The days at the Handlirian Academy would go on like that for a year and a half, until the headmaster, Yolrond, announced that the Griffiths were repeatedly attacking the city of Blythe, and that the Handlirians were needed to defend it. Yolrond summoned all students in the Academy to the Great Hall for this announcement.

“The city of Blythe has repeatedly announced that they will not support the new Griffith royal family, so the Griffiths have been repeatedly assaulting Blythe with their minions over a period of 18 months. We are not sure if the Palmorii are involved with the assaults or not, but it is still a problem that that we have to deal with. The Count of Blythe has asked the Handlirian Order for help in defending the city from the Griffith’s minions. One of the Handlirian Masters will go to defend the city, and we will also send some students to help. But since we can’t choose every student in the Academy, we will have to make selections. If you are not selected to go and help defend Blythe, do not be discouraged. This is one of the best generations of Handlirian students I have seen in my life. Also, war is dangerous, and people die in it. Not all students may come back alive” said Yolrond.

So Yolrond selected James, Shay, Ian, Zara, and Lana to help defend Blythe Zara and Lana were Elves, and twin sisters with dirty blond hair and dark eyes. Master Quintus also went to help defend Blythe. So the Handlirians set out for Blythe, and they reached the city in a week and a half.

Blythe was a city of skyscrapers. The city was surrounded by a wall, and it had several stone towers that towered over the city. Unfortunately, the Griffiths minions had taken control of the city, and they had posted guards all around the city walls.

In the afternoon, outside the city walls at a rendezvous at some stables, Master Quintus and the Handlirian students met with a commander with brown hair, blue eyes and a moustache dressed in silver armor, as well as some mercenaries dressed in brown leather armor.

“Master Quintus, thanks for answering the call for help. The Griffiths have taken control of the city, and the Count of Blythe and his family have been captured. They are being imprisoned underneath their own tower, the tallest in the city, and the guards have announced that the Count will be executed soon. We must take back the city and save the Count before he is executed” said Adolph.

“All right, what is the best plan to take back the city?” said Quintus. “Well, Blythe is too big of a city for the Griffiths to control and protect entirely, and their security suffers for it. The southern gate of the city is not very well protected, so that is where we’ll strike.” said Adolph. Adolph showed Quintus a map of Blythe, and he pointed to the southern gate of the city.

“That’s a good plan. Are there any Palmorii helping the Griffiths in Blythe?” asked Quintus. “I don’t really know what the Palmorii look like, but I did see a figure in a black cloak and red eyes with the commander of the Griffiths” said Adolph.

“I think it would be best to strike at nighttime, as we would be more subtle at night. The best plan would be to have your mercenaries distract the Griffiths at the gate while the Handlirian students climb the walls and open the gate for the army to enter the city” said Quintus. “Sounds good” said Adolph.


They waited until nightfall to storm the city. When sunset finally came around, the Blythe army stroke. Quintus, Commander Adolph and the mercenaries attacked the sentries posted near the gate.

“All right Handlirian students, climb the walls now!” yelled Quintus while fighting. So James, Shay, Ian, Zara and Lana immediately climbed the Blythe wall, having help from a wheelbarrow resting on the wall. There were guards on the top of the wall, but before the guards could react, James, Zara and Lana killed them using electric spells from their staffs.

Shay and Ian climbed down to the city itself, jumping onto the top of houses before jumping on the city ground. They made their way to the city gate, where they killed the few guards there with their swords, before using the control mechanism to open the gate.

When the gate was opened, the Handlirian students went to help Quintus and the mercenaries, who were still fighting off the Griffith’s minions. “Reinforcements!” screamed one of the Griffith guards. However, no one heard his request. In a few minutes, the fighting was over. “I swear, I have nothing to do with anything!” said an afraid citizen before running away. “Wait, we’re here to help you!” said James.

The mercenaries entered the city. “Well done, Handlirian students!” said Quintus. “This way, men!” said Commander Adolph.

With the Handlirian students following them, the mercenaries went further into the city before seeing an array of guards near an archway in the city. They stopped behind a blacksmith building, out of sight from the guards.

“All right students, I want you to distract the guards and prevent them from sounding the alarm. Hopefully that will give us enough time to rescue the Count of Blythe and his family” said Quintus while pointing to the guards. “Sure thing, Master” said Ian. “Wait. Take some of my men with you, just to be safe. Return and join us once the guards have been dealt with” said Adolph.

So the Handlirian students went near the archway. “I think that it’s risky to fight that many guards” said Lana. “The best thing to do would be to distract them. Perhaps a smoke spell would be just the thing. The smoke would distract them and allow us to kill them easily” said Ian. “Great idea” said one of the mercenaries.

Ian took out his staff, and he pointed it to the guards, then he cast a smoke spell. The spell caused smoke to appear all around the guards, and they were coughing, couldn’t see anything, and were confused and distracted. “Cough, cough, what the hell is going on?!?” said the guards. Amidst the guards confusion, the students and the soldiers stroke, and they killed the enemy guards with their swords.

They went further up the city, where they encountered an injured mercenary near a water fountain. “Quintus and the mercenaries…at the tower trying to free the Count…under attack by guards” said the mercenary weakly and while coughing. Suddenly, the mercenary died.

“We’re with you, Prince James. Lead us!” said Shay. Shay, the other Handlirian students and the mercenaries raised their hands and hailed Prince James. “Thanks for the kind gesture guys, but we have no time to waste. Quintus and the mercenaries are under attack, and we must help them. Let’s go!” said James.

James, the Handlirian students and the mercenaries went to the castle, where the mercenaries were fighting the guards. The Handlirian students helped by killing the guards, and they used ice spike spells to kill the archers on the top of the buildings.

“Thanks for the help Handlirians!” said Adolph while fighting. “Can your mercs take it from here, Adolph? I just saw what I think is a Palmorin! I would like to take my students to chase him, as I really think he is up to something that we don’t know!” said Quintus while fighting. “Yes, we can take it from here! Go and chase your Palmorin!” said Adolph. “All right students, let’s go!” said Quintus.

So Quintus and the Handlirian students ran around the city looking for the Palmorin. They climbed the buildings using the boxes and the bars sticking out from the buildings. They finally found the Palmorin at the west gate of the city. The Handlirians were still on top of the buildings, careful not to be seen.

As the Palmorin stood at the gate of the city, a young man with blond hair and blue eyes with a dark blue and red commander suit was beside him. “The Palmorii Grand Master Thantus Zhar, Francis and Victor Griffith shall be here soon, Lanz. Show some respect” said the Palmorin. “Yes, Lord Raymus” said Lanz.

Suddenly, a man with long black hair and eyes, an older man with graying black hair and blue eyes, an old man who looked like a priest and another hooded Palmorin with bleach white skin and red eyes entered the city gates and spoke with the Palmorin.

“It’s settled then. Lanz, you shall coordinate our forces to stop the rebellious mercenaries and distract them from our true goal. Raymus, you shall find the Jehovian Seal in the city, our true goal. And Father Loman, you shall calm down the citizens when the deed is done” said Thantus Zhar.

“But Grand Master, the mercenaries are gaining ground in the city. They are being helped by the Handlirians, and they are trying to rescue the Count” said Lanz.

“We cannot allow it. We must take the Count from the dungeon. If the mercenaries do not surrender, we will execute the Count.” said Thantus.

“Let me stay, Father. I know James is here, and I can make him join his bastard father” said Victor. “Patience Victor. In time, you will get the opportunity to kill Prince James and his brother, but at the moment, you are needed elsewhere. This is a job that can be done by Lanz and Lord Raymus” said Francis.

“You know your jobs” said Thantus. Thantus, Victor, Francis and Loman left the city gates.

“So they are looking for a Jehovian Seal. That’s the true reason behind their attack. We must stop them from getting it” said Quintus. “What’s a Jehovian Seal?” asked James. “I’ll explain later. There is no time right now. We must follow Lord Raymus, but we can’t be seen. Follow me, and be very quiet” said Quintus.

Lord Raymus climbed the city wall, and he climbed a tower in the wall. He opened a trapdoor in the tower and he jumped inside it. Quintus and the students also climbed the tower, and they jumped inside the trapdoor.

Inside the trapdoor, there was a dark passageway, with torches lighting the way. It was dark and eerie, and the walls were made of stone. The students continued to follow Quintus.

As the Handlirians followed him, Lord Raymus continued to search for the Jehovian Seal in the passageway. He eventually arrived at a room with stained glass windows and a glass floor with a golden circle object the size of a dish inside. The golden object had a turquoise design of a wreath crown.

“The Jehovian Seal” whispered James. “Shhh!” said Shay. The Handlirians were still in the passageway, hiding. “Let me handle this” said Quintus.

Quintus went inside the room, and he sneaked behind Lord Raymus, about to swing his sword to attack. Suddenly, Lord Raymus blocked the swing from behind with his sword.

“So you Handlirians were following me. I knew it. No matter, I will still kill you and get the Seal myself!” said Lord Raymus. “I’ll never let an object of immense power like the Seal fall into evil hands like yours!” said Quintus. Quintus and Raymus swung their swords, and they clashed.

“We should help him!” said Ian. “He seems to be doing totally fine on his own” said James.

Quintus and Raymus continued to clash their swords, and they also used magic with their other hands to try to push each other back. Their spells were equally matched, so they both fell back. They pushed themselves back up from the ground and they ran full speed at each other with their swords raised. They continued to clash and swing their swords, until Raymus disarmed Quintus and cut his arm. Quintus fell back.

“Now is the time to help Master Quintus!” said James. “What should we do?” said Lana. “Attack!” said James.

The 5 Handlirian students went into the chamber and charged at Raymus. James and Lana were using swords, while Shay, Ian and Zara used their staffs. The students with the staffs hurled fire and shock spells at Raymus, while the students with swords also fought him. As Raymus was very skilled, he was able to resist for a time. Raymus even managed to stab James in the chest with his sword, and James fell to the ground.

“Nooo!” said Quintus, who got back up from the floor, and he and the students used a push spell together to push Raymus off the chasm under the stained glass window, and Raymus fell in the chasm.

With Raymus gone, Quintus and the students turned to James, who was lying on the ground. “Is he dead?” asked Shay. “No, I’m very much alive” said James.

James opened his robes, and underneath his robes was Strang armor. “That’s Strang armor. It protects you from blows that would otherwise kill you.” said Zara. “No wonder. You are full of surprises, James” said Quintus.

Quintus and the students focused on getting the Jehovian Seal. “Well done, my students. We managed to stop Lord Raymus from getting the Jehovian Seal, and you used your skills to great array. However, now we need to get the Jehovian Seal, and the glass is not easy to break through” said Quintus.

“Maybe those symbols have something to do with it” said James, pointing to the symbols in the ceiling. There were 4 symbols, a wreath crown, an eagle, a lion and a sword. The symbols were all made of turquoise. Those same symbols were on the ground of the room, and were white.

“Good thinking, James. I think we have to use a drawing spell to highlight the shapes of these symbols in blue fire. Then the glass floor containing the Jinthian Seal will open. All right students, let’s use the Draw spell together. On my mark!” said Quintus.

Together, Quintus and the students highlighted the shapes on the floor with blue fire using the Draw Spell, but the glass floor didn’t open. “We should also highlight the turquoise shapes. I will highlight them, continue to highlight the floor shapes!” said Quintus.

So Quintus highlighted the ceiling shapes while the students highlighted the floor shapes. The glass floor containing the Jehovian Seal opened. “Good, we’ve got the Jehovian Seal. But we have to see how the battle is going outside” said Quintus.

Quintus and the students left the tower they were in to go back outside to the city of Blythe.

Meanwhile, outside the Count’s tower, the mercenaries had stopped fighting after the guards had shortened their numbers and after Lanz had brought out the Count of Blythe, threatening to execute him if the mercenaries did not surrender.

“I see you stubborn mercenaries do not stop your feeble rebellion against the new Griffith ruler of Libernia. That is why I must bring out Count Desiderius of Blythe, and if you do not surrender, he will die!” said Lanz.

As Lanz spoke, one of the guards emerged from the tower, holding a middle aged man with long brown hair and blue eyes. The guard set this man, the Count of Blythe, on a chopping block. “Stand down, or he dies!” said Lanz. “Don’t listen to him! Keep fighting!” said Count Desiderius.

The mercenaries continued to fight the guards, so the executioner got ready to execute the Count.

Suddenly, the executioner’s axe levitated over him. Quintus and the Handlirian students were hiding inside the tower nearby, and Zara was levitating the axe through a window. The axe levitated over the executioner’s head, then Zara stopped her spell, causing the axe to fall on top of the executioner’s head and killing him.

“What the hell is going on?!” yelled Lanz. Quintus and the Handlirian students climbed down from the tower and attacked the guards, with Quintus, Shay, Lana using bows to shoot down the guards and James, Ian and Zara using magic staffs to attack the guards with shock and ice spells.

Quintus shot down Lanz after Lanz knocked down Lana and was about to kill her. “Ha, Quintus, see what you do?!?” said Lanz after knocking down Lana. “Get away from her!” said Quintus, before shooting Lanz in the head and killing him.

Count Desiderius also helped in neutralizing the guards, having grabbed a sword from a dead guard and fighting with it. When they were done fighting, many guards were killed, and the remaining guards surrendered. “Please don’t kill us! We surrender!” said one guard. “To hell with the Griffiths, the city is yours!” said another guard.

“Thanks for your help Quintus. You helped me take back my city. Who are these valiant Handlirians who helped you?” said Count Desiderius.

James, Shay, Ian, Zara and Lana introduced themselves to the Count, and they bowed to him in respect. “James, Shay, Ian, Zara and Lana. You all have my respect. Thank you for saving my city.” said Quintus.


Back at the Academy on Calablin, Quintus explained the story of the Jehovian Seal to the students in the Room of Knowledge. He explained to the students that went with him to Blythe, as well as other students who were having class in that room.

“It is said that an ancient civilization before us created magical objects of immense power, the Jehovian Seals. These objects could harness the powers of deep magic, and were very powerful. There were 6 Seals in total, and when all 6 Seals were combined, you would gain a great power that would allow you to vanquish your enemies. The Seals were contained in sanctuaries around Cletus, like the one we found in Blythe. It is said that the ancient civilization was destroyed by their failure to contain the Seals’ immense powers. Over time, the Seals disappeared and their existence was forgotten, living on only in myths and legends. So the Seals have stayed largely undisturbed over the millennia. Until now. It appears that knowledge of the Seals’ existence has resurfaced, and the Palmorii are searching for them. The Palmorii must be stopped from finding the Seals. If all of the Seals are captured by the Palmorii, the armies of darkness will march all around the face of Cletus. The Handlirian Council will, in fact, meet in order to deal with the issue of finding the Seals” said Quintus.

“How do the Seals give you power? Like, what do they do?” said Fred, a student. “Well, according to the legends, the Seals enhance your magical and physical powers greatly, and they also allow you to control the minds of other people when they are all joined together. I actually remember now, that the legends mentioned a prophecy where the Seals would emerge again in the world and would be used for evil, but that a Chosen One would stop the evil doers. I strongly believe this prophecy relates to this. All right students, now I must meet with the Handlirian Council to debate over the issue of finding the Seals” said Quintus.


Quintus and the Handlirian Council met in the High Council room, which was a room in the very top of the Handlirian Academy, overlooking the city of Calablin. The room had a window overlooking the city, and it had beautiful limestone walls, with 10 bronze seats facing each other in a circle.

The Handlirian Council was led by High Master Yolrond, and was composed of him, as well as Masters Rowan, Quintus, Xanatos, Peter, Maria, Talynn, Cereus, Aloysius and Icarus. Xanatos, Rowan, Cereus, Aloysius and Icarus were Elves. The Council was going to find out how to find the Jehovian Seals before the Palmorii did.

“There is no denying that the Palmorii Order has returned. They were behind the recent rise to power of Francis Griffith as King of Libernia, having had their assassins kill the former King, Roderick Canner. They even tried to assassinate the other Canners, James and Daniel, who fortunately managed to survive and are now students at our Academy. Master Quintus here and his students encountered a Palmoriin in Blythe while helping the Count free his city from Griffith control.” said Yolrond.

“The Palmoriin, named Lord Raymus, was searching for a Jehovian Seal, an ancient object of extreme power. Luckily, me and my students stopped Raymus and got to the Seal first. However, I highly suspect that the Palmorii are searching for the other Jehovian Seals, and that they plan to use them, as well as their alliance with the Griffiths, to reestablish the empire they had in Cletus 1000 years ago. They must be stopped, and we must find the Seals first.” said Quintus.

“Did you manage to kill Lord Raymus?” asked Master Icarus. “Well, we managed to push him off a chasm, but I highly doubt he is dead. If he died, I would have sensed it. All it did was slow him down” said Quintus.

“Anyway, we have to find the Seals first, but I don’t know where to start. The other 5 Seals could be anywhere in Cletus, and the Palmorii could have some sort of lead to the locations of the Seals, judging by how they knew to find the Seal in Blythe. We need a way to find the other Seals.” said Quintus.

“Clairvoyance would be a good option. It could give us at least some lead to where the Seals are” said Cereus. “Yes, that is a good idea, but clairvoyance is not always reliable. Maybe each of the Seals has a lead to the next Seal. Let’s look at the Seal recovered from Blythe to see if it has any leads” said Maria.

The Council members took a look at the Seal, which was perched on a table in the middle of the Council. When they turned the Seal around, there was nothing to suggest where any of the other Seals could be.

“No, there appears to be nothing suggesting where the other Seals could be” said Xanatos. “Maybe the Seals are interconnected. If you touch it and focus your mind, it will give you a lead to where another Seal is” said Rowan.

Rowan touched the Seal, and she closed her eyes and focused vividly, clearing her mind. Suddenly, she found herself in an underground chamber lined with gold and turquoise walls, and a Jehovian Seal was on the other side of a golden cage. Suddenly, her vision left the chamber and went past some catacombs, eventually emerging at a cathedral in a stone city with an aqueduct.

She then woke up back in the Council room. “So what did you see in your vision, daughter?” said Yolrond. “I saw one of the Jehovian Seals. It is underneath the city of Femur, in northeastern Libernia. I know because I saw the famous Ubrikan Cathedral there. I was right. The Seals are interconnected, and each one gives a lead to another one” said Rowan. “Good. Now we have a way to find the Seals. We must start finding them now. I will assemble a team of masters and students to find the Seal in Femur. This Council is over for now, thanks Masters” said Yolrond. The Handlirian Council then left the Council room.