Later, the Handlirians went back to Calablin. There, Grand Master Yolrond gave James and Daniel Canner an assignment: to ask the Gelandians for an alliance. They went to Yolrond’s office, with their mother, Mary, there as well.

“The Kingdom of Geland suffers from the repeated attacks of the Griffiths, as we do. We will not be able to beat the Griffiths alone, but together, if the Handlirian Order allies with Geland, we will stand a chance against the Griffiths. James and Daniel Canner, you have been chosen for this assignment because, as the true Princes of Libernia, you have important political positions and influences. You will go with your mother, who I’m undoubtedly sure you know is from Geland. You must convince King Alfonse to ally with us. You must leave for Pardrid, the capital of Geland. Take the route described on this map. You leave now” said Yolrond.

“Yes, Master Yolrond. We will accept this assignment.” said James.

“My children, I suggest we appeal to my family, the Pentanes, as well. We are a very noble family in Geland. My father is Baron Trigus, of the the city of Meritus, and are nobles there. Let us leave” said Mary.

James, Daniel and Mary bowed to Yolrond, then they immediately left Calablin for Geland. They went first to Meritus. The trip took 2 months, and they had to navigate the battlefields and the aftermath of battle against the Griffiths. When they arrived at Geland, the city guards recognized Mary

“What is your business in Pardrid?” asked one of the guards. The Pardrid guards were wearing blue and silver armor, with helmets concealing their faces.

“I am Queen Mary of Libernia, and these are my children, James and Daniel Canner, the true Princes of Libernia and Squires of the Handlirian Order. We have come to negotiate an alliance with Geland, and we request to speak to my father, Baron Trigus, for help in brokering the alliance” said Mary.

“Oh, Queen Mary. I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you. Let me open the gate” said the guard.

The guard opened the gate, and there, Baron Trigus’ butler, Emmanuel, was waiting for them. Emanuel was a bald, middle aged man with blue eyes. He wore black butler clothes.

“Baron Trigus has been expecting you. Come with he to his palace” said Emmanuel.

Emmanuel took James and Daniel to Baron Trigus’ palace, bringing them through the streets of Meritus and their beautiful glowing marble buildings with red velvet roofs.

The Baron’s Palace was a big, elegant, palace that had an exterior made of marble. It also had a big red velvet roof, with several windows in the foot of the house, and 2 balcony looking over at the city.

When they arrived at the Baron’s palace, the guard introduced them to the Baron in his court, where the Baron was sitting in his throne. The Baron’s court had plants in the room, and there were a few paintings of Geland and it’s people, as well as a statue of the Gelandian King. Baron Trigus was an old man with black hair and eyes, and he had wrinkles.

“My Baron, you family has come to visit you” said Emmanuel, pointing to the Canners with his arms.

“My daughter, it’s so good to see you are safe after everything that’s happened in Libernia! It’s god to se that you are both safe as well, James and Daniel! How could I help you?” said Baron Trigus.

“We want to negotiate an alliance between the Handlirian Order and Geland, and we think that you could help us convince King Alfonse to ally with us” said Mary.

“You want an alliance between the Handlirian Order and Geland? Why, that’s a great idea! We could make this war harder for the Griffiths. I will help you convince King Alfonse to make an alliance.” said Baron Trigus.

“Thanks, Grandfather. We really appreciate the help” said James.

Suddenly, Baron Trigus’ wife, Baroness Rosemary, came to the throne room from the top level of the palace. She was also old, with blue eyes, short dark blond hair and wrinkles. When she saw her daughter and grandchildren, she became emotional and she hugged Mary, James and Daniel.

“Oh, my daughter. I’m so happy to see that you and your children are safe. I feared the worst when your father was assassinated.” said Rosemary.

“I’m happy to see you too, Mother. we are here in Geland to try to negotiate an alliance with King Alfonse. We will need you to help us” said Mary

“Of course. Anything for my family!” said Rosemary.

“Your sisters have been informed that you are here in the city, Mary. They are here in the house, and we will have dinner together with the family before we depart for Pardrid, as we have not seen each other in a while” said Trigus.

James, Daniel and Mary stayed in Meritus at the Baron’s palace. There, they ate dinner with some of their uncles and aunts. Mary had 5 siblings: Trigus Jr., Alexandra (deceased), Carlus, Jessica and Diana. Mary was the 4th child. Jessica and Diana lived in Meritus, and they had their own houses in the city. However, they were in the Baron’s palace for the dinner.

They ate dinner in the banquet hall, a separate room of the palace. The banquet hall had wooden shelves where there was cutlery through the glass. There were also a few sets of knight amor in the hall. In the front of the hall there were marble stairs that led to the top of the palace. There, Mary’s siblings Diana, Jessica and Carlus were seated, along with their spouses and children. Carlus was married to a woman named Marina, and they had 4 children together: Julianna, Daniela, Andre and Patrick. Jessica was married to a man named Jesus, and they had 3 children together, Carlus, Lauren and Veronica. Diana was married to a man named Oscar, and they had 2 children: Sebastian and Alexander. James, Daniel and Mary sat in the table beside Jessica’s family, and the entire family was very happy to see them safe. On the table, there was pork and potatoes.

“James, Daniel, Mary, it’s so good to see you all! Especially with what’s happened in Libernia with the Griffiths, we feared for your safety!” said Jessica.

“It’s good to see you too, sister, and that we are all safe” said Mary.

“It’s good to see you, aunt” said James and Daniel to Jessica.

Baron Trigus began the dinner by thanking God that his family was safe, while raising his silver cup in the air.

“God, thank you for bringing our family together in these times of great strife, and thank you for keeping them safe. Thank you for the food we currently have in our table. Let the dinner begin!” said Baron Trigus

The family began to grab their food on the table and eat. They also talked to each other.

“How did you escape the Griffiths?” said Carlus Sr.

“Well, we escaped Tyne before the Palmorii could assassinate us, then we went to Calablin, where we joined the Handlirian Order. We helped fight the Griffiths in a few battles, and we also stopped the Palmorii from getting their hands on certain artifacts” said James.

“Artifacts? What artifacts?” asked Julianna.

“The Jehovian Seals. They are objects of immense power, and the Palmorii want them in order to reestablish their empire in Cletus. We stopped them from getting 2 of the Seals, but there are still 4 more, and they may have found some.” said Daniel.

“Did you come here to Geland just to see us? Or do you have to run some kind of errand here?” said Andre.

“Andre, that might be private” said Daniela.

“No, it’s okay. We’re here in order to convince the Gelandian King to make an alliance with the Handlirian Order” said James.

“James, Daniel. I’m interested in the Handlirian Order. Could you describe it for me?” said Oscar.

“Well, the Handlirian Order is an ancient order of knights and mages that defends Cletus from the evil of the Palmorii, who are dark assassins and wizards.” said Daniel.

“That I know. I would like to know what they teach you in the order, and how it feels to be a part of it” said Oscar.

“Well, it feels amazing to be part of the Handlirian Order. You get to defend the ideals of good from evil, and it is very prestigious. In the Order, they teach you a lot, such as magic and swordplay. We practice magical spells and we sometimes use them to duel each other, We also learn how to use swords and duel with our swords. We are also taught the history of the Handlirian Order, and what it means to be a Handlirian. We are also taught subjects such as math and language, like in a regular school” said James.

“Amazing” said Oscar.

After dinner, the families went to sleep in the bedrooms of the palace. The bedrooms were also made of marble, and they had elegant beds with red curtains. They could be ade into bunk beds if guests or family members went to the palace. James Daniel and Mary slept in one of the bedrooms with Jessica’s children. There were 5 bedrooms in the palace.

The Canners stayed in Meritus for 5 days. After that, they decided to depart for Pardrid for the alliance with Geland.

Baron Trigus informed the family and his butler, Emmanuel, that he Baroness Rosemary, and the Canners would be leaving for Pardrid in his throne room in the palace.

“We will be leaving Meritus in order to negotiate an alliance between Geland and the Handlirian Order with King Alfonse. Take care of the palace while I’m gone, everyone” said Baron Trigus.

“Goodbye” said the family.

Baron Trigus and the Canners took a horse-drawn carriage to Pardrid. The trip to Pardrid took a day. They arrived at Pardrid, and they entered the city, going through the beautiful streets to King Alfonse’s palace.

Meanwhile, King Alfonse was inside his castle in the war room. The war room was an underground stone room with a giant map of Geland in the middle, with red and blue flags showing which territory was controlled by who in the war. There was also armor of Gelandian knights. Blue flags were Gelandian, while the red flags were Libernian. He was debating with his General Pedrus and his son, Prince Guisepin on whether Griffith Libernia would respect the truce that had been set in the war.

“I don’t think Libernia will respect the truce that has been set in the war. They will attack us as soon as our guards is down. We must strike now, while we have the chance” said General Pedrus.

“If we attack Libernia, won’t we be the ones who disrespect the truce? We should be patient. The war will continue soon enough.” said Prince Guisepin.

“The war has already continued. I’d be willing to bet that Libernia has attacked us right now, but we don’t even know it. We will get news soon enough that Libernia has attacked us, and then the war will continue” said King Alfonse.

Suddenly, the King’s butler, Medeirus went into the room, informing the King that he has visitors.

“King Alfonse, you have visitors. James, Daniel and Mary Canner family of Libernia are here along with Baron Trigus Pentanes and Baroness Rosemary of Meritus” said Medeirus.

“I’m coming” said King Alfonse.

So King Alfonse met with the Canners and the Pentanes barons in his throne room. He sat on his throne along with his wife, Queen Rosa, and the visitors bowed to the King and Queen of Geland.

“How can I help you?” said King Alfonse.

“We would like to negotiate and alliance with Geland” said Mary.

“An alliance with who?” asked King Alfonse.

“There are parts of Libernia that oppose the new Griffith regime, as do you. Specifically the Pale-Reach area of Libernia. Their city states have continually rebelled against the Griffiths, and have risen up armies to fight. The Pale-Reach is also home to the Handlirian Order, an order of knights and mages that defends Cletus from evil. Me and my brother Daniel are members of the Order, which also opposes the Griffiths. However, the Griffiths have made advances into the Pale-Reach territory, like they have made advances into your territory. They are very powerful, as they also have the help of the Palmorii Order, an evil order of assassins and dark wizards which is growing in size and strength as we speak. Apart, we may never be able to defeat the enemies. But together, we will be able to stand a chance against the Griffiths. That is why I propose an alliance, as the rightful Prince and King of Libernia” said James, as he extended his hand to King Alfonse.

For a bit, King Alfonse sat, confused in his throne with James’ hand extended to him. Then King Alfonse spoke.

“I think your alliance is a good idea, James. However, I need to make sure I can trust you.” said King Alfonse.

“Why wouldn’t you be able to trust him?” asked Daniel.

“We are currently at war with Libernia, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. I will agree to this alliance, but first I will give you an errand that you will have to complete to gain my trust” said King Alfonse as he shook James’ hand.

“What sort of errand?” asked James.

“Our soldiers are excavating a crypt in the Marlena Plains, and they suspect that there is an object of immense power inside the tomb. However, I fear that the enemy will be interested in the very same object. I need you to help us find the artifact and get it to a safe place without the enemy getting their hands on it” said King Alfonse.

“Could the object be a Jehovian Seal?” asked Daniel.

“What, like the Jehovian Seals of legend? The Seals that were created by an ancient civilization and the ones that give you the power to vanquish your enemies? Yes, I strongly suspect this object we have found is one of the Seals. That is why it is important that we protect it from our enemies” said King Alfonse.

“Yes, King Alfonse. We shall protect the Seals from enemy hands” said James as he and Daniel bowed to King Alfonse.

James and Daniel departed for the Marsena Plains on horses provided to them by King Alfonse. The Marsena Plains were beautiful green grassland plains, with barely any trees. The excavation site stood out unmistakably in the Marsena Plains, with wooden structures and workers excavating the remains of the underground crypt which was inside a rectangular hole, as well as Gelandian guards guarding the excavation site. The crypt was made of marble.

When James and Daniel arrived at the crypt, they were greeted by some Gelandian guards and a Gelandian captain. The captain wore shiny iron amor and a helmet with blue feathers. The captain introduced himself as Captain Vilnius.

“Welcome, James and Daniel Canner. My name is Captain Vilnius. I have been expecting you.” said Captain Vilnius.

“i suspect you know why we’re here?” said James.

“Yes. You are here to help us excavate the object of immense power that is hidden in this crypt, and to get it to Pardrid safely. ” said Captain Vilnius.

“Can you tell me about the history of the crypt?” asked James.

“Well, the crypt was built by the Nomars, a civilization that occupied parts of Geland, Austaly, Libernia and 2000 years ago. They controlled a great empire in Cletus, and has influenced the kingdoms of this continent greatly. We think that the crypt is where one of the Nomarian Emperors is buried” said Captain Vilnius.

“You do know the object that you’re looking for is a Jehovian Seal, right?” said James.

“Yes, I strongly suspect that the object is a Jehovian Seal. Now let’s enter the crypt” said Captain Vilnius.

James, Daniel and Captain Vilnius entered the crypt. Captain Vilnius held a torch in order to light the way.

The crypt was made of marble, and it glowed elegantly. There was a ledge in the tomb, and James, Daniel and Vilnius would have to jump into the water below the ledge in order to advance into the crypt.

“We are going to have to jump off the ledge into the water. Brace yourselves” said Captain Vilnius.

James, Daniel and Vilnius jumped into the water. They emerged from the water, and they went past an archway into another room of the crypt.

The room seemed like a dead end, but as James looked around the room and at the roof, he saw that there were wooden boxes that would allow them to go up to a stone ledge. There was another parallel stone ledge, with 2 long wooden rods, and from there they would be able to use the rods to jump to the closed gateway which was at the very top of the room.

“I know what to do. We’re going to have to climb the wall and the ledges in order to get to the room at the top” said James.

“Very well, James. Lead the way” said Vilnius.

With his brother and Vilnius following him, James began to climb the wooden boxes and the ledges, then he used the beams to jump to the closed gateway. There was a lever beside the gateway, and he pulled it to open the door.

When the door opened, James, Daniel and Vilnius went further inside. There was a chasm and 4 wooden beams that James, Daniel and Captain Vilnius could jump on. They jumped on the beams in order to get past the chasm, then they got to the other side.

There were more obstacles to navigate in the tomb for the trio. There was a circular room shaped like a tower with a closed door and a small chasm, and the lever was nowhere to be found, so the group had to search for a lever. Also, when the group entered, there was poisonous gas filling the room.

“Quickly, search for a lever that will open the door, or the gas will kill us!” said Vilnius.

The trio searched the crypt for a lever that would open the door. Finally, James spotted what appeared like a loose rope from the ceiling, and he jumped on the wooden beams that were in the room, then he jumped and tugged the rope, pulling it down.

The door opened, and the gas stopped filling the room.

“Great thinking, James.” said Vilnius.

The trio went further into the tomb, where there was a lever beside the wall, and beyond the archway there was another room with 2 big pools of water and lit by torches. There were also 2 gates blocking the way to the end of the room. James pulled the lever, and the 2 gates opened in the next room. However, the torches in the pool also fell into the water, which was actually gas and lit on fire.

There were more wooden beams in the room that the group would have to navigate.

“We’re going to have to jump across the wooden beams in order to get past the room and avoid falling into the fire!” said James.

The trio managed to jump around the beams in order to

The next room was also shaped like a tower, as it was narrow and had a very high ceiling. There were also more wooden beams there.

“We’re gonna have to climb again” said Vilnius.

The trio climbed the room, and on the top of the room there was another room where they had to climb more beams. They climbed the beams there, and they emerged in a ledge of another, bigger room. The room had torches lighting it, and it also had daylight from the sky. There was another beam on the side of the ledge, and the beam was the only way to the next part of the crypt, which was in a stairway that was facing the beam.

“We’re gonna have to jump off the ledge onto the stairway. It’s not a long jump, so you won’t get hurt” said Vilnius.

The trio jumped from the beam onto the stairway, then they went up the stairs into a passageway. However, as the trio advanced further into the passageway, the crossbows which were behind the walls in the crypt began to fire at the trio, and the trio was forced to run.

“Run!” said James.

The trio ran past the passageway, narrowly missing the arrows being fired at them. They went into a room that was made of gold and turquoise, and there was a golden door with a circular maze on it and a turquoise marble.

The trio would have to solve a puzzle in order to get the door open. In the puzzle, the group would have to push buttons in the room in order to open parts of the maze so that the turquoise ball could get through. In order to open the door, the ball had to get to the bottom of the maze from the top.

“In order to solve the puzzle, we’re going to have to get the turquoise marble to the bottom of the maze. There are 4 buttons here that we will have to push in order to get the marble to the bottom” said James.

“Very well” said Vilnius.

James, Daniel and Vilnius worked together to solve the puzzle. It was a bit long and hard, but when they finally solved it, the door opened and the Jehovian Seal was revealed.

James grabbed the Seal.

“Oh my god, it really is a Jehovian Seal!” said Vilnius.

“We’ve got the Seal. Now let’s go” said James.

The trio left the tomb the way they came in, then they loaded the Jehovian Seal into a box and put it into a horse drawn carriage, bound for Pardrid.

The horse-drawn carriage had James and Daniel in it, as well as Captain Vilnius and 3 other Gelandian guards.

However, some Libernian soldiers emerged from the forest riding horses. They began to chase the carriage.

“Oh my god, they’re here for the Jehovian Seal! Try to lose them, carriage driver!” said Captain Vilnius.

The Libernian soldiers were wearing chain armor with black hats, and a few were wearing iron armor with helmets, and they chased the carriage on their horses. The carriage driver attempted to lose the bandits by going off the road for a bit and returning to the road, but it was no use. The Libernian soldiers continued to chase the group.

Some of the bandits and Libernian soldiers jumped off their horses onto the carriage, and James, Daniel and Captain Vilnius clashed swords with them. They managed to knock some of the soldiers off the carriage, but other soldiers continued to fight them.

“A Libernian ambush party! I should have known the Libernian army would break the truce!’” said Captain Vilnius

“You have something of ours. You’d better give it to us now if you want to live!” said one of the Libernian soldiers.

“Never!” said James.

James, Daniel and Captain Vilnius continued to fight the Libernian soldiers on the carriage. They had trouble keeping their balance on the moving carriage, and the Libernian guards had killed all 3 of the Gelandian soldiers.. One of the Libernian soldiers grabbed the box holding the Seal and threw it to another Libernian soldier on his horse.

“The Seal!” yelled Daniel.

Another of the Libernian soldiers decapitated the carriage driver as he went past him on his horse, and the carriage crashed into a small chasm, knocking James and Daniel unconscious.

James and Daniel woke up in the chasm a while later, and they saw that the carriage had crashed. One of the horses was dead, and the other was injured. Captain Vilnius was also dead in the chasm. The Jehovian Seal was gone.

“Oh no. They’ve got the Jehovian Seal.” said Daniel.

“We have no idea where it could be. Should we try to find it, or should we return to Pardrid?” asked Daniel.

“I don’t know what to do. Maybe we should go back to Pardrid. Explain to King Alfonse what happened. I’m sure he will understand” said James.

So James and Daniel went back to Pardrid. There, in King Alfonse’s castle in his throne room, they explained to King Alfonse what had happened with the Jehovian Seal.

“James and Daniel Canner. Welcome back. I believe I told you to find a Jehovian Seal and escort it back here. Do you have it? And also, where is Captain Vilnius?” said King Alfonse.

James and Daniel bowed to King Alfonse.

“Forgive me, King. We did find the Seal in the crypt, but as we were escorting it back to Pardrid, we were ambushed by a Libernian ambush party. We tried our best to fend them off, but they got the Seal and crashed our carriage. They killed all of the Gelandian soldiers, including Captain Vilnius” said James.

“Well, that’s not good. Do you have any good news?” asked King Alfonse.

“No, my King. I’m sorry” said Daniel.

“Well, now the enemy has an object of immense power and has restarted the war against us. They have a powerful dark order of witches and wizards on their side. I guess my only option now is to ally with the Handlirian Order” said King Alfonse.

“I assure you, my King, you won’t regret it” said James.

“Very well. I shall agree to the alliance. Tell your master at the Handlirian Order that I accept the alliance” said King Alfonse.

So James and Daniel returned to Calablin along with their mother and the Gelandian royal family. They traveled in a carriage, this time accompanied by a convoy in order to protect from an attack.
During James and Daniel’s time in Geland, the war had not been good for the Pale-Reach. Even though the Griffiths had lost the earlier battle at Artin, that did not stop their advances into the Pale-Reach territory. Neither did it stop them taking other cities such as Wastol. The Handlirians and the rebels were having trouble fighting the Griffith army, especially since the Griffiths seemed to have pacified Geland and could now focus more troops on the Pale-Reach. The Handlirian Order and the Pale-Reach rebels had been forced tp fight in guerrilla battles in order to stop the Griffiths from advancing further into Pale-Reach territory.

It was a difficult year, where the Handlirians were unable to defend against the Griffiths, who were taking more territory in the Pale-Reach. An alliance with the Gelandians, and James and Daniel Canner’s return, had never been more desperate for the Pale-Reach and the Handlirian Order. Consequently, when James and Daniel Canner returned with their mother, Mary, and King Alfonse and his family to Calablin in order to negotiate the alliance, Master Yolrond and the Handlirian Order were overjoyed to see them.

They finalized the alliance in the courtyard of the Handlirian Academy, where the entire Handlirian Order also gathered to see the alliance and to greet James and Daniel.

“James, Daniel, welcome back. It is good to see you guys have returned, and that you have been able to negotiate an alliance with the Kingdom of Geland. You are just what we need in this time of great strife.” said Grand Master Yolrond.

“We are glad to have helped, Master Yolrond” said James and Daniel as they bowed to Master Yolrond.

Many of James and Daniel’s fellow Handlirians were also happy to see them return.

“James, Daniel it’s so good to see you again!” said Shay as he hugged James and Daniel.

“Welcome back, James and Daniel” said Alan.

“James, Daniel, it’s time to sign the alliance papers” said Master Quintus to James and Daniel.

James and Daniel went to the middle of the courtyard, where Yolrond was standing along with the rest of the Handlirian Council. They were facing the royal family of Geland.

“All right, we are going to finalize the alliance with the royal family of Geland now” said Grand Master Yolrond.

The Canners and the Handlirian Council bowed down to the Gelandian royal family, and they both signed a piece of paper that was on a stone table in the middle of the courtyard. They then shaked hands with the Gelandian royal family.

“The Alliance between the Free States of the Pale-Reach, the Handlirian Order and the Kingdom of Geland is finalized!” said Grand Master Yolrond

The people in the courtyard cheered.

That night, after dinner, the Handlirian Masters meditated at the High Council room.

“It is time to meditate, Masters. I sense that there is something to be found today from our meditation. Something that could help us in the war. I sense a lot of tension, and our meditation will elaborate on that and will tell us the right course of action.” said Grand Master Yolrond.

As the Masters meditated, they saw a vision of Captain Harold and Governor Tremel, who formerly served King Roderick. They were in the prison under the Griffith castle in Tyne. The prison was dark and filthy, and there was nothing lighting the prison. There were rats all over the prison.

In addition to Harold and Tremel, there were a bunch of people in the prison who the Griffiths didn’t like. They were in prison either because the Griffiths didn’t like them, or they had done something to agitate the Griffiths.

Suddenly, the vision showed Harold and Tremel freed, and fighting for the Free Armies of the Pale-Reach. Under Captain Harold and Governor Tremel, the Free Armies of the Pale-Reach and the Handlirian Order fared better in battle against Griffith Libernia and the Palmorii Order.

Suddenly, the Masters woke up back in the High Council room. Grand Master Yolrond asked the Masters what had happened in the vision.

“You all looked like you were learning something from the vision. Could you all tell me what you saw?” said Master Yolrond.

“We saw people that can help us in the war. They are enemies of the Griffiths, and thus they have been imprisoned in the dungeons of the Griffith castle in the capital city of Tyne. Chief among them are Captain Harold and Governor Tremel, who both served during Roderick Canner’s tenure as King” said Master Xanatos.

“The vision was trying to tell us that these enemies of the Griffiths will really help us in the war. They will fight for us, and they will boost morale, which is what the Gelandian soldiers need, as they are losing badly in this war. This war has been going on for a short while, and the people and the soldiers need morale” said Master Icarus.

“That is why we must rescue these enemies of the Griffiths. We must take them in, and they will help us fight this war. Captain Harold and Governor Tremel must be rescued, as well as the other enemies of the Griffiths. They will really help us fight this war” said Master Rowan.

“Very well. We shall rescue these enemies of the Griffiths. I feel that James and Daniel Canner are the right people to do this, as they have heavy connections with Harold and Tremel. However, we should also send a Master and 1 or 2 students to help them. It must be a covert operation, as we are infiltrating the capital city of the Griffith regime, which is enemy territory.” said Master Yolrond.

“Good job, my Council. We have found what we have to do next in this war. I’m sure that when the time comes, we shall be further guided to the right thing to do. Now, Masters, go take a rest. You all deserve it” said Master Yolrond.