In Tyne, and around Libernia, the Griffiths rule like dictators. Not everyone in Libernia has liked the dictatorial rule imposed by the Griffiths, and there has been some discontent.
There was a riot in the city of Dorme recently from discontent citizens that were unhappy with the extremely high taxes imposed by the Griffiths. The riots were mainly in the city square.

“Down with the Griffiths!” yelled Elena, a protester. “No pay! Taxes are too expensive! We can barely even buy food!” said Horacius.

Rioters walked the city square with burning flags in their hands. “The Griffiths are just selfish and want more money, that’s why such high taxes are being imposed!” said Arthur.

Arthur was carrying his son, Aris on his shoulders. Aris was a little kid, around 8, and was waving a burning flag.

Guards arrived from the barracks to stop the riot. “These fools dare to insult the royals of Libernia! They are committing treason, and must be made to pay for it. Seal the city square. Let no one escape” said Captain Whelan as the guards made their way to the city square.

The guards quelled the riot by sealing the city square so that no one could get out, then they attacked the rioters and killed many of them. “Father, nooo!” yelled Aris as his father was killed by a spear thrown by a guard. Aris fell to the ground on his fathers body.

“All right, we’re sorry! We are sorry for protesting! We’ll pay double taxes if you want, just please don’t hurt us!” said Damian, a protestor. “It’s too late for that!” said one of the guards, before skewering Damian with his sword.

Half the protestors were killed, and the remaining protestors surrendered. “Enough! Please, please we won’t protest anymore! We’ll pay our taxes!” yelled the protesters. “Lock them up in the dungeon” said Captain Whelan.

The guards took the protestors, about 46 of them, and locked them up in the dungeon. The dungeon was underneath the Governor’s palace, a building built out of light brown and red stone.

The next day, and in 2 subsequent days, the protestors were executed by being hung in the same city square where they protested. “Let this be an example to all who protest against the Griffiths!” said Captain Whelan during the execution of 5 protestors.

The protesters were wearing torn tunics, and there were 2 men, 1 child and 2 women. The child was Aris, and as he was a small kid, the guards set him up on a stool.

The guards fasted the necks of the protestors to the ropes, and then they opened the trapdoors. The protestors fell into the trapdoors and were killed when their necks snapped with the rope. This was just one example of how swiftly the Griffiths dealt with any threats to their rule in Libernia.

In Tyne, it is also unsafe to be an enemy of the Griffiths. The Griffiths have guards and gangsters in the streets of the capital of Libernia to attack the enemies of the Griffiths.

In the evening, Cassandra Veinhall went to the Tyne marketplace to buy groceries and jewelry. The marketplace was outdoors, in the Tyne city square, and there were about 4 stalls: one for fruit and vegetables, one for meat, one for armor and weapons and one for jewelry. Cassandra bought some meat, some tomatoes and cucumbers and a golden necklace.

On her way back to her palace from the marketplace, Cassandra was being followed by 4 men with hooded leather coats, but she was unaware of it. As she passed through one of Tyne’s alleyways on her way back to the palace, one of the hooded men grabbed her and put her in a headlock. Cassandra was yelling and was struggling against the hooded man, but another of the hooded men pulled out a knife and pointed it at Cassandra.

“Let me go, you bastards!” yelled Cassandra while struggling to get free from the hooded man.

The hooded men revealed their faces: one of the hooded men was fat and black haired, the second one was a middle aged brown haired man, the third was a chubby middle aged man with gray hair, and the fourth was a young man with long blond hair and a beard.

“Give us your jewelry and all your money! Then we will let you go! Or maybe you should give us your body?” said the chubby man.

The fat man grabbed Cassandra’s dress, and he tried to take it off, as he was going to sexually assault her.

“Leave me alone! Help!” yelled Cassandra.

Suddenly, the fat man got a staff thrown at his head, and he fell to the floor, knocked out.

Cassandra turned around, and Louis, one of Prince James’ friends, was there, standing at the other side of the alleyway. Louis, a young skinny boy with dark hair and dark striking eyes, was the one who had thrown the staff.

“Leave her alone, you bastards!” said Louis.

The blond-haired man went and lunged at Cassandra, but Cassandra grabbed the staff and hit the blond haired man in the balls, and the blond haired man yelled while clutching his balls.

“Ahhh!” the blond haired man yelled.

Suddenly, Cassandra knocked him out.

The two other men were fistfighting with Louis, and even though Louis defended himself well, the 2 men over powered him, and Louis fell to the floor.

“Now you’re going to pay for meddling with our affairs!” said the chubby man to Louis.

There was a shelf of barrels beside the 2 bandits and Louis on the wall on the alleyway. Cassandra went up to it, and she broke the shelf with her baton, causing the shelf’s components to fall on the bandits and knock them unconscious. Louis had gotten himself away from the bandits before they could realize what was going on, as Cassandra had gestured to him to remind him.

“Thanks for the help Louis. They were about to rape me” said Cassandra.

“You’re welcome, Cassandra. I will always help you when you need help. Here are your groceries, at any rate” said Louis.

Louis handed a brown paper bag full of groceries to Cassandra.

“Now I’m going to go back home with the groceries. See you later, and thanks again” said Cassandra.

“Do you mind if I come with you?” said Louis.

“Yeah, it’s all right if you come with me” said Cassandra.

So Cassandra and Louis went back to the Veinhall Palace. However, when they arrived, the front door was open, and the windows of both the door and the front of the house were cracked. The house was also on fire and was burning down. Cassandra was horrified.

“Oh my God! What could have happened?! Who could have done this?!” said Cassandra horrifyingly.

“It must have been the Griffiths. They must have done this. Let’s go further inside and see what happened.” said Louis.

Cassandra and Louis entered the house. There was more damage done in the interior of the house, and it was burning as well. The white marble staircase near the front of the house, which fit in nicely with the marble white and black checkered floor, had 2 broken portraits on it. All the furniture in the palace was broken, and as Cassandra and Louis walked further down the corridor on the bottom floor dodging falling wood that was on fire, they came across all the broken furniture.

“Mom! Dad! Philip! Where are you?! Are you all right?!?” yelled Cassandra worryingly.

“Cassandra!” yelled a faint voice from the upper floor.

“Philip!” yelled Cassandra. Cassandra and Louis went to the upper floor of the palace. The upper floor was also on fire, trashed with furniture and paintings, and the beautiful walls were torn.

“Cassandra! Help me!” said Philip. Cassandra entered Philip’s bedroom, and she found Philip on the floor of the bedroom, bleeding.

“Oh no! What happened to you, Philip? Where is Rose and Bilius?” said Cassandra worryingly.

“The Griffiths sent guards to arrest me and my parents. I fought them off, but they greatly injured me, and they set the palace on fire. They took Mom and Dad, and I’m very sure they took them to the prison underneath the Griffith castle.” said Philip.

“That’s terrible. The Griffiths are abusing their power! We need to get you to a doctor right away!” said Cassandra.

“You can’t stay here. Your palace has been destroyed and is burning down. You should stay in my house. I can give you shelter there” said Louis.

“Very well. Cassandra, help me walk. We need hoods to hide our identity” said Philip.

Cassandra grabbed Philip and helped him walk down the stairs to the first floor of the palace, while Louis grabbed 3 gray hooded coats for them to wear. They put on the coats, then they left the burning Veinhall palace and went out into the night

They first went to a doctor to patch Philip’s wounds.

“Are there any reliable doctors around here? I’m afraid that most of the doctors could be corrupt” said Cassandra.

“As a matter of fact, there is a reliable doctor near my house. His name is Paul, and he is a great friend of mine. We can trust him” said Louis.

“Then let’s go there” said Philip.

So Philip, Cassandra and Louis went to the doctor that Louis mentioned. Paul had a clinic one block from Louis’ house, and the clinic was a wood and stone house. When they arrived at the clinic, Louis knocked on the wooden door.

An old, balding man wearing black doctor clothes and a hat opened the door.

“Hello, Paul. Philip Veinhall here has been gravely injured by the Griffiths guards. I need you to patch him up real quick” said Louis to Paul.

“Sure. I can do that, Louis. I will heal Philip’s wounds. Come here, Philip” said Paul.

Paul brought Philip to a room that had a leather medical table and a shelf with a bunch of potions. There, Paul set Philip down on the medical table, and he bandaged Philip’s wounds.

“Uhhhh” said Philip weakly.

“It’s gonna be all right, Philip. I’m gonna patch you up real good, and you will be healed in no time” said Paul.

Paul then grabbed a healing potion and he made Philip drink it. Within 4 days, Philip was healed from the wounds.

After they dropped off Philip with the doctor, Louis brought Cassandra to his house, which was a red and white brick house connected to the 2 building beside it in the city streets. Cassandra and Louis entered the house, which had brick stairs on the left side leading to the second floor. Louis led Cassandra to the second floor and showed her an elegant room with a mirror and two wooden shelves, a painting of a knight, and a marble vase with flowers. There was also a queen sized bed. “This is where you will be staying, my lady. It is an elegant room for guests.” said Louis. “It’s such an amazing room. Thanks a lot” said Cassandra.

Cassandra and Philip stayed in Louis’ house, where they were sheltered and safe, and it would be that way for the next little while.


The Handlirian Order created a group of students to find the Jehovian Seal hidden in Femur. Master Yolrond brought in Masters Quintus, and Rowan, as well as Castilius. Also present were the students who had found the previous Seal to the courtyard of the Academy, plus James’ brother Daniel.

Yolrond briefed the students with the assignment of finding the Jehovian Seal in Femur. “We have located another of the Jehovian Seals in the city of Femur, in northeastern Libernia. The Seal is located in a chamber in the catacombs underneath the city, near the famous Ubrikan Cathedral. Since we have the location, the matter now is getting to the Seal.” said Yolrond.

“I have summoned you students because some of you have experience with finding the Jehovian Seals, as you helped find the Seal in Blythe. I will also have 4 Handlirian Masters accompany you in your quest to find the Seals. Master Quintus will help you, along with Master Rowan. Castilius here shall also help you find the Seals. He is a huge helper of the Handlirian Order, though not officially part of it. You shall be called the Fellowship of the Seals, and you will find the Jehovian Seal in Femur before the Palmorii do. You will also find the other Seals when the time comes to find them.” said Yolrond.

“Yes, Master Yolrond” said the Fellowship, before bowing down to Yolrond.

The Fellowship of the Seals departed Calablin for Femur. On the way to Femur, which was north of Calablin, the Fellowship had to pass through the Bristolian Mountains. There was a blizzard on the mountains, and the Fellowship was forced to find a way through the mountains while besting the blizzard.

“This blizzard, it’s too dangerous. We may not be able to pass through it!” said Master Quintus. “Well, what should we do?” said Ian. “There has to be a path through the mountains. I know the Bristolian Mountains have a pass that people use to get through” said Master Rowan.

The Fellowship looked around for any sign of a pass through the mountains. Daniel spotted what looked like a pass in between 2 mountains. “I think I see a pass through the mountains. It’s there, in between those 2 mountains.” said Daniel, pointing to the pass in between the 2 mountains.

“Good perception, Daniel. That is our way through the mountains, students. Let us go through” said Master Rowan.

So the Fellowship walked back down from the mountains, and went through the mountains. However, on the way down, Daniel slipped. “Help!” yelled Daniel. James grabbed Daniel’s hand and pulled him up. “Thanks, brother” said Daniel to James.

The Fellowship made it down the mountain and they made it through the mountain pass. The mountain pass had a tattered red flag. The Fellowship got past the mountain pass, and after taking a rest and going to sleep, they arrived in Femur in a week.

Femur was a stone city, and the whole city was surrounded by a mountain. The Fellowship was wearing regular, casual clothes to avoid arousing suspicion in the city. They were near a fountain in the city trying to figure out how to get to the catacombs.

“All right, so the catacombs is where you saw the Seal in your vision, Rowan?” said Castilius. “Yes. The Seal is underneath the city in the catacombs, but it has its own chamber where it is stored.” said Rowan.

“We have to figure out how to get to the catacombs, and the way to get to the chamber where the Seal is stored” said James. “Perhaps the way to go would be through the cathedral, since that’s what you saw in your vision, maybe there could be a secret passageway there?” said Lana. “Yes, you’re right. Let’s go look in the cathedral” said Rowan.

So the Fellowship went to the Ubrikan Cathedral, walking casually so as not to arouse suspicion. The cathedral entrance was guarded, and guards stood in the doorway. “It’s a good thing we brought disguises. Act normally as you walk past the guards” said Castilius.

The Fellowship walked inside the cathedral. The cathedral was elegant, and the interior was gray and was mostly made of stone. A stained glass window was behind the altar where the priest would normally stand during Mass. There was a middle row of wooden seats behind the altar, and in the left and right of the cathedral, there were pillars that held up a ceiling, and under that ceiling there were also wooden seats.

In the cathedral, the Fellowship encountered some hints that could lead them to the location of the Seal. “So what will we find here that could get us to the catacombs and the chamber?” asked James. “Well, I do have a manuscript that details symbols of the Seals that could help us.” said Rowan.

Rowan took out a manuscript about the Seals, and in it, she saw the symbol of a sword with the number 2 in Roman numerals. There was also a sword being held by a male figure on the stained glass window. The number 2 in Roman numerals appeared on the center of the male figure.

“Students, you see? The symbol on that stained glass window also appears in my manuscript. I strongly believe these are hints to a passageway that leads to the catacombs in this church. There are 2 other symbols in my manuscript, a bow and a target. They also have numbers, 6 and 10 respectively. Search for these symbols in the cathedral.” said Rowan. “Yes, Master” said the students.

The students searched the cathedral for the symbols that Rowan mentioned. James and Daniel searched for the symbols together, and after careful sightseeing, they found the 2nd symbol, a bow, in the stone that the church chandelier was dangling from in the center of the church.

“The bow is right there!” yelled James, pointing to the symbol over the chandelier. “Good job James. Now to find the last symbol” said Quintus.

James and Daniel were in the upper floor of the cathedral, and they looked down at the spot between the chairs and the altar in the church. The Roman numeral 10, which was a large black X, was in that spot, and a red target was there as well. “X marks the spot” said James.

James went to the bottom floor of the cathedral. “The last symbol is there, in the space between the altar and the wooden seats. I think that’s a way to the catacombs underneath, and the chamber where the Seal is” said James. “Good work James. Now we have to break through the X” said Quintus. “You mean, like break through the floor?” said Lana. “Yes, we will break through the floor. Stand back.” said Quintus.

The rest of the Fellowship backed away from the X, and Master Quintus took out his staff. He slammed the bottom of his staff to the ground, causing a hole to be made in the ground and making a shake that was felt throughout the cathedral.

Unfortunately, the guards at the church doorway heard the commotion, and they went inside the cathedral to see what was going on. “Hey, what’s going on there? What are you doing?” said one of the guards. “Nothing. Everything is all right. Go back to guarding the church doorway” said Quintus, as he waved his hand using a mind trick spell.

“Everything is fine. We will go back to guarding the church doors.” said the guards as they walked back to the church doors.

Master Rowan told Master Quintus, Ian and Zara to stay behind and watch for any threats. “Stay behind, Master Quintus, Ian and Zara. Watch for any threats.” said Rowan. “Yes, Master Rowan” they said.

The Fellowship went down the hole into the catacombs. When they emerged in the catacombs, Rowan used her staff to light the dark catacombs. There were skeletons on both sides of the catacombs.

The Fellowship advanced through the catacombs, and Rowan used a clairvoyance spell to find the way to the chamber. The Fellowship walked further in the catacombs.

Meanwhile, back in the church, 5 Palmorii attempted to enter, but were blocked from entering by the guards at the church entrance, so the Palmorii pulled out their swords. “Let us in, or you die!” said one of the Palmorin to the guards. The guards let the Palmorii in, but the Palmorii still killed them.

Master Quintus saw the Palmorii, and he warned Ian and Zara. “Watch out, Ian and Zara. The Palmorii are here! Get ready to fight!” said Quintus.

The Palmorii approached and they attacked Master Quintus with a spell to drain life, but Quintus managed to block the spell using a shield spell. Ian fought off a shock spell from a Palmorin using his staff to create a shield, but another Palmoriin stabbed Ian in the chest from behind. “Agh!” screamed Ian. Another Palmoriin drained some of the life from Zara, and she was weakened. “Fall back!” said Quintus.

Quintus used an explosion spell to distract the Palmorii, and then he took Ian on his shoulders and jumped inside the hole to the catacombs. Zara also jumped down the hole to the catacombs, and the 3 of them went further down the catacombs to join with the rest of the Fellowship.

They joined up with the rest of the Fellowship. “Master Quintus! What happened?!” said Rowan. “The Palmorii attacked, and we were force to flee. Ian and Zara here are gravely hurt. Help me save them” said Quintus as he set Ian down on the floor of the catacombs. “Are you all right, sister?” said Lana. “Help heal her, and she will be” said Rowan.

Rowan, Quintus and the students attempted to heal Ian and Zara. The students managed to save Zara, and Zara stood up, healed. However, the students were unable to save Ian, who was immobile and dead within a few seconds.

“Please…it’s too late…remember me… find the Seals” said Ian before dying. “Ian?! Ian?!? Nooo!! said Zara. Zara was crying, and so was Shay, and Lana. “Today we have lost a great Handlirian warrior. You will be remembered, Ian.” said Quintus.

However, there was no time to mourn Ian. Back at the cathedral, the Palmorii let out a howl of dark magic, and the howl brought the dead bodies in the catacombs back to life. They came up from their tombs wearing swords and armor, and they attacked the Fellowship.

However, the Fellowship was able to kill the undead bodies first. Rowan used a shock spell to dispose of the first 2 dead bodies. James killed one of the animated bodies using his sword, and Shay also killed another undead body using his sword. Castilius cut 2 undead in half using his sword.

“Why are the dead bodies alive?!” said Lana fearfully. “It’s dark magic that the Palmorii are using! Defend yourselves!” said Castilius.

The Fellowship disposed of the dead bodies, but more and more kept coming. “Everyone, get in a circle around me! I will cast a fire circle around us that should slow down the undead bodies!” said Rowan.

The Fellowship got in a circle around Rowan, and Rowan cast a fire wall spell. There was a wall of fire around the Fellowship protecting them, and every time the undead tried to penetrate the wall, they disintegrated. The undead could not penetrate the fire wall.

However, the Palmorii had another trick to stop the Fellowship. There was a river of water mixed with gasoline flowing in the middle of the catacombs, and the Palmorii used a fire spell to set the river on fire.

The river immediately started to set on fire, and the Fellowship, who was on the right side of the bank, was forced to run. “Run!” yelled Castilius. The Fellowship ran further down the catacombs, being chased by the river of fire and a few undead.

Suddenly, Rowan spotted a golden door. “There, that’s the chamber where the Seal is hidden! Get inside!” said Rowan while pointing to the door. Rowan opened the golden door, and the Fellowship immediately got inside the door and into the chamber.

The chamber was lined with gold and turquoise walls, and the Jehovian Seal was on the other side of a golden cage. “There’s the Seal!” said Daniel. “However, it’s locked behind a golden cage. We’re gonna have to solve some sort of puzzle to get it.” said Quintus. “Perhaps this is part of the puzzle?” said Shay, pointing to a circular golden glass.

The golden glass cast a ray to the other side of the room, and the glass was connected to the floor and could be rotated. There were 2 other similar glasses beside it. On the ceiling, there were also 3 glasses, made of turquoise. There was also a button behind the 3 ground glasses that made the 3 ceiling glasses move.

“I think I know what we have to do. We’re going to have to make the ground glasses touch all of the ceiling glasses with the rays” said James. “Good thinking, Prince” said Castilius.

The Fellowship attempted to rotate the ground glasses to touch the ceiling glasses, but to no avail. The ground glasses could only rotate so far left or right. Either the rays would touch 2 of the ceiling glasses making an X shape, or the 3 rays would touch 1 ceiling glass, but it was just so difficult to get the 3 ground glasses’ rays to touch the 3 ceiling glasses.

Eventually, the students got frustrated. “It’s just impossible, there’s no way to do it!” said Lana angrily. “How are we going to get all the rays to touch the ceiling?!? We’ve tried and tried!” said James.

“Patience, students. It is difficult, but not impossible. There is a way to make the 3 rays touch the ceiling, we just have to keep trying” said Castilius.

Suddenly, Master Rowan and Daniel managed to get the 3 rays to touch the ceiling glasses in an W shape with the rays overlapping each other. The golden cage containing the Jehovian Seal opened.

“Good job guys, now we have the Jehovian Seal. Now we must leave.” said Master Rowan. Master Quintus went up to the Seal and grabbed it. “We must find a way out of here.” said Master Quintus.

James saw a ladder on the other side of the chamber from the golden door. “There, I see a golden ladder. That’s our way out!” said James. “Good, let us leave” said Master Quintus. So the Fellowship climbed the ladders and emerged in the city after opening a sewer cap.

Near the sewer, a herald was giving news to the local populace in a city square. When the Fellowship emerged from the sewer, the populace looked over at the Fellowship, and the herald stopped talking to witness the strange occurrence. The Fellowship immediately left the area.

However, the Palmorii were on the other side of the square, and they spotted the Fellowship. They began to chase the Fellowship. “Run!” said Master Quintus.

The Fellowship ran away from the Palmorii, and they arrive near a fence that had a stone fountain and some grass on the other side. They whistled for their horses to come, and their 8 horses arrived in the area. They mounted their horses and sped away.

Shortly after, the Palmorii arrived at the fence. The Palmorii let out a whistle of dark magic, and their horses immediately came to them. The Palmorii got on their horses and sped away in the direction where the Fellowship went.

There was a wild chase around the stone city, with the Palmorii chasing the Fellowship on their horses. “There is no escape!” said one of the Palmorii.

“There is none for you either!” said Castilius, who stopped his horse. Castilius then held his sword horizontal to the ground, and when one of the Palmorii came with his horse, he slashed the horse’s legs, causing the horse and the Palmoriin to fall to the ground. However, the Palmoriin was still alive.

One of the Palmorii caught up to Daniel, and the Palmoriin slashed Daniel’s horse, killing it and causing Daniel to fall to the ground.

The Palmoriin who had fallen to the ground snuck up behind Daniel. “Watch out, brother!” said James. James shot the Palmoriin with a fire spell, and the Palmoriin fell to the ground, dead.

James held out his hand, and his brother took it and got up from the ground. “Get on my horse” said James.

So James and Daniel got on James’ brown steed and continued to speed away from the Palmorii. There were now 4 Palmorii left chasing the Fellowship.

One of the Palmorii took out a bow and began shooting the Fellowship. Lana was shot in the shoulder by an arrow. “Ouch!” she said.

However, Master Rowan created a magical shield around the Fellowship that deflected all the arrows. “Watch out!” yelled Master Rowan before making the shield.

While her horse continue to speed around the stone city, Master Rowan turned her body around in order to create the magical shield. One of the Palmorii went up to Master Rowan with his horse and swung his sword to attack her, but she deflected the attack with her staff, then she used a shock spell on the Palmoriin with her staff, electrocuting the Palmoriin and killing him. The Palmoriin fell off his horse on the ground.

The chase continued, and as the Fellowship was passing through several stone archways in the city and was nearing the aqueduct, Master Quintus had an idea.

“When we get past the aqueduct, we should use magic to collapse it when the Palmorii are under the aqueduct. If we time it right, that should stop them.” said Master Quintus. “Great idea! Students, get ready! When the Palmorii are under the aqueduct, collapse it!” said Master Rowan. “Yes, Master!” said the students.

The Fellowship got past the aqueduct, and they turned around. They used magic to focus on the aqueduct, and when the 3 remaining Palmorii got under the aqueduct, the Fellowship collapsed the aqueduct, burying the Palmorii.

“Well, that should do it. Too bad I’m not magically gifted” said Castilius. “The Seal! Do we still have it? And where’s Prince James?” said Lana worryingly.

Suddenly, Prince James galloped with his horse over the debris of the aqueduct. “Did I miss anything?” said Prince James. “Are you kidding? You missed us stopping the Palmorii, brother!” said Daniel. “We have what we came for, now let us go back to Calablin” said Master Quintus. So the Fellowship went back to Calablin.

The assassin Yutus, who was the only one to survive chasing the Fellowship in Femur, returned to the Palmorii Sanctuary in the Gray Mountains. The Sanctuary was dark and eerie, and the exterior was like a castle, but with a very dark gothic appearance.

Yutus went inside the Sanctuary, severely wounded from the impact of the aqueduct falling on top of him. He went into the Sanctuary hall, which had pillars and statues of previous Palmorii. There, the lead Assassin, Zayne Miraz, was waiting for him. He turned around to Yutus and lowered his hood, revealing his dark hair, extremely pale skin and red eyes.

“You have failed your mission. The Handlirian Order now has 2 Jehovian Seals. You are the only survivor” said Zayne. “I am sorry, my Lord. We almost had them, but…” said Yutus.

Before Yutus could finish his sentence, Zayne choked him, and Yutus screamed, being tortured by Zayne. “Shut up! There is no excuse for such failure! You are weak, and you should have died with the rest of your kin in Femur! You know that Palmorii can be instantly replaced, so I have no use for you anymore, now die!” said Zayne angrily. Zayne’s bloodshot eyes looked at Yutus with hatred and anger.

Suddenly, 8 other cloaked Palmorii appeared, and they extended their hands and continued to torture Yutus. Yutus was screaming due to the pain. “Ahhhhh!!!! No…please!!!!!” yelled Yutus. Suddenly, Yutus dropped dead on the floor.

Grand Master Thantus Zhar and Lord Raymus went down into the hall from the staircase leading to the higher levels. “My apprentice, you must find the Jehovian Seals. We must produce more Palmorii to help with the search, and we must stop the Handlirian Order from finding them first. I have located one of the Seals in a crypt in northern Libernia, near Skarsdin. Lord Raymus shall help you” said Thantus. Thantus pointed to Lord Raymus beside him. “Yes, Master.” said Zayne.

Back at Calablin, Master Yolrond addressed the Fellowship in the courtyard and congratulated them on finding the Jehovian Seal in Femur.

“Good job, my Fellowship. You managed to find the Jehovian Seal and bring it back to Calablin safely, even when being chased by 5 Palmorii who wanted the Seal for themselves. That is no mean feat, and that is why I will promote you all to the position of Handlirian Squires. You have found 2 Seals already, and you have improved greatly in your time as Handlirians. You deserve this honour, and in time, you will be Knights” said Master Yolrond.

“Thank you, Master” said the Fellowship as they bowed down to Yolrond.

“Unfortunately, not all of you came back alive. I see that Ian is missing. What happened to him?” said Yolrond.

“He was killed by the Palmorii, stabbed by one. We tried to save him, but it was too late. We couldn’t even bring back his body” said Quintus.

“I see. That is very sad indeed. He will be remembered as a great Handlirian, and death is not the end. Handlirians who die come back as spirit guides, to help guide the Handlirians to take the best course of action. I will have to announce this sad event to the Academy, at any rate. There is always the risk of death when Handlirians go on a quest like this.” said Yolrond.

“He knew the risks just as much as we did. He was one of my greatest friends, and it is really sad to lose him, but he died as a martyr, for a good cause” said Zara. “To honor him, we must continue the search for the Jehovian Seals and stop the Palmorii” said James.

“And we will, however, we must find the location of them first. We will try to do what my daughter did in order to find the locations. This meeting is over. Go and get some rest everyone” said Yolrond.

During dinner at the Great Hall, Master Yolrond announced the news of Ian’s death. “Good evening everyone. I have some good and bad news to give you. The Fellowship of the Seals managed to get the Jehovian Seal in Femur, but at a cost. Ian Vilsor, one of our students here at the Academy, died in Femur. He was killed by the Palmorii. I know this is very difficult for you all to hear, but he is on a better place now, an he will return as a spirit guide to help us. Thankfully, the rest of our students returned alive, although Lana is in the hospital wing because she got an arrow in the shoulder” said Yolrond. “Now, eat!”

The students began to eat their dinner, which was stew with salad.

“Is Lana going to be all right”? asked Haman, a student. “Yes, she will be all right, I trust the doctors will fix my sister right up” said Zara. “Where was the Seal?” asked Alison. “The Seal was in the catacombs underneath Femur. we had to solve a puzzle to get it.” said Shay. “Like, what sort of puzzle?” said Kevin. “We had to make some rays in the ground touch the glass in the ceiling. It was very difficult, but eventually we got it.” said James.

When dinner was over, the students went to their dormitories and slept, since it was nighttime.