The freed prisoners, as well as the citizens who rioted against the Griffiths, walked on the dirt road, with the forest on both sides of the road. They were being led by Harold, Tremel, Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay, who managed to get horses from the stables outside the city. They were relieved that they managed to escape the city alive. Now they would be taken to a safe haven.

“Master, where are we taking these people?” asked James.

“We are taking them to Ilinata’s Deep. It is in the Norman Mountains which are near Calablin, and it will be a safe place where the refugees we are taking will be safe from the Griffiths” said Xanatos.

“Why don’t we just take them to Calablin?” asked Daniel.

“Because Calablin is too far away, and the Griffiths will be chasing us. The Griffiths may also want to attack Calablin, and we may have to defend Calablin in Ilinata’s Deep” said Tremel.

“What exactly is Ilinata’s Deep? Is it like a city?” asked Cassandra.

“Ilinata’s Deep is a fortress that lies in a gorge that winds its way below the Norman Mountains. There is a town called Ilinata near it. However, they always keep the fortress empty to keep it open for refugees during times of strife. The fortress is defensible, and it is big enough to host several people” said Xanatos.

The group continued their trek to Ilinata with the refugees.

Meanwhile, back in Tyne, King Francis Griffith was very angry that his enemies had escaped, and that James and Daniel Canner had escaped his grasp.

He was sitting in the castle’s war room, which had a table with a map of Libernia, and had windows on both sides of the room. The room also had knights with suits of armor on display. He was sitting with Queen Beatrix, Prince Victor, General Edmund and Palmorii Lord Faeren.

“I am very disappointed in you, General Edmund. Not only did you fail to see that James and Daniel Canner were here with their Handlirian friends, but you couldn’t even stop the prisoners, and traitorous enemies of Libernia, from escaping! Give me one reason why I shouldn’t demote you or throw you in prison” said Victor angrily.

“We are still winning this war, my King, and I managed to kill several of the prisoners. And I will do everything in my power to find the traitors and bring them back to captivity in Tyne. I will not disappoint you, my King” said General Edmund.

General Edmund was a stern, middle aged man with graying hair. He bowed down to King Francis.

“Very well, Edmund. However, you will still be demoted, and instead of you, I will use Lord Faeren’s Palmorii Witch-Dogs in order to find the prisoners. We will have to find the traitors quickly, and find out where they are headed. The Witch Dogs are perfect for this, because they are very good at tracking, and will be able to track our prisoners with ease. Once we know where they are, we will send a full force to apprehend them, and if we must, kill them. Lord Faeren, send a scouting force of Palmorii Witch-Dogs to search the surrounding area” said Francis.

“Yes, my King. We will find your prisoners in no time, and they will either be dead or will be back in prison and will gain a harsher punishment” said Lord Faeren.

So Lord Faeren sent a scouting force of Witch-Dogs to search the surrounding area for his former prisoners. The Witch-Dogs were witches who rode giant wolf-dogs the size of horses. They left Tyne.

Meanwhile, the refugees continued their trek to Ilinata. They were near a canyon.

Suddenly, they were attacked by the Palmorii Witch-Dogs. There were several of them approaching from the plains. The refugees were afraid of the Witch Dogs, who were attacking them with magical spells, swords and their wolves .

“Please help!” said a woman holding her baby.

Suddenly, a Witch on her wolf swung her sword at the woman.

“No!” said Shay as he hurled a fire spell at the witch. The witch was set on fire along with her wolf, and they both fell to the ground, dead.

There were still more Witch Dogs approaching from the plains, and they were attacking the group.

James fought one of the Witch-Dogs on his horse, who was trying to attack a family of a man, a woman and a young boy. The Witch Dog was taunting James, while James extended his sword to defend himself.

“Well come on, attack me! Or die, like a dog!” said the witch to James, before lunging at his horse with her wolf. James swung his sword downward, and it pierced the wolf in the mouth. The giant wolf fell to the floor, dead.

However, the witch was still alive, and the ugly hag attempted to swing her burning hands to attack James. From his horse, James slashed the witch’s hands off, then stabbed her in the stomach. The witch fell to the ground, dead.

Daniel was fighting with Master Xanatos on their horses, and they were both fighting 2 Witch-Dogs. One of the witch-dogs had devoured a man who was foolish enough to fight it. The 2 Witch-Dogs then lunged at Daniel and Xanatos.

“Attack the Witch-Dogs!” said Xanatos as the Witch-Dogs lunged at them.

Daniel and Xanatos attacked the Witch-Dogs with their staffs, hurling electrocution spells at them, as the Witch-Dogs lunged at them.

However, though the spells hurt the Witch-Dogs, it didn’t immediately kill them. One of the witches rode to Daniel from her wolf and lunged at him as she jumped off her horse and touched him in the forehead, burning him.

“Aargh!” yelled Daniel as the Witch-Dog burned him.

“Tell me, young one. Where are you taking these people?” said the witch to Daniel in a demonic voice.

“I’ll never tell you!” said Daniel, struggling as the witch burned him.

“Then die!” said the witch.

Suddenly, Master Xanatos stabbed the witch with his staff, and she fell to the floor, dead.

The other Witch-Dog threw a fire spell at a middle aged woman in the group, and the unfortunate woman was disintegrated into ashes.

Even though the group was managing to kill some of the Witch-Dogs, they were causing real damage to the group, and had even killed a few of them.

Captain Harold threw a knife at one of the Witch-Dogs, hitting the witch in the chest, and the witch dropped dead.

There were more Witch-Dogs that were attacking the group, who were approaching from the plains. Master Xanatos ordered Cassandra to take those who couldn’t fight to Ilinata.

“Cassandra, you must take everyone who can’t fight to Ilinata’s Deep!” said Xanatos.

“But what about you guys? Will you be all right?” said Cassandra.

“Yes. We can fight the Witch Dogs. Now go!” said Xanatos.

Cassandra left with a number of the refugees, including Louis and his family. They continued their path to Ilinata’s Deep, while the refugees who could fight continued to fight the Witch-Dogs.

Suddenly, from across the plains, a young man with red curly hair, who was an Elf, arrived on his horse with Master Talynn and a number of other Elves and Humans who were wearing golden armor. Castilius also was with the Elves.

They were attacking the Witch-Dogs with their swords and bows, and killing them with ease.

The Elves were especially shooting the Witch-Dogs with their bows and arrows, and they modified their arrows with magic such as fire and poison.

“Reinforcements, huh?” said Xanatos to the young man as they continued to fight the Witch-Dogs.

“Yes. The Handlirian Council felt you would need reinforcements to get these people to safety. I’m Handlirian Knight Ephraim, by the way.” said the red-haired man to Xanatos.

The group now was killing the Witch-Dogs with ease, now that they had reinforcements. Castilius was adept at slashing the Witch-Dogs with his sword.

However, when James was fighting a Witch-Dog on his horse, he managed to kill the witch, but the giant wolf knocked him off his horse, and he struggled with the giant fiend as it dragged him further and further off the cliff. Eventually, the wolf and James tumbled off the cliff.

“Brother!” said Daniel.

Another Witch-Dog lunged at Daniel, but Daniel used the back of his staff to stab the Witch-Dog, killing it.

Governor Tremel also was killing the Witch-Dogs with his dagger. The Human Handlirians were also using magic and their staffs to kill the Witch-Dogs with ease.

The Witch-Dogs stood no chance against the group and their reinforcements. In time, the group that stayed behind managed to kill all the Witch-Dogs. But the group was wondering where James was.

“James! James!” yelled Castilius.

A dying witch made cackling sounds near Castilius. Castilius approached the dying witch who was on the floor with her dead wolf, and he grabbed her and interrogated her.

“Where is James Canner?!” said Castilius angrily to the witch.

“He’s dead. He took a little tumble off the cliff” said the witch.

“You lie!” yelled Castilius.

The witch had a piece of Strang in her hand, and she showed it to Castilius. Then she died.

Castilius went to the cliff that James tumbled over, where Masters Xanatos, Talynn and Daniel Canner were also standing. Under the cliff, there was a river.

“I hope he’s not dead” said Xanatos.

“He could have survived, after all it’s water” said Daniel.

“Yeah, probably” said Xanatos.

“Get the wounded on horses. Continue the path to Ilinata’s Deep, but be wary. The Witch Dogs, or the Griffiths, may attack us again” said Ephraim to the soldiers.

Meanwhile, under the cliff in the river, James was still alive. He was swimming in the river, and he was swimming, being carried in the current. The giant wolf was nowhere to be seen, but then it emerged from the water and attacked James from the water. James killed the wolf with his sword. James was weak, as he had been hurt during his struggle with the wolf.

He was washed on the shore of the river, away from the cliff. There, James’ horse, a brown steed, found him. James weakly got himself onto the horse.

“All right horsey, we are going to help our friends at Ilinata’s Deep. We are going to go to get reinforcements from the Handlirian Order at Calablin. Let’s go!” said James.

James and his horse ride to Calablin to get reinforcements for his friends and the refugees.

He got to Calablin in a month, riding on his horse. When he arrived in Calablin, he immediately went to the Handlirian Academy to the office of Grand Master Yolrond in the Room of Knowledge.

The office of Grand Master Yolrond was an elegant room with a stained glass window and bookcases. It had a giant orb at the center, where all the knowledge was stored.

“James Canner, you have succeeded in your mission to rescue Governor Tremel, Captain Harold, and the other people the Griffiths have imprisoned, and they are now being taken to a safe place. But I sense you have come to ask for help.” said Yolrond.

“Yes, Master Yolrond. The refugees are being taken to Ilinata’s Deep. It is a safe haven, which is near here. But the Griffiths are going to attack that strategic point, and they will want to attack Calablin as well. The defence will be no easy feat, as the Griffiths have the entire army of Libernia at their disposal, as well as the growing and ever powerful Palmorii Order. That is why, even though you have already sent us reinforcements, I must ask for more” said James.

“James, you made the right decision by coming here. You truly have the heart of a Handlirian, and of a true King of Libernia. I’ll see what I can do. I could send more Handlirian Knights to help you, or I get soldiers from our Gelandian allies. I could also get warriors from the northern kingdom of Skarsgin. Either way, I will send reinforcements. I will start with Handllirian Knights and soldiers, and you will lead them. And if you are having trouble in the battle, I shall come with more reinforcements at dawn on the fifth day” said Master Yolrond.

“Thank you, Master” said James.

James soon departed Calablin for Ilinata’s Deep with an array of Handlirian soldiers and Elven soldiers from the nearby city of Lothor.
Even though the group that was going to Ilinata’s Deep managed to fend off the Witch-Dogs that were attacking them, the Witch-Dogs had gotten a sense of where the refugees were going. Also, the Griffiths had a spy that was with the refugees who were going to Ilinata’s Deep. The refugees did not suspect that one of their own was actually this spy for the Griffiths.

The spy’s name was Nathan Ratongue, and he immediately rode back to Tyne to report to the Griffiths while the refugees were nearly at Ilinata’s Deep. Nathan had a mischievous look, with extremely pale skin, a crooked nose, a short stature and long black hair. He wore a black cloak.

When he got to Tyne, Nathan reported to Francis Griffith, Victor Griffith, Captain Edmund and Lord Faeren at the Griffith castle, telling the about the situation and where the refugees were going.

“Do you have something to report, Nathan?” said Victor.

“Yes. Unfortunately, the refugees managed to kill most, if not all, of the Witch-Dogs that Lord Faeren sent. However, we managed to hurt them, and I know where they are going. they are going to Ilinata’s Deep, a refuge in the town of Ilinata in the Norman Mountain which is near Calablin. it is a fortress.” said Nathan.

“Calablin…that is the home of the Handlirian Order, which has been constantly underwhelming the efforts of the Palmorii Order and the Griffiths. They lie in a rebellious area of Libernia, the Pale Reach, and the city states there have been resisting Griffith rule with the help of the Handlirians and Geland. They have especially stopped us from finding 2 of the Jehovah Seals. The Handlirian Order must be neutralized if we are to keep the Griffith Kingdom of Libernia stable. However, the enemy at Ilinata’s Deep will block the way to Calablin” said Lord Faeren.

“The real threat is the Handlirian Order. They are usurping our efforts to control Libernia. They must be stopped. That is why we must take Ilinata’s Deep as soon as possible, and open the way to Calablin to attack the Handlirian Order” said General Edmund.

“However, we are still at war with Geland. We are beating them in the war, but we will need the forces that we can get” said Victor.

“No worry. Our kingdom has a large army at its disposal, and we can use half of that army to attack Ilinata’s Deep and still continue the war with Geland. We can also use Palmorii Assassins, Dark Wizards and Witch-Dogs to help us. General Edmund, get together a force of Libernia’s finest soldiers to attack Ilinata’s Deep. Lord Faeren, get all the Palmorii that you can muster” said Francis.

“Yes, my King” said General Edmund and Lord Faeren.
The refugees took a month to get to Ilinata’s Deep. When they arrived at Ilinata’s Deep, they were relieved at being at a safe place. Ilinata’s Deep was a fortress in the middle of a gorge winding its way down from the Norman Mountains. The fortress was made of stone, and it had a wall, with a gate on the right side of the fortress and a tower on the left side. The fortress was in the shadow of the mountains, while the town was near the fortress, and also was in the shadow of the fortress. The town’s houses were made of an elegant wood, and the mayor’s house was bigger than the other buildings.

When the refugees arrived in Ilinata, the town’s residents immediately took note of them, and they got the mayor of the city to see why the refugees needed to stay in the fortress.

The mayor went outside to speak with the seeming leader of the refugees, Master Xanatos, as well as Master Talynn, Harold and Tremel

“I am Mayor Kilmack of Ilinata. Our town is open to all refugees who desperately need it. However, we would like to know what the problem is. Where have you escaped from?” asked Mayor Kilmack.

“Mayor Kilmack, these refugees have escaped from the captivity of the Griffith regime in Tyne, the capital of Libernia. We rescued them, and now they need a place to settle” said Master Xanatos.

“Fair enough” said Mayor Kilmack.

“Wait. The Griffiths are going to attack this town. You need to be ready to defend yourselves” said Harold.

“Why would they attack us? We’re neutral” said Mayor Kilmack.

“There is no neutrality in the war between the Griffiths. You’re either with us or the Griffiths. And you wouldn’t turn us over to the Griffiths, now would you?” said Castilius.

“No, I wouldn’t turn you over to the Griffiths. However, I see no reason why they would want to attack our town. Maybe we could negotiate with them?” said Mayor Kilmack.

“There is no negotiating with the Griffiths. They would attack your town because according to them you are harbouring traitors. If you don’t defend yourself, they will destroy your town” said Tremel.

“We’ll see about that. For now, just settle down in the fortress” said Mayor Kilmack.

“But they will…” said Master Xanatos.

“Enough! If you’re not going to listen, you might as well leave Ilinata! Now, let me lead you to the fortress” said Kilmack.

With the refugees following him, Mayor Kilmack went to Ilinata’s Deep. He led the refugees past the fortress gate, where the stone fortress had an open-roofed corridor with steps on both sides leading higher up the fortress. He then led them up these steps and into the top of the fortress, where there was a statue of a king pulling his sword out, the first King of Libernia.

“Wow! That’s a cool statue” said Cassandra.

“Yes. it is a statue of the first King of Libernia, Edmund Castor. He united the various principalities of Libernia into one kingdom around 2500 years ago. This fortress was built around that time” said Kilmack.

Kilmack led the refugees past 3 arches behind the statue of the king, where the interior of the fortress was. The interior of the fortress was a combination of stone from the fortress and natural stone from the mountains. The way was dark, and it was lit by torches. There were several passages, and Edmund led them past the passages into a big hall.

The hall was part of the fortress, and it had stone walls lit by torches. The hall had beds in it, and it had stairs that led to another level of the castle where there were more beds. There was a door to a passageway leading to a cave system, and it was also lit by torches. There were also several beds laying inside the cave for the refugees. The bed blankets are made of animal skins, and they were laid out on both walls of the cave. There were several of them, and there were even more rows of beds. There were also tables with a lot of food, varying from meat, fish and cheese.

“This is where you will be staying. I know it’s not the best arrangement, but its the best we have. There are also more beds inside there castle, but there aren’t enough for everybody” said Kilmack.

“No matter. Thanks for your hospitality, Kilmack” said Castilius.

Cassandra was wondering where James was.

“Prince James, where is he?” said Cassandra.

“He fell” said Daniel sadly.

“No…He can’t be dead, can he?” said Cassandra.

“I hope not” said Shay.

As it was nighttime, everyone went to their beds in the fortress and went to sleep in the night.

As they stayed in Ilinata, Harold, Tremel, Castilius and Handlirian Masters Xanatos, and Talynn attempted to convince Mayor Kilmack to defend his city, continuing to tell him that the Griffiths were going to attack Ilinata’s Deep. They spoke to Kilmack in the Great Hall of Ilinata’s Deep, sitting at a table in the stone fortress.

“Mayor Kilmack, you have to prepare to defend yourself. The Griffiths are going to attack this town no matter what. You must be prepared to defend it if you want your town to survive” said Harold.

“I told you, the Griffiths have no reason to attack us. We are neutral. If the Griffiths want to attack us because of you, then I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave Ilinata” said Mayor Kilmack.

“Leave Ilinata? No way! It’s too risky to leave, and the refugees need a place to settle down! Besides, this town is a defence between the Griffiths and Calablin” said Master Talynn.

“This is not our fight! If you have a problem with the Griffiths, then fine! But we do not, we are neutral! You will obey our rules or you will leave!” said Mayor Kilmack angrily.

“You have to listen to us. The Griffiths don’t care that you’re neutral. Even if you let us go, they most likely know that you were harbouring traitors to their regime, and they will attack this town and will force you to reveal our location. Whether we leave or not won’t change anything. You must defend yourselves and let us help you do it” said Master Xanatos.

“We don’t even have an army. How can we defend ourselves?” said Mayor Kilmack.

“If there’s still space in the fortress, get every citizen in the city to come here to Ilinata’s Deep. We will do the fighting, and we will have reinforcements. Do you have any town guards?” said Castilius.

“Well, yeah, we have a few, but nothing much. That’s a great idea! We do still have space in the fortress for our citizens” said Mayor Kilmack.

“Good” said Tremel.

So the Handlirian army began organizing the Handlirian army and the city guard in order to prepare for the inevitable Griffith attack on Ilinata’s Deep. The Handlirians masters helped coordinate the army, and they put the Handlirian archers on the top of the wall to fight while the Handlirian melee and the Ilinata guards were inside the wall at the gate.

“Every one of you will be behind the gate. You will not leave the gate until I say the word. As for you archers, you will be at the top of the wall, and you will rain the enemy down with arrows” said Master Xanatos.

Meanwhile, Mayor Kilmack went to the town of Ilinata to warn the citizens about the impending Griffith attack and that they would have to go to Ilinata’s Deep for their protection.

“Attention, citizens. The Griffiths are going to attack out town, and you will not be safe here. You all must go to Ilinata’s Deep for your protection” said Mayor Kilmack.

So the citizens went to Ilinata’s Deep.
General Edmund and Lord Faeren put together an army of 10,000 to attack Ilinata’s Deep. The army was composed of Griffith soldiers, as well as Palmorii Assassins Dark Wizards, Trolls, Witch-Dogs and Dragons. The army assembled outside the Griffith castle in Tyne, and King Francis Griffith, watching from his balcony, sent the army on it’s way.

“Attack Ilinata’s Deep, and show the traitors and the Handlirian Order what it means to defy Libernia!” said Francis.

The army, led by General Edmund and Lord Faeren, marched to Ilinata’s Deep.
Reinforcements arrived at Ilinata’s deep from the northern kingdom of Skarsgin. The Skarsgin warriors were led by General Skald, a buff man with brown long hair and a beard. They were made up of about 1000 soldiers. The warriors of Skarsgin wore elegant silver amor, some painted in different colours like brown and green. They also had elaborate designs of gold. They wore helmets, some with horns, and they had beards. A few Elven soldiers also arrived from the city of Lothor near Calablin, being led by Marshall Youston. They wore golden armor, which fit in well with their gold-blond hair.

“We’ve got reinforcements, Master Xanatos” said Harold, as he pointed to General Skald and the Skarsegian reinforcements, as well as James and the Handlirian reinforcements. They were in the hall of the fortress, and the Handlirian Masters were relieved to see that James was alive.

“James! You’re alive! And you got us some reinforcements!” said Master Xanatos.

“Yeah. It’s good to see you to, Master Xanatos” said James.

“Captain Skald, of the Skarsegian army, at your service” said General Skald as he bowed to the Handlirian Masters.

“And Marshall Youston, of the Elvish army at Lothor, at your service” said Marshall Youston as he bowed to the Handlirian Masters.

“Thanks for your help. Now, we must continue to train and prepare for the invasion that will inevitably come by the Griffiths” said Harold, who was now wearing leather armor.

Cassandra, James’ brother Daniel and Shay, and Castilius were also happy to see James.

“Brother! I feared you were lost” said Daniel as he hugged his brother James.

“James, you’re back!” said Shay.

“Welcome, James. Thanks for bringing the reinforcements” said Castilius.

“You’re alive, cousin” said Cassandra as she kissed James.

“It’s good to be back, and it’s good to see you all again. I brought the reinforcements over to defend the kingdom.” said James.

So the combined force of Handlirians and Skarsegians waited for the Griffith army to approach Ilinata’s Deep. Within a week, the Griffith army approached Ilinata’s Deep. It was nighttime in Ilinata’s Deep, and it was raining hard, which would make for a tough battle.

The Griffith army was huge, and while Griffith soldiers were on the back row of the army, Palmorii Assassins’ Dark wizards and witch-Dogs were in the front row. There were also Palmorii Trolls on the back row of the Griffith army. The Griffith army had destroyed the town of Ilinata on the way to Ilinata’s Deep. General Edmund, who was standing on a rock while his soldiers were approaching, raised his sword and yelled.

As the enemy army approached, Castilius, who was on the top wall of Ilinata’s Deep with the Elven archers, the Handlirians, the Skarsegians and General Skald, told the archers to prepare. Mayor Kilmack was also fighting, leading the Ilinata guards. James and Daniel were also above the wall, with the rest of the Handlirian army who were not archers.

“Archers! Get ready!” yelled Castilius.

When the enemy army got very close to Ilinata’s Deep, they began to hit their spears on the ground.

The archers began to get ready to shoot the enemy. One of the Ilinata guards, an older man, accidentally fired an arrow while getting his shot ready. The arrow hit one of the admired Griffith soldiers on the head, and the soldier fell to the ground, dead.

“Hold!” said Castilius.

The battle had now truly begun. The enemy army charged at Ilinata’s Deep, while the archers at the top, led by Castilius, shot arrows at the enemy soldiers. Handlirian Knight Ephraim was among the archers.

Demonstrating their proficiency in archery, the elves, the Ilinata guards and the Handlirians managed to kill several of the enemy soldiers. However, the enemy soldiers continued to advance to the wall. Some of the Handlirians, including Shay, Lana, Zara, James and Daniel, also attacked the enemy soldiers by hurling magical spells at them: Shay and Lana were using fire spells, while Zara and Master Xanatos were using shock spells.

“We’re doing well! Keep it up!” said Kilmack.

“Is this it? Is this all you can conjure, King Francis Griffith?” said Master Xanatos tauntingly.

The Griffith soldiers had a way to counter the archers on the wall: crossbow men. They were close enough so that the crossbows could get into range to fire at the archers. The crossbow soldiers took out their crossbows and began to shoot some of the archers, making it easier for the Griffith and the Palmorii army to advance forward.

“Beware of those crossbows, they’re killing our archers! Take them down!” said Ephraim.

The archers and wizards focused their arrows and spells on the Griffith crossbow archers. They managed to kill some of the crossbow archers, but the crossbow archers were killing many of the elven archers, opening a gap in the walls.

The Griffith army used the gap in the walls to raise ladders in order to get the soldiers above the wall. They raised the ladders, then Griffith soldiers and Palmorii Assassins and Dark Mages began to make their way up the wall.

“Break down the ladders!” yelled Marshall Youston of the Elves.

James went to one of the ladders and helped the Skarsegian Warriors break it down. He killed a lot of the Griffith soldiers with his sword, and even though a few Palmorii Assassins made it up that ladder, James broke the ladder.

James was now duelling 3 Palmorii Assassins and 1 Dark Mage. He blocked the sword attacks from the Palmorii Assassins, but the dark Mage hurled a spell at him, and he fell to the floor. Suddenly, the Dark Mage was decapitated from behind. Harold was the one who decapitated the Dark Mage.

“Thanks for the help, Captain Harold” said James as Harold helped him get up from the floor.

“No problem, Prince James” said Harold.

2 of the ladders were also destroyed: one by Skald and his Skarsegian warriors, and the other one by Castilius and Shay. However, that did not stop the hordes of Griffith soldiers that were coming up the ladders and killing several of the Elven and Handlirian warriors. The Palmorii Dark Mages were especially damaging, as they used dark life-draining and Fire spells to kill the elves and Handlirians.

Outside the wall, a group of Griffith soldiers laid 4 charges that would be used by the berserker trolls to blow up the wall. They laid the charges below the wall, and then the berserker trolls began to advance with torches to use in blowing up the wall. The trolls were blue, giant and grotesque. They wore silver helmets as armor.

“Shoot the trolls down! They’re going to explode the wall!” said Castilius.

Ephraim began to shoot the one of the trolls with his arrow. The other archers and the Ilinata guards also shot the 3 other trolls, and though together they managed to kill 3 of the trolls, Ephraim was unable to kill the troll he was shooting, and it got to the charge below the wall, lighting it and exploding the wall. Ephraim had time to warn some of the Handlirian soldiers to leave the wall.

“Get off the wall!” said Ephraim.

James, Daniel, Shay, Lana, Zara, Ephraim, Master Xanatos, Kilmack and several of the Handlirian soldiers managed to get off the wall and into the second ring of the fortress before the wall exploded. The debris from the explosion killed several soldiers from both sides, including Ephraim. With a huge gap in the wall of Ilinata’s Deep, Griffith and Palmorii soldiers began to enter the wall.

Castilius lay on the bottom of the wall on the gap, dazed from the explosion. General Skald jumped from the top of the wall and began to fight the Griffith soldiers that were pouring into the wall.

“You’re no match for a Skarsegian warrior!” yelled Skald as he attacked the Griffith soldiers with his axe.

Castilius suddenly woke up, and he took his sword from the ground and rallied the elves to charge at the Griffith soldiers.

“Charge!” yelled Castilius as he charged at the Griffith army, with the elves behind him.

Together, they managed to hold off the Griffiths, but then Palmorii Assassins and Witch-Dogs came into the gap, and the Witch-Dogs ate the elven soldiers, while the Assassins slashed the elves with their superior swordsmanship. In time, Castilius and Skald were forced to flee.

Meanwhile, on the top of the wall that still remained, the Palmorii were coming up the wall and killing the remaining elven soldiers being led by Marshall Youston. Suddenly, a Palmorii Dragon, being ridden by Lord Faeren, grabbed Youston from the sky and ate him.

James and Daniel were fighting the Griffiths outside the castle along with Masters Xanatos and Talynn, as well as Harold and Tremel and a bunch of Handlirian soldiers. The few remaining Ilinata guards also fought with Kilmack. The fighting was intense, and they were sword fighting the Griffiths and the Palmorii. Master Xanatos was injured during the battle, and they were forced to retreat inside the castle.

“Retreat!” yelled Master Xanatos.

The remaining Handlirians, Elves and Skarsegians retreated back inside the fortress, being chased by the Griffith and Palmorii soldiers. When they got inside the fortress, they held the gate closed so that the enemy couldn’t get inside.

From outside the fortress, General Edmund revelled in what seemed like his inevitable victory.

“We have beaten them. We have beaten the Handlirians and the traitors. Well done forces! Destroy the fortress, and kill them all!” yelled General Edmund. General Edmund was on his horse with the Griffith soldiers who were bringing the battering ram forward to break open the gate.

The interior of the fortress was made of stone and wood, and in the room where all the soldiers were in, there were swords and weapons on the walls. There was also an elegant wooden throne in that room.

They were trying to stop the Griffiths from breaking down the gate with a battering ram by pushing the gate.

“Keep pushing!” said Tremel.

“We’ve lost this battle” said Kilmack.

“No, we haven’t lost yet, Mayor Kilmack.” said Master Xanatos.

Castilius went to the caves to tell the refugees to evacuate.

As the battle raged outside the fortress, the refugees were worried inside the caves and the deep interior hall of the fortress as they heard the battle. Cassandra was with Philip and Bilius in the deep interior hall. They were worried about what was happening in the battle.

“It sounds like the Handlirians are losing the battle, Father. I’m worried, what will happen?” said Cassandra.

“Don’t worry, my daughter. I’m sure everything will be all right” said Bilius.

Suddenly, Castilius came into the deep interior hall of the fortress.

“The battle may be lost. You may have to evacuate deeper into the caves” said Castilius.

Castilius returned to the front room of the keep.

As James was with the other Handlirians in the room of the fortress, he saw the sunlight of morning come in through the windows in the castle. Suddenly, he remembered what Yolrond had told him: that if the army was having trouble, he would send reinforcements on the morning of the fifth day.

James asked Master Xanatos and the rest of the Handlirian Masters and Squires to charge outside the main gate with him.

“Handlirians! Come with me. Get on your horses, and attack the enemy at our gate! As my brothers, I ask you to to do this so that we can hold them off long enough for the reinforcements to arrive. Reinforcements are coming. I promise you all that” said James.

The Handlirians bowed down to James, with Master Xanatos speaking.

“Prince James, I always knew that you had the heart in you. Even when this battle is not going well, you have the courage to continue it. You truly have the heart of a Libernian King in you. All right everyone, charge!” said Master Xanatos.

Masters Xanatos and Talynn, Castilius, Skald, Kilmack, James, Daniel, Shay, Zara, Lana and the remaining Handlirian soldiers charged outside the gate with their horses, killing hundreds of Griffith and Palmorii soldiers with their swords and staffs as they went down the stone bridge onto level ground.

As they fought the enemy on the level ground, James caught sight of Master Yolrond on his white horse with Master Cereus and a bunch of Handlirians and Gelandian horsemen on the far side of the mountain.

“Look, it’s the reinforcements!” said James as he pointed to the reinforcements.

“For Libernia!” yelled the Handlirians as they charged down at the Griffith army. They were at the top of the hill, and they charged down at the Griffith army. The Griffith army used a phalanx in an attempt to repel the Handlirian reinforcements, but it was no use. The Griffiths were blinded by the sunlight, and the Handlirians jumped over the phalanx with their horses. The Handlirians killed several of the Griffith soldiers, and Master Xanatos also rallied the remaining soldiers who were in the fortress.

“Attack! We’re surrounding them!” yelled Master Xanatos. Every soldier who was inside the fortress or its walls charged at the Griffith army, which was now surrounded on both sides and was losing the battle.

“Impossible!” yelled General Edmund. James went to General Edmund, and they clashed swords on their horses. James killed General Edmund by stabbing him in the chest.

Lord Faeren was on his dragon attempting to stop the Handlirians, but it was no use. The Handlirians used combined archery and magic to bring down the dragon, and the dragon crashed on the far side of the mountains with Lord Faeren.

In time, the Handlirians won the battle, and the remaining Palmorii retreated, while the Griffith soldiers that didn’t retreat surrendered to the Handlirians. Ilinata’s Deep was saved from the enemy.

The Handlirians were celebrating their victory, and they returned to Ilinata’s Deep in triumph.

“You guys did it! You helped me save the people of my town from the destruction that the Griffiths inflicted on the buildings!” said Mayor Kilmack.

“I had to help you and the Handlirians. I sensed that you were having trouble in your battle.” said Master Yolrond.

“Thanks for the help, Master Yolrond” said James.

“No problem, James.” said Master Yolrond.

When the Handlirians went back to the fortress, they celebrated their victory in the hall with a party. The table was full of wine and mead, and had a feast of pork and potatoes.

“Let us celebrate the valiance and courage that our own guards, as well as the Handlirians, Elves and Skarsegians showed today in stopping the Griffiths from destroying our town!” said Mayor Kilmack. The people at the table cheered and raised their cups.

“However, let us remember the valiant that also died to defend this place, the Elves, Handlirians and Skarsegians.” said Kilmack.

“Now drink up!” said Kilmack.

The people at the dinner table drank up and ate the food on the table as they celebrated their victory at the Battle of Ilinata’s Deep. The party went strong for the rest of the day, and the heroes of the battle, such as James, Daniel, Shay, Masters Xanatos, Talynn, Cereus and Yolrond, and General Skald, spoke about their exploits in the battle.

“I killed 43 Griffith and Palmorii soldiers” said Skald.

“I inspired the troops to go charge at the enemy one final time, and I got the reinforcements from Calablin” said James.

“Technically, I won the battle because I came with the Handlirian and Gelandian reinforcements. Speaking of which, I’d like you all to meet General Galante of Geland” said Master Yolrond, pointing to General Galante.

“Hello everyone. I am General Galante of Geland, and I am honoured to uphold the alliance between Geland and the Pale-Reach” said General Galante.

“This was an important victory. We hurt the enemy army and we stopped them from getting a way to Calablin” said Shay.

“Yes. Let us savor our victory, and those who helped it” said Master Xanatos, raising his cup.