Assassin’s Creed Lineage will be set in the modern day. In Texas, USA, a  20 year old man named Kellan Perabo lives a regular life as a technology programmer, until mercenaries sent by Abstergo Industries chase his family out of their house. Kellan escapes and is contacted by a mysterious man, John White, and after taking Kellan to safety in an Assassin stronghold in Washington, tells Kellan that the Templars are searching for the keys to an intact First Civilization city, and that Kellan must find the keys before the Templars do. In order to find the keys, Kellan must first relieve the lives of 5 Assassins throughout history using the Animus machine.

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Kellan keeping a low profile as he goes to safetyImage result for animus assassins creedThe Animus

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Robert Fitzwalter

for honor

William of Cassingham in the First Baron’s War

The first Assassin was Robert Fitzwalter, an English Assassin who, in the First Baron’s War from 1215 to 1217, fought against the corrupt King John of England and his advisors, who were Templars. John’s incompetent and tyrannical rule of England upset the English barons, who forced him to sign the Magna Carta in order to limit his power.  Even though John signed the treaty, he still refused to abide by its terms, and he and his Templar advisors continued their tyrannical rule over England and France. John was actually using a Piece of Eden to exert his control over England Robert led the barons, who wanted to depose King John and replace him with Louis VIII of France. Robert assassinated some of the corrupt Templar barons such as Peter Haley and James Carraghan. However, the Master Assassin William of Cassingham did not want to ally with the French, as he saw the need for external allies as “callous”, and he was also a supporter of John’s son Henry III, so he supported John’s rule, and he led a guerrila force against the French independent from either the Assassins or the Templars. However, after realizing what King John was doing with the Piece of Eden, he assassinated John in his castle by secretly poisoning his drink, and King John died on October 18, 1216. Cassingham took the Piece of Eden from the castle and brought it to the Assassins. With John dead, his nine-year old son, Prince Henry, became King. Louis was now more of a threat to England and the Assassins than Henry, and was revealed to be working with Templars in the French court as well. Robert and William rejoined forces with the Assassins, and they helped expel the French from England and secure Henry’s position as King with the help of the Piece of Eden. When the war was over, they hid the Piece of Eden to prevent the Templars from finding it.

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Mario Zumunci

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Zumunci being chased by guards

The second Assassin was Mario Zumunci, a Hungarian Assassin who, in the 1470s from 1474 to 1480 traveled around Europe attempting to stop the rise of the Templars by assassinating the Templars in Europe, such as the corrupt Templar priests in the Catholic Church. He looked at the rise of the Templars in Europe with concern.  He also helped Spanish Assassin Aguilar de Nerha fight against the Templar backed Spanish Inquisition led by Spanish fanatic priest Tomas de Torquemada, who was oppressing Assassins and non-Catholics. Mario also assassinated Hungarian Templar traitor general Filip Avicii, and found out that he was being backed by Templar Romanian leader Vlad Tepes. Using info from his Templar targets, as well as the map he got from Avicii, Mario concluded that the Templars were being rallied and led by the King of Romania, Vlad Tepes, who was trying to find the Grail of Eden. Mario partnered with Turkish Assassin Ishak Pasha, and together they assassinated Tepes and found the Grail first in the Carpathian Mountains.

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Giovanni Borgia

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Giovanni in Mexico fighting the  Templar Aztecs

The third Assassin was Giovanni Borgia, an Italian Assassin who helped Ezio Auditore’s Brotherhood liberate Italy and Europe from Templar rule. He assassinated various targets in Europe such as the corrupt French advisor to the King, Olivier Sartou, and Damian Alvarez, a Spanish lord who wanted his region, Catalonia, to break away from Spain. In 1519, Francesco Veciello, Giovanni’s mentor, sensed a Templar presence in the New World, and it wasn’t coming from Europeans, so he sent Giovanni with Hernan Cortes to Mexico. In Mexico, the tyrannical Aztec Empire conquered and oppressed the people of Mexico. Giovanni befriended and helped Mixcoatl, a Tlaxcalan Assassin (named after an Aztec god). He helped the Spanish conquistadors and Assassin Giovanni Borgia take down the Aztec Empire, and in the capital Tenochtitlan, even helped orchestrate the Night of Sorrows, a battle between Spanish conquistadors and Aztec eagle warriors, by attacking an Aztec warrior. This battle gave Assassin Giovanni Borgia(who Adan is related to and whose memories he relives also) the chance he needed to assassinate the Aztec priest carrying the Crystal Skull, and after the defeat of the Aztec Empire, he took it back to Spain. Under the Spanish, Mixcoatl became the leader of the Tlaxcalan nation.

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Shinji Gaiden

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Gaiden admiring the view of 17th century Kyoto, Japan

The fourth Assassins was Shinji Gaiden, a Ninja Assassin in 1613 feudal Japan, who must find the Katana of Eden, before the Templar shogun of Japan Tokugawa Ieyasu finds it. Gaiden assassinates corrupt Japanese lords that abuse the Japanese people. He raids the Golden Kyoto Library to attempt to find hints. He finds a lead that may take him to the Gudai Zishi library in China, an ancient library which contains extensive knowledge from around the world and even from the Pieces of Eden. He gets to the library and finds out that the “katana” is actually the sword of Genghis Khan, and that Khan’s grave is in Upper China. He goes on an expedition to Upper China, and defeats the Mongol warlord Anshi Kao and finds the tomb of Genghis Khan with the sword.In the tomb, he defeats and kills Tokugawa, and takes the Katanna back to Japan.

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Varius Johnson

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19th century New York

The last Assassin was Varius Johnson, who fought in the American Civil War from 1863 to 1867, where the United States is fighting against the Templar-controlled Confederacy of the Southern American States. The Assassins are supporting the United States under President Abraham Lincoln, and the Assassin Varius, operating in New York City, is a major help to the Assassins and the USA. Varius assassinated the Confederacy General Steve Nelson in Georgia. As tensions rose in the war, Varius was instructed by his Master Assassin to steal a Dagger of Eden hidden in the Aztec Club in New York. He almost stole the dagger, but got into a swordfight with the club’s barman and the Templar Cudgel Cormac. Cormac shot Varius in the hips, injuring him. However, Varius was rescued by his recruit Eliza, who used a smoke bomb to distract Cormac and recovered the Dagger of Eden. Later, they got the dagger to American general Ulysses S. Grant. Near the war’s end in January 1867, Kellan and Eliza confronted and assassinated the Templar Grand Master William M. Tweed in his stronghold in Virginia.

In between reliving the memories, Kellan goes to respective locations where the Pieces are buried, often meeting Templars, but using his karate and Assassin skills to defeat the Templars. He finally takes the keys to the hidden First Civilization’s city in the Himalayas. It is the last remaining First Civilization city populated by them. The Assassins are hoping to use the temple in the city to save humans from their destruction, which, though humanity was supposed to be destroyed in 2012, it has been postponed to 2028 due to Assassin Desmond Miles’ efforts. In the city, Kellan defeats and assassinates Templar Master David Crock. The First Civilization then agrees to give humanity refuge and salvation from the apocalypse.

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David Crock

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First Civilization city in the Himalayas