Jean Vanier Science department builds a Time Machine in case the world is destroyed by global warming. The Time Machine will also be used by the history department to witness history and study it better.
Anchors are: Chase & Cristina

Interview guy: Diego
The anchors are at the news building.
Chase: Good Morning
Cristina: Breaking News: Jean Vanier High School in Milton has achieved something legendary in Science. The High School’s Science department, one of the most advanced in Canada and the world, has managed to build the first time machine in the world!
Chase: The Science department has said that the time machine was built to save the world, because the JV Science department strongly believes that our planet could be destroyed or screwed up by global warming, overpopulation, a world war, or any other catalytic event.
Cristina: Apparently, the time machine will also be used by the school’s History department, so that history can be witnessed the way it really happened, rather than settling on sometimes inaccurate descriptions from books.

Chase: Now on to our interviewer, Diego.
The focus turns to the interviewer, Diego, at Jean Vanier High School. Diego is in the Science hallway at JV on the school’s third floor
Diego: Thank you. I’m on set right now at the school’s third floor in the Science hallway. I would like to ask them how they helped with the time machine and what they think about it. So Student 1, how did our students help with the creation of the time machine?
Student 1: Well, we helped donate money to the school for the creation of this prestigious device. We also organized fundraisers such as the special soccer game between our school and Toronto FC, as well as the Fifth Harmony concert. The school required $300,000 to create this device, if I’m not wrong, and it took 3 years to make. It’s impressive how we got the money.
Diego: That’s good. All right, Student 2, what do you think about the time machine?
Student 2: Well, I think the time machine is amazing. It’s a revolutionary milestone our school has achieved in Science. Our school has one of the most advanced Science departments in Canada, and our hard work in the field has truly paid off with the construction of this amazing device. We will be able to save the world from global warming with the machine, though it will be have to be mass produced first. One machine is not enough. The machine will allow humanity to make an exodus to a better world in the past or future, where we can start again.
Diego: Great answer! Thanks a lot! All right, now we’ll go on scene with the Science teacher responsible for this breakthrough.
Diego goes to the Science Teachers room, where the Science Teacher is waiting for him.
Diego: So Science teacher, how does the time machine work?
Science teacher: Well, the time machine is a rotating fan that uses blades enveloped in JV’s trade secreted STDS technology to warp space and time. It is a very energy efficient method, as it doesn’t require as much energy as other time machine models. That’s also the reason why this time machine actually works. The blades spin around and around, and with their speed, as well as the STDS technology, a wormhole is eventually created that will allow you to go back in time.
Diego: Very interesting. And why did you build the time machine?
Science teacher: Well, I strongly believe that our world may be headed for catastrophe. Between global warming, which causes natural disasters such as floods, heatwaves and earthquakes, population growth, new viruses such as Ebola, and war, our world doesn’t seem to be headed to a very good place. Our Science department actually conducted a study as to how long the world would last if things continued on their current course, and we found that the world wouldn’t last past the year 2048. That’s in 30 years! Earth has 30 years before something catastrophic happens that screws it up. Another reason that we built the time machine, though a slightly less important one, is because our school’s History department could use it to go back in time and see and study history such as Ancient Rome, The Middle Ages and Canada at it’s dawn. Through this, our History department would gain more extensive and accurate knowledge about History. We could get our knowledge from real history, rather than settling on inaccurate depictions from History books.
Diego: And how would the time machine saw humanity?
Science teacher: The time machine could bring humans to a better world in the past or future where all these potentially world-destroying problems didn’t exist, and humanity could have a new start. But to get enough people, we will need to mass produce the machine. Of course, it will not be possible to save the entire world population unfortunately, but our aim is to get at least 1 billion people.
Diego: What about paradoxes? Isn’t the time machine too dangerous to mass produce because someone could use it for evil?
Science teacher: There are no paradoxes involved with the machine, because paradoxes don’t exist. There are multiple universes that exist parallel to our own. I have actually conducted experiments proving this. So if you were to use the machine, and kill your grandfather for example, you would still exist because the universe that you killed your grandfather in would be a parallel universe and it wouldn’t affect the original universe you came from. At any rate, the time machines that we create will be guarded by security and will not be permitted for use by anyone for personal, selfish purposes. The only reason they will be used is for the History department and saving the world. Also, the time machine uses the special STDS technology that only our school knows how to make and work, and it is trade secreted so that no one can steal it.
Diego: Amazing and convincing! Now, to culminate this news report, can you please show us the machine?
Science Teacher: Absolutely. Just let me get it from the storage room.
The Science teacher goes into the storage room, and he pulls out the time machine, which looks very much like a fan. He brings it to his Science classroom to show to the interviewer.
Science teacher: So there you have it. Now, I will travel back in time to visit my ancestors in Ancient Rome!
The Science teacher turns on the time machine, and sets the wormhole to take him to Ancient Rome. The time machines blades spin and twist until they are so fast that a wormhole big enough for a human is created. The Science teacher walks through the wormhole, and then the wormhole turns off.
Diego: So that’s the world’s first time machine in a nutshell! Signing off.
The focus turns back to the anchors at the news building.
Chase: It’s really incredible when you think about it. It was a high school that managed to build the world’s first time machine, not a college or university. Even for one of the most advanced high schools in Canada and possibly the world, that’s pretty impressive.
Cristina: The time machine was also achieved with an energy efficient method that actually works. That’s pretty incredible too, as most time machine models use excess amounts of energy, and that’s why they fail. That’s the end of this news report, at any rate. Your anchors, signing off.
Chase: Signing off.