The border skirmishes between Libernia and Geland had continued for months, and were only bound to get worse.

Almost 2 years ago, the border skirmishes were only minor brawls and fights between Libernian and Gelandian soldiers in the Cantamian forest bordering Libernia and Geland. The soldiers would brawl to prove their strength.

However, these brawls eventually turned violent, and some of the soldiers died. Both armies had towers stationed at the border, and when the brawls turned into full-fledged fights, the soldiers would attempt to conquer each other’s towers.

The Libernian King Roderick and the Gelandian King Alphonse had agreed to meet with each other to resolve this situation, but before they could, King Roderick was assassinated by the Palmorii Assassins and the Griffiths had taken power. The Griffiths didn’t like Geland, so they told the Libernian army, under its new pro-Griffith General Lucius, to fight against Geland.

King Francis Griffith told the people in Tyne that there would be war against Geland. The King spoke from the front porch of his castle to the crowd of people in the street.

“The Gelandians have gone too far in their border skirmishes. They attack our soldiers at night in the forest, and they butcher them. Our soldiers didn’t even do anything to them. They have incited war against us. Well, I say to Geland, and it’s King, that if they want a war, that’s exactly what they’re gonna get! War! As a free and strong Libernia, we will stop the Gelandians! To war!” said King Francis.

Libernian soldiers, with their steel plate armor with the symbol of a lion in the middle and red clothes underneath the armor, marched south from Tyne to the Gelandian border.

In the Gelandian capital city of Pardrid, situated near the Napitan Sea in Southwestern Geland, King Alfonse was forced to accept that there would be war after his messenger brought him the news that Libernia had declared war.

In his throne room lined with a stained glass window, a golden throne and limestone walls decorated with designs of war and peace, and a lower wooden wall, the King received the fateful news from his messenger, Medeirus.

“It appears there will not be peace negotiated between the Libernians and us. There will be war instead. The Libernians are amassing their army to fight us in the in the Cantemian Forest. My king, you must accept that there will be war between us and Geland now.” said Medeirus.

Medeirus was a young fair skinned man with brown hair and dark eyes.

King Alfonse, an oval headed man with short black hair, black eyes, a pointy nose and a beard, spoke. “I accept that there will be war, Medeirus. I don’t like it, but I will accept it. As King, I must defend Geland and lead our people in this time of trouble.” said King Alfonse.

King Alfonse summoned his General, Pedrus. Pedrus was a gruff, muscular man with fair skin, blue eyes and reddish-brown hair. He wore his blue general’s armor.

“General Pedrus, Libernia has declared war against us. You must prepare our army to defend us against Libernia. They will try to attack us and possibly may take some of our territory.” said King Alfonse.

“Yes, my King. I will get the army coordinated and ready right away” said Pedrus.

“Medeirus, summon my daughter and son, and my wife” said Alfonse. “Yes, my Lord” said Medeirus.

Queen Rosa, Princess Constance and Prince Giusepin arrived at the throne room some seconds later.

“What is it, Father?” asked Constance. “It is about Libernia. They have declared war against us. We must be vigilant and defend ourselves against the attacks of Libernia” said King Alfonse.

“But how did this happen? We were prepared to resolve this issue and make negotiations with Libernia” said Queen Rosa. “Well, King Roderick was assassinated. Perhaps the negotiations had something to do with it. The Griffiths took power in Libernia, and they don’t like Geland. It is troubling, though” said Prince Giusepin.

“My children, I will need you both to be ready to defend our kingdom when the time comes. You must be ready” said King Alfonse. “Yes, Father” said Giusepin and Constance.
And so the Fourth Libernian-Gelandian war began. War erupted in the forest bordering Libernia and Geland, with the red lion-insignia soldiers of Libernia fighting the blue bird-insignia soldiers of Geland. In the forests, battle was intense, and the rough terrain made it difficult to fight. Soldiers would use the rough terrain to their advantage, and there would be much blood spilled between the sides before Libernia took the forest in 7 months.

The Libernian army, under General Lucius, went on to attack the Gelandian city of Moray, which was the nearest city to the forest. Moray had a wooden wall surrounding the city with a moat surrounding it as well.

A woman outside the city saw the Libernian army approaching from her farm, and she ran to the city and warned the city guard. “The army is here!” the woman told the guard near the city wall.

The guards immediately prepared for the attack, and the city’s guard captain Lomas told the guards around the city to get ready for the attack. “Attention, guards. The Libernian army is going to attack our city. You must be prepared! Today we defend Moray, and Geland, from the Libernians!” said Captain Lomas.

The guards got into battle formation to defend Moray. The guards left the city walls to fight the Libernian army just outside the city.

Meanwhile, the archers at the city walls got into formation. “Archers, get into formation. If the Libernian army gets close to the walls, shoot them! Rain them with arrows!” said Captain Lomas to the archers over the wall.

The battle was intense. Just outside the city, at the plains in front of the Cantamian Forest, the battle took place.

“Attack!” yelled Captain Lucius and Captain Lomas. The Libernian and Gelandian armies charged at each other. Swords and spears were swung at soldiers from both sides. There was blood spilled in the battle.

“Rout them!” said Captain Lucius. The Libernian army was winning the intense battle, and Captain Lomas was forced to order his troops to retreat. “Retreat! Fall back to the city!” said Captain Lomas.

The Gelandian army retreated back to the city, and the Libernian army was quick to chase them. “Chase them to the city!” said Captain Lucius.

So the Libernian army chased the Gelandian army to the city, but the Gelandian army went past the moat and inside the city walls, and they lowered the bridge so that the Libernian army wouldn’t be able to get through. The archers at the top of the wooden wall shot down some of the Libernian soldiers.

“We’ve got this! Now the Libernians won’t be able to get into the city! Continue to rain arrows down on them!” said Captain Lomas.

However, the Libernian army had claw ropes which they could use to bring the bridge down. “Get the claw ropes and hurl them at the bridge so that the claw attached to the bridge. Then pull down as hard as you can’t, and in time, the bridge will come down!” said Captain Lucius.

So the Libernian soldiers hurled the claw ropes to the bridge. The claws attached to the bridge wall, and the Libernian soldiers pulled the rope down, trying to get the bridge to come down. Inside the city walls, the Gelandian soldiers were trying to hold the bridge up with the wheel. “Keep pulling on the wheel! Don’t let the Libernians get inside the city!” said Captain Lomas.

However, the Libernians eventually got the bridge down, and then they brought a battering ram forward to ram open the gate to the city. The Libernians managed to ram the gate open, and they entered the city.

The Libernian army attacked the Gelandian army inside the city streets, with wood and stone buildings beside them. The battle was witnessed by the citizens of the city. In a shorter battle with the two soldiers slashing swords and shooting bows at each other, the Libernians managed to defeat the Gelandians.

The Gelandian army surrendered to the Libernian army. “All right, we surrender! If you want the city, take it!” said Captain Lomas fearfully.

The Libernian army marched to the Governors palace, which was a stone building that had a gateway and a courtyard with two pine trees on either side. They forced the Governor to surrender.

“Governor Enrich of Moray, surrender now! Your city is being occupied by the Kingdom of Libernia!” said Captain Lucius.

Governor Enrich, a middle age bald man with black hair on both sides of his head and a moustache, stepped out from the palace. “Well, you’ve defeated my army, so the only thing really left to do is surrender. I surrender. Please let me continue ruling the city. I will be loyal to you” said Governor Enrich. “Very well” said Captain Lucius.

So Libernia took control of Moray, and Governor Enrich was allowed to retain his position.

In the next year, Libernia would continue to win battles and gain territory in Geland. The Libernian army would advance through the cities and villages of north and western Geland, and would take the cities of Badajon and Rhoda in battles very similar to the one in Moray.

To win the battles, the Libernian army would use the same strategy: draw the army away from the city and fight them outside the city, then when the army was weak, they broke the city’s defences with war machines such as battering rams and catalults. Then they took the city and defeated the rest of the guards inside the cities.

Eventually, the Gelandians decided to negotiate a truce with Griffith Libernia, and the war calmed down for a time, though it was far from over.


Master Palmorii Assassin Zayne Miraz and Lord Raymus rode to the crypt in northern Libernia containing the Jehovian Seal that Grand Master Thantus Zhar spoke of.

They rode on their black horses with red, glowing eyes, and their horses were wicked. They rode on the roads in the forest, and they used a map given to them by Thantus.

“What does the crypt look like, according to the map?” asked Lord Raymus. “The crypt is supposed to be a Pantheon, a temple, with columns concealing the entrance to the crypt, and it is supposed to be carved into a canyon face in the Viece Canyons .” said Zayne.

Zayne and Raymus reached the Viece canyons, which they entered from a small forest, and they found the Pantheon Temple. They entered the temple a dark place of limestone marble with torches lighting the place and light coming from the ceiling.

However, there was an old knight guarding a passageway further into the crypt. The Knight had a beard and was wearing white clothes with mail armor underneath. He walked down the stairs from the passageway to the Palmorii and pulled out his sword.

“I know who you are, and why you are here. You seek the Jehovian Seal, and you intend to use it for evil” said the Knight.

“Step away, old man, or die. We will get the Seal, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.” said Zayne as he and Lord Raymus pulled out their swords.

“Better to die than to allow you to get the Seal. Even if you kill me, you will not find the way to the Seal easy” said the Knight.

The Palmorii attacked the old knight with their swords, but the old knight clashed with them with his sword. The battle continued for 5 seconds. However, when the man was going to raise his sword, Zayne used a life draining spell on him, and the man fell to the ground with his sword, cold and dead.

“Now let’s go find the Seal” said Zayne. Zayne and Raymus went down the passage.

However, the passage had a trap, circular blades on the walls. “Dodge the blades!” said Zayne to Raymus. Zayne and Raymus managed to dodge the blades, crouching from the top blades and jumping past the ground blades. Zayne destroyed the levers and gears powering the trap on the wall, stopping the blades.

Zayne and Raymus continued further down the crypt, fighting ghosts of knights that were guarding the crypt and refused to grant them entry. “You will never get the Seal!” said one ghost knight. “The way is closed. Turn back now!” said another ghost knight. “Shut up!” said Raymus as he stabbed and killed 2 ghost Knights. “You get in my way, you die!” said Zayne as he killed 3 ghost knight using electrocution and life draining spells, and killed 2 more using his sword.

There was also another trap in the tomb. Zayne and Raymus reached a chasm where there was a tile floor. They had to step on the right symbols, and there were 5 symbols spread out and duplicated across the tile floor in 5 rows: a knight, a dragon, a Mage, an archer, and a gargoyle. Zayne did a trial and error to see which tiles were the correct ones, and with one foot he touched the tiles. He found the right tiles were a Mage, a knight, an archer, a dragon and a gargoyle. “Follow me, Raymus” said Zayne as he passed over the tiles. “Yes, my Lord” said Raymus.

After Zayne and Raymus got past the tile floor, they ran into one final trap: a trial of ice and fire. There was a river of gas, and on the other side there was an archway that led to the Jehovian Seal. A hooded ghost appeared, giving Zayne and Raymus a test. “You must choose whether to use ice or fire to get past this river. The one you choose will determine if you are worthy to pass” said the hooded ghost. The hooded ghost then disappeared.

“I know what to do, Zayne. Ice would freeze the river, allowing us to pass through. Fire, on the other hand, would burn the river and possibly us with it” said Raymus. “Yes, my apprentice, that is correct. Together, we shall use an ice spell to freeze the river” said Zayne. Zayne and Raymus used ice spells to free the rivers so that they could pass through. The river froze, and Zayne and Raymus passed through.

When they went past the archway and into the corridor leading to the Seal, 8 white wolves emerged from the doors in the corridor and attacked Zayne and Raymus. The wolves growled and they lunged at the Palmorii. Zayne and Raymus were able to kill the wolves first using an electrocution spell that electrocuted and killed the wolves.

Then Zayne and Raymus investigated the Seal, which was behind a glass that had a white circle. The circle had a cross, and 3 glass rings that extended the cross. To solve the puzzle, Zayne and Raymus would have to rotate the rings to make the cross lines align to make the cross whole, using buttons from inside the rooms that the wolves emerged from. There were 4 rooms in total.

“I will press the buttons inside the rooms, Raymus. You stay looking at the door and check to see if the crosses are aligned and the door opens. When the door opens, tell me” said Zayne. “Yes, my Master” said Raymus.

Zayne went to the rooms and pressed the buttons. The rooms had limestone marble walls like the rest of the crypt, and were empty, except for the turquoise buttons that rose up from golden cylinders on the floor. Zayne pressed the buttons on each of the rooms, and eventually he aligned the cross and the door opened.

“My Lord, the cross is aligned! The door to the Seal is opened!” yelled Raymus as the door is opened. Zayne emerged from one of the rooms and went to the Seal, grabbing it. “Good job, my apprentice. We have the Seal. Grand Master Thantus shall be most pleased.” said Zayne.

Meanwhile, back in Calablin, Tom told James that he had finished his glider, and had asked James to help him test his glider. James made his way to Tom’s workshop from the Handlirian Academy in the morning.

“Hello, James. I hope you are doing all right. I asked you to come to my workshop to inform you that me and my son, Christoph, have finished building the glider.” said Tom. In the workshop, there was a blue blanket covering the glider, and Christoph pulled off the blanket, revealing the wooden and steel glider. “Ta-da!” said Christoph.

James took a look at the glider, and he was awed by it. “That’s amazing. How does it work?” said James.

“Well, I’n sure you know that the glider is supposed to allow you to fly. You fly it by jumping off high altitude ground and extending your arms in order to extend the glider. The glider will keep you in the air and will prevent you from falling, as long as you keep your arms extended.” said Tom. “Would you like to test it for me? You can use the ledge off my workshop to jump off, and you can fly over Calablin.” said Christoph.

“Sure” said James.

So Christoph put the glider on James. When Christoph was finished putting the glider on James, he told James to go to the ledge of the balcony outside of the workshop, overlooking the city of Calablin. The balcony was made of light brown stone, and had vines growing on it.

“Now jump off and spread out your arms. Afraid?” said Christoph.

“No, I’m all right” said James.

James jumped off the ledge, and he spread out his arms so that he could fly. The wings spread out along with James’ arms, and James was flying.
“It’s working! I’m actually flying!” said James in excitement.

“Christoph, our glider worked! Look, James is flying.” said Tom, while pointing at James. James glided down into the city, and some of the citizens were looking at him with excitement.

“Look, that boy is flying!” said a man in Calablin. “That is amazing!” said an elven woman.

James landed on top of a house in Calablin. The buildings in Calablin had red roofs, and the walls of the houses were marble. The city was beautiful, and it glittered under the Calablin waterfall and the Valley. James then jumped off the house into the street using his glider.

The citizens of Calablin, some humans and some elves, went up to James and cheered him. The citizens were wearing colorful clothes, some blue, green and red, showing the colourfulness that was ever present in the city.

“Oh my god, it’s Prince James Canner!” said a beautiful elven woman. The people bowed down to James. “Prince James Canner, you have achieved something extraordinary. You have been able to fly in a way that no one in Libernia and Cletus has been able to before. How do you do it?” said an old man.

“I have a strong relationship with the prestigious inventor and painter Thomas Wardsith. He was inventing a glider, and had the blueprints for it. When he finished his glider recently, he asked me to test it. I did, and it actually worked. That’s how I managed to fly around here” said James.

“That’s cool. A Prince surely has powerful friends and deals with powerful things. We pay our respects to you, and to the inventor Tom” said an elven man. The citizens bowed down to James.
James returned to Tom’s workshop, and Tom congratulated him, overjoyed that his invention had worked. “It actually worked, James! You flew! You flew!” said Tom excitedly. “Yeah. It felt amazing, flying over Calablin. Now, what do you intend to do with this invention, Tom?” said James.

“Well, maybe I could mass produce it to be used by the Handlirian Order, but right now it’s not safe to mass produce, as the Griffiths could get their hands on it. So for now, I’m going to keep my inventions private” said Tom.

“Now, I think I should be getting back to the Academy now.” said James. “I understand. Thanks for your help” said Tom.

James returned to the Handlirian Academy, where he had training with the students. The training took place in the Academy courtyard. The students were practicing duelling with magic and staffs.

Masters Icarus and Talynn were teaching the class. Master Icarus had short red hair with green eyes and was an elf, while Talynn was a young beautiful elven woman with brown eyes and black hair.

“Hello James, you arrived in class just in time. We are doing sparring with magic. You will be sparring with Alan here” said Master Icarus. Master Icarus pointed to a tall elven Handlirian student with short brown hair and brown eyes. The student, named Alan, approached James to spar with him.

“Hello. You’re James, right? I’m Alan” said Alan. “Yeah, I’m James. Ready to spar?” said James. “Yeah” said Alan.

James and Alan bumped their fists, then they took out their staffs to spar. They hurled fire, ice and shock spells at spells at each other with the staff, and they also used shield spells to protect each other with their free hands. Whenever one of them scored a point, by hitting each other in the body with a spell, they would bump their staffs to acknowledge the point. “Good job” James and Alan said to each other.

“Remember, you are not trying to kill your opponent. Control your spells! This is training, not an actual battle” said Master Talynn.

After about 30 minutes of this, Master Icarus told the students to line up in the courtyard wall, and that they would have sparring matches. “All right students, bow to your partners and line up on the wall. We are going to have sparring matches” said Master Icarus.

So all the students in the sparring class lined up in the wall. All the students faced each other, and whenever a student got 5 points first, he won the match. 6 matches would pass before James faced Alan, the last match of the class. It was a close match, and James used his staff to hurl fire and ice spells at Alan to make the score 4-2 in favor of James. However, Alan concentrated and he used spells himself to come back and beat James 5-4.

Master Icarus pointed at Alan and announced him as the winner of the sparring match. “Winner” he said while pointing at Alan. Alan and James bowed at each other and shaked hands.

“Good job, you almost beat me” Alan said to James. “Yeah, well you came back and beat me. That was great” said James. “All right students, class is over. Go back to your dormitories” said Master Talynn. So the students went back to their dormitories.
That night, after dinner, the Handlirian Masters meditated at the High Council room.

“It is time to meditate, Masters. I sense that there is something to be found today from our meditation. I sense a lot of tension, and our meditation will elaborate on that and will tell us the right course of action” said Grand Master Yolrond.

As the Masters meditated, they saw a vision of a war. The war between Libernia and Geland. They see the battlefields in Geland and all the blood being spilled, soldiers from both sides in formation and charging at each other. The Masters were horrified at the vision, but nevertheless continued to pay close attention to it.

The vision of the war between Libernia and Geland coincided with a vision of a war between the Handlirian Order and the Palmorii Order. The Palmorii Sanctuary in the Gray Mountains was shown in the vision, and the growing numbers of the Palmorii army. Inside the Palmorii Sanctuary, a dark, gothic place where the air reeked of darkness, the Palmorii were training new Assassins and Dark Mages. There were also a large manner of dark creatures that were being assembled by the Palmorii: Trolls, Dragons and Witch-Dogs.

Then the vision showed battle between the Handlirians and the Palmorii in the great cities of Libernia and Geland. The beautiful cities, including Tyne, Femur, and Lonthens were being ruined by war. The Palmorii were backing the Griffith-ruled Kingdom of Libernia, while the Handlirian Order helped the Free Libernian Alliance and the Kingdom of Geland. The war was shown in its wholeness to the Handlirian Masters.

Then the vision showed battle between the Handlirians and the Palmorii in the great cities of Libernia and Geland. The beautiful cities, including Artin, Femur, and Lonthens in the Pale-Reach area of Libernia, were being ruined by war. The Palmorii were backing the Griffith-ruled Kingdom of Libernia, while the Handlirian Order helped the Free Libernian Alliance and the Kingdom of Geland. The war was shown in its wholeness to the Handlirian Masters.

The vision showed first the Handlirian Order defending the city of Artin, a mountain city on the Owen Plains, and an important city in the border between Griffith controlled Libernia and the Pale Reach area of Libernia, where the Handlirian Order was situated. The Handlirian Order also helped train the rebels of the Pale-Reach to fight against the Griffiths. In time, the Handlirian Order also made an alliance with Geland, and the vision showed Grand Master Yolrond shaking hands with Gelandian King Alfonse in Pardrid, the capital of Geland.

Suddenly, the Masters woke up back in the High Council room. Grand Master Yolrond asked the Masters what had happened in the vision.

“You all looked horrified and confused at the vision. However, you also looked like you were learning something from the vision. Could you all tell me what you saw?” said Master Yolrond.

“We saw a war. There is a war going on between Libernia and Geland. The Griffiths have declared war on Geland, in suspicion of Geland wanting to attack them first. They have also declared war on us, on the Pale-Reach area of Libernia where we are situated.” said Master Xanatos.

“And we saw how this war will coincide with our own war against the Palmorii Order. The Palmorii Order is rising, and it is gaining strength. Every day, with possible help from the Griffiths, the Palmorii Order trains more Palmorin, be it Assassins or Dark Mages. They are also churning out dark creatures such as Trolls, Dragons and Witch-Dogs.” said Master Rowan.

“We must start to fight in the war now. We must defend the city-states of the Pale-Reach against the Griffiths, who will be attacking the cities soon. When the time comes, we must also ally with Geland. Only together will we be able to defeat the Griffiths” said Master Quintus.

“We will have to send a force of Handlirians to defend the Pale-Reach town of Pittis, which will be the first place that the Griffiths will attack in the territory.” said Master Peter.

“The vision was trying to tell us that it is time for us to fight. We must rise up against the Griffiths and the Palmorii, and we must go and fight. We must also ally with Geland” said Master Icarus.

“We must get organized now” said Master Talynn.

“Very well. We shall send a force of Handlirians to defend Pittis. It is near Artin, a very important city in the area. I will send a full fledged force of Handlirian Squires and Knights.” said Master Yolrond.

“Good job, my Council. We have found what we have to do in these great times of strife. I’m sure that when the time comes, we shall be further guided to the right thing to do. Now, Masters, go take a rest. You all deserve it” said Master Yolrond.

So the Handlirian Council left the High Council room, and they went to sleep.