In the year 2099 AD, there was an international company called MazioCorp, and it replaced

Microsoft, which went bankrupt almost 70 years ago. MazioCorp’s headquarters was located in

New York, and its CEO was Jack Mazio. It’s most recent innovation was the Lindeous 7

computer software. The Lindeous computer software replaced the Windows software. But on

April, Jack Mazio asked his Technology Director, Michael Wenhar, and eight other people to

build a time machine. It took Michael ten years to build his time machine, but Michael still

managed to build it with his team.  After the time machine was finished, Jack told Michael and

his team to go to the year 400 A D to see the truth about the Eastern Roman Empire at the time.

The next day, Michael and his team went in the time machine and they went to the year 400 AD.

When they got out of the time machine, they were in a forest. They had no idea where they were,

though they knew they were in the year 400 AD. After 8 hours of walking, they became tired. It

was nighttime, and they decided to go to sleep. But Diane, one of the members of the team, saw

a weird shadow in the dark. She told the rest of the team. Pretty soon the shadow became bigger

and Ben, Narissa, Steve, and Anthony noticed it. The “shadows” were actually Roman knights

mounted on their horses, and they noticed Michael and his team. They rode to Michael and his

terrified team and asked them who they were. “Who goes there?” one of the knights asked. “We

are just travelers.” Michael said. “What’s your name?” asked the knight. “My name is Michael.

We have been walking for hours. We don’t know where we are.” “You are in the Eastern Roman

Empire, in the province of Romania. My name is General Antonio. You are strangely dressed,

Michael. Come with me to the city of Constantinople.” So then Michael and his team rode with

the knights to Constantinople, which took 5 days. When they finally got there, they were greeted

by Prince Dominic and his father, Emperor Constantine II. Constantine gave Michael a place to

stay in Constantinople, and he treated Michael like royalty. Michael stayed for six months in


Meanwhile, back in 900 AD, Michael told Constantine that it was time for him to go, and

Michael asked Constantine if he could have a few of his treasures. “Of course, Michael. You

have proven yourself worthy. Take some of my treasures,” said the Emperor. So then Michael

took some treasures, then he and his team left Constantinople. They went back to the time

machine and returned to 2109 AD.

There, Michael was taken to Jack Mazio’s office in the MazioCorp building, where Jack asked

him questions. “When you got to the year 400 AD, what did you find there?” asked Jack. “We

were in the Eastern Roman Empire. The emperor was Constantine II. He gave us a place to stay

in his capital city. He even let us have some of his treasures.” Michael took the treasures off his

backpack and gave them to Jack Mazio. “You have done well,” said Jack Mazio. Jack decided to

have a History Conference at MazioCorp where students could see the truth about History by

using the time machine, and they could look at the photos and treasures and even use the time

machine. In the conference room at the MazioCorp headquarters, Jack proposed this idea to all

his employees. “With this time machine, and the History conference, historians could get the full

picture and learn the real truth about History, rather than focusing on sometimes inaccurate

writings, records and paintings to learn what happened in the past” said Jack.  “Sounds like a

great idea. And it would also be really fun to witness the endless things that happened in

History” said Michael.”  “That’s the best idea ever conceived since the Apollo Space mission!

Endless opportunities will be opened by this!” said Narissa. However, one employee, Callum

Howard, did not agree to this idea. He has a bad relationship with Jack Mazio, as he feels Jack

doesn’t recognize him enough for his hard work, so he refuses to listen to Jack. “Are you

serious? This will cause a paradox and history will be changed!” said Callum. “Stubborn fool, do

you not understand, the machine takes you to a parallel universe, so there is no paradox!” said

Jack angrily. Callum then left angrily to his room, where he made up a plan to sabotage the time

machine and kill Jack, as he wanted MazioCorp for himself. “That fool won’t commend me for

my hard work! He treats me like crap and never listens to my ideas! Jack’s stubbornness will

bring MazioCorp down! He must be stopped!” Callum came up with this plan: he would put

poison gas in the time machine, and when the time machine was used, it would fill up, killing its

user.  He knew that Jack liked to use it. The next day, employee Robert Hough was going to

clean the time machine. While cleaning the inside of the time machine, he accidentally turned it

on, and it filled up with poison gas, killing him. When Jack Mazio found out, he

became really angry. “How the hell did poison gas get inside the time machine?!?  Something is

going on here. It appears someone is trying to assassinate me.” Jack told the employees at

MazioCorp to be wary, telling them “Be weary everyone. There is a traitor in our ranks, and he

wants to assassinate me”.  Back at his room, Callum was angry that his plan had failed. “Damn

  1. I need a new plan. Oh I know, I will hack the time machine and I will send historical figures to

kill the bastard.” Meanwhile, Michael and his friends were trying to find the traitor. “The traitor

must be Callum Howard. Everyone at MazioCorp knows his ugly relationship with Jack”

suggested Richard Kempe.  Everyone agreed with him. “Of course it was that crazy bastard

Callum. We have to stop him before he kills Jack.” said Michael. They went to Jack Mazio’s

room, where they told Jack that the traitor was Callum. Meanwhile, Callum had just hacked the

time machine, and had killed employees Mark Batty and Simon Pegg when spotted by them.

Callum was apprehended by Jack, Michael and his team and some robots. “Stop right there

Callum! What a hypocrite you are, as you didn’t even want to use the time machine! You are

under arrest!”  “Fool, that wasn’t the reason why I wanted to kill you! You are a spoiled brat who

doesn’t care about the hard work of your own employees. Now prepare to die!” said Callum.

Callum then activated the time machine portal, and British redcoats, Roman centurions and

Japanese ninjas came into the MazioCorp headquarters and attacked the employees around the

building. Even when the employees called on robots to help them, Callum hacked them.

Outnumbered, and with many employees being killed, the employees ran away from the

building. “We have to take that hacking device from Callum” said Michael.  Jack called the New

York police force to help him take back the building back, and they arrived with human forces,

not robots, as robots can be hacked. The building was quarantined and the Police Chief Gary

Schafer said “Callum. Surrender now or this building will be attacked!” Callum refused, so the

employees and the police attacked the MazioCorp headquarters. “We must stop the robot

production, and we must relive Callum of his hack device” said Michael. “I know what you can

do for that, Michael. Use one of my cloaking devices. I brought one with me. We will distract

Callum with the battle and you will sneak into the robot production centre and disable it, then

you will relive Callum of the hacking device” said Jack. So while the police forces and the

employees fought Callum’s robots and historical soldiers, Michael, who was invisible, snuck into

the robot production centre and disabled it. Then he used the cloaking device again and snuck

behind Callum in the time machine room, where he shot and destroyed Callum’s hacking device.

“No!!!! You fool!!” said Callum. With the hacking device destroyed, the robots were now on

MazioCorp’s side, and the time machine, no longer hacked, turned off.  “Now who’s

outnumbered, Callum?!? Your little rebellion is over, and you are under arrest!” said Jack. So

Callum was arrested and taken to jail. While searching over Callum’s papers, the police found a

paper and emails linking him to the powerful New York gang The Seven Suns, and that they

hired him to kill Jack so they could take over the company. “Then it is a good thing we stopped

him” said Gary Schafer. The time machine was also placed on tighter security.  Michael Wenhar

was also promoted to Chief General of MazioCorp.