As you all know, our planet is in turmoil. There are wars going on in 4 continents: Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. In Asia, the Muslim terrorist group ISIS is taking over Iraq and Syria, and they are winning the war. ISIS wants to destroy the West and take over the world, and they commit atrocities like crucifying Christians and chopping people’s heads off. In Africa, there are wars in the Congo and Sudan, where there are rebels commuting unspeakable atrocities like cutting up innocent people and taking child soldiers. In Europe, Russia has invaded Ukraine, and there is a war going on there. Even in our own continent, there are drug wars going on in Latin America, where not even the children are safe, and in some cases there are even beheadings.

There are also enemy world powers like North Korea, Russia and Iran that hate the USA and the West.

With all this turmoil, it may not be a surprise if World War 3 starts(of course, I don’t want it to start). But if it does start, here’s my imaginary scenario for how it’s gonna happen.

First, in September of this year, ISIS will defeat the Syrian rebels and the Assad regime, and they will take over all of Syria and Iraq and will proclaim themselves the Nation of ISIS.

They will be supported by villainous world powers such as Iran and Russia.

Then ISIS, helped by armies from Iran and Russia, will attempt to destroy Israel.

The West will not be able to ignore such and act of war, and will declare war upon these world powers on October 5, 2016, the official beginning of World War 3. These are the alliances in the war of the participating nations who will send troops to Iraq and Syria:

The West:

🇺🇸USA, 🇽🇰EU, 🇲🇵NATO, 🇹🇷Turkey,🇮🇳India

The Axis:

🇸🇦ISIS, 🇮🇷Iran, 🇷🇺Russia

First I will focus on the War in the Middle East:

Before the rest of the Western armies arrive, Turkey will attempt to stop ISIS from reaching Jerusalem in the Battle of the West Bank, which will begin on October 7, 2016 and end on March 20, 2017. ISIS will attempt to invade Jerusalem through the West Bank, however waiting for them will be a Turkish and Israeli army on the other side of the river. The battle will be bloody, and Turkey must hold off the ISIS forces before the Western forces of the EU, USA and NATO arrive. Meanwhile, India must hold off Iran, who plans to help ISIS defeat Israel.

India attempts to invade Iran through Pakistan, who they must first conquer. They fight Pakistan, but they get nowhere.

By then Iran had already sent a force to Israel. Meanwhile, Turkey and USA have held off ISIS long enough for the NATO army to arrive, and they defeat ISIS and Iran and stop them from taking Jerusalem on March 20, 2017. Though ISIS has failed to conquer Israel, they are far from defeated in the war. They turn their attention south, attempting to conquer the oil reserves of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. They conquer Kuwait after devastating the country on July 1 and start building a navy to attack Qatar and UAE. This war just got a lot harder, as the enemy now has access to oil. But the West stops ISIS from conquering Qatar and the UAE on September 30, 2017, as the Indian and EU navy routs and destroyed the ISIS navy. But the cost of life in Qatar and UAE are high, and the cities are devastated. Also, the king of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Ali I, reveals that he is loyal to ISIS on November 2, 2017 and that he has given them oil. So ISIS takes control of Saudi Arabia on November 10, and ISIS now controls the whole Middle East minus Israel. The war seems lost for the West, who’s armies escape to Turkey.

ISIS now hopes that Turkey will settle for peace.  But Turkey, with its pro-West president Ahmedt Duvotuglu, refuses to settle for peace with terrorists who do not represent the truth about Islam, and in a speech, he declares Turkey as the last bastion for true Islam. Angry, ISIS attacks Turkey on Nobember 18 with air strikes, but despite doing damage to Turkish cities such as Gaziantep and Istanbul, ISIS fails to take Turkey, and the Battle of Turkey lasts from November 18, 2017 to Feburary 9, 2018.  Ultimately, Turkey holds off, and the NATO army manages to defeat ISIS using reinforcements, and they rout ISIS. ISIS, despite having taken most of the Middle East, has failed to take Turkey. Meanwhile, India is still trying to get through Pakistan to reach Iran and attack them. India finally takes Pakistan on October 20, 2018 India then goes through Afgahnistan but they take 6 more months until April 2019 to get through. They then attack Iran, distracting them from the war in the Middle East. The battle between India and Iran will be a stalemate, with both sides losing a lot of troops. However, a Japanese force arrives from Japan, and in January 2022 Iran is finally defeated. Air strikes bomb Tehran, the capital of Iran, and Shiraz. The country surrenders on January 22, it’s army and cities broken. This gives increased confidence to the US, and NATO armies, who have been recuperating in Turkey, and a combined US and NATO force land in ISIS occupied Beirut, Lebanon, on February 6 and defeat the ISIS and Russian armies there. Then the West takes Syria and Iraq in March 2022 and then they push on to Saudi Arabia, who is loyal to ISIS and is their new base. Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, the ISIS leader, and Abdul Ali I, the Saudi King, are in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. Despite the difficulties in the desert, and the guerrilla warfare that ISIS uses, the Western armies reach Riyadh on May 7, and they enter Riyadh and take the city. Riyadh is devastated by the fighting. Abu Bakr al Baghadi and Abdul Ali I are captured. ISIS is now ultimately defeated, however World War 3 is not yet over. The War in the Middle East is far from the only war being fought in the world. Now let’s focus on the war in Ukraine:

The Allies:

🇺🇦Ukraine, 🇪🇺EU(including mostly armies from 🇩🇪Germany,🇫🇷France and 🇬🇧UK)

The Axis:


The war in Ukraine has been going on since February 2014, when Russia first invaded Ukraine. But the West didn’t really take it seriously until July 5, 2016, when all of Ukraine was taken. This coincided with the coup of Russia by radical Oleg Garhizev, and his pro-Soviet party, who wanted to restore the Soviet Union. When Russia invaded Belarus next on July 11, the EU saw that as an act of war, so they scraped together an army with the armies of various European countries such as Germany, France and UK to stop Russia’s expansion. Russia and the EU fought the first battle on July 27 in Homyel, Belarus. The EU won this battle. Russia sent more troops to Belarus, and ultimately, despite EU efforts to stop them, took the entire country by November 9, 2016. Russia then focused it’s efforts in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. However, the EU was ready for them,and stopped Russia from taking these areas in the Baltic Battle, which lasted 5 months and ended on April 1, 2017 with both sides losing soldiers. The EU army then attacks Ukraine trying to take it from Russia, and the Battle of Ukraine lasts for another 4 months and ends on July 31. The EU then takes Belarus on October. Russia, weakened from fighting a war on 2 fronts: the Middle East and Europe, then stops its European conquests altogether, as in another Russian coup, Mario Amaytzov takes power from Garizhev, executing his party. There was also war going on in East Asia, which I will focus on now:

The Allies:

🇯🇵Japan, 🇰🇷South Korea, 🇦🇺Australia, 🇵🇭Phillippines

The Axis:

🇨🇳China, 🇰🇵North Korea, 🇮🇩Indonesia

When North Korea announced it’s support for ISIS on December 10 2016 and said that it would send troops to Syria and Iraq to help ISIS, a South Korean soldier responded by shooting and killing 10 North Korean soldiers in the border between North and South Korea. North Korea blamed South Korea for this, and it considered this an act of war. North Korea aimed it’s missles at the South Korean capital of Seoul, and unfortunately they shot Seoul on December 18, 2016, devastating the city. Thus war began between North and South Korea on December 21, with China and Indonesia backing North Korea and Japan, Australia and the Phillippines backing South Korea. The first battle was fought on January 4, 2017 in the South Korean border with North and South Korean forces battling each other. The battle was a victory for North Korea. With support from Russia, North Korea occupied most of South Korea by September. North Korea then tried to fight Japan, but Japan, with it’s strong army, stopped the North Korean naval force from taking Japan by defeating the North Korean navy. Further south, Indonesia and the Phillippines were also fighting naval battles, but neither side could win any battle, and the naval fighting between them was a stalemate for nearly 2 years. But in December 2018, North Korea pissed off China by attacking a Chinese regiment at the North Korean border for giving North Korean civilians supplies. China had been waiting to stop North Korea, and was no longer North Korea’s ally like before. China and North Korea went to war before North Korea could fully occupy South Korea, which North Korea had also failed to conquer. With the help of Japan, China and South Korea won important battles at Kwangju on December 29, 2018 and Hangul on February 15, 2019. After hard fighting from both sides, all of South Korea was liberated by January of 2020. After that, in Feburary the Allied forces of China, Japan and South Korea, with tanks and planes, begin a siege of North Korea. Desperately, North Korea attempts to use a nuke, but before that can happen the nuke is disabled by a Chinese strike team. The siege lasts for 2 years, and finally in July 2022 North Korea surrenders after the people start rebelling against Kim Jong Un and Kim himself is killed by his angry people. After that, the United Nations declares North Korea to be handed over to South Korea and that Korea be united. The starving and impoverished North Koreans agree to this, and in late November a multinational UN force occupies both Koreas to prepare for their unity and make sure there is peace. Meanwhile, in the South China Sea, Indonesia has continued to fight with the Phillippines and Australia. However, Indonesia is losing, and when the US navy goes to Indonesia from Hawaii to attack in August 2022 that is the last straw. Indonesia is occupied by December after some of its cities such as Palembang and Surabaya are hurt, and it surrenders. By 2023 there is little to no fighting in East Asia.

Meanwhile, there are still drug wars going on in Latin America. However, as always, the drug wars are going nowhere, with the inefficient and corrupt Latin American police forces and armies unable to stop them. But by 2020, the American people want to legalize drugs in America in order to stop the Latino drug wars. The people in America stage mass protests in November 2020 after the US Elections to get the new American government under President Tom Pratinski to legalize drugs. Tom legalizes drugs without any fuss, and as he is half-Latino, he has sympathy for his people, and he promises to send troops to Latin America to combat the drug cartels. Mexican president Manuel Lopez Obrador and Colombian president Pablo Iglesias thank Pratinski and USA for their help.  In January 2021 a small American army, as well as Chilean, Argentinian, Brazilian and Uruguayan armies, go to Mexico and Colombia to help the local armies and police combat the drug cartels now financially weakened by America’s drug legalization. An American army group founded by Latinos in the US Army and conscripts, called Los Caballeros, led by US Army Corporal Adam Lopez, also chooses to help fight.

The American Allies:

🇺🇸USA, 🇦🇸Los Caballeros, 🇨🇱Chile, 🇦🇷Argentina, 🇺🇾Uruguay, 🇲🇽Mexico, 🇨🇴Colombia, 🇧🇷Brazil

The Drug Cartels:

Sinaloa Cartel, The Jalisco New Generation, the Gulf Cartel, Knights Templar, Zeta and the Beltran Leyva Organization.(🇲🇽Mexico). Norte del Valle Cartel, Cali Cartel, Bacrim Cartel (🇨🇴Colombia).

The armies from USA, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay landed in Mexico and Colombia on January 21 and January 30 respectively. USA, Argentina and Uruguay fought in Mexico with the Mexican army and police (Mexico’s drug war was more urgent than Colombia’s) while Chile and Brazil fought in Colombia with the Colombian army and police. Even though the drug cartels were weakened, it would take 2 years for the American Allies to defeat the drug cartels in Mexico. The first drug cartel to fall was the Knights Templar, which fell on May 3, 2021 when its base in Monterrey, as well as leader Gubran Carlos Paredes was captured by Mexican and Caballero forces.  Then the Gulf Cartel in Baja California fell on November 21, 2021 when the leadership was captured by Argentinian and Mexican police forces. The Jalisco cartel was defeated on April 11. The most important cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel fell on August 11, 2022 when the base in Sinaloa was sabotaged by an American, Caballero, Mexican and Argentinian force commanded by American Peter Wilkins and Mexican Pedro Luis Obota. The leader of Sinaloa was Arturo Guzman, cousin of Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman, who was the former leader until he was captured on January 8, 2016. Arturo was killed in a gunfight after he refused to surrender to the Mexican police and Los Caballeros.  Former Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto was also helping the Sinaloa Cartel, but was captured as well. The last drug cartel in Mexico, the Beltran Leyva Organization, did not fall until Feburary 17, 2023, when its last stronghold in Guerrero, Mexico was besieged by Los Caballeros. The leader, Beltran Leyva, was killed by Caballero Saul Garibay with a bazooka when he tried to escape Mexico via Acapulco on a ship. Most of this fighting was done on the streets in Mexico, with American Allied tanks and foot soldiers fighting Cartel soldiers and tanks and cars. The war in Mexico was declared over by Feburary 18. Mexico had suffered immensely with this war, and the death count in Mexico had reached 1 million. The country was messed up.

The fighting in Colombia was less intense than in Mexico, as most Colombian cartels had already lost power way before World War 3 had even started. The fighting in Colombia was done by Colombian, Chilean and Brazilian forces. The fighting was still with tanks and foot soldiers on both sides, but there were less civilian casualties in Colombia. The fighting in Colombia would be done by March 2022. The first cartel to fall in Colombia, the Bacrim Cartel, fell on April 30, 2021 when its base was discovered in the Colombian highlands and captured by Colombian and Brazilian forces. Leader Federico Uribe was captured. The Cali Cartel would fall on September 7, when the base (which was not in Cali) was captured in the Colombian Andes. The Norte Valle Cartel was harder to defeat, as it was bigger and had more forces. It didn’t fall until Feburary 28, 2022, when the leaders, the Gómez brothers Adrian and Paul were killed in a gunfight between Chilean, Colombian and Brazilian forces.

Last but not least, Africa has always been a continent of war, and was involved in every World War. So of course there would be war in Africa! I will focus on that now before World War 3 is finished:

The Allies:

🇬🇭Ghana,🇰🇪Kenya,🇪🇹Ethiopia,🇿🇦South Africa, 🇲🇵NATO

The Axis:

🇳🇬Boko Haram Free State (Nigeria), 🇨🇩Congo Free State (Congo), 🇸🇴Islamic State of Somalia (Somalia)

By late 2017, radical Islamic and Rebel organizations had taken over 3 countries in Africa after years of civil war in these countries. Boku Haram took over Nigeria in December 2016, the Congolese rebel  group Kongo Boys took over the Congo in March 2017 and the Islamic group Al-Shabab took over Somalia in August 2017. After that, Somalia attacked Kenya and Ethiopia in October, and Nigeria and the Congo attacked Ghana in November. Thus, World War 3 had started in Africa. The war would last until early 2024, when World War 3 would end. At first, the wars in Africa were going nowhere, and the Boko Haram Free State was butchering more non-Muslims brutally both in their own country of Nigeria and in neighbouring African countries such as Cameroon and Chad. Despite Ghana and NATO’s best efforts to stop Boko Haram, they expanded into neighbouring African countries Cameroon, Niger and Chad by the next year, 2018. IS Somalia was also gaining territory, and they had taken Kenya by August 2018. The battles were bloody, with the tanks and foot soldiers of both armies tearing through the African landscape, and the Axis did not hesitate to slaughter African civilians as they expanded their territory. However, in the Congo, South Africa had more success deterring the Congolese from taking more territory. But in November 2019, the Congolese took Rhodesia province in Zambia, and they would not stop expanding. In fact, by July 2021, despite the best efforts of the allies, the Congo had taken Zimbabwe and parts of Angola, Somalia had taken Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania and Nigeria had expanded all the way to Cote D’Ivoire. In their failed attempts to stop the African Axis, the Allies lost a lot of soldiers and tanks, and they were undermanned, as the African armies fighting were inefficient. The Allies escaped to Madagascar, where they set up camp. The Allies wait for reinforcements, and by January 2022, Australia and Turkey send troops to Africa. In July 2022, USA is able to send troops to Madagascar to help with the African war effort. The EU and NATO also sent more troops. By November, the Allied armies were mobilized enough to mount another attack on the African Axis states. The Allied armies, including South Africa’s army, Namibia’s army, Madagascar’s own army, USA, NATO, and the EU attack Congo occupied Tanzania. Using the creeping barage strategy, where their tanks and troops were helped and covered by air strikes attacking the enemy, the Allies were able to liberate Tanzania by Feburary 2023. Using the same creeping barage strategy, and killing a lot of enemy forces, the Allies liberated Kenya in June and had defeated the Islamic Republic of Somalia by December 2023 after a lot of bloody fighting. It’s leader Ahmed Umar was executed by the UN for war crimes. However, there was still Nigeria and the Congo to deal with. Thankfully for the Allies, World War 3 was over in most parts of the world, so some countries could spare armies. Russia and Japan, as well as every Allied nation in the world who could, sent armies to Africa to combat the enemy Axis, which was already weakened by lack of money and loss of troops. Thanks to the Allies efforts, by July 2024 Congo and Nigeria had been taken. The leaders of Congo and Nigeria, Henry Wambo and Chiwetel Nken respectively, were captured by the UN on July. World War 3 was officially over by July 31.

World War 3 was fought for 7 years, 9 months and 26 days, from October 5, 2016 to July 31, 2024. This makes it the longest World War. World War 3 was fought in every continent in the world except Australia, making it the most widespread World War. The loss of life in World War 3 was around 96 million people, the biggest loss of life in a World War, and 46 million more dead people than World War 2.

By the end of World War 3, the planet was devestated by so much fighting, even greater than World Wars 1 and 2. The world entered a Great Depression after this war, worse than World War 3 and it would last for about 40 years, as the world was exhausted by so much war and fighting. The Middle East was divided into new countries suiting the people’s interests, and new countries were created such as Kurdistan and Assyria. Also in Africa, the lines were redrawn according to people’s interests to prevent war. Many rich countries, such as USA, the EU, China and Japan, proposed Marshall Plans to develop the rest of the world. These plans were put into fruition, and helped developed such countries as Mexico, Kurdistan, Korea and Africa. There were also trials held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City in 2025, where many war criminals such as Abu-Bakr Al-Baghadi, Abdul Ali I, Ahmed Umar, Kim Jong-hom, and Henry Wambo were tried, and some were executed.