The Betrayed Prince

The royal Canner family’s castle in Tyne had been infiltrated. Prince James had just woken up from sleep in his bedroom, having heard a commotion in the castle and swords clashing. James woke up, grabbed his sword from his wooden chestnut wardrobe and followed the noise outside of his room. He walked the castle hallways as he followed the noise all the way to the King’s royal bedroom. The hallways had red floors, and the walls were lined with paintings and tapestries.

There, he found his father, the King Roderick, in the royal bedroom fighting off a batch of 5 assassins. The room was elegant, with vases and paintings, and the King’s bed was draped with a red blanket. The assassins attacking the King were wearing dark cloaks and were hooded. King Roderick was in the centre of the room protecting his wife Queen Mary from the assassins, and Mary was behind him.

“Help us, son!” the King said.

So James swung his sword at the assassins and attacked them. James and his father Roderick were fighting the assassins together, protecting their mother Queen Mary from them. They clashed swords against the assassins in a duel. But one assassin stabbed Roderick from behind, and the king fell to the floor.

“Noooooo!” James and Mary screamed.

“Go!” his father told him, before dying.

Since there were too many assassins for them to fight off, and they were too dangerous, he and his mother were forced to escape. To distract and hurt the assassins, James grabbed a lamp from a table in the room, and when he and his mother were at the bedroom door, James tossed the lamp at the diamond carpet that the 5 assassins were standing on. The lamp broke and set the diamond carpet on fire.

James and Mary then left the room and ran past the hallway to his brother Daniel’s room, where thankfully, he was safe. He was on his bed and had just woken up. The bedroom looked similar to the king’s.

“Brother, we have to escape the castle immediately! There are assassins here, and they are coming for us!” said James.

Daniel was tired, but he got off the bed and went with James and Mary. The 3 of them went to the hallway, and they ran across the hallway, taking the turns in order to lose the assassins. The assassins had gotten out of the burning King’s bedroom, and were searching the hallway for the Queen and the Princes.

They were forced to escape the castle, and Queen Mary raised one of the tapestries on the wall of the hallway, revealing a secret escape chute.

“Quickly, get in here!” said Queen Mary.

Mary, James and Daniel got into the escape chute under the tapestry, and they slid down the chute, which was a series of stone slopes that were on both sides of the room. They slid down the long slopes. When the slopes finished and they got to the bottom, they emerged in the castle’s underground wine cellar. The wine cellar was vast, and had wooden barrels full of wine on both sides. Lamps also lined the room.

Back up in the hallway, the assassins did not suspect the secret escape chute that was hidden underneath one of the castle tapestries. They still searched the castle’s hallway for the Queen and the Princes.

James, Mary and Daniel walked down the wine cellar. The group reached a wooden door, and Mary, who was leading the group, opened it.

The door led to the catacombs underneath the city, and they were forced to navigate the maze of the catacombs. There were stone and wooden coffins on both sides of the catacombs. They walked quickly in order to make sure the assassins weren’t on their track. Finally, they reached a dead end. There was a cage blocking the way, and in front of the cage was a ladder. They climbed the ladder and took off the sewer tap that was on the top. They emerged in one of the city plazas, and there was a stone statue of a knight on horseback beside the sewer.

“Why?!?!” said Daniel.

“Those assassins, they were trying to kill the King, and they succeeded” said Mary.

“Someone must have collaborated with them. Assassins don’t usually work alone” said James.

3 city guards with red hats and wearing red clothes noticed them, and they went after the 2 princes and the Queen.

“Hey, you are under arrest for the murder of the King!” the guard said.

“We didn’t kill the King! Some assassins did, and they are…” said James.

Before James could finish his sentence, one of the guards went up to him and punched him in the stomach, and James fell on the floor. The other 2 guards approached, and James got up and grabbed his sword, standing in front of his mother and brother.

“So you won’t listen to reason. Very well!” said James.

James fought against 3 of the guards. He killed one of the guards by disarming him and stabbing him in the stomach. He quickly grabbed the guard’s sword and tossed it to his brother. The 2 of them fought the remaining 2 guards together, managing to kill them.

“Now the city guards want to arrest us for some reason. And the assassins are surely still on our tail. This definitely doesn’t look good. We’re going to have to escape the city” said Mary.

More guards were approaching. James grabbed a nearby horse from a merchant, and his brother and mom got on the horse.

“Hey!” the merchant said.

They sped past the city streets on the horse, escaping several guards who were chasing them. Finally, they reached the city gate, which was starting to close.

“Quickly! The city gate has begun to close!” yelled Mary.

James sped the horse as fast as he could, and they managed to get out of the city before the city gate closed. As they passed the half-closed gate, they sucked so that they wouldn’t get hurt.

James, Daniel and Mary had managed to escape the city, and they were now on the road outside of Tyne.

“We have to find a safe place to stay” said James.

“There’s an inn nearby. We could go there, but we should disguise ourselves to hide our identity. We’re probably wanted in the kingdom now” said Mary.

“I still can’t believe our father is dead.” said Daniel, before bursting into tears. James and Mary also joined him in his pain.

When they were done grieving, they continued on the road, and a short while later they stopped by the Silent Hill Inn. The inn was a wooden building with 2 floors.

They ditched their royal clothes and wore normal clothes to avoid arousing suspicion, and then they entered the inn.

“Who are you?” asked the innkeeper.

“We are just travellers” said James.

“What are your names?” asked the innkeeper.

“I’m Quinn, and this is my mother, Sandra and my brother Richard” said James.

“10 gold for a room” said the innkeeper.

Mary gave the innkeeper 10 pieces of gold.

“All right, I’ll lead you to your room” said the innkeeper.

The room was in the second floor of the inn, with a view of the road in front of the inn. The room had 2 wooden beds with fur blankets, and it also had a table with a lamp. As the hour was very late in the night, they went to sleep.

King Roderick was the King of Libernia, the northwestern kingdom of the continent of Cletus. He was 44 years old at the time of death, and had long brown hair with blue eyes. He was of the Canner dynasty, which has ruled Libernia for 150 years. The current Canner family consists of the King Roderick, Queen Mary and the 2 Princes and brothers James and Daniel. James was 17 years old, with brown hair and blue eyes while Daniel was 14 years old with black hair and brown eyes. King Roderick has a younger brother, Duke Armand, who is 40 years old with black hair and eyes. He is married to a woman named Victoria, who is skinny and has brown hair and eyes with a pointy nose. He has 2 children: Thomas, who is 12 and looks very much like his father with black hair and eyes, and Anne, who is 11 years old with brown hair and eyes. They lived in the capital city of Tyne. The city’s governor was Allan Tremel.

The Kingdom of Libernia has been at war with a neighbouring southern kingdom, Geland, several times. The last war was 25 years ago, and speculation had recently been rising that there could be another war between the kingdoms. This speculation has been caused by a couple of skirmish attacks by the armies of both kingdoms at there border. The King and his brother discussed this situation a lot at their castle.

“We have seen how a war can come out of the blue, brother. There is trouble brewing between our kingdom of Libernia and Geland. There are several border skirmishes between the soldiers of Libernia and Geland. Governor Tremel is out surveying our kingdom, and I fear something may happen to him. We must prepare for a possible war” said Armand.

“There is no war between our kingdoms. There is peace, and it must stay that way. A couple border skirmishes by a couple of extremist soldiers won’t change that. I’m sure Governor Tremel will be safe, since he has a convoy of Libernian soldiers with him, and he is a adept fighter. ” said King Roderick.

“30 years ago, it was like it is now between Libernia and Geland. There was a hard peace between our kingdoms. There were symptoms of a brewing war and hostility from Geland, but we ignored it. And we ended up paying for it, when the Gelandian King, Maximilien, claimed our states of Kieren and Bradyn. Then it was war, as they took our land without permission. This war lasted for 5 years. The loss of life was a quarter of a million people. We cannot let that happen again.” said Armand.

“That is why there must be no war, Armand. We must have peace. And remember how we solved that war. We were force to agree to partition the 2 states. Those states have always had tough history, as they have both Libernians and Gelandians living in them. But because we partitioned it, there was peace. That’s how we solve unrest between kingdoms. We have to find peaceful solutions. In fact, I married my wife, who is a Gelandian, to promote peace between our kingdoms. I do not want to throw away that peace and go against my wife and family. Perhaps we should visit the Gelandian King to solve this problem” said King Roderick.

“Very well, if you say so” said Armand.

Meanwhile, Prince James and his brother Daniel had just ended their day at the College of Hayford, where they studied. They were going back to the castle when they ran into the city bully, Victor, and his gang.

Victor was a member of one of the city’s other noble families, the Griffiths, and he was a mean guy and was very spoiled. Victor looked very mischievous, with a slender face and pointy nose, and he had long black hair and eyes. James hated Victor and vice versa. Victor believed his father, Francis should be King instead of Roderick, as his family was tired of being second most important in the city to the Canners.

Victor’s gang cornered James and Daniel. “What are you doing here, James and Daniel?” said Victor meanly. “None of your business, Victor!” said Daniel. “Oh, I think we need to teach this one some respect! Well, this should do it!” said Victor.

Victor attempted to punch Daniel, but James blocked his punch. “Leave him alone, you bastard!” said James. “So you wanna fight, James?!” said Victor.

“Let the princes go!” said Louis, one of James’ friends. Louis walked up to James and Daniel, and immediately, other citizens of the city followed suit.

“So you all really wanna fight?!? Let’s go!” yelled Victor.

Victor’s gang and James’ friends began fighting. “My family should be rulers of Libernia!” yelled Victor as he punched James’ friends. “Griffiths as royals!” yelled Victor’s gang. “Treason! Treason!” yelled James friends.

James and Daniel managed to beat up several of Victor’s gang members. “You’re gonna regret this, Victor!” yelled James. James immediately tried to fight Victor, but Victor fled the scene with his gang before James could do anything to him. “Damn” said James.

As Daniel had gotten injured during the fight, James took him to the doctor. “Oh hey, Princes James and Daniel. What happened?” the doctor asked. “We got into a fight with Victor Griffith and his gang” said James.

The doctor patched up Daniel’s scar and arm and gave him some medicine. “There, you are fine. Take care of yourself” said the doctor. “Here” said James, before handing 5 gold pieces to the doctor.

As they were near the Irvine Cathedral, Daniel challenged James to a race: whoever reached the top of the Irvine Cathedral would win the race. “Hey, would you like to race me to the top of the cathedral, brother?” asked Daniel. “Sure, we have plenty of time to kill” said James.

So they raced, and they climbed the city’s buildings to try to get to the top of the cathedral. James got to the top of the cathedral first, and so he won the race. Daniel got to the top too, and at the top of the cathedral, they held hands.

“This is an amazing life we lead brother. May it stay this way” said James. “Hey, would you like to pay a visit to Cassandra’s?” asked Daniel. Cassandra is a noblewoman and the girlfriend of James, and is also a distant relative of the family. They go to the College together. “Sure, I’ll go” said James.

So James and Daniel went to Cassandra’s palace, where Cassandra was doing her homework from the College. James looked into Cassandra’s room, and knocked on the window. Cassandra looked at James through the window with her beautiful brown hair and black eyes.

“James, I’m busy, what do you want?” she asked. “I just wanna hang out. Let me in. Maybe I could help you with your homework.” said James. “Very well, cousin” said Cassandra.

James and Cassandra called themselves “cousins” as an informal term.

“Daniel, do you have our homework?” asked James to his brother. “Yes, here’s your homework, James” said Daniel.

Daniel handed a couple of books to James. “Would you like to stay with me and my girlfriend Cassandra?” asked James. “Sure” said Daniel.

So James, Daniel and Cassandra helped each other with their homework, which was arithmetic and language. “Cassandra, can you please help me with this equation? I’ve tried all the logical steps to solving it, but I haven’t quite been able to solve it yet.” asked James.

Cassandra looked at James’ arithmetic homework and she found a flaw in his work. “James, you made a mistake. The letter is supposed to go on the right side, not the left.” said Cassandra. “Oh, I missed that. Thanks” said James. “No problem” said Cassandra.

In the middle of their homework, Cassandra’s mother, Rose, walked into Cassandra’s room. “Cassandra, would you like something to eat? Oh James and Daniel, I didn’t notice you were in the house. Hello, how are you?” she asked. “I’m fine, thanks.” said James. “Same” said Daniel.

“Bilius, it’s James and Daniel” said Rose. “Oh hello, James and Daniel” said Bilius, Cassandra’s father. James and Daniel said hello to Bilius. “Hello Bilius. We are just doing our homework” said James.

When they were finished their arithmetic homework, they decided to take a break. “All this homework is making me dizzy, Cassandra, wanna take a break?” asked James. “Sure” said Cassandra. “What do you wanna do?” said Daniel. “Let’s play a board game. Cards, maybe?” said Cassandra. “Sure, let’s play some cards” said James.

Cassandra’s older brother, Philip, arrived in the palace from work, and he saw them playing cards. Philip’s blue eyes widened with excitement when he saw them. “Oh, cards are my favourite! Can I please play?” “Sure, why not?” said Cassandra.

So James, Cassandra and Daniel played a card game. In a game which was quick and lasted an hour, Philip ended up winning. “I win!” said Philip.

It ended up getting late, and it ended up becoming nighttime. “Our parents will wonder where we are, James. Shouldn’t we be going home now?” asked Daniel. “Nah, let’s just stay and sleepover” said James. “Yeah. Sleep with me James!” said Cassandra. “All right Cassandra sure!” said James.

So Cassandra, James and Daniel slept in Cassandra’s room, and Cassandra and James kissed each other in Cassandra’s bed. “I love you, James” said Cassandra. “I love you too” said James. Not long after, they all went to sleep.

In the morning, the boys decided to leave the palace. However, they decided to stay and have breakfast first with the Veinhalls.

“So, how is school, James?” asked Rose. “School is fine, thank you. I’m getting pretty good marks. 86% in Science and 90% in Language.” said James. “Cassandra tells us how hard you work at school. As a prince, you and Daniel have very big shoes to fill.” said Bilius. “Well, that’s what happens when you are the king’s children.” said Daniel.

“Do you think war might break out between Libernia and Geland?” said Cassandra. “Well, I sure hope not. However, it could happen, and if it does, me and Daniel will be there to defend our kingdom” said James. “We will help you defend the kingdom too” said Philip.

After they were done their breakfast, James and Daniel left the manor. “Well, we should be going now. See you all later” said James to the Veinhalls family in the manor hall. “Goodbye!” said the Veinhalls.

They immediately went back to the castle. When their father King James saw them, he didn’t seem too happy, and he looked at them with a disappointed expression.

“You guys have been gone for a day. You climbed a building you weren’t supposed to climb, and you got into a fight. I am very disappointed in both of you” said King Roderick.

The King looked at his children with a disappointed expression, then his face turned to a smile and he said “Reminds me of how I was at your age!” before hugging James and Daniel.

James walked back outside the castle courtyard, where his cousins Thomas and Anne were sitting in a bench. Thomas asked his cousin to collect fathers for him around the city.

“Hello, Uncle James” said Anne.

“Hello, Anne” said James.

“Hey, Uncle James. Could you please do something for me?” asked Thomas.

“Sure. What would you like, Thomas?” said James.

“I would like those feathers that are on the rooftops” said Thomas as he pointed to the red roof of a building in the city There was a feather there, and there were also 2 more feathers spread throughout the rooftops.

“What for?” asked James.

“It’s a secret” said Thomas.

“Thomas just likes to collect feathers. It’s a hobby of his” said Anne.

“Very well” said James.

James ran to one of the buildings in the city that was near a tailor shop. He climbed the building to the top of the roof, where he grabbed the feather. James then walked across a cable that connected 2 buildings on the city. Once he walked across the cable, he climbed 2 walls on the roof in order to emerge on the highest roof. He then ran across that roof past the chimneys of the houses before collecting the 2nd feather on one of the chimneys. He continued to run on the roof as he saw the 3rd feather on the faraway roof.

Once he collected the 3rd feather, James ran the entire way back to the castle courtyard, where he got down from the building and walked into the courtyard. There, James handed the feathers to Thomas, who was still sitting on the bench. Anne has returned to the castle.

“Here are your feathers, Thomas” said James.

“Thanks, uncle. I really appreciate it” said Thomas.

Later in the day, James and Daniel were trained in swordplay by Captain Harold, the general of the King’s army.

Captain Harold was a young man with short brown hair, brown eyes and a beard.

In a mock sword sparring match, where batons were used as swords, Harold fought James and Daniel. “Daniel, get him!” said James. James got Harold to block his sword baton low, then he kicked Harold’s baton away.

“Impressive, James. You are getting better and better every day. Daniel, you are much faster than the last time we trained together. I couldn’t be more proud” said Harold. “Thanks, Harold” said Daniel and James.

Suddenly, Queen Mary interrupted them. “James, could you preform an errand for me?” he said. “What sort of errand?” James asked. “Could you get some paintings for me that I ordered from Tom?” asked Mary.

Tom was Tyne’s most influential painter and engineer.

“Sure” said James.

So James went to Tom’s house. James knocked on Tom’s door, and Tom came and opened it. Tom was a middle aged man with gray hair.

“Hello, James how are you doing? How are your studies at the College coming along?” asked Tom. “My studies at the College are going very well, thank you. I am studying writing and engineering.” said James. “Cool. Very cool. Are you here for the paintings that your mother the Queen ordered? Here they are.” said Tom, before passing 3 boxes of wrapped paintings to James.

“What are the paintings of?” said James. “The paintings are of a knight on horseback, portraits of your mother and father and the Ross bridge in Tyne. Would you like to stay and have some tea?” said Tom. “Sure. And maybe you could give me some engineering tips” said James.

“Rowena, my dear, come and see James. He’s here!” said Tom. Rowena is Tom’s wife, and is also middle aged with gray hair. “Hello, James! How is school going? You doing well in language and science still?” said Rowena. “Yes I am. I’m getting pretty good marks. 89% in Language and 81% in Science” said James. “Very good!” said Rowena.

“Could you make us some tea, Rowena?” said Tom. “Sure” said Rowena. Rowena went to get the tea, and she gave Tom and James teacups.

“So, James, do you know the ingredients to make a speed potion?” said Tom. “The ingredients are a firefly, the cannabis plant and honey” said James. “Very clever, James. And can a speed potion be used to make a carriage move by itself so it won’t need a horse to do it?” asked Tom. “Well, it’s theoretically possible, but I don’t think anyone has been able to do it yet” said James. “Wrong. I would like you to see the invention that I’m working on.” said Tom.

Tom led James to his garage, where he unveiled a carriage. “Get in the carriage.” said Tom.

So James went inside the carriage, and Tom got a speed potion and poured it inside a plug on the carriage wheels. He then got inside the carriage with James. “Watch as this baby moves” said Tom.

As he said that, the carriage drove out of the garage and into the city roads. “Of course, you still need to steer it” said Tom as he steered the carriage. “Wow” said James.

The people in the city were also awed by a carriage being able to move itself without a horse. James and Tom drove to the city walls with the carriage before it ran out of power.

“Well, that was amazing, but the carriage needs more energy. I have to work on that” said Tom. “I will have to get my horse from my house. Wait here” said Tom.

As James waited near the city walls, the city’s Governor Tremel returned from a trip around the kingdom, but there was an attack. As Governor Tremel entered the city walls, a force of what appeared to be Gelandians showed up behind him and began attacking the governor’s escort Libernian guards.

“Death to Governor Tremel and Libernia! Glory to Geland!” the Gelandians force shouted as they killed some of the Libernian guards.

The people near the city wall were shocked. “Help! What is going on?” said a woman. “Why are the Gelandians attacking us?!” said an old man.

James immediately rushed to help Governor Tremel, and he picked up a sword from one of the dead Libernians and he killed 3 Gelandian soldiers. “No Libernians will die while I, Prince James, can help it!” yelled Prince James.

Libernian reinforcements arrived and killed the remaining Gelandians. “Thank you, Prince James for saving me.” said Governor Tremel. “It is my honor to serve as Prince” said Prince James, before bowing to Tremel. “We have to search the Gelandian bodies. Find out why they were attacking us.” said Tremel.

So James searched the bodies, and under the armor, he found them wearing black clothing, with a strange symbol of a skull with a snake coming from its mouth. “Oh my god, that’s the symbol of the Palmorii Assassins! This is troubling. We have to bring this information to the King right away. See what he can make of it!” said Tremel.

At that time, Tom came back with his horse. “I’m back, Jam-Oh my god! What happened here?!” said Tom horrifyingly. “There was an attack by Gelandians or Palmorii Assassins. We are not quite sure yet, but they tried to kill me. We should get this information to the King right away!” said Tremel.

So James and Tremel went back to the Canner castle.

“King Roderick, we have some urgent, troubling news!” yelled Governor Tremel. It was nighttime, and King Roderick was asleep, along with the Queen, Prince Daniel and most of the castle. Governor Tremel knocked on the door of the King’s bedroom.

“You better have a good reason for waking me up!” said King Roderick after waking up.

“It’s very important news, Father, otherwise we wouldn’t wake you up. There was an attack in the city walls by what appeared to be Gelandians, though the Palmorii Assassins may have been involved too. They tried to kill Governor Tremel” said James.

Governor Tremel presented some bloodstained Gelandian armor and the Palmorii clothes to the King. “Oh my god, this is not good. Come to my study, and we will try to make sense of this” said the King.

So King Roderick, Prince James and Governor Tremel immediately made their way to the King’s study. It was an elegant room filled with bookcases and statues. There, they investigated the bloodstained armor and the Palmorii clothes.

“Was this really a Gelandian attack, Father? Could the Gelandians have declared war on us? Could they be allied with the Palmorii Assassins?” asked James. “I’m starting to fear that may be the case. Probably not outright war, but there is clearly some unrest between us and Geland” said King Roderick.

“Perhaps it could be a Palmorii attempt to start war against Libernia and Geland. It may be the Palmorii alone, or they could be allied with Geland” said Governor Tremel. “Likely, but the Palmorii usually do not act alone. Someone hires them.” said King Roderick. “Who would want to hire the Palmorii to start a war against our kingdoms?” asked James.

“Maybe the Griffiths are the traitors? We all know how badly Francis Griffith covets the throne, and his son behaves that way too. They don’t really like the Canners” said Governor Tremel. “They could have hired the Palmorii to start a war against Geland, and in the unrest you could be seen as inefficient and overthrown” said Prince James. “James. I really don’t know why I’m afraid that may be the case. At any rate, we must summon my brother, Duke Armand, to help us” said King Roderick.

So King Roderick summoned Duke Armand to the study that night. “My brother, there is a great threat to our kingdom. We believe someone may be conspiring with the Palmorii Assassins to start a war between our kingdoms of Libernia and Geland” said the King.

“Brother, are you sure it isn’t the Gelandians wanting to renew war against us?” said Armand.

“I don’t think so. I’m starting to think that in the border skirmishes between our soldiers and the Gelandian soldiers, the Gelandian soldiers could have been Palmorii Assassins. Something is going on here, and we must find out what it is” said Roderick. “Very well brother. I will investigate anything that could bring us leads to what’s going on. Perhaps we could investigate what the Griffiths are up to?” said Armand. “That’s a good idea. We should also go to Geland and talk to their King about this.” said King Roderick.

So King Roderick was going to investigate the problem of the Palmorii and the Gelandians, but that night, King Roderick was murdered by the Palmorii assassins in his castle, and the Princes and Queen were forced to escape.