James and Daniel Canner were summoned to the High Council room the next morning by Master Yolrond and the Handlirian Masters to be briefed about the assignment of rescuing Governor Tremel and Captain Harold from Tyne.

“Hello James and Daniel Canner. Thanks for showing up this morning. Last night, when we were meditating, me and the Handlirian Masters saw that we would need to rescue Captain Harold and Governor Tremel, as well as other enemies of the Griffiths, in order to have a better chance of winning the war. So we will need you both to go into Tyne undercover and rescue the enemies of the Griffiths from the dungeons in the castle. You will need to be undercover for this assignment, and you cannot be recognized” said Yolrond.

“So how would we go undercover to avoid being recognized?” said Daniel.

“Well, there is a spell that allows you to disguise yourself for a certain amount of time. You can use the spell to get into Tyne undetected.” said Master Xanatos.

“However, the spell only works for a certain amount of time. It works for around a few minutes at a time. Let us hope that spell works well enough for this mission.” said Master Rowan.

“Also, it is currently carnival season in Tyne, so that will help distract the Griffiths from your rescue.” said Master Cereus.

“Sounds good. Now, which Master shall volunteer to go with James and Daniel Canner on this assignment?” said Master Yolrond.

“I will.” said Master Xanatos, raising his hand.

“Good. Now, I would like another student to help James and Daniel. I would recommend Shay Scipius, as he is very good friends with James and Daniel. Master Rowan, summon Shay to the High Council room” said Yolrond.

“Yes, father” said Rowan.

Rowan summoned Shay to the High Council room.

“Shay, James and Daniel Canner need your help in an important assignment. We need to rescue the Griffith’s enemies who are imprisoned in Tyne, as we have seen in a vision that they will help turn the tide for us in the war. Master Xanatos shall accompany James and Daniel, as shall you.” said Yolrond.

“Sounds good. I shall be with James and Daniel through the whole mission” said Shay as he bowed to Yolrond.

So James, Daniel, Shay and Master Xanatos left Calablin for Tyne. They went on the road, and they wore secretive clothes with grey coats instead of their Handlirian clothes

On the way to Tyne, which took a month, they had to fight bandits that were on the road. In one such instance, the bandits had attacked them from the forest when they were riding on their horses to Tyne. The bandits fired arrows at them.

“Be careful! The bandits are shooting arrows at us! Use the deflection spell!” said Master Xanatos.

Xanatos and the other students extended their hands, and they used a spell to deflect the arrows and hurl them back at the bandits, killing them.

When they finally got to Tyne, there were guards posted in front of the stone gate of the city. There was a stone tower over the stone gate. They stopped in the small forest behind the had to figure out how to get into the city.

“All right guys, we are going to use a disguise spell to get past the guards in the gate. The way to use this spell is to look at the guard, an to imagine yourself as the guard. Then you will turn into him, and the guards will let you into the city” said Master Xanatos.

“Yes, Master” said James, Daniel and Shay.

James, Daniel, Shay and Master Xanatos focused on the guards posted at the city gate, and they turned into guards with the disguise spell. Then they walked up to the city gate, and the guards moved out of the way so that they could enter Tyne.

The streets of Tyne were decorated with carnival lights and banners over the buildings and streets as the city was preparing for the carnival

When they entered the city, they went inside a tavern and came up with a plan to rescue, Captain Harold, Governor Tremel and the Griffith enemies.

The tavern was decorated with carnival lights, just like the rest of the city. The tavern was dark, and had a fireplace behind the barman. Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay sat down at a table and tried to come up with a plan to rescue the Griffith enemies.

“How will we get to Captain Harold, Governor Tremel, and the enemies of the Griffiths? They are inside the dungeons of the Griffith castle, which is heavily guarded. We’re gonna have to figure out a way to get to them” said James.

“Well, the carnival is happening in the city, which could mean there will be less security in the Griffith castle. That would be the best time to sneak into the dungeon and rescue Governor Tremel.” said Master Xanatos.

“Yes, I agree. That would be the best time to rescue them. We should use the disguise spell to disguise ourselves as the guards and to get inside as well.” said Shay.

“Sounds good. That shall be our plan.” said Xanatos.

“Wait. I would like to see my fiancé Cassandra first. She is here in Tyne, and I was dating her before I was forced to flee the city 4 years ago” said James.

“Very well, but make it quick. And keep your hood up so that you are not recognized by anyone in the street” said Master Xanatos.

“I’ll go with him” said Daniel

James and Daniel went to Cassandra’s palace, with their hoods up so as not to be recognized by anyone. They made their way to Cassandra’s palace, but found that the palace had been burned down and that there was no one inside.

“Oh no. I hope Cassandra and her family are all right, and I hope they haven been captured by the Griffiths” said James.

“We should consult our best friend Louis Darvon. Maybe he could help us search for Cassandra and her family” said Daniel.

“Good idea” said James.

James and Daniel made their way to Louis’ house. The house was made of red and white bricks and was connected to the buildings beside it. There, they knocked on the houses’ wooden doors. Louis opened the door, and as James and Daniel revealed themselves, Louis was awed at seeing them.

“James and Daniel Canner? You’re back? It’s so good to see you again. Come in quickly” said Louis.

James and Daniel entered the house, which had brick stairs on the left side leading to the second floor. Cassandra and Philip were sitting in the kitchen of the house, as well as Louis’ parents, Arthur and Lena, and his sisters, Jessica and Erica. Louis sisters were young: Jessica was 12 years old and Erica was 10 years old, while Louis himself was 18. Louis’ sisters all looked similar to him, except for their green eyes. Everyone there greeted James and Daniel.

“Hello James and Daniel! It’s good to see that you guys are safe.” said Arthur.

“Hello” said James and Daniel back.

“Is your mother safe? How is she doing?” said Lena.

“Yes, our mother is safe. She is living in Calablin with us. However, she mourns our father, and she is working hard to help the Handlirian Order in it’s fight.” said Daniel.

“James! Daniel! It’s so good to see you again. I was so worried about you! What have you been doing for these past 4 years?” said Cassandra as she kissed James.

“Well, me and Daniel escaped Tyne with our mother, and we went to Calablin, the home of the Handlirian Order. We joined the Order, and we helped fight agains the Palmorii and we recovered artifacts known as the Jehovian Seals. We also helped fight the Griffiths, who were attacking the Pale-Reach, and we made an alliance with the Kingdom of Geland” said James.

“That’s amazing. I would be willing to fight against the Griffiths. After all, they took my parents from me and burned down my palace” said Cassandra.

“That sucks. They killed your parents?” asked James.

“No, thankfully. But they have imprisoned my parents inside the dungeons under their castle, where the rest of the Griffith’s enemies have been imprisoned as well. Who knows what they are suffering in there, and plus, the Griffiths are executing some of the prisoners” said Philip.

“Well, today’s your lucky day, because me and my brother have come here to rescue them. They shall be distracted with the carnival that’s going on, and we, along with the 2 other Handlirians that came with us, shall rescue your parents” said James.

“Good. I really think the only reason the Griffiths are having the carnival is to make the people happy and have them forget about their tyranny. But with you and your brother, it will backfire on them, and you will be able to rescue their enemies, and my parents! Just do be careful. I don’t want you guys imprisoned too” said Cassandra.

“Don’t worry, cousin. We will be careful.” said James

“All right. Good.” said Cassandra.

James and Daniel went back to meet Master Xanatos and Shay. They waited until the carnival started in the evening, and then they executed their rescue plan.

They went out into the city square, and then they hid among the citizens of the city. The carnival was in full swing in the city square, and jesters juggled torches. There were a few guards posted around the square, which had a state of a knight on a horse in the center. The city’s Governor Draco opened the carnival from the balcony on the city hall.

The city hall was a gray Parthenon, and the balcony was above the columns of the Parthenon. Also on the balcony were Duke Armand Canner, Duchess Victoria, Thomas and Anne Canner, King Francis Griffith, Prince Victor Griffith, and Queen Beatrix Griffith.

“Welcome, to the annual Carnival of Tyne. This year we have a lot of cool things in store in the carnival. We will be having jugglers, horse rides, boat races in the Upton River. We will even be having a hardcore contest. Our goal this year is to make you all happy.” said Governor Draco.

“In the contest, you will split into teams. You will have to find Griffith flags around the city. Then you will have to fight in a ring. The winners of the competition get to spend the night at the Griffith castle. The team limit is 4 people” said Duke Armand.

“That’s our way into the castle. We should go into the contest and win it so that we can get into the castle. That way it will be easier to get into the dungeon” said James.

“That is actually a good idea. Good thinking, James. And with our magical advantages such as clairvoyance, it will be easy to find the flags and win the contest” said Xanatos.

“If you would like to go into the contest, you must register your teams at the table there.” said Duke Armand as he pointed to a wooden table near the city hall.

Xanatos, Shay, James and Daniel went in line with the other contest participants to the table. There were 20 participants. When they got their place in line, Master Xanatos spoke.

“What is your name, and the names of your friends?” said the man at the table.

“My name is Matt, and my friends are named Joseph, Tyler and Mark.” said Master Xanatos.

“All right. Matt, Joseph, Tyler and Mark, you are registered. Wear these silver eye-masks” said the man on the table as he gave them silver eye-masks.

Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay began to search for the flags across Tyne. They split up, and James was with Master Xanatos while Shay was with Daniel. There were 50 flags in total. They used clairvoyance to search for the flags, and he found flags in the walls of the city’s buildings and on top of the buildings.

There were also flags inside various homes in the city, and the Handlirians had to enter the house from the windows uninvited. Some of the residents of the homes called the guards, unhappy that strangers was entering their homes from a window.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing in my house?!?!” a blond haired middle aged woman yelled to James and Xanatos as they found a flag in her home. They found the flag in the living room of her home, which had a grandfather clock and a fireplace, as well as a big wooden table and a white wall with designs of flowers.

“We’re searching for flags for a carnival contest. Sorry about that” said Xanatos.

“You’re mental. Guards! Help!” yelled the woman.

James and Xanatos immediately left the woman’s house, but the 3 guards apprehended him in the street, alerted by the woman. The guards took out their swords, and James and Xanatos took out their swords.

“I can explain. It’s for a carnival contest. We’re trying to find flags around the city, and we just happened to find one in her home. That’s why we’re wearing golden masks” said James.

But the guards wouldn’t listen. They attacked James and Xanatos. However, James and Xanatos dodged the guards attacks, and they countered the guards attacks and stabbed them. There was one guard left, and James dispatched him with an electrocution spell. James and Xanatos hid the guards’ bodies in a haystack nearby, and then they continued their search for the flags.

Shay and Daniel got into a fight with an opposing team in the contest when they were searching for a flag. As they came outside from finding a flag in an elegant store, they were ambushed by an opposing team. The team was composed of 2 men and 1 woman, and the men were wearing elegant blue clothes, while the woman was wearing an elegant purple dress. One of the men had long hair, and the other had a mohawk hairstyle.

As Daniel was walking out of the store, he was tackled by one of the men.

“The flags will be ours, and we will steal them from you!” said one of the men.

“No! Go find your own flags!” said Shay as he kicked the man who tackled Daniel.

The woman grabbed Shay from behind in a headlock, but Shay stepped on the woman’s shoe and turned around and hit her in the stomach.

“I don’t usually hit girls, but in this case I’ll make an exception!” said Shay as he hit the girl.

Daniel punched the man with the mohawk in the jaw, and he grabbed the man and kneed him, and the man fell to the ground.

Shay, meanwhile, grabbed the woman and threw her to the floor. Then Shay kicked the long haired man in the balls, and he fell to the ground clutching his balls.

With the 3 members of the opposing team on the ground and defeated, Shay and Daniel decided to go back to the city square.

James and Daniel also decided to return to the city square, having found their fair share of flags. When they returned to the city square, they gave the flags to the man at the table.

“Good job Matt, Joseph, Tyler and Mark. You guys have won the flag-searching competition. However, to gain entry to the competition, you must fight some of the city guards in a brawl. This way please” the man at the table said as he led Master Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay to a fighting ring in another corner of the city.

The ring had dirt in the middle, and was circular. The borders of the ring were made with red ribbons that were tied to small wooden posts

“You will be fighting 4 of the city guards here in a brawl. You can use no weapons. Only your fists” said the man.

Master Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay stepped onto the ring, where the 4 guards, clad with brown chainmail armor, red hats and red sleeves, waited for them.

“3…2…1…Begin!” said the man.

Xanatos, James, Daniel, and Shay held their fists up and moved around the ring, as did the guards. They moved around the ring for a few seconds, until one of the guards lunged at Shay. However, Shay dodged the guard.

Another guard also punched Daniel in the face, despite Daniel doing his best to block it. Daniel’s nose bled. Shay continued to move against one of the guards, and Shay faked attacks to trick the guard. Then Shay jumped and punched the guard’s head, and Shay pulled his leg and tossed him to the ground.

James, meanwhile, was exchanging punches with one of the guards. Neither James nor the guard could accomplish anything in the fight. James got punched in the stomach by the guard and kicked in the leg. The guard seemingly won, but James got a rush of adrenaline and anger. With this rush, he used a combination on the guard. He kicked the guard and then he punched him 3 times in the head, chest and head. The guard fell to the ground, knocked out.

Master Xanatos easily dispatched the guard he was fighting. The guard was clumsy and didn’t block himself enough, so Xanatos penetrated the guards clumsy block and punched him in the stomach and in the face, then Xanatos grabbed the guard and kneed him.

Daniel was on the ground, having been beaten by his guard. However, Daniel grabbed the guard’s legs and pulled them, and the guard fell to the ground with him.

“All right. The fight is over. The winners are: the guards! The guards will be invited to the Griffith castle this evening as a result of winning. You will now wear this golden headdress to be invited to the castle” said the judge as he gave the guards 4 golden collars.

Master Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay stepped off the ring, angry. They went to an alleyway nearby.

“We won the fight, why the hell didn’t they say we won?!” said James.

One of the guards gave Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay the middle finger. The other guard flashed a gold piece at their faces.

“They bribed the judge to let them win, or the judge favoured them over us. Either way, we need those golden collars to gain entry into the castle and rescue the Griffith enemies. We could steal the collars from the guards. Just sneak behind the guards and take their collars” said Xanatos.

The guards left the fighting ring and began to walk back to the city square. Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay snuck behind the guards, and when they got close to the guards, they used a spell to put the guards to sleep.

They hit the guards with the spell, and the guards fell to the ground, asleep. Then they immediately hid the guards in a haystack on the alleyway. They put on the golden collars, and they made their way back to the city square.

It was already nighttime. At the city square, Duke Armand was waiting with some guards to escort the winners of the competition to the castle. When Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay arrived at the city square, and Duke Armand recognized James and Daniel.

“James, Daniel, what are you doing here?” said Armand.

“We’re here to rescue Captain Harold, Governor Tremel, and the rest of the people that the Griffiths have imprisoned in the castle. Now, get out of our way!

“Look, I don’t have any love for the Griffiths, but I have to turn you in if I want to keep my job as Duke.” said Armand.

“So if you don’t have love for the Griffiths, then why do you support them as the Duke of Libernia? Is it that you are a coward?” said Daniel.

“No, I’m not a coward! It’s just, I wanted to stay as Duke. I swore loyalty to them, and I swore to do everything they said. If I hadn’t, I would be in prison with everyone else” said Armand.

“Who are you loyal to? Your own flesh and blood, or our sworn enemies? If you are loyal to us, then let us in. Then, during the escape, you can pretend to send troops against us.” said James.

“Very well then.” said Armand.

Xanatos used a mind trick on the guards to make them forget about the conversation before they could react. Then Duke Armand led them to the castle.

When they got to the castle, it was significantly different. Banners of the Griffith family crest, which was a red griffin in a yellow background, were hung on the doors of the stone castle.

When James and Daniel entered the castle, for the first time in nearly 4 years, they felt as if they had reentered their long-lost home. The entrance room of the castle was composed of white marble, and there were torches on both sides of the wall.

The first room in the castle was a staircase room, which had 4 staircases that led to the 4 floors in the castle. The door in the first room in the castle led to the Great Hall. The Great Hall was elegant, and it was really big had a red wall that had portraits on it. There were wooden tables set up in the hall, and in the front was a fireplace. The Great Hall was big.

“All right. Go” said Armand.

Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay entered the Great Hall. Near the entrance of the Great Hall, there was a door that had an elegant hallway lined with doors. There were 3 guards there patrolling, and 2 guarding a doorway. The group hesitated.

“We don’t want to be seen, but spells won’t work for this, because they won’t disguise or conceal us long enough. We need to knock out the guards and get their armour” said Xanatos.

The group waited till the 3 guards got close to their corner, using an invisibility spell, and they knocked out the 3 guards and put on their silver armor with black and red underclothes. However, Shay was still not disguised. Xanatos, James and Daniel lured 1 guard to the corner while disguised, and knocked him out there. Shay immediately disguised himself with the guard’s clothes, and all 4 of them were now disguised as guards. They hid the guards unconscious bodies behind a wardrobe in the room behind a curtain.

They walked to the doorway that the guards were guarding and they walked stone passageway that led down. It was dark in there, but it was lit with torches. They kept walking down, and they walked into a prison.

In both sides of the stone prison, there were several prisoners, and there were cages holding the prisoners. Many of the prisoners were adult men, though there was also a substantial number of adult women and children. For each one cage, there were several people crammed into it, and they indeed were, enemies of the Griffiths.

“Now we have to find a way to free the prisoners” said Xanatos quietly.

“Wait. Let’s find Captain Harold and Governor Tremel first” said James quietly.

“All right” said Xanatos.

The group searched the prison for Captain Harold and Governor Tremel. They found Captain Harold in one of the cages.

They took off their helmets and revealed their faces to Captain Harold.

“Captain Harold, we have come to rescue you and the other enemies of the Griffiths” said James.

“Good, James. In order to free us, you will have to pull some levers. It’s the quickest way to free all of us. But you will have to be careful. The guards usually come over here in patrols. If they see you…” said Harold quietly.

“We’ll be fine. We are disguised as guards. And we will make sure they don’t see us” said Daniel.

“What? Who are the other people with you?” said Harold.

“We’ll explain later. There is no time right now” said Xanatos.

“Where’s Allan Tremel?” asked Daniel.

“He’s in that cage” said Harold, pointing to the cage on the other side of the corridor.

The group went over to Governor Tremel’s cage, where Bilius and Rose Veinhall were also imprisoned.

“Governor Tremel, Bilius and Rose Veinhall, we’ve come to rescue you” said Daniel.

“Thanks, but you shouldn’t be here. The guards will notice, and you will be imprisoned too.” said Bilius Veinhall.

“Don’t worry about us, we’ll be able to rescue you. We’re supposed to you. You guys are going to help me regain control of Libernia” said James.

“We will need weapons to fight the guards. It will not be a quiet breakout, and we will have to get past several guards.” said Allan Tremel.

“How do we get weapons?” said James quietly.

“You will have to steal them from the guards. I know for a fact that the guards have a rack of weapons in the barracks. Bring the weapons here, then free everyone so that they can grab their weapons and fight their way out of here” said Tremel quietly.

“All right. Where are the barracks?” said Shay quietly.

“Go further down that hallway from here, and go up the stone steps on your right. Then you will emerge in the barracks” said Rose.

“And the levers?” asked Daniel.

“They are also in the barracks” said Rose.

“All right” said Xanatos.

Still disguised as guards, the group made their way down the dark stone hallway, and then they went up the stone steps on their right. There, they emerged in a stone barracks, where there were guards sleeping on their beds. There were 2 rooms in the barracks.

The group searched the barracks, walking quietly, until they found a weapons rack. There were several weapons, and they grabbed a wooden box and began putting the weapons inside it, being careful not to wake the guards. They put more weapons in the box, until the racks were empty. Then they brought the box back down to the prisons, in front of Harold’s cell.

“All right, when the cage doors open, tell everyone who can fight to grab a weapon and fight. Tell the children and the men who can’t fight to escape” said Xanatos.

“Got it” said Harold.

Xanatos and the group went back up to the barracks, where they found the levers. They pulled the levers, and the cage doors in the prison opened.

The prisoners, led by Captain Harold and Governor Tremel, immediately left their cages.

“Escape! If you can, grab a weapon from the box and fight your way out of here! If you are a child or cannot fight, escape” said Captain Harold to the prisoners.

Most prisoners grabbed weapons and left their cages. However, the children, and most of the women, attempted to escape. The guards were completely caught off guard by the prisoner’s escape.

“What’s going on?! Why are the prisoners escaping?!” said the guards.

The guards were immediately struck down by Xanatos, James, Daniel and Shay, who led the prisoners away from the prison.

“Wait. Not all the prisoners were freed. We need to free the rest of the prisoners in the cages not controlled by the levers” said Harold.

“Very well. How will we do that?”

“The guards we struck down have keys. We will use them to free the rest of the prisoners” said Xanatos.

Xanatos led the Handlirian students and the armed prisoners around the prison, where they stroke down the guards there with their swords. They used the keys on the locked cages around the prison, until eventually, all of the prisoners were freed and the Handlirian had an army at their disposal.

They emerged in the castle corridor from the prison, and they attacked the guards. There was a mini-battle going on, and one of the startled guards rang the alarm bell in the corridor.

“Alert! The prisoners are escaping! Reinforcements!” said one of the guards as he rang the alarm bell.

The Handlirians and the prisoners pushed on to the Great Hall and the staircase of the castle, where they encountered a full force of guards. Some of the prisoners escaped the castle, but some of them were cut or shot down by the guards.

There was now a full-fledged battle now between the prisoners and the guards, and they were exchanging blows with their swords. Some of the prisoners were being struck down.

James decided to use this chance to go and kill the Griffiths and reclaim his kingdom.

“Let’s go to the upper levels of the castle. We have a chance to end the Griffith’s rule of Libernia and take control of our rightful kingdom!” said James.

“James, don’t compromise the mission. We’re only supposed to rescue the prisoners. It’s too risky to go and kill the Griffiths” said Master Xanatos while fighting.

“I’ll bring some of the prisoners to help. We have a chance to end Griffith rule, so we must take it.” said James.

“We’ll go with you” said one of the prisoners, as 4 other prisoners went with him.

“All right guys, let’s take back our kingdom!” said James. James, Daniel and the 5 prisoners went up the castle staircases to the Griffiths bedroom.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom of the Griffith King and Queen, which was the former bedroom of the Canner King and Queen in the castle, Francis Griffith woke up with his wife.

“What’s going on?!? Why is there a fight going on in our castle?!?” said Francis.

“It’s a rescue sir! The Canners are here to rescue our enemies and are attempting to start a revolution against you!” said the guard posted at the bedroom door.

“We must stop them!” said Beatrix Griffith.

Suddenly, the guard guarding the royal bedroom was struck down, and he fell on the floor. James, Daniel and the prisoners entered the room and James extended his sword so that it touched Francis’ neck when he was in his bed.

“Why did you do it, Francis?! Why do you continue to oppress the people of Libernia?!” said James.

“Because I can! Because it helps me keep power! I am bringing order to Libernia, not opressing it!” said Francis.

“Put the weapon down, James!” said Beatrix.

“No!” yelled James.

“Are you going to kill me, James?” said Francis while laughing.

“I would love to. That way I will take back my rightful position as King of Libernia, and you will pay for everything you’ve done and are doing!” said James angrily.

Thomas and Anne Canner entered the room along with Victoria, and Thomas and Anne were stunned to see James and Daniel, and at what was going on.

“James and Daniel, my cousins, you’re finally back! What are you doing?!?” said Thomas.

“You must understand, the Griffiths are evil! They were the ones that killed King Roderick! They conspired with the Palmorii order to kill him! Don’t trust them!” said James.

Meanwhile, Beatrix grabbed a crossbow from the wall of the bedroom. She loaded it with arrows and aimed it at James.

“Well, what are you waiting for, Beatrix?!? Do you want to be a widow, like James here?!? Do you want our son to be fatherless?!?” yelled Francis.

“Nooo!!!” yelled Beatrix as she shot James on the shoulder.

“Aaah!” James dropped his sword and clutched his shoulder in pain. He took the arrow out of his shoulder.

“Leave him alone!” yelled Victoria as she grabbed Beatrix, but Beatrix hit Victoria with her crossbow.

Daniel and the 4 prisoners were also standing inside the room.

However, Victor Griffith had woken up, and he arrived at the King’s bedroom with 5 guards. The guards overpowered 2 of the prisoners with their swords, and they cornered James and Daniel.

“James, Daniel. I should have known that you would come to try and reclaim your kingdom. No matter. You have failed, and you will now die for your treason!” said Victor.

James and Daniel were standing in front of a window. James broke the window, and then he and Daniel jumped out of the window.

“How foolish” said Victor.

However, James and Daniel landed safely in a haystack in the city. Victor was startled. Anne, Thomas and Victoria were also startled and afraid, and they were troubled by James having told them the truth about the Griffiths.

“What is going on here?!? You killed King Roderick, didn’t you?!?! You’re evil” yelled Thomas to Victor as he lashed out at Victor. However, Victor covered Thomas’ mouth, shutting it.

“Hey! Let go of my son, you bastard!” yelled Victoria.

A guard grabbed Victoria as well, pinning her arms back.

“You’d do best to shut your mouth, Thomas. Guards, take them all back to their apartment” said Victor.

The guards escorted Anne, Thomas and Victoria back to their apartment in the castle.

Meanwhile, the prisoners, led by Master Xanatos, Shay, Captain Harold and Governor Tremel, had escaped the castle, as the were being beaten by the Griffiths in the castle and many were being killed.

They continued to fight the Griffiths in the city streets, and they clashed swords in the city. The battle was becoming intense, and the Griffith guards continued to get reinforcements and attack the prisoners. Master Xanatos and Shay used magical spells against the guards.

In the streets, the citizens of the city went to see what was going on, and they recognized Princes James and Daniel Canner with the prisoners, fighting the Griffith guards.

Most of the citizens were appalled by the presence of the Canner princes, and they rioted and cheered for the Canner princes.

“All hail the Canner Princes. Down with the Griffiths!” said the rioters.

The rioters joined in with the prisoners in fighting the Griffiths, using their torches to riot. The protesters were no more than ordinary people subject to the tyranny of the Griffiths, mainly men, women and even little girls and boys.

James and Daniel emerged from the haystack they landed in, and they searched the city for Xanatos and the prisoners. On the way, they went past Louis’ house, and they knocked on the house door in an attempt to get Louis to help them.

“Louis!” said James as he knocked on the door of Louis’ house.

Louis opened the door of the house, and he saw James and Daniel there, wearing guard armor.

“You managed to rescue Captain Harold, Governor Tremel and the rest of the Griffith prisoners” said Louis.

“Yes. They are fighting the guards right now. I think some of the people are starting to riot as well” said James.

Cassandra and Philip went down to the front floor of the house to the door where James and Daniel were standing.

“Did you manage to rescue my parents too?” said Cassandra.

“Yes. Now we must escape the city. Would you like to escape with us?” said Daniel.

“Yes. We will. I’m sure the Griffiths will be harsh with us.” said Philip.

“Louis, I think your family should escape too. You will most likely be wanted by the Griffiths too for collaborating with us” said James.

“Very well. I shall try to get my family to escape with me.” said Louis.

Louis went upstairs and woke up his parents and his 2 sisters. They woke up and they came downstairs to the front door where James and Daniel were.

“You’re right Louis. It is unsafe for us here, so we should really escape” said Arthur.

“All right. Come with us, but keep a low profile. We will check on how the battle is going” said Daniel.

James and Daniel went to the city square, where the battle between the prisoners and the Griffith guards continued.

The battle was not going well for the prisoners, and many of them were being cut down by the superior tactics and numbers of the Griffith guards.The Griffiths showed no mercy to the rioters either, cutting them down as well. The Griffith reinforcements kept approaching, led by General Edmund and Victor Griffith.

“Guards! Attack and apprehend the prisoners and rioters! Stop them before they escape!” said General Edmund.

The prisoners and the rioters were forced to escape the city.

“James, Daniel, thank the Lord you’re here! We have to escape the city quickly!” said Master Xanatos.

“I can see that!” said James.

Master Xanatos, James, Daniel, Shay and the prisoners began to run to the city gate, being chased by the Griffith guards. They made it to the gate, but many of the prisoners were killed either cut or shot down by the guards.

“Close the gate! Don’t let the prisoners or the rioters escape!” yelled Victor.

The guards began to close the city gate.

“We have to stop them from closing the gate!” said Xanatos.

Xanatos shot down the 2 guards who were closing the gate, and the gate remained open. The prisoners and the rioters began to go through the gate, and they went outside the city.

However, it was getting crowded in the gate, and the Griffiths used that to their advantage, killing some of the prisoners and rioters. General Edmund continued to lead the guards with Victor Griffith, and Duke Armand also came with more guards.

James, Daniel and Cassandra escaped with some of the prisoners and rioters. Harold and Tremel escaped too with more prisoners. Eventually, Shay, Master Xanatos, Philip, Bilius, Louis and his family escaped the city gate.

However, Rose was killed by a guard, stabbed through the back.

“Mom! Come join us! Come on!” said Cassandra.

Rose was running out the gate, but a guard stabbed her from the back, and she fell to the floor, dead.

“Noooo!” yelled Cassandra. She tried to run to the closing gate, but her brother and father restrained her.

“Hahaha!” said Victor.

“Come on, Cassandra!” said Philip.

Cassandra was crying, but she listened to Philip and went with him.

The prisoners and rioters managed to escape the city, though some didn’t make it past the closing gate and were killed. A lot of the prisoners and rioters died, but now that they were outside the city, and it was dawn, they walked on the road, away from Tyne.