When the Handlirians were done celebrating, they returned to Calablin. There, in the academy courtyard, Master Yolrond congratulated the Handlirian Order on stopping the Griffiths at Ilinata’s Deep.

“Great job Handlirians. You helped stop the Griffiths from taking over Ilinata’s Deep and getting a way to Calablin.” said Master Yolrond to the Handlirians.

“Now go take a rest, everyone. You deserve it” said Master Xanatos.

The Handlirian students went to their dormitories and went to sleep.

Master Yolrond made a number of the Handlirian Squires into Handlirian Knights as a result of their efforts in the war and in the Battle of Ilinata’s Deep. Among the Handlirian Squires that were made into knights were James and Daniel Canner. They were made into Handlirian Knights. Master Yolrond gave them their new ranks in the courtyard of the Academy in Calablin.

“Hello, James and Daniel Canner. It is my pleasure to give you your new ranks in the Handlirian Order. You have both done well in helping the war effort for the Handlirians and the Pale-Reach, and in locating and finding the Jehovian Seals. That is why, in recognition of your hard work and your royal status as Princes of liberia, I am going to make you both into Handlirian Knights. You have been natural leaders of the Fellowship, and of the Handlirian Order. You have also made great ambassadors” said Yolrond.

“Thanks for the honour, Master Yolrond” said James as he bowed down to Yolrond along with his brother. Master Yolrond put a silver badge on James and Daniel’s robes in order to show their status as Handlirian Knights.

Cassandra Veinhall and her family were now safely living in Calablin, under the protection of the Handlirian Order. They were relieved at being away from Tyne and the tyranny of the Griffiths. They were living in a house in Calablin, given to them by the Handlirian Order, that was elegant and had a red roof and marble walls. The house had 2 levels, and the bedrooms and study were in the top level, while the dining room was in the lower level. She was sitting in the study, on a wooden round table doing paperwork errands for the Handlirian Order with her older brother, Philip.

“It’s great to be away from enemy territory, and be in the hands of the Handlirian Order. However, I do miss Mom” said Cassandra.

“It is sad that she is dead, but she gave her life so that we could leave Tyne alive” said Philip.

“You’re right, brother. And now I am doing good work for the Handlirian Order.” said Cassandra.

Master Yolrond was meditating in the Room of Knowledge, trying to relax his mind from what was happening in the war against the Griffiths and Palmorii. Suddenly, he saw the blue spectral ghost of Ian Vilsor, a former student in the Handlirian Order who had been killed in the search for the 2nd Seal.

“Yolrond. Master Yolrond” said Ian faintly.

“Ian?” asked Yolrond as he began to see his ghost.

“You have neglected your search for the rest of the Seals. You must continue searching for them” said Ian.

“Forgive me, Ian, but the war between the Griffiths and the Palmorii has distracted me from the search for the Seals” said Yolrond.

“The Palmorii now have 2 Seals. You must search for the last 2. I know you have sent a Handlirian Master, Farana, to stop a cult in the city of Cathurch called the Followers of Novayus, but she has not been heard from since. The cult has a Jehovian Seal. You must get the Fellowship together to stop them” said Ian.

“I will do that Ian” said Yolrond.

Ian’s ghost disappeared, and the next morning, Master Yolrond called the Fellowship of the Seals together, and told them about the situation in Cathurch with the Seal.

In Libernia, the Griffiths had the help of some bandit groups in order to keep control of the kingdom. The bandit groups attacked and plundered some of the towns and settlements that failed to comply with Griffith demands. One of the bandit groups, the Followers of Novayus, were apparently worshippers of the mythical wolf-God Novayus. They operated in the Pale-Reach city of Cathurch, where the Church of Libernia was headquartered. The group appeared to be powerful and apparently had control of a Jehovian Seal. They wore the skins of wolves, and they were very vicious. They were even rumoured to be werewolves, and they attacked the city. It was unknown where the cult operated, but they were a constant threat to Cathurch. Father Loman, the lead bishop of Cathurch, requested the Handlirian Order’s help in dealing with the problem.

A Handlirian Master, Master Farana, was sent by the Handlirian Order in order to investigate the growing tension of the cult of werewolves that has a Handlirian Seal. She went to Cathurch in order to deal with the problem, however, she was kidnapped by the Followers of Novayus, and she has disappeared for 5 months.

In the Room of Knowledge, Master Xanatos told all this to the Fellowship of the Seals as he explained the situation in Cathurch and the need for the Handlirian Order to deal with the problem.

“Father Loman needs our help to deal with this problem. It is scaring the citizens of Cathurch, to the point that they sometimes even refuse to leave their houses. The cult is becoming powerful, and they could even be supported by the Griffiths. That is why the Fellowship of the Seals must reassemble and go to Cathurch to deal with the cult.” said Master Yolrond.

“Yes, Master Yolrond. We will stop the Followers of Novayus and get the Jehovian Seal if they have it.” said Master Quintus.

“Wait. We have someone else coming” said Quintus as Cassandra entered the room.

“Cassandra?” said James.

“Hello, cousin.” said Cassandra.

“Cassandra will also go with you and help you. Masters Rowan, Quintus, Lana and Zara are fighting the war, so they are unavailable. You may not need too many people for this mission” said Master Yolrond.

“Wait. Wasn’t Father Loman a collaborator with the Griffiths? I remember seeing him in Blythe collaborating with them back when I found the first Jehovian Seal.” said James.

“He used to be a collaborator with the Griffiths, but he renounced the Griffiths, so now he’s a good guy, and he needs our help to deal with the problem, so we’re going to help him” said Master Quintus.

Before James left for Cathurch, he was given a new weapon by the inventor Tom. James was summoned to Tom’s workshop, where Tom gave him a wrist blade gun that shot blades at enemies from a leather mechanism on the users wrist .

“Take this, my dear James. It is my newest invention, and it is a great weapon that will work well against any enemy.” said Tom as he handed James the wrist blade.

“Thanks, Tom” said James.

“However, the blade gun can only hold 6 blades at a time, so use them wisely. Here are some more blades that you can use to reload the blade gun” said Christoph.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Christoph” said James.

So the remade Fellowship of the Seals made off for the city of Cathurch. They went on horses, on the road. However, when they were near the area of Cathurch, in the forest, they were attacked by people wearing wolf-skins and wielding knives, the Followers of Novayus. Some of them were also in werewolf form, with a giant height and the frame of a wolf. The Followers of Novayus threw knives at the Handlirian Order.

“Be careful! Deflect the knives!” said Master Quintus.

James, Daniel and Shay managed to deflect the knives being thrown by the wolf-men. Cassandra was about to be hit by a knife, but Shay used magic to deflect the knife and hit one of the wolf-men with it, killing him.

Master Quintus took a closer look at one of the wolf-men, and saw that he really was a werewolf, with a giant height and the face, fur and eyes of a wolf.

“They really are werewolves!” said Master Quintus.

James shot that werewolf with his blade gun, and the werewolf fell down, dead. The Handlirians continued to fend off the wolf-men with their swords and spells. They managed to make the wolf-men run away after killing many of them.

James decided to interrogate one of the wolf-men, who was on the ground wounded.

“Where is your base?! Where do you operate from?!” said James to the wolf-man.

“Heathen! Thou do not worship the wolf-God Novayus! Why should you know the location of his home?” said the wolf-man before dying.

“Let us go to Cathurch, James. We will work with Father Loman in order to find all our answers there” said Master Quintus.

The Handlirians arrived at Cathurch, a stone city that was built on the ruins of an ancient city. It was in a mountainous area with plains. The city was also made of gold and turquoise, similar to the architecture of the civilization that made the Jehovian Seals.

“That city looks awfully like the sanctuaries of the Jehovian Seals” said James.

“That’s because the city was built by that same civilization. Now let us go to see Father Loman” said Master Quintus.

The Fellowship entered the city, and there in the stone streets of the city with the buildings, a middle aged man with a brown coat met them.

“Hello, Handlirians. My name is Cardinal Petrie. It’s good that you have come to help us. Follow me. Father Loman and the rest of them are expecting you” said Cardinal Petrie.

Cardinal Petri led the Fellowship to what appeared to be a church. There, inside the church, next to the altar, were 2 other priests wearing the same coats, Father Loman, and the governor of Cathurch, Montanus, who wore a red coat and was bald with blue eyes and a brown beard.

“Welcome, Handlirians.” said Governor Montanus.

“The situation here in Cathurch is very tense. There have been several kidnappings and killings of crises, and there have been public attacks. The Followers of Novayus grow more and more powerful each day. They even managed to capture or kill one of your Handlirian Masters, Master Farana.” said Father Loman.

“We will need you to investigate the recent attacks, and to find out where the cult is located and strike their leader. We also believe there is a traitor in the city that is collaborating with the cult. We will need you to investigate in order to find the traitor” said Governor Montanus.

“To investigate, you will do tasks around the city searching for any of the cult members. If you find any cult members, kill them and search their bodies for evidence of their base’s location. You will search the city for anything suspicious. Cardinal Petrie shall assist you” said Father Loman.

“Yes, Father Loman. We will go around the city searching for the traitor and any leads to the base of the cult” said Master Quintus as he bowed down to Father Loman.

“This way” said Cardinal Petrie.

With Cardinal Petrie, the Fellowship left the church and went out into the city streets, where they walked around the city streets.

“So where should we start?” asked Daniel.

“There was a murder recently at someone’s house by one of the wolf cultists. Maybe we should start there” said Cardinal Petrie.

“Sounds good” said Shay.

So the Fellowship walked around the stone city, led by Cardinal Petrie. They went to the stone house where the murder took place. There were 2 guards posted around the gates of the house, and they were wearing armor with green cloth and gray helmets that covered their faces but had eye holes.

“What is your business here?” asked one of the guards.

“We are here to investigate what’s happened here” said Cardinal Petrie.

“Very well” said the guard as he opened the golden door of the stone house.

Cardinal Petrie and the Fellowship entered the stone house, where there were 4 rooms on either side of the house. In one of the rooms, a middle aged woman with messy red hair and brown tattered clothes was crying over the body of a man with a beard and dark hair. There was also a chubby child with short brown in the room.

“Nella, we’re here to help investigate the murder of your husband. Could you help us?” said Cardinal Petrie.

“Yes. It’s the least I can do to find out why this happened.” said Nella.

“Did you see the person who murdered your husband?” asked Cassandra.

“Yes, I saw him slightly. I was in the kitchen of the house, when suddenly, I heard a scream from my husband and what sounded like a wolf howling, and I hurried to this room to find my husband dead on the floor, and I saw a man wearing a wolf pelt running away from the house” said Nella.

Suddenly, a wolf howl was heard in the house, and Nella screamed.

“He’s still here!” yelled Nella.

“Run away from the house! Quickly!” yelled Quintus.

A wolf-man entered the room and attacked James with 2 knives, but James blocked the man’s knives.

Daniel attempted to hurl a fire spell at the man, but the man dodged it. Suddenly, the man turned into a werewolf, becoming bigger and having the face of a wolf.

“Run!” yelled Quintus.

The Fellowship ran away from the house with Nella and Cardinal Petrie as the werewolf broke out of the stone house, breaking the door and the front of the house.

As the Fellowship ran away from the werewolf in the city streets, the people were afraid.

“Oh my god, it’s one of the werewolves again!” said a frightened citizen.

City guards began to appear at the scene, firing arrows at the werewolf. This only seemed to make the werewolf angrier, and he started attacking and hurting the citizens in a nearby market stand. While Cassandra was running, the werewolf tripped her, and was about to kill her.

“Ahhh!” yelled Cassandra.

However, James turned around and shot the werewolf with his blade gun, and the werewolf dropped dead.

“That was so scary” said Cassandra.

“Let’s search the werewolf’s body for information. It may lead us to the cult’s whereabouts” said Quintus.

James searched the werewolf’s body, and he found a note. The note had the werewolf’s name, Ercol, and it gave information on his address. James read the note out loud.

“Ercol of the Warrens, you have been chosen by the Followers of Novayus to kill Ronald Talpraise, the High Judge of Cathurch. You must do it swiftly, and accordingly- H” said James.

“Who is H? We have to find out who H is” said Cassandra.

“Well, at least we know where he came from. Do you know what the Warrens are, Cardinal Petrie?” asked Quintus.

“Yes. The Warrens are the district in Cathurch where the miners live. I can lead you there, and we can find out more information about Ercol and H” said Petrie.

Cardinal Petrie led the Fellowship to the Warrens. The Warrens were in the lower level of the city in the mining area. There was a high mining complex built with wood next to the mines, where the miners would bring up all that they had mined. Near the golden door to the Warrens, there was a moat with water and a bridge. There, Cardinal Petrie approached the mining leader, a swarthy man with black hair wearing white mining clothes, who greeted them.

“Hello, Cardinal Petrie. Could I help you with something?” asked the mining leader.

“Yes, Coleman. We are investigating someone who used to work here, Ercol. He was actually a werewolf in service to the Followers of Novayus. We need to see his room in the Warrens” said Cardinal Petrie.

“All right. I shall lead you to Ercol’s room and tell you about him” said Coleman.

Coleman led the Fellowship to the Warrens and opened the golden door. The Warrens was a stone building with 10 rooms on both sides of the building. Ercol’s room was the 8th room on the right side.

“Ercol was a good worker, but he was a bit strange. He had a temper, and he sometimes got into fights with the other workers. He talked in his sleep about wolves or things like that. He had disappeared 2 weeks before” said Coleman.

“He must have joined the Followers of Novayus when he disappeared” said Shay.

“It said in this note that he was from the Warrens, and that he was chosen to kill High Judge Ronald Talpraise by a man named H. You wouldn’t happen to know who H is, would you?” said James as he showed Coleman the note.

“No, I’m sorry but I have no idea who this H is. Hopefully you will be able to find him ” said Coleman.

“Very well. Let’s go” said Quintus.

The Fellowship of the Seals left the Warrens, but at the door they were apprehended by 6 mercenaries with leather armor and swords. One of the mercenaries, wearing a leather helmet, approached the Fellowship and threatened them.

“You outsiders have been interfering in business that is not your own. That is why we are here to deal with you” said the mercenary.

“It is our business. The city is suffering due to the werewolf attacks. Do you have something to confess, mercenary?” said Quintus.

The mercenary charged at Quintus with his steel sword, but Quintus parried his attack. Suddenly, the Fellowship was sword fighting against the mercenaries. James managed to win a duel against one of the mercenaries and stab him in the stomach. A mercenary attacked James from behind, but James stabbed the mercenary from behind, and he fell into the moat.

Daniel fought the mercenary also, and he was being beaten badly by the mercenary, but he surprised the mercenary by falling down, then he brought his sword up to the mercenary’s stomach. Shay used speed to beat the mercenary he was fighting, dodging his attacks then attacking at the right moment. Master Quintus used his sword fighting skills to beat the mercenary he was fighting. Cassandra was also fighting a mercenary with her knife. In time, there was only one mercenary left, the one with the helmet, and he dropped his sword and surrendered to the Fellowship.

“Enough! I surrender! I was sent by Homer, a noble here in this city! That’s all I know! Please let me be!” said the mercenary.

“Very well” said Quintus.

“Oh my god, Homer is a traitor. We must go to his house now! I can lead you there!” said Petrie.

Petrie led the Fellowship up the city levels to Homer’s house. Homer’s house was in the medium upper level of the city, and once there, Cardinal Petrie opened the door and he and the Fellowship entered the house.

There, Homer’s steward, a middle aged woman with short brown hair named Tara, stopped them.

“Homer doesn’t recall inviting any of you” said Tara.

It’s all right, Tara. Let them in” said Homer.

The Fellowship entered the stone house, where Homer was reading a book near the fireplace on the right side of the house. Homer was a bald old man, and he was wearing green clothes with a jewelry necklace and a fur coat.

“So you have come this far” said Homer.

“You’re a traitor, Homer. You’re a Follower of Novayus, and you’re the one who sent Ercol to kill Ronald Talpraise” said Cardinal Petrie.

“You figured it out? I’ve been supporting the Followers of Novayus for 20 years, sending young men to their deaths, and I’m so tired. You know, I’m not alone. I know who the traitor is among the priests of Cathurch. It is your leader, Father Loman” said Homer.

“Lies! All lies!” said Cardinal Petrie.

“You don’t believe me? How about you ask the Handlirians here? How Father Loman has history collaborating with the Griffiths. He hasn’t changed his ways one bit, you see” said Homer.

“And why are you telling us this?” asked James.

“My Prince James Canner, what makes you think you are leaving this place alive? My steward at the front door is a Follower of Novayus, and so are the rest of the people in this house. Prepare to die!” said Homer.

Homer lunged at James from his chair with a knife, but James dodged it.

3 more people entered the room with knives: 2 men and 1 woman. They were all wearing casual clothes similar to Homer’s, but they were Followers of Novayus. They attacked the Fellowship and Cardinal Petrie. The Fellowship fought the 5 people who were attacking them. The Followers of Novayus were also using spells to attack. The Handlirians stopped the Followers of Novayus using spells, and they cut the Followers of Novayus down.

After the Followers of Novayus were dealt with, the Handlirians decided to confront Father Loman.

“Father Loman is a traitor. He is the one who was collaborating with the Followers of Novayus. We must stop him” said Quintus.

“Yes. It’s hard to accept, but it’s the truth. I will have to confront my own boss” said Cardinal Petrie.

The Fellowship went back to the church where Father Loman was. However, as they were approaching the church, Cardinal Petrie was hit by an arrow in the neck, and he dropped to the floor, dead. Sleeping gas began to emanate near the Fellowship, and they fell over on the floor, unconscious.

The Fellowship woke up in a cave, with all 5 of them tied together next to a wooden post along with a middle aged woman with brown hair and blue eyes wearing white and blue Handlirian robes.

“Master Farana?” asked Quintus.

“Quintus. I suppose you 5 have been captured, too?” said Farana.

“Yes. We were trying to stop the cult, same as you” said Quintus.

The cave was big, and it was full of Followers of Novayus. It was lit by torches. The leader of the Followers of Novayus, Wolfstan, was with the Fellowship. He was wearing a red cape in addition to his wolf skin armor that signified his status as the leader. He had a black beard and was very strong and huge, and introduced himself to the Fellowship.

“Hello, Handlirians. I am Wolfstan, the leader of the Followers of Novayus. You have attempted to stop us and find the traitor in your city, but you will not leave here alive with the knowledge” said Wolfstan.

A priest was with them with his back turned to the Fellowship. He was wearing a black suit and a black hood. He turned around and lowered his hood, revealing him to be Father Loman. He was also holding the Jehovian Seal.

“Father Loman. It is you. You’re the traitor!” said James.

“Yes, my Prince. I never turned my back on the Griffiths, and I continue working for them. I am posing as the good leader of the Church in Cathurch, but in reality I am helping the Followers of Novayus. I support them in their attacks in the city, the attacks which bring fear into the citizens. The Followers of Novayus were created, and are supported and funded by the Griffiths. In the instability caused by the Followers, the Griffiths shall take over the city, and the populace will see them as saviours” said Father Loman.

“No. You shall not succeed, you traitor!” said Quintus.

“Oh really?” said the Griffith commander as he walked into the room. About 2 dozen other Griffith soldiers walked with him. “Because that’s where we’re going right now. We’ve already taken over the city”

A Palmorin, Lord Luthor was also inside the cave, and he spoke.

“And the Jehovian Seal has helped us control the populace and make the Followers of Novayus powerful. The Griffiths now have 3 Jehovian Seals. You don’t stand a chance!” said Lord Luthor.

“Now I shall have the Followers of Novayus execute you all” said Father Loman.

Father Loman, Lord Luthor and the Griffith soldiers left the cave, and then one of the Followers of Novayus lunged at the Fellowship.

However, James had the blade gun hidden inside his Handlirian clothes, and through the rope he shot the Follower of Novayus with one of the bullets. Cassandra also broke the Fellowship free from the rope with her knife. The Followers of Novayus attacked them, but they used the magical spells of ice and fire to kill them.

“Kill them!” yelled Wolfstan.

James took the sword of the Follower that he killed, and he used it to fight the Followers of Novayus. Daniel, Shay and Quintus also grabbed the swords of the fallen Followers. Master Farana was using her magical spells of ice and fire to kill the Followers. Most of them were turning into werewolves, including Wolfstan, and were lunging at the Fellowship. However, in time, the Fellowship was able to fend them off using both their swords and magic. But the werewolves were becoming too much for the Fellowship. Master Farana had an idea.

“Let’s use magic to bring down the ceiling and get away from the wolves! On my mark!” said Farana.

“Cassandra, get away from here” said Quintus.

The 4 Handlirian members of the Fellowship extended their hands to the cave ceiling, and they managed to bring it down on the converging Followers. They escaped the giant room and went to a passage in the cave with Cassandra before the ceiling fell on the Followers.

“Now let’s get out of here and stop the Griffiths from taking Cathurch!” said Quintus.

The Fellowship continued to go down the passage with Cassandra, attempting to find an escape from the cave. They had to continue fighting Followers as they followed the passage. After following the passages for some time, they finally emerged in a wooden fortress.

The fortress had 2 levels, and the Fellowship had emerged from the 1st level. There, there was a shrine to the wolf god, where there was a stone statue of a werewolf. They were confronted by more members of the cult, as well as Wolfstan, who turned into a werewolf as he taunted the Fellowship.

“Ha, you think you can stand against the might of the wolf god Novayus?! Blasphemer! Prepare to die!” said Wolfstan as he turned into a werewolf.

Wolfstan attacked the Fellowship, but the Fellowship dodged his attacks. They attacked him from afar with fire and shock spells in order to be safe. James couldn’t shoot Wolfstan with his blade gun as it had run out of blades and he didn’t have time to reload it.

“Attack Wolfstan with ranged spells! Be careful not to get too close to him!” yelled Farana.

Wolfstan was getting weakened by the ranged spells, but that only seemed to make him angrier. He charged at Cassandra, and though Cassnadra managed to jump out of the way, Wolfstan grabbed her foot, and grabbed her on the air.

“Cease fighting, or she dies!” yelled Wolfstan.

The Fellowship ceased fighting at the command of Wolfstan, but then Shay hurled a smoke spell at Wolfstan, distracting him and causing him to drop Cassandra. James then reloaded his blade gun and shot Wolfstan in the head, and Wolfstan fell to the floor, dead.

They then set the wooden compound on fire with fire spells, and they escaped the compound into the forest as the Followers of Novayus chased them out of the burning compound.

They ran further into the forest in order to lose the Followers of Novayus, then, when they felt that they were clear, they stopped.

“Thanks for rescuing me. I feared that I wouldn’t get out of there alive, especially since they were about to sacrifice me” said Farana.

“It’s the Handlirian way, Farana” said Quintus as he bowed to Farana along with the rest of the Fellowship.

“Now we have to get back to Cathurch and stop the Griffiths from taking over the city” said James.

“Yes. We should go back to Cathurch. The priests and the city’s leadership are going to be in danger, and Father Loman and Lord Luthor have the Jehovian Seal” said Shay.

“Let’s go then. But we will have to sneak into the city” said Farana.

So the Fellowship returned to Cathurch, and they climbed the city’s natural mountain wall to get a good vantage point. There, they saw the Griffith soldiers inside the city taking order and heading to the Governor’s Hall.

“The Griffith soldiers have taken over. They’re going to the Governor’s Hall. Possibly to replace the current governor of the city” said Cassandra.

“We have to stop them!” said Daniel.

“Patience, Daniel. We have to be careful not to be seen. Let’s go down there and immediately use the disguise spell to blend in” said Farana.

The Fellowship climbed down the mountain wall and ended up behind a mountain building. There, they emerged and used the disguise spell. They were disguised as regular citizen do, wearing the casual green and brown clothes of Cathurch. James, Shay and Master Quintus were disguised as men, while Cassandra, Daniel and Master Farana were disguised as women. They blended in well with their disguises, and were not noticed by the Griffith guards

“Now we must go to the Governor’s Hall and save Governor Montanus” said Quintus.

The Fellowship went past the stone city streets to the Governor’s palace, which was built as a big stone building that had a waterfall running through the middle of it. There, at the door of the keep, were posted 4 Griffith soldiers, who had their backs turned to the Fellowship, and thus didn’t see them.

“Now let’s sneak up behind them and end them” said Quintus.

The Fellowship, whose disguise had now run out, snuck up behind the 4 Griffith guards, being careful not to be seen. James and Cassandra snuck up behind one of the guards together. Before the guards realized what was going on, they were assassinated by the Fellowship with knives.

The Fellowship then entered the building, and there, there was an arch leading further to the hall, and there were scattered rocks in the center, and 2 doors on the left and right sides leading to where there were 3 Griffith soldiers. Beside the Griffith soldiers there were dead city guards. The guards spotted the Fellowship, and they attacked.

“Alert! Intruders!” yelled the Griffith soldiers.

The Fellowship took out their swords and fought against the Griffith soldiers. They exchanged swords against the Griffith soldiers, and took them out easily with their combined powers.

They the pushed further to the hall and stormed inside the throne room, where Father Loman was sitting on the stone throne with the Jehovian Seal, with Lord Luthor at his side. There, the Seal of Cathurch, a wolf and a cross, was carved above the stone throne. Governor Montanus was kneeling on the ground, at the mercy of the 10 Griffith soldiers on the ground.

The Fellowship went into the throne room, and Father Loman taunted them.

“You have failed, Handlirians. We have taken over Cathurch for the Griffiths, and now Governor Montanus will be executed. And do you know what really helped me? This Jehovian Seal right here” said Lord Luthor as he raised the Jehovian Seal.

“That’s an object of immense power, and yet you use it unwisely!” said Quintus.

“It was found here, in the Governor’s Hall. There is an ancient excavation site here, where it was found. Now, prepare to see Governor Montanus executed!” said Father Loman.

The Griffith guard grabbed the Fellowship, and the other guards were about to execute Montanus, but James shot Father Loman in the chest with his blade gun, and Father Loman fell off his throne, dead.

“Take that, traitor!” said Montanus.

The guards began to attack the Fellowship, but they fought back. They had their swords and fought the Griffith guards, while Daniel threw an ice spike at the head of the guard who was about to execute Montanus.

“Kill them all!” yelled Lord Luthor as he took out 2 glowing purple swords and charged at the Fellowship.

It was a hard fight. Daniel was injured in the arm by one of the guards who cut his arm. Master Quintus finished that guard off. Cassandra was also punched by a guard. Shay, James and Master Farana killed several guards. The Fellowship used their magical staffs on one hand and their swords in the other, using both to kill the guards.

In the middle of the fight, Lord Luthor charged at James with his 2 swords.

“Time to die, false King of Libernia!” yelled Lord Luthor as he charged at James with his 2 swords. James blocked Lord Luthor’s attacks, and the 2 engaged in a fight.

During all the commotion, Governor Montanus had gotten free, and he grabbed a sword from a fallen Griffith guard and helped the Fellowship fight the guards. Daniel was fighting the Griffith commander, and blocked his attacks. Montanus walked up behind the commander unnoticed, and then stabbed him through the stomach. With a bloody mouth, the commander fell down on the floor, dead.

Lord Luthor was still fighting against the Fellowship along with the remaining Griffith guards. He was now duelling against Master Farana and James.

“You are no match for the wrath of a Palmorin!” yelled Lord Luthor as he stabbed Farana.

“Farana!” yelled Master Quintus. In anger, Master Quintus charged at Lord Luthor and attacked him with his sword. The rest of the Fellowship also charged at Luthor, and they were too much for the Palmorin. The Palmorin was stabbed by Quintus in the stomach.

“Ahhh!” yelled Lord Luthor as he fell to the ground, dead.

The Fellowship managed to kill the remaining Griffith guards, and Master Quintus turned to Master Farana, who was bleeding on the ground and dying.

“Farana. I can still save you. Don’t give up!” said Quintus.

“It’s too late, Quintus. He stabbed me pretty hard, and you wouldn’t be able to heal me from it. You managed to avenge me by killing Luthor, and you completed my mission and got the Jehovian Seal. Now let me rest” said Farana.

Master Quintus attempted to use a healing spell on Farana.

“James, Daniel, Shay, help me heal Farana!” said Quintus.

The other Handlirian students attempted to heal Farana, but it was no use. She was immobile and dead within minutes.

“Rest in peace, Master Farana” said Quintus.

Governor Montanus spoke to them, thanking them for their help.

“Thank you for helping me get rid of them. They surely would have executed me if you hadn’t arrived. I’m sorry about Master Farana. She came here to Cathurch searching for the Jehovian Seal, but she was captured by the Followers of Novayus. It must really feel bad to rescue someone only to have them killed later. Now I must help my guards fend off the remaining Griffith soldiers in the city and restore control. Care to help me?” said Governor Montanus.

“Yes” said Master Quintus.

“Did you manage to stop the Followers of Novayus?” asked Montanus.

“Yes. We managed to kill their leader and a large number of them, and we destroyed their wooden fortress” said James.

“Good. And now that the Griffith threat in the city has been neutralized, the cult will be weakened and will no longer trouble us. This is yours, by the way” said Montanus as he picked up the Jehovian Seal that was next to the wooden throne and gave it to Master Quintus.

“Thanks” said Quintus.

“Now let’s go reclaim our city!” said Montanus.

The Fellowship, along with Governor Montanus and a couple of his guards, went around the hall, where they killed the remaining Griffith guards. The hall was dark and made of stone, and there were golden cages separating some of the rooms. A few of the guards had broken into the bedroom of Governor Montanus’ wife, Ella and his son Ben and daughter Amy were afraid.

“Time to die!” said one of the Griffith guards in Ella’s room as he prepared to stab her.

“Help!” yelled Ella.

“What’s going on, Mom?” said Ben as he walked from his room to his Mom’s room along with Amy.

However, Governor Montanus arrived with the Fellowship and his guards, and they killed the Griffith guards there.

“It’s all right, my family” said Governor Montanus.

After they had finished dealing with the Griffith guards there, they left the hall and killed the guards that were in the city. Some of them were abusing the citizens.

“Give me all your jewelry!” said a Griffith guard to a gold vendor on the streets.

“No!” yelled the young woman who was selling the jewelry.

“Then die!” said the guard.

The Fellowship swarmed in along with Governor Montanus and the city guards and dealt with the Griffith guards swiftly.

After all the Griffith guards were either dead or had surrendered, Governor Montanus met with the Fellowship in the city square, and thanked them for their help in stopping the Griffith’s takeover of his city.

“Thank you for helping me stop the Griffiths from taking over my city. I hate to think what would have happened if they had succeeded. Now I have regained order in my city. You will always be welcome in Cathurch” said Governor Montanus.

“It was our pleasure, Governor. We also managed to get the Jehovian Seal from them” said James, holding the Jehovian Seal.

“Now we must leave. We have things to do outside the city. Goodbye. Take care” said Master Quintus.

“Goodbye” said Governor Montanus.

So the Fellowship left Cathurch.