75,000 years ago, the world was different. Humans fought humanoid animals for land, and the animals had good technology. The Monkey Kingdom was in South and West Africa, the Cat Kingdom was in Asia and the Snake and Macaw and Lizard Kingdoms were in South and Central America, and the Lion Kingdom was in East Africa. The Bear Kingdom was in North America, and humans lived in Europe. They were having a war against the Scandinavian polar bears in Scandinavia, who wanted to take over Europe. The polar bears were advancing into what is now Germany, and humans were dying in battle. The polar bears had gotten to the Alps, but the humans had a secret weapon: A hero, called Ogeid Arrapaled, but he was living in what is now Spain. He was a soccer star (soccer is one of the oldest activities in human history), and a great athlete. Some people believed he was the Chosen One, the one who would defeat the Animal Kingdoms and give the world to Humans. And to prove that, he also was really smart and a good fencer. He was summoned to the Alps to command an army of humans which would fend off the polar bear invasion. So Ogeid went with an army of strong human warriors to the Alps. When they arrived at the Alps, the battle against the polar bears had gotten fierce, with heads being chopped off in both sides, and lots of blood and dead warriors on both sides. Then Ogeid was fighting the polar bear commander, Niroht Tsagadar. Ogeid’s weapon was knocked off, but he used a branch from a tree to defend himself, then he grabbed his sword and sliced an arm off Niroht, who ran away on his chariot. Then the humans fought back against the polar bears, and the Battle of the Alps was won by the humans. This was a first victory which gave the human confidence, and there was a speech by the human King, Onaitsirc Odlanor, in the human capital city of Sanim Htirit, near what is now Barcelona, Spain. Onaitsirc told the humans that Ogeid was the Chosen One, the one who would conquer Earth for the humans.. Onaitsirc then sent Ogeid to command an army along with other human heroes, Lenoil Issem, a good soccer player and karate player, Ebok Tnayrb, a good handball and Kung-fu player, Leinad Arrapaled, Ogeid’s brother and a good mathematician, Labotsirc Noloc, a good fencer and cartographer, Nede Drazah, a good soccer player and historian, and Sivierg Zeuqsav, a good fencer and handball player. This “Fellowship of Heroes” would fulfill the prophecy of the group that would free the human races. First the Fellowship was sent to conquer the polar bear town of Iepiat in what is now Munich. The town was set on fire and lots of polar bears were killed, and the remaining ones surrendered. Then the Human army, commanded by the fellowship of Heroes, went on a conquering spree, conquering the Polar bear of Notsgnik and destroying the citadel there, and the Polar bear city of Notgnihsaw, which they conquered by bribing the Mayor Egroeg Notgnihsaw. The Governor of the Polar Bear Empire, Yhtomit Drawoh, was watching in fear the advances of the human army, and swore that if the human took one more town or city, he would ask the Polar Bear Emperor, Falo Noskcire to stop fighting the humans. As Yhtomit expected, the humans later took Htuomylp, a polar bear city in what is now Northwestern Germany. Yhtomit went to the Polar bear capital of Trufknarf, in what is now Greenland, to ask the Polar Bear Emperor to withdraw the war against the humans. Yhtomit asked Falo to withdraw from the war, but Falo got angry and had Yhtomit jailed for even suggesting that. Falo replaced Yhtomit with Nivek Tnarud. Meanwhile, the Human army had driven the polar bears out of Germany, and were awaiting the surrender of the Polar Bear Empire. They found out that the PB Empire would continue the fighting. The humans came up with a plan, the Fellowship of Heroes would go to Trufknarf disguised as polar bears and wearing polar bear skins to assassinate the PB Emperor, while the army, led by Ogeid and Leinad’s father Ogirdor Arrapaled and Lenoil Issem’s father Egroj Oicaroh Issem, would hold off the PB armies that would attack the humans in Europe. So the Fellowship sailed on a ship to Trufknarf, where they were stopped by Polar Bear guards who asked them what they were doing. The Fellowship said that they wanted to see Emperor Falo, so they were taken to the Ice Palace to see the Emperor. Meanwhile, there was a bloody battle between the Humans and Polar bears in what is now Belgium, and Egroj was fighting Niroht, the Polar Bear commander, on a frozen lake. Egroj broke the ice under Niroht, and Niroht fell into the water. Niroht played dead to fool Egroj into thinking he was dead, but then Niroht came up from the ice and stabbed Egroj. Egroj was bleeding and dying, but he stabbed Niroht in the neck, and Niroht dropped dead. Egroj was dying, and looking at the battle from the mountain he was on. He fell to the floor, and Ogirdor rushed to help him, but he was too late. Before he died, Egroj said that the battle was won. Then he died, and Ogirdor was crying. But the battle was won for the humans. Meanwhile, in Trufknarf, the Fellowship was in the Emperor’s Courtroom. The Emperor asked them what their business was. The Fellowship replied “To give you a choice” before pulling off their masks and taking out throwing knives. “Leave the Humans alone or we’ll kill you!!” said Ogeid. Falo refused and told his guards to kill the humans, so Leinad pulled out a homemade bomb and threw it before running away with the rest of the Fellowship. The Fellowship ran away from the Ice Palace just as it exploded, killing everyone inside. Within days the PB Empire surrendered and Kcirle Noskcire, Falo’s son, became Emperor and built a new Ice Palace. Unknown to the Fellowship, Falo survived the explosion, and was now willing to surrender. So peace was made between the PB Empire and the Humans, and there was a party at Sanim Htirit, where the Human King, Onaitsirc Odlanor gave medals to each member of the Fellowship. After years of war with animals (and not just with the polar bears, for there was also war in Africa to free human slaves in Africa from the Monkey and Lion Kingdoms, and to free human slaves in Asia from slavery from the Cat Kingdom.) Humans were at peace, for the war in Africa had ended when the Monkey King, Alednam Arierep, and the Lion King, Abmuz Ebagum, were both killed in the Battle of the Sahara, one by an arrow, the other killed by Ogeid Arrapaled with a sword. And the war in Asia had ends when the cat capital city of Uohzgnaug, near what is now Xian, China, was hit by a fire for a week, and then the Cat Queen, Uix Gneihz, was forced to surrender. After those wars, the slaves were free to live a life in the very Animal Kingdoms where they were enslaved. Humans would later be in every continent except America, where only animals lived until very recently, and where the Bear, Snake, Macaw and Lizard Kingdoms lived. But all that mattered was that after years of war, there was peace.

The End