There is a truce existing between the Galactic Alliance and the Yuzhaan Vong Empire. The Galactic Alliance leadership, including Supreme Commander Giliad, Admiral Cha Niathal, Chief of State Cal Omas, leader Leia Organa and Thrackan Sal-Solo, is now on the planet Mandalore. The Duke of Mandalore, Code Jenek has agreed to join the Galactic Alliance and pledge his warriors to the Alliance cause. They all wait for the right time to fight the Yuzhaan Vong. Meanwhile, Ben Solo has now learned that he has a daughter, Alanna, born to Queen Mother Tenel Ka of Hapes when they professed their love for each other. Admiral Ackbar proposes a daring plan to the Alliance to fight the Yuzhaan Vong at Ebaq. He says that there is a former New Republic base on the rocky world Ebaq 9, the ninth moon of the gas giant Ebaq, and that would serve as bait to the Yuzhaan Vong, as the Ebaq system was a hyperspace dead end, and it would be difficult for the Vong to use their ships and bio technology. The Galactic Alliance accepts Ackbar’s proposal, and they send Ackbar, Major Brance and Leia Organa to command the Galactic Alliance army. They also send a Mandalorian force commanded by Warran Fett. Jedi Rey Solo and Chewbacca also go to the battle. Bounty Hunter Captain Sidon Ithano and his crew are also hired by Leia Organa in her desperateness to win the battle. Ithano, via hologram, agrees to rendezvous with the Alliance army. At Ebaq, the Yuzhaan Vong army arrives, commanded by Warmaster Tsavong Lah, Knight of Ren Vergere, Admiral Vardy and General Haas. The Alliance has some difficulties at first, with one command ship being destroyed, but then they bring the fight to the Vong. The Alliance fleet commanded by Poe Dameron is instrumental to destroying the Vong ships, which are trapped in the hyperspace dead end given by Ebaq. When a New Republic ship is weakened, Ackbar uses the daring strategy of surrendering the ships to the Vong and evacuating everyone from them. When the Vong abduct the New Republic ships into their worldships, the New Republic ships self destruct, causing a chain reaction in the Yuzhaan Vong worldships that destroys them. Knight of Ren Vergere, one of the commander of the Yuzhaan Vong, was killed when one of the worldships was blown up, destroying her starfighter. On Ebaq 9, Rey Solo and Finn help the Galactic Alliance ground troops commanded by Major Brance and fight off the Yuzhaan Vong with her lightsaber, and defeats them. Captain Ithano’s bounty hunters also help in the fight, and Ithano himself kills General Haas with a headshot. Rey Solo duels Tsavong Lah near the former Republic mining base, and she manages to kill Lah by stabbing and destroying his Yuzhaan Vong armor and throwing him off the cliff. The Battle of Ebaq is a victory for the Galactic Alliance, and people all around the Galaxy, such as Coruscant and Naboo, celebrate, and the battle gives them hope that the Yuzhaan Vong can be defeated. In his worldship, Supreme Leader Snoke is very upset that the Yuzhaan Vong lost the battle, and he killed Admiral Vardy, who had brought him the news. Snoke vowed to destroy anything that got in the way of galactic conquest. Meanwhile, the Guavian Death gang has kidnapped Maz Kanata from her castle in Takodana, seeking retribution for her working with their enemy Han Solo, and wanting to find him, not knowing he’s dead. Leia Organa finds out about these news, and she wants to rescue Maz, as she knows Maz Kanata may know how to defeat the Yuzhaan Vong. Captain Ithano and his crew, along with Chewbacca and Finn, volunteer to rescue Maz. The Kanjiub wants the Alliance to reveal where Han Solo is, so Ithano, Chewbacca and Finn pretend to make a deal with the gang, who tells them to go to the tropical planet of Nar Kanji to meet them. Captain Ithano takes his bounty hunters, Chewbacca and Finn to Nar Kanji, where they meet a Kanjiklub representative at the front door of the Kanjiklub base to tell them Hans location as per the agreement. Instead, Captain Ithano assassinates them quietly, then destroys the cameras so that the Kanjiklub leaders don’t know. He tells his bounty hunters, as well as Chewbacca and Finn, to disguise themselves as Kanjiklub members. They sneak into the Kanjiklub base and fight off the Kanjiklub guards. They split up, with Chewbacca and Finn going to rescue Maz while Captain Ithano and his bounty hunters go to deal with the Kanjiklub leaders Tasu Leech and Razoo Qin-Fee. The Kanjiklub leaders get mad at their betrayal, and order Maz Kanata to be executed. But before that can happen, Finn and Chewie rescue Maz. Meanwhile, Captain Ithano and his bounty hunters fight their way to Leech and Qin-Fee, and order them to stand down. Leech refuses to stand down, and pulls out a thermal detonator, but he is shot down by Ithano before he can use it. Qin-Fee then surrenders. Finn, Chewie and Ithano return to Mandalore with Maz Kanata. Kanata tells Leia and the Galactic Alliance that the living planet Zonama Sekot holds a secret that could be the key to defeating the Yuzhaan Vong. So Jagged Fel, Luke Skywalker, Ben and Rey Solo and the priest Harrar (a Yuzhaan Vong defector to the Alliance) go to the jungle planet. There, Harrar spent many days trying to communicate with the living intelligence of Zonama Sekot, asking it how to defeat the Yuzhaan Vong. The planet told Harrar that Zonama Sekot had been grown from a seed of Yuuzhan’thar and that the Yuuzhan Vong could not connect with the living Force because they had been stripped of the ability long ago by the consciousness of the Yuzzhanthar. Thus, the only way to defeat the Yuzhaan Vong was by using the living energy of the planet in their weapons, as it was their weakness. Luke Skywalker immediately conveyed this information to his sister Leia and the Galactic Alliance. The Galactic Alliance brought its leadership and army to the planet, and they built shipyards and factories there, equipping their ships and armies with the living energy of the planet. The Yuzhaan Vong were blind to this, believing the Alliance had already surrendered. But the New Republic built an army and navy, and they first tried to liberate the planet of Garel in the Battle of Garel. Admiral Statura commanded the New Republic forces in this Battle (Garel is his homeworld). He deployed the Galactic Alliance ships to fire on the Yuzhaan Vong worldships, and the worldships were destroyed due to the Zonama Sekot energy. Jedi Master Ezra Bridger infiltrated the lead worldship and duelled Knights of Ren Cenzo Yamuri and Untus Quramas on the worldship. He used his Jedi skills to disarm and kill Cenzo, and also killed Untus using his special energy slingshot. On the ground of Garel, Jagged Fel and Commander Gilad led a New Republic ground force (which included Finn) to liberate the cities in the planet’s surface. They fought the Yuzhaan Vong ground troops led by Eshin Worr and General Yon. The Galactic Alliance succeeded in taking the Garel cities from the Vong, and Jagged Fel killed Eshin Worr. The Galactic Alliance won the Battle of Garel, and would win successive battles in Onderon and Ylesia using the same strategy and with the Zonama Sekot energy. The Yuzhaan Vong Empire was losing planets and their armies fast. The Galactic Alliance ultimately pushed their way to Coruscant, where the final battle between the Alliance and the Vong was fought. Before the battle, knowing they could die, Finn and Rey professed their love for each other. The Alliance fleet, commanded by Poe Dameron and Nien Nunb, went into the core of the worldships and sabotaged them. Nunb and Snap Wexley would also destroy the enemy Finalizer command ship(General Hux’s ship) As his ship was destroyed, General Hux looked in shock and refused to save himself, despite the urging of his officers Lieutenant Mitaka and Petty officers Unamo and Thanisson. They all perished. The defeat of the Yuzhaan Vong fleet cleared the way for the Galactic Alliance ground troops led by Jagged Fel, Supreme Commander Gilad and Leia Organa to land and fight the Yuzhaan Vong troops. Without their main general, and with the special energy of the Alliance, the Vong troops were defeated, and their commanders Shimmra and Major Quinn were killed. The Alliance ground troops themselves cleared the way for a Jedi strike team composing of Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Rey and Ben Solo and Tenel Ka to infiltrate Emperor Snoke’s palace and end his reign of terror. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade duelled Snoke, while Ben and Rey duelled Onimi, Snoke’s apprentice, while Tenel Ka helped the other Jedi fend off the Knights of Ren. Rey disarmed Onimi with the special energy, and Ben killed him. Tenel Ka and te Jedi killed many Knights of Ren. Mara Jade was disarmed and almost killed by Snoke, but Luke later called on the Force to use the Zonama Sekot energy, and he used it to wound Snoke and then, still with the energy, slashed through Snoke and destroyed him, saving Mara. However, the energy’s use greatly weakened Luke, and he died moments later, having also been hurt by Snoke’s lightning. However, the Yuzhaan Vong Empire was destroyed, and the Galactic Alliance had taken Coruscant. But Leia Organa, learning of the death of her brother Luke, was laid down by grief and was also sick, and she would later die. Ben Solo also disappeared for some time, as he was lured to an asteroid sanctuary in the MZX32905 system. There, the ancient Sith Lady Lumiya revealed herself to Ben, and she told him that in order for there to be peace in the Galaxy, he must join her and take control of the Galactic Alliance. She showed Ben a vision to convince him, and Ben joined her. Returning to Coruscant, Ben took control of the Galactic Alliance without permission. He also replaced Supreme Commander Gilad with hard line military Admiral Cha Niathal. Because of this, the planet Corellia was unhappy, and it’s Senator Thrackan Sal-Solo threatened to have the planet secede from the Alliance. Ben Solo, in response to this, hired former Kanjiklub bounty hunter Crokind Shand to kill Thrackan, and he deported all Corellians living in Coruscant. Many planets and systems, such as Naboo and Kashyyyk, joined Corellia’s struggle, and there was a kind of civil war, with battles between Alliance troops and rebels in Corellia and Naboo. The Jedi, now led by Master Mara Jade, and many Senators such as Thadle Brenk and Andrithal Robb-Voti, saw the corruption in Ben, and they vowed to stop him. Mara confronts Ben in his office, telling him to stop his tyranny, but Ben refuses, and Mara and Ben duel. Ben wins the duel by stabbing Mara with a poisoned dart, killing her. Holding her body, Ben accepted his fate as a Sith Lord, taking the name Darth Caedus. He learned his sister was on Kashyyyk being harboured by the Wookies. He kidnaps his daughter Allana from Tenel Ka to punish her for her disloyalty to the Alliance. Then he attacks Kashyyyk to get his sister, wanting her to join his Sith Order. Corrupt General Cha Niathal was killed by Jagged Fel, while Finn and Chewbacca went inside Caedus’ ship over Kashyyyk to rescue his daughter Alanna. They were confronted by the Sith Lady Lumiya, and they shot her, but she blocked their shots. They ran around the ship chased by Lumiya, but Ezra Bridger was in the ship and he duelled Lumiya, who then was killed in a shot to the head by Chewie. Meanwhile, on Kashyyyk’s surface, Rey duelled Darth Caedus, and in a pitched and close duel, she plunged her lightsaber into his chest, killing him and ending his reign of terror. Now war was over for the Galaxy. In Coruscant, Jagged Fel, now one of the most prominent galactic figures after his big role in winning the Yuzhaan Vong war, declared the Fel Empire, crowning himself it’s Emperor. In his speech, he promised the people’s of the Galaxy freedom and strong rule of law under his rule, and the Galaxy believed him. Jagged’s wife, Senator of Chandrila Mirena Tacna and son Yulin, also ruled alongside him. Rey and Finn got married publicly on Coruscant, and they had a child named Wyll. The Jedi returned to their ancient Jedi Temple to train Jedi, under the leadership of Master Ezra Bridger. Rey and Tenel Ka were also now Jedi Masters. That is the end of Episode 9.