the dragon as it chased them around the hall. The dragon broke through pillar and pillar in the hall as the Handlirians and Palmorii were running away.

The Palmorii and the Handlirians were both separated as they escaped, though the dragon chased the Handlirians. The Handlirians finally arrived at a chasm in the hall, as there were stone steps that they went down as the dragon chased them there. There was a bridge past the stone steps, and beyond that there was a gateway out of the mountain and into the light of day.

The Handlirians crossed the bridge and they ran away from the hall out into the light of day as the dragon chased them. They were now in the plains, surrounded by the Gray Mountains and with the dragon hunting them. It was cold, and there was snow on the plains that was mixed with grass. They continued to run.

James was snatched by the dragon and was brought in the air. The dragon opened its mouth to eat James, but James shot the dragon in it’s mouth with his wrist gun. The dragon cried out in pain, and it dropped James, who was on the air falling. The Handlirians used a spell to make James’ fall slower, and he landed safely on the floor. The Fellowship was near a cliff. James saw a weak spot in the dragon’s armor, caused by him having shot the dragon before. He pointed to the weak spot and told the Handlirians to shoot it there.

“There! That’s the dragon’s weak spot. Shoot the dragon there!” said James.

The Handlirians took out their bows, and they all aimed at the dragon’s weak spot. They fired their arrows, and most of them hit the dragon in the weak spot. The dragon was killed as it fell down the cliff and into a large lake.

“Well, we’ve killed the dragon. Now we must go back to the tomb and get the Seal before the Palmorii do” said Master Quintus.

“Wait. The Army of the Free Alliance of Libernia is there, being led by my Father, Master Yolrond” said Rowan as she pointed far away in the plains, where there was a Handlirian and Pale-Reach militia army being led by Master Yolrond, Master Cereus, Captain Harold, and Commanders Steve and Fergus. There was also a Gelandian army being led by General Galante, and a Skarsegian warrior force being led by General Skald. They were in battle formation, assembling to attack the Palmorii and Griffith army that was on the other side of the plain. On the other side of the plain, there was a stone monastery, the monastery of the Jehovian monks. On the mountain at the other side of the plain, there was a giant door, which was the door where all the Jehovian Seals converged. The Free Alliance and the Griffith armies began to march at each other, preparing to attack and start the battle.

“And so the battle begins” said Master Quintus.