James, Daniel and Mary woke up in the morning in the inn. It was the morning after that fateful night where their father had been murdered. They were eating breakfast, while trying to find out if they should go back to Tyne and investigate what happened, or if they should go and hunt down the Palmorii Assassins who murdered King Roderick.

“We should go back to Tyne. We should investigate what happened, and who hired the Palmorii Assassins to attack our castle and kill our father” said Daniel. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Daniel. Remember how the guards at Tyne were trying to arrest us as we were escaping. They will probably try to arrest and kill us if we go back to the city” said Mary.

“It was almost definitely the Griffiths who hired the Assassins. They really hate our family, and they hate your Gelandian blood, Mother” said James. “Perhaps. It’s very likely” said Mary.

“At any rate, we should seek refuge somewhere. Perhaps the place to go would be Calablin, to the east of here. It’s a bit far, but it’s a safe place, protected by the magics of the Handlirian Order. You could study at the Handlirian Academy there”

“Sounds good Mother” said James. “Very well, let us go now” said Mary.

So Mary, James and Daniel set off for Calablin. They traveled by day and at night they rested at an inn or whatever place was available.

Sometimes they had to fight off some bandits when they were walking on the road.

On the way to Calablin, they stopped at Gransea. “We should stop here at the town of Gransea” said Mary. “I hope they are allied with us and have not fallen into the lies of the Griffiths” said Mary.

So the Canners stopped at Gransea. There, they went to the Governor’s manor and introduced themselves to the towns Governor, Brutus.

“Hello, we are the Canners, the royal ruling family of Libernia. Our King was just assassinated by the Palmorii Assassins, and we were forced to escape the capital city of Tyne to save our lives. We did not kill the King, we assure you, but we have been framed by whoever hired the Assassins to kill us and the King. There is a conspiracy at work here, and we request a safe haven here at Gransea while we work to uncover the details of this conspiracy” said James to Brutus.

“I believe you, James. I will grant you and your family safe haven here” said Governor Brutus. So the Canners took up residence in Gransea.

Meanwhile, back at Tyne, Francis Griffith crowned himself King. There was a coronation ceremony near the former Canner castle.

“The Canners have committed treason against one of their own, the great King Roderick. James and Daniel wanted the throne so badly, and Mary, as the filthy Gelandian she is, wanted more power than her husband so badly, that they killed their own King in cold blood! They would have taken the throne for themselves and taken control of the whole kingdom, had the city guards of Tyne not chased them out of the city. Libernia is now in chaos, and we mourn our great King Roderick. In these times of great strife, where we risk renewing war against Geland, I shall seize the throne, and as King, I shall stop the traitors and I shall lead Libernia to glory!” said Francis.

Some of the people cheered, but others, such as the Veinhalls, knew that was all lies and that this was just an excuse for the Griffiths to take the Libernian throne.

“So this is how liberty in our kingdom dies. Grand cheering and applause” said Cassandra.

“Duke Armand will continue his duties as Duke of Tyne under King Francis. Also, Governor Tremel and General Harold have been ousted from their positions on suspicion that they may not be loyal to the new rulers of Tyne and Libernia. Instead, they have been replaced by people more loyal to us Griffiths, who are Governor Draco and General Lucius respectively.” said Victor.

“What did those Griffith bastards do to Tremel and Harold?!?!” asked Philip. “They threw them in prison most likely. The Griffiths are tough to people not loyal to them” said Bilius. “Which is why we should be careful not to bad mouth them” said Rose.

“Duke Armand is a traitor! He must have worked with the Griffiths hoping to gain something!” said Philip. “That is very troubling indeed. I really hope James is all right” said Cassandra. “I’m sure he is.” said Bilius.

When the speech was over, it was nighttime and there was curfew, and all the citizens of the city were forced to stay in their homes.

Back at the castle, the Griffiths were debating about how to control their new kingdom.

“The Canners have escaped Tyne, and they are somewhere in Libernia now. We must find them” said Beatrix Griffith, the mother of the Griffiths. “Not everyone will accept that we are the new ruling family of Tyne and Libernia. There will be widespread rebellions. We will have to put them down swiftly.” said Francis.

“We must find out where the remaining Canners are. We must kill them. Where could they have gone?” said Armand. “Well, my sources tell me they are heading east, to Calablin.” said Victor.

“We will have to unleash the Palmorii Assassins to find and assassinate the Canners. Summon the Supreme Assassin Zayne Miraz” said Francis.

So Zayne and the Palmorii Assassins were summoned to the castle study, where Francis and Victor instructed them to find and kill James. “As long as James and the Canners live, they are threats to our kingdom. They must be killed. Assassinate them” said Francis. “Very well, we shall kill them for you.” said Zayne.

Immediately, the Assassins left Tyne on their wicked black horses with red eyes. The Assassins themselves wore long black cloaks with red armor and black masks with hoods, and red eyes on the masks.

Duke Armand returned to his apartment in the Griffith castle, where his wife Victoria and his 2 children Thomas and Anne were. The apartment was big, and it had a queen sized bed where Armand and his wife slept, as well as a bunk bed where Thomas and Anne slept. As he entered the apartment, Thomas, who was sitting on a chair holding the feathers that James had gotten for him, asked his father a question.

“Father, did James and Daniel really betray the kingdom?” asked Thomas.

“I…don’t know, Thomas. I really hope they didn’t, but…they are fugutives in the kingdom now. They could have done it” said Armand.

“But how could they do it, father? Why would they conspire to take over the kingdom, and kill their own father? They can’t be capable of such a thing” said Anne.

“Well, they may have wanted the throne for themselves. I really don’t like it, but…I don’t want to think about it. Just go to sleep” said Armand.

The inventor, Tom was in his study in his house, and he was working on some armor from a metal called Strang, which is similar to iron and silver, and yet is as light as a feather.

He was troubled and upset that King Roderick, one of his greatest friends, had been murdered, and that the Griffiths had taken control of Libernia. He also feared about James and Daniel, and if they were safe.

Suddenly, 3 guards knocked on the door of the house. “By order of the Tyne Guard, open this door!” said the guard.

Tom immediately opened the door. “Have you seen or spoken to James, Daniel or Mary Canner recently?” asked the guard. “No, I haven’t” said Tom. “Are you sure? We wanna make sure you’re not…hiding them or anything” said one of the guards.

Suddenly, the guards went to Tom’s study. They caught sight of all of Tom’s blueprints to inventions such as gliders, self powered carriages and a gun.

“I see you have made an array of inventions here. Tell us what you are doing with these inventions. Are you plotting to use them against the kingdom?!?” said the guard. “No, I will not use them against the kingdom” said Tom. “The Griffiths would very much like to see your inventions! They demand that you hand over your inventions to them!” said the guard. “Never. I’ll never let my work fall into the hands of villains like the Griffiths!” said Tom.

One of the guards pushed Tom to the ground and began kicking him. “You will hand over your inventions to the Griffiths for their inspection and use, or you will die!” said the guard. “Go to hell!” said Tom. “We can arrange that!” said the guard.

The guard pulled out his sword, but the guard was immediately knocked out by Rowena, who had snuck behind the guard and knocked him out with a slab of wood. “What is going on?!?” said one of the guards.

Tom’s son and only child, Christoph, entered the study. “Son, help me!” said Tom. Tom’s son immediately got 2 firecracker bombs from Tom’s bomb case and threw it at the remaining 2 guards, knocking them out.

“Father, what in the blazes happened?” asked Christoph. “I was working on some armor from a metal called Strang, which is lighter than steel and yet resembles silver and iron. Suddenly, some guards knocked on my door and demanded to know where the Canners were. I told them I didn’t know, and they forced themselves into the house to make sure I wasn’t hiding the Canners. They caught sight of all my inventions and blueprints, and they told me to hand them over to. I refused, so they began attacking me. You both came at the right time. That guard was just a second away from pummelling me with his sword” said Tom.

“We should really leave, Tom. If they find out about all this, we’ll be screwed. The Griffiths will confiscate your work, and you may be arrested. Who knows what the Griffiths do to those they arrest.” said Rowena. “My dear, you’re right. We are not safe here. We should leave Tyne right away” said Tom.

“What will become of your inventions, Father?” said Christoph. “We could take some of the blueprints and inventions with us, and I have a workshop in Calablin. We could go there” said Tom. “But I will have to destroy the inventions and blueprints left behind. We can’t allow the Griffiths to have them.” said Tom.

“What is that armor you’re working from made of?” asked Rowena. “Strang. It’s a metal that closely resembles silver and iron, but it is as light as a feather.” said Tom. Tom took a shirt-like armor from a shelf in his study and he showed it to Rowena and Christoph. “That’s cool” said Rowena.

Tom took 3 backpacks, and he filled them with some of his blueprints and inventions. When the backpacks were full, Tom burned and destroyed the leftover blueprints and inventions in his study.

“Better to destroy them than to let them fall into enemy hands. I have plenty of inventions and blueprints in Calablin, anyway, and they are safe from Griffith hands” said Tom.

Tom, Rowena and Christoph also disguised themselves as guards using the clothes and armor from the guards they had knocked unconscious, because since it was nighttime, no one was allowed to be outside. Tom took the 3 horses from his stable, and he and his family mounted the horses.

“We are ready. Let’s go” said Tom. It was nighttime. Tom, Rowena and Christoph rode up to the city gate, which was closed. Tom requested the guards to open the door. “What is your business?” asked one of the guards at the city gate. “We are being sent to the Libernia-Geland border. We were requested there to deliver supplies” said Christoph. “By whom?” asked the guard. “Errr…General Layrin” said Christoph. “Very well, go ahead” said the guard.

The guards opened the city gate, and Tom, Rowena and Christoph immediately escaped the city before the guards could put two and two together.

Meanwhile, also in Tyne, Cassandra was sitting in her room in her queen-sized bed in the Veinhall palace. Her room was elegant, with checkered walls of light brown and light red colours. There was a chestnut door in the front of the room leading to the hallway of the palace.

She was upset at the assassination of King Roderick, who was very close to her and her family. She was also very worried about James and his family, and was hoping that they were safe. She was crying because of her worries, and was praying to God.

“Oh God, King Roderick has been assassinated! And I have no idea where James, Daniel and Mary Canner are! I sure hope they are all right!” said Cassandra.

“Please watch over them, God. Keep them safe from the assassins that murdered the great King! And keep us and them safe from the Griffiths!” said Cassandra.

Suddenly, Philip walked into the room.

“Cassandra, are you all right? What’s wrong?” asked Philip.

“It’s James. I’m worried about him and his family. I’m also upset at King Roderick’s assassination. I’m afraid of the Griffiths and what they could do to us” said Cassandra.

“I understand how you feel, Cassandra. I also feel upset about King Roderick’s assassination, and I also worry for Prince James and his family. I am also afraid of the Griffiths and what they could do. The best we can do is hope is that they are all right, and to live our best in Griffith rule. When the time comes, things shall be right” said Philip, as he put his hand on Cassandra’s shoulder to comfort her. Cassandra felt comfortable with Philip comforting her, and they both slept together that night.

The Canners were sleeping in the Governor’s palace in Gransea. It was nighttime, and the Palmorii Assassins rode to Gransea. There, in the town walls, they ran into the city’s gatekeeper.

“What is your business here?” said the gatekeeper. However, the Assassins knocked down the city gate, and the gatekeeper was crushed by the gate, killing him.

The Assassins searched the inns in Gransea. In one of the inns, where the Canners were staying, Mary saw the Palmorii Assassins.

“James, Daniel, wake up! It’s the Palmorii Assassins! We have to escape, right now!” said Mary.

So James and Daniel immediately woke up. “We have to make it look like we’re sleeping, but we have to leave the inn. Quickly, fill up the beds with every pillow you can find!” said Mary.

They immediately filled the beds with pillows, and when they were finishes the beds appeared as if there were people sleeping in them.

The Assassins arrived in the entrance of the inn. “We can’t escape through the front door. The only way we can escape is through the windows!” said Mary. So they escaped the inn through the windows, and they ran to the horse stables in the outside of the city.

Meanwhile, in the inn, the Assassins went inside the room where James, Daniel and Mary previously were in. They stabbed the beds of the room with their swords, but all that came out was feathers, not blood like one would expect of if they were stabbing a human. They opened the beds to see no one occupying them, just a bunch of pillows. “Damn it!” the Assassins said.

But the Canners had already escaped the town with horses from the stable, and they sped away from the town, trying to lose the Assassins.

When they were done speeding, they calmed down their speed and their horses were walking. They also went off the trail into the forest.

“We must travel off the road. It’s too risky to travel on the road. We must also keep our identity secret from now on. We will have to make stops on the way to Calablin. If we are to stop in a city, it must be a secure one, where their guard will be able to stop the Assassins” said Mary. “Now let us continue the path to Calablin!” said James.

So the Canners continued their way to Calablin, albeit off the trail.

Back in Gransea, Governor Brutus was worried and wondering where the Canners were. Governor Brutus had also heard about what happened last night the Assassins. “Blast it, the Assassins barged into my town and tried to kill the royal Canners! Damn them!” yelled Governor Brutus. Governor Brutus was in the throne room of his manor.

Suddenly, the Assassins, who had snuck into the Governor’s manor, appeared from behind Brutus, with some of them jumping on the floor from the ceiling. They cornered Brutus. Brutus yelled for help. “Guards!” yelled Brutus.

The guards in the manor went to the throne room to help Brutus, but the Assassins cut down the guards with their swords and throwing knives before they could react. The Assassins then locked the throne room and closed all the windows. The lead Assassin, Zayne Miraz, demanded to know where the Canners were. “The Canners stayed here in Gransea, right? You do know they are traitors to the kingdom, so you have committed treason by harbouring them.” said Zayne. “What the hell do you want?!” said Brutus. “We demand to know where the Canners went. Tell us now!” said Zayne. “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you!” said Brutus.

One of the Assassins, Gorge, took his sword and he put it to Brutus’ throat. “Very well. If you don’t tell us where they are, you will die!” said Gorge. “I swear, I have no idea where they went! I think they may be going east, but I’m not sure!” yelled Brutus. Gorge then slit Brutus’ throat, and the governor dropped to the floor, dead.

The Canners continued their trail to Calablin, staying off the roads and looking at a map that Mary had on her.

When it became nighttime, they rested in an ancient tower. There, the James and Daniel started a fire so that they could eat dinner. They ate tomatoes and pork for dinner and cooked it in the fire.

“Would you like to cook the tomatoes too, Daniel?” said James. “Sure, James.” said Daniel. “Mom, would you like to eat too?” said Daniel. “Sure, Daniel” said Mary.

However, the Assassins were near the tower, and they smelled the fire. Mary sensed the Assassins nearby, and she and the boys put out the fire. “Put out the fire!” said Mary.

They did put out the fire, but the Assassins arrived in the abandoned tower, and they went to the top off he tower where the Canners were. The Assassins drew their swords, and circled the Canners. The Canners also drew their swords.

“Leave us alone, you demons!” said Mary. The Canners fought the Assassins in sword combat, but the Assassins knocked down Mary and Daniel. Suddenly, it was just James fighting off the Assassins. James managed to push one of the Assassins away using magic. However, he tripped and fell. With James down on the floor, one of the Assassins stabbed him near the shoulder.

However, before the Assassins could finish James and the rest of the Canners off, a man with a sword jumped into the tower and attacked the Assassins. He managed to kill one of the Assassins, and he fought them off. Some of the Assassins escaped, and when Gorge was going to throw a knife at the man, the man threw his torch at the Assassin first, setting him on fire. The Assassins fled the tower.

The man had long blond hair with a goatee and a beard with blue eyes. He immediately went to James, who was bleeding from his wound.

“You saved us” said Mary. “Yes, because I believe in the royal family of Libernia.” said the man.

The man picked up the sword that James had been stabbed with, which was left behind by the Assassins. Suddenly, the sword dissolved into nothingness.

“Prince James has been stabbed with a Darksword. It is a sword used by the Palmorii Assassins, of the dark magic that they use, and it is poisonous. We must get the Prince some medical care right away” said the man.

“What’s your name?” Daniel asked the man. “My name is Castilius.” the man said.

“I have heard of what happened, how the King was assassinated and how you were framed to have been responsible for the King’s death. But it’s all rubbish. It was a ruse for the Griffiths to gain power in Libernia.” said Castilius.

“We’re are on our way to Calablin. Could you take us there? Is it nearby?” said Mary. “Yes, I could take you there. Calablin is 20km northeast of here. However, we must get there quickly, and hope that they have sufficient medical care to help Prince James. Now let us leave” said Castilius.

So James, Daniel, Mary and Castilius immediately left the tower. As the Assassins had killed the Canner’s horses to prevent their escape, the Canners all got on Castilius’ horse.

They sped as fast as they could to Calablin, in the road through the forest, but some of the Palmorii Assassins were chasing them on their black horses. “There is no escape!” one of the Palmorii Assassins said during the chase.

The chase took them past a river, and Castilius got his horse past the river. Suddenly, a beautiful elven female mage with blonde hair and green eyes appeared from that side of the river, and she used her magic to make a wall of water so that the Assassins wouldn’t be able to cross.

“Give us the Canners, she-Elf!” said one of the Assassins. “You want them?! Come and get them!” said the elven mage.

The Assassins tried to cross the water wall in the river, but before they could cross it, the mage used her magic to collapse the water wall, burying the Assassins in the water and washing them away in the current.

“Hello Rowan, you came at the right time. The Assassins were gaining on us” said Castilius to the mage.

Suddenly, Prince James yelled in pain, as the poison in his wound was becoming stronger. “No, James, don’t give in!” Mary said tearfully. “Prince James here is wounded, and he may not have much time. Can you heal him?” said Castilius. “Yes, I can heal him, but only back at the Wizard Academy in Calablin. Let us go. I’m sure I disoriented the Assassins, so they won’t be chasing us for a while. There is also a magical barrier in Calablin that the Assassins won’t be able to break through. Let us go” said Rowan.

So Rowan, Castilius and the Canners immediately made their way to Calablin.

In Calablin, the master of the Wizards, Yolrond, used magical chants and spells to heal Prince James.

Yolrond was also an Elf, and had long blond hair with blue eyes, and a face that expressed seriousness.

Calablin was a city that was very close to a waterfall, and it was stunning and beautiful, with beautiful trees of different colours and a wall surrounding the city. The buildings had light green roofs and red velvet walls.

When James was healed, he woke up in the bed of an elegant palace near the waterfall, with beautiful trees of different colours in the palaces courtyard. His family and Yolrond were by his side.

“What happened?” said King James. “You were becoming lost to the poison of the Palmorii. But thankfully, my daughter got you here in time and I was able to save you from the poison” said Yolrond.

James looked at Yolrond with his elven features of pointy ears and long forehead. “You’re an elf?” asked James. “Yes. I am the leader of a sacred band of wizards and Knights, the Handlirian Order.” said Yolrond.

“I’ve read a lot about elves. They are the most divine beings in Cletus, and they are said to be half angel and half human. They can live for centuries and even millenniums. If an Elf dies, it is from external rather than natural causes” said Prince James.

“Yes. All that you say is true. We were chosen by God to be the guardians of Cletus. The Handlirian Order was founded by us elves. We have both elves and humans in our order. However, the population of elves has never been particularly high in Cletus compared to humans. We root out the darkness of the Palmorii, and we protect the continent of Cletus from their evil.” said Yolrond.

“What exactly are the Palmorii?” asked James. “They are a dark magic sect of wizards, witches and Assassins. They have Assassins, Dark Mages, and all manners of dark creatures such as dragons and trolls in their service. They seek power in the continent of Cletus, to manipulate and take control of its kingdoms. We believed the order destroyed, as we had destroyed the Palmorii 1000 years ago. But it seems their evil has returned to Cletus. Come here, James. Let me show you something” said Yolrond.

James got up from his bed, and Yolrond took James to a room with a giant blue orb in the center, and bookcases filled with books on every side of the room.

“This is the Room of Knowledge, where we store all the knowledge of the Handlirian Order, as well as Cletus. Here is everything that the elves and the Handlirian Order has recorded since its dawn eight thousand years ago. Since the dawn of our ancient order, we have defended Cletus from the evil of the Palmorii Order. We are not just an order of elves and mages, but we also have chivalrous order of Knights at our service.” said Yolrond.

“When was the last time the Handlirians fought the Palmorii?” asked James.

“We had last fought the Palmorii 1000 years ago, when the Palmorii Grand Master Sarth Azaria had revitalized the Palmorii Order and created an empire in the Order’s name. It was chaos. The empire controlled a large area of Cletus, and has conquered the kingdoms of Autasly and large parts of Libernia and Geland. The people of the conquered areas were made slaves to the Palmorii and were forced to build heathen temples dedicated to their darkness. However, the oppressed peoples, as well as the free areas of Libernia, Geland and the extreme southern kingdom of Grethenbul combined their armies with our Handlirian Order of Knights and Mages to fight the Palmorii Empire. Little by little, we won battles against the Palmorii and we freed the conquered parts from the Palmorii. The final battle of that war, called the Last Palmorii War, was fought near the Walandian Mountains in Austaly. The chivalrous King of Geland, Sergius Marian led the Free Armies of Cletus against the Palmorii Empire. I fought in that battle, and I was a Handlirian Knight back then. The battle was very intense, and Sergius, me and the Handlirian Grand Master, Titus Diadhaid, who was my father, fought the Palmorii Emperor and Grand Inquisitor Sarth Azaria. Sarth Azaria wore Dark Armour that enhanced his dark powers, and he wielded a dark staff. Sarth had killed several of the Knights in our side, and in the duel, Sarth killed Titus despite his valiant fighting. This gave me and Sergius great anger that enhanced our fighting and magic skills. Sergius and I clashed our swords and staffs with Sarth, and Sergius managed to sever Sarth’s arm, while I decapitated him, avenging my father. With Sarth dead, the Free Armes of Cletus gained the upper hand, and we defeated the Palmorii. Then we went to the Palmorii Sanctuary in the Walandian Mountains and completely destroyed it, ending the Palmorii threat once and for all” said Yolrond.

“But the Palmorii threat has resurfaced. The Griffiths have allied themselves with the Palmorii to gain control of Libernia, and now the Griffiths have control of Libernia” said James. “Yes, we know this. The Palmorii have returned, and they may be using the Griffiths rule over Libernia to rebuild their glory in Cletus.” said Yolrond.

“That is why I have come to Calablin. My mother thought it was a good idea to bring our family here. We will be safe here, and we could join the Handlirian Order” said James.

“Yes, I believe it was destiny that brought you here, James Canner. I’ve heard how intelligent you are and how good you are at fighting. You may even have some skills in magic, as you proved in the abandoned tower against the Assassins. I believe the Handlirian Order could use someone like you. You came to the right place” said Yolrond.

Suddenly, Daniel entered the room. “James, it’s Tom. He’s here in Calablin, and he wants to see you!” said Daniel. “All right, I’ll go. Where is he?” said James.

“Who’s Tom?” asked Yolrond. “Thomas Wardsith. He’s a famous inventor and painter from Tyne. He is also my godfather, and we are very close” said James. “Oh yeah, I know who he is. He has a workshop close by. See you later” said Yolrond.

James walked with Daniel outside the palace and into the city to Tom’s workshop. When he arrived at Tom’s workshop, Tom, Rowena and Christoph greeted him with a hug.

“James! We feared the worst had happened to you! We’re so glad to see you are okay, godson!” said Rowena. “Hello everyone. How did you guys leave Tyne?” said James.

“Well, the guards wanted to take my inventions for themselves, but I refused to give them up, so I left for here in Calablin since I didn’t feel safe in Tyne. Speaking of which, I have a present for you” said Tom.

Tom handed James a white shirt with glittering metal. “This is armor, James. Made of a metal called Strang. It is as light as a feather, and yet works the same way as regular armor, sometimes even better. It really could save your life” said Tom.

“Thanks a lot, godfather. Your workshop here in Calablin is honestly more beautiful than the one in Tyne” said James.

Tom’s Calablin workshop had a glass floor, and through the floor you could see the waterfalls below. The interior design was also filled with colours such as blue, light green and purple in the walls.

“Do you have any of your inventions here in Calablin?” asked James. “Yes, here’s blueprints for a glider. It’s supposed to allow you to fly. I’m helping my father design it. Perhaps when it’s ready, you would like to help test it?” said Christoph. “Maybe.” said James.

The Canners stayed in Calablin for about 6 months, and James and Daniel joined the Handlirian Order.

They were trained in swordplay by Quintus, a human with brown hair and eyes and a sturdy, strong body frame.

In magic, they were trained by Rowan and Xanatos.

In swordplay, Quintus would train James and Daniel, as well as the other students training with the Order, by having them duel in the Handlirian palace courtyard.

“You must never give your enemy an opening! You must guard yourself with the sword at all times!” said Quintus.

James was duelling another student called Shay, who was shorter than him and had short brown hair and green eyes, with a pointy nose. Shay was really fast at duelling. James was able to block Shay’s fast strikes, but Shay was too fast for him to attack. Shay managed to knock James down using speed.

“Good job blocking, James, but Shay is really fast. The way to combat speed in a fight is to wait till the enemy strikes, then use his speed against him by striking him back” said Quintus.

James continued to duel Shay, and when Shay went to attack James, James used Shay’s speed against him by striking Shay back when Shay attacked James, and James knocked Shay back. James helped Shay get back up, and they shakes hands. “I think we’re gonna make good friends” James said to Shay.

Daniel was duelling another student called Josh, and because Daniel was not blocking enough, he was leaving himself open for Josh to attack him.

“Daniel, you are not blocking enough, and you are leaving yourself open for Josh to attack and knock you down. Block like this” said Quintus. Quintus protected his body with his sword.

“I’ll do just that, Quintus” said Daniel.

Daniel and Josh kept duelling, but now Josh was unable to get past Daniel, as Daniel was blocking well with his sword and forearm. In time, Daniel managed to knock down Josh.

“Good job guys, you are all learning my lessons well. That’s it for today” said Quintus.

In magic training, Rowan first made the students levitate a wooden box. They were training in the castle courtyard as well. “Extend your hands like this, and raise them while imagining the box levitating. Then you will be able to levitate the box” said Rowan.

James and most of the students managed to levitate the boxes by raising their arms and imagining the box levitating just as Rowan said. However, Daniel and some students such as Josh and Tyler were having a bit of trouble levitating the box.

“Good job guys, you managed to do it at the first try” said Rowan to James and the other students levitating their boxes.

“Daniel clear your mind. Relax, and focus on levitating the box. This goes for everyone too” said Rowan to Daniel.

Daniel did just that, and managed to levitate the box for a few seconds, but then the box dropped. “Well, it was worth a try” said Daniel.

“Good, that’s some improvement, but you have to focus more” said Rowan. Rowan took a deep breath, closed her eyes, then opened them and raised and extended her arms. With her eyes firmly focused on one of the wooden boxes, she levitated the box for a few seconds, and then dropped it. “That’s the proper way to do it. You saw how I was focused on the box.” said Rowan.

Daniel closed his eyes, opened them, focused on one of the boxes, and he extended his hands and managed to levitate them. “Good, you’ve got it” said Rowan.

James, Daniel and the students were also trained in harnessing the powers of magic and using magical powers such as fire, ice and lightning by another Mage named Xanatos.

Xanatos was an Elf with long black hair and blue eyes.

“A good mage knows how to harness all the elements. The elements a good Mage must learn to harness are fire, ice and lightning” said Xanatos.

Suddenly Xanatos set a plant nearby on fire. Then he froze it using ice, and he destroyed the ice using lightning. “All right, now you all do the same.”

The students managed to set their plants on fire, freeze them with ice and destroy the ice using lightning.

“Good job guys, you managed to use all the elements on this plant. You learn pretty fast. Now let’s see if you can do it with the staffs.” said Xanatos. “What’s the point of a staff if you can just use the magic bare-handed?” said Dracon, one of the students.

“What’s the point of a sword, if you can just fight bare-handed? Because the sword gives you more power in a fight, and it works better. Similarly, a staff gives you more power to use magic, and your spells are more powerful through the staff than with just your hands” said Xanatos.

“So you are going to use the staff to conjure up a shield that will block my incoming spells. Don’t worry, my spell won’t kill or hurt you, it will just sting. Concentrate on making the shield” said Xanatos.

Xanatos hurled spells at the students, but the students managed to block the spells using shields hurled from the staff.

“Great job guys! Now try to conjure up fire spells using the staffs” said Xanatos. The students conjured up fire spells using the staffs, and the fire spells did well. Shay’s fire spell was very powerful. “Good job Shay, that fire spell of yours is very powerful!” said Xanatos to Shay. James and Daniel’s fire spells were also very powerful, and they were combining their fire spells to make an X-shape.

“Your spells are very powerful guys! You are coming a long way in your training! All right, now let’s combine all our fire spells to make a symbol of the Handlirian Order in the sky! Be careful not to set anything on fire!” said Xanatos. The students raised their hands to make their fire spells go to the sky, and they managed to make the Handlirian symbol, which is a sword in a circle with the 4 elements harnessed by the Handlirian Order: Fire, Ice, Lightning and Healing. When they were done, it was nighttime.

“All right guys, I think we’ve done enough today. You guys are doing very well, and I am so proud of your improvements. Go take a break” said Xanatos.

The students went back to their dormitories. There were separate dormitories for boys and girls.

At the boys’ dormitory, Shay asked James and Daniel if they were the Princes of Libernia. “You both look very similar to the Princes of Libernia. Are you them?” asked Shay to James and Daniel. “Uhhhh” said James and Daniel, not sure if they should speak. “It’s okay. The information is safe here in Calablin. You can trust us” said Shay.

“Yes, I am the Prince of Libernia, as is my younger brother, Daniel. We were betrayed by a rival family, the Griffiths, and they hired the Palmorii Assassins to murder our father, the late King Roderick. We were forced to escape Tyne, and the Griffiths framed us for the King’s murder” said James.

“Sorry about your father, Prince James. I’m sure the Handlirian Order will do everything in their power to help you stop the Palmorii Assassins. Everyone, we have the Princes of Libernia James and Daniel here!” said Shay.

Everyone in the room was stunned. “It’s really the Princes of Libernia?” asked Luan, one of the students. “Do the Handlirian Masters know about this? They really should know!” said Ray, another student.

“Yes, me and my brother Daniel really are the Princes of Libernia. The headmasters do know about this, and they shall aid us in our fight against the evil Griffiths.” said James.

The students raised their arms in a respective gesture to James and Daniel, and they shouted “Hail the Princes of Libernia!”

“Wait, how do we know you didn’t kill the King?! You could be lying about the Griffiths!” said Peter, one of the students, while pointing to James and Daniel.

“We would never do such a thing! The King was the greatest father anyone could ask for, and he believed in us just as we believed in him. He was a great man who wanted the best for the kingdom, and he raised us to do the same! The Griffiths, on the other hand, hate our family. They were jealous of our power, and they always expressed desires to take over the kingdom. Wouldn’t it make more sense that the Griffiths killed the King, than us, his own flesh and blood? The assassins sent by the Griffiths also tried to kill us. Why would the Assassins we hired try to kill us?” said Daniel.

“Good point. I’m sorry for misjudging.” said Peter.

Suddenly, one of the Masters called in the room. “It’s time for dinner guys!” said the Master.

So all the students went to the Great Hall of the Handlirian Academy. The dining hall was indoors, and it was beautiful, with colourful plants decorating the hall and its walls, and there were chandeliers suspended from the top. The Great Hall was made of white marble, and there were small statues of mages and warriors as well.

At the Great Hall, the students ate chicken for dinner, and the Headmaster of the School, Yolrond, made an announcement.

“I hope you all enjoy your dinner. I have heard that classes are going well in the school, and that the students are really improving. That is good, because we will need the Handlirian Order to be in top condition, as I believe there is a war coming. The Palmorii Order has returned, and they have helped the Griffith family gain control of Libernia. It will not be long before there is war. That is why I must reinforce your resolve, by telling you that the Princes of Libernia, James and Daniel Canner, are here in this building as students, and they shall help us fight this war.” said Yolrond.

“The Princes are here?” said Tatiana, one of the students. “Where are they?” asked Ulysses, another student. James raised his hand and his brother Daniel’s hand. “We’re right here!” yelled James. Some of the students said “All hail the Princes!” to James and Daniel.

The students then ate their dinner. After dinner, the students went back to their dormitories and they went to sleep.