I went to Mexico this year from July 27 to August 16. Even though I’ve been to Mexico several times, this was a good trip, as are all my trips to Mexico. Mexico, though not without its problems, is a nice and beautiful country with a beautiful culture. I am Mexican. Here’s a recap of my trip:
July 27: Today I woke up early at 5:00 am with my family, my mother Rosa Maria, my father Rodrigo and my brother Daniel. We had to wake up so early to catch our plane. We were driven by a family friend to the Toronto Pearson Airport. There, we turned in our tickets and our luggage, and we went through a detector that sees what you are bringing with you, the usual stuff you do in an airport. After that, we waited for our plane, and I played games on my iPod. We also bought a snack lunch, and I bought a samosa wrap. Then our plane came, and in the plane, I ate my lunch around 11am. I also watched Batman vs Superman, one of my favourite movies. Then we arrived at Mexico City, and our grandparents greeted us. We ate at a restaurant in the airport, and I ate quesadillas. We stayed in the airport for a while, as my mother was waiting for her flight to Merida to visit her parents. Eventually my grandparents drove my family (minus my mother) to their apartment, where we had dinner(quesadillas with ham) and went to sleep.
July 28: Today we went out of the house at 11:38am to go to the Diego Rivera museum. Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter, and he was interested in native Mexican culture, so much that he collected their artifacts and created this museum. Unfortunately, he was also a communist and despised religion, and made that known in his museum with a painting of Stalin and Mao. I learned all this from the museum, and his artifacts were from Mexican cultures as diverse as the Olmecs, Mayas, Toltecs and Aztecs. There was also another section of the museum pertaining to Diego Rivera’s history. After this, we went to Tlalpan suburb, the Mexican museum of culture and went to the Oaxaca section. There we saw art such as a toothpick cathedral and a native style Virgin Mary. Then we went to eat at Sanburns restaurant, where I ate Monte Cristo sandwiches, fries and ice cream. Later just walked around Tlalpan, and I got a haircut. Then we went home and I had dinner and went to sleep.
July 29: Unfortunately, I woke up sick today, and I couldn’t finish my breakfast. I had to stay in my grandparents apartment and lie down in bed for most of the day. In bed I did various activities such as reading Quora on my iPod and playing on a portable piano. I barley ate today, as I was sick and didn’t wanna stress my body out too much. However, I did eat a special soup and a special apple drink that works to help heal you. My grandparents helped me to feel better. At around late 2pm I took a nap, and woke up at late 4pm. Then I read more on my iPod on Safari, and I also read my Star Wars Encyclopedia. Then, at around 8pm, I watched YouTube on my iPod. At around 11pm I went to sleep.
July 30: Today, waking up at 10am, I felt better, and I was able to finish my breakfast. I started to practice karate at around 12pm (I had to practice urgently because I had a karate grading when I return to Canada and I have an international tournament in October). After I was done practicing, we are at around 2, and I ate the same special soup. Then, at around 3, me, my family and grandparents went to the Cuicuilco pyramid here in Mexico City. The Cuicuilco is one of the first civilizations in the Valley of Mexico. I took pictures with my iPod and played a bit of Pokemon Go on my dads Sony phone. The pyramid was destroyed in a volcanic eruption almost 2000 years ago, and the Cuicuilco people were forced to escape. We also went to a museum there, where there were Aztec statues and it talked about the Aztecs and their Triple Alliance, as well as a map of Mexico’s different indigenous cultures. Then we went back to the apartment, where I played on my iPod and may have read my Star Wars Encyclopedia. Then I decided to play Pokemon Go with my dad and brother near the apartment. At first I played with my iPod, but Pokemon Go doesn’t work too well on the iPod because there isn’t GPS positioning and data which you need for Pokemon GO, so I just used my dads iPhone. After that, when I went back to the apartment, I had dinner and watched YouTube on my iPod, and then I went to sleep at 11pm
July 31: Today when I woke up at 10, I had breakfast then I began making a movie on Star Wars Scene Maker, an app that lets you make 3D animated Star Wars movies. I was doing the first video of my Force Awakens series. At 12, me my family and grandparents went to church. The church was nice with a modern style. After, we bought bread at the bakery and we had lunch. Then, I finished up my Star Wars video, based on the first scene of the Force Awakens. After that, I practiced karate and may have done piano too. Then, we were invited by my maternal aunt Diana to her house for dinner. Her house was an elegant Spanish colonial style house, and her children, 2 boys, are our cousins, and we and played with them. I played FIFA with the younger kid. I also read my Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition book. We dined tacos there. Diana’s husband gave me a book he had wrote about fables with Wolves. Then, at 12 am we went back to my grandparents apartment and went to sleep.
August 1: Today, after breakfast, we immediately drove to Teotihuacan, as there was a lot of traffic. On the car I played Pokemon Go, getting to level 6 and getting respectable XP after. We got to Teotihuacan at around 12pm. Teotihuacan was in the State of Mexico, so we left DF to go there. It was the first time in my life ever going there. We walked around the city, and we also went to the museum there, where there were artifacts from the city and models. I learned about how important Teotihuacan was in Mesoamerica, and that it was a centre of a great culture. The aspects of Teotihuacan can be seen in its architecture of its temples such as the Pyramid of the Sun, honouring gods such as Quetzelcuatl, as well as its artifacts of daily life and the gods. After going to the museum, we climbed the Pyramid of the Sun, and I took pictures. I bought a souvenir mini crystal pyramid and a head flute that makes a jaguar sound. After, we had lunch at a restaurant near Teotihuacan at 5pm. Then we drove back to my grandparents apartment, driving around Mexico City on the way. We arrived at around 8:30pm. Then I had dinner and went to sleep at 11:30pm after getting addicted to my iPod.
August 2: Today in the morning I had doubts about which character I should use in my Star Wars Scene Maker Part 1 video, so I played around with it, and deleted the other video in the process, later regretting it and feeling that the character I used before was proper. But around 12pm, I decided to accompany my brother, father and grandparents to the grocery store and the mall. I played Pokemon Go while walking and driving there, catching a few Pokemon, but I didn’t level up. At the mall I looked at a video game store. Then, at around 2:30 or 3pm, we went back to the apartment and had lunch. I tried to remake my Star Wars Scene Maker video, but I got frustrated because it wouldn’t work. I played piano to calm down. Then at 5:30, Diana came to pick us up for bowling, with her sons and their cousins. I had fun at bowling and I met their cousins. Then, we went back to the apartment and I practiced a bit of karate. Then I read my Star Wars Encyclopedia and went to sleep.
August 3: My mom came today from Merida. I surfed Quora with my iPod and I played piano before 1:30, when we went to Diana’s house for lunch. There, I finished my Star Wars video and played Call of Duty on Xbox with my cousins,as well as Happy Wheels on my iPod. For lunch, we had tacos from a restaurant. Then, I played more Happy Wheels on my iPod. Then I decided to practice karate in the backyard, and when we went to the park, I continued to practice karate. When we went back to the house, I played in the backyard with my cousins, before it was time to go at around 8pm. Back at the apartment, I had pizza for lunch, and then I played on my iPod and went to sleep.
August 4: Today I reuploaded my YouTube video first because it was blocked for copyright. Then we walked to the centre of Tlalpan District from our grandparents apartment. We walked to the Porfirio Diaz Market and to a small painting museum along the way. I also played Pokemon Go along the way, almost getting to level 8 as Tlalpan had a lot of Pokemon. At the centre of Tlalpan, we went to a cafe and I had a smoothie. Then we went back to the apartment and had lunch. Back at the apartment, I played on my iPod. Then I did karate outside on the backyard. But when I came back, I was very upset because my YouTube video had been blocked again. I played Pokemon Go but didn’t get any Pokemon. Then I read on my iPod and after I went to sleep.
August 5: Today we went to the Xochlimico River, and we took a gondola to go around the river. We also went to a house where there were axolotl in tanks and there were Aztec artifacts, and the tour guide explained how Aztecs ate the axolotl and how it survives in its environment by regenerating broken limbs and surviving in both land and water. I took a picture with an Aztec headdress that was there, and then we went back to the gondola and we went back to the car. We drove to the Xochlimico Wildlife Park, however, it was closed and we could only see some stuff like the turtles inside and some of the marshes in the park. By then it was around late 3pm, so we went to the Tok restaurant where I ate an Olympic sandwich. Then we went back to the apartment, where I watched the Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony. After that, I tried to play piano, but it wouldn’t work. So at night I read one of my grandpa’s history books and went to sleep.
August 6: Today, I first followed up on the Olympics on my iPod. Then, at 11 or 12 we went to the Museum of the Interventions. I played Pokemon Go on the way and I got to level 8, and nearly got to level 9. In the museum it talked about the recent history of Mexico, and the War of Independence from the Spanish, as well as the Mexican-American War and the French-Mexican war and the Mexican Revolution. We also saw the church where our grandparents were married. After that, our grandparents took us to a mariachi restaurant where we met our cousins from my mom’s brother. They were 2 older girls and 2 younger boys. We are exotic food there such as fried worms, and I drank some beer. Then we went bowling, and we were divided into adults and kids/teenagers. I got the highest score out of everyone, and I also talked with my cousins. Then they dropped us off back at the apartment, where I had dinner and then I followed the Olympics on my iPod and went to sleep.
August 7: Today, we all went to the centre of Mexico City, and on the way I read and finished an article of one of my grandpa’s history books. We put our stuff in the hotel we were staying at, the Hotel Centro de Mexico. Then we went to hang out at the top of the hotel, where we met our same cousins from yesterday again at around 1pm. We went with them to the Metropolitanian Church of Mexico City, where my family would go to later and which was built by the Spanish from Aztec buildings. I took pictures of it. Then, we went to the ruins of the Templo Mayor, and it talked about the different stages of the temple when it was used. I took a lot of pictures, both of the temple and selfies with my cousins. After we were done with the Templo, we went to eat at a restaurant, and I ate a tortilla soup and duck. Then our cousins left, and we went to church at the Metropolitan Church. The message was that we must always trust in God even when things are hard. Back at the apartment, I did my second part of my Force Awakens series in Star Wars Scene Maker and I practiced some karate. Then I followed the Olympics on my iPod and went to sleep.
August 8: Today, we first went to have breakfast at Sanburns, where we learned there were going to be protests in Mexico City. I also bought an Assassin’s Creed comic there. Then we wet back to the apartment for a few minutes before going to the Museum of the Inquisiton, passing through the protests on the way. At the museum, we learned about how the Aztecs and Mayans used natural herbs and medicine to heal sicknesses, and how they also used them for sacrifices, to immobilize victims. We also saw how the Spanish used these same medicines and surveyed Mexico for good medicines. In the Inquisition part of the museum, we learned about how during the Spanish Inquisition, the Spanish looked for heretics and tortured them to confess their sins. After, we went to rest at the apartment, where I worked on my Star Wars Scene Maker video, then we went to eat at the Spanish Casino. There I ate prosciutto, noodle soup and octopus. Then we went back to the apartment at late 6pm after buying clothes at the mall. At the apartment, I practiced karate, looked at the Olympics on my iPod and read some of my Assassins Creed comic book before I had to go to sleep.
August 9: Today, we had breakfast again at Sanburns, where I ate French Toast. Then, we first went to the Mexico City museum, where we looked at exhibits of the Cholombianos, Monterrey musicians who liked Colombian music. We also looked at an exhibit of racism against indigenous people in Mexico by the white people, and how being white is preferred there. After that, going through the protests, we went to the Templo Mayor museum. It showed different aspects of Aztec life, such as the Warriors and how they trained, the Religion and Priests and their practices, and the agriculture and wildlife they had. The museum ended with the Spanish conquest. After that, we went to eat. Then we went back to the apartment at around 6pm. I practiced karate there, and I looked at the Olympics on my iPod, then I went to sleep.
August 10: Today we first had breakfast at Sanburns, and I ate a waffle. Then we took our stuff from the Hotel Centro de Mexico, and we went to the Opera House just to look at it and take pictures. Then, at around 12pm, we were taken by the taxi to Diana’s house. There, I read one of my grandpas history books, and I read about Medieval times and a bit about George Washington. Then it was lunchtime, and we ate turkey. Then I played piano on the piano there and practiced karate after that. Then I played a game with my cousins in the backyard where you had to dodge the balls being thrown at you while jumping on the trampoline. After that, we were driven by Diana back to my grandparent’s apartment. There I had pizza for dinner, then I looked at Quora on my iPod and went to sleep.
August 11: Today we pretty much just stayed home. I first looked at Facebook and Twitter on my iPod, before making a movie on Star Wars Scene Maker on my iPod, which was Part 3 of my Force Awakens series. After I finished that movie at around 2pm, it was time for lunch. We ate lasagna for lunch. Then I read a bit of my grandpas book. I wanted to play piano, but Synthesia wasn’t working, so I couldn’t. After, at around 5pm, I did karate at the backyard of the apartment complex. Then, back at the apartment I followed up and looked at the Olympics on my iPod, read my grandpas history book and went to sleep.
August 12: Today we went to the airport to go to Guadalajara to visit my aunt Jessica, my mom’s sister. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed, so we had to stay at the airport for a long time. We stayed at a hamburger restaurant, where I ate a hamburger and fries for lunch, at around 12pm. At the airport I entertained myself by reading my grandpa’s book, as well as playing games on my iPod. Our flight finally came at 3pm. We got to Guadalajara around 5:30pm, where a chauffeur(who was named Diego too) took us to Jessica’s house. Jessica has one older son and 2 younger daughters. There, we ate dinner. I mostly looked at Quora on my iPod and answered questions, before going to sleep.
August 13: Today in the morning I wrote an answer to a question on Quora that I got requested to do. I also went to the pool with my cousins and did karate in the morning. At around 12pm we went to the hacienda and we got there at around 2pm. There, I ate tortilla soup and Japanese shrimp for lunch. Then we explored the hacienda, and I saw a horse running around. The hacienda was nice. When we went back to my cousin’s house at around late 5, we stopped along the way to buy food. We finally got home at around 7pm. At home, I answered the Quora question on my iPod and I played piano before going to sleep.
August 14: Today was my mom’s birthday. In the morning I practiced karate while swimming. Then I looked at iFunny on my iPod. At 1pm I went to my family to Talaqepaque, a district in Guadalajara that has a lot of art and artisans. There, we went to a restaurant. The food took a long time to be served, so I just waited by playing Happy Wheels on my iPod and looking at the mariachis in the restaurant. After lunch we walked around the district and visited various shops that had art such as lawn decorations. After, we went back to the car and we drove to the church, where we had Mass. When Mass ended at around 9pm, we went back to the house. There, we watched Batman vs Superman, and I personally watched it a bit while following the Olympics on my iPod. At around late 11pm I went to sleep.
August 15: Today when I woke up I looked at Facebook a bit on my iPod, before playing piano at around 11am. I also looked at my iPod and had lunch with my cousins before it was time to fly back to Mexico City at 3pm. At the airport I played Happy Wheels on my iPod while waiting. Our plane came for us at around 5pm, and we got to Mexico City at around late 6pm. There, a taxi drove us to our grandparent’s apartment, getting there at around 8pm. At the apartment I looked at Olympics and Quora on my iPod before going to sleep.
August 16: Today we went back to Canada. First I had breakfast in my grandparent’s house. Then I said goodbye to my grandparents, before being driven by a taxi to the Mexico City airport. We boarded the plane at 12:40pm. In the plane, I finished reading my uncle’s book, I watched Captain America:Civil War and I played GTA 3 and Happy Wheels on my iPod before we arrived in Canada. We went off the plane, got our luggage, and were picked up by a family friend.
Our trip to Mexico 2016 is officially over, and it was very fun. Tourism is truly fun, and it’s a good thing that there is a beautiful country like Mexico that we can afford to go to because it’s close enough to Canada, and that we can meet our relatives here.