On the lost planet Ahch-To, a planet of an ocean with islands, Rey has finally found Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Luke seems to recognize Rey, and he tells her that he is reunited with her. Luke tells her that Han Solo was her father, and Leia her mother, and Kylo Ren her brother. She was originally part of the original Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, but when Kylo Ren turned to the dark side and swore allegiance to Supreme Leader Snoke and his Knights of Ren, he decimated the Jedi Academy, killing many Jedi. Luke duelled Kylo Ren during the attack on the Academy, but was defeated by Ren. Luke and the remaining Jedi were forced to escape to the hidden planet Ahch-To, where they continued their Academy in secret. Luke also revealed to Rey that she was left behind on Yavin 4 after the attack, and that Luke feared she was dead. Rey said that she thought the Jedi were dead, but Luke said that the Jedi were very much alive, they were just hidden. Luke then led Rey to the Jedi Academy on another Ahch-To island. The Academy was in an ancient Jedi Temple, and introduced her to the Jedi Council: Luke, Zabrak male Master Zoltan Rowan, Duros male Master Yutus Gall, Human female Master Mara Jade(who was Luke’s wife), Human female Knight Tenel Ka and Human male Master Ezra Bridger. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren returned to Snoke’s lead worldship, the true seat of the First Order, and he bowed down to Supreme Leader Snoke and apologized for the destruction of Starkiller Base. Snoke ordered Kylo Ren to find Rey and bring her to Snoke to be trained in the dark side. Kylo agreed, and he set off to find Rey, leaving Bastion on his Sith Interceptor. Meanwhile, Rey was training as a Jedi, and due to her prior training as Mara Jade’s Padawan, she picked up the Jedi stuff quickly. Her final test to becoming a Jedi Knight, set to her by her master Mara, was to go to the Ancient Jedi library of Ossus. She went to the library, and there she confronted apparitions of famous Jedi such as Revan, Satele Shan and Obi-Wan, as well as Sith Lords such as Darth Vader and Darth Bane. However, Kylo Ren also arrived in Ossus, and Kylo Ren and Rey both engaged in a duel in the Jedi Library. However, Kylo won the duel this time, and he kidnapped Rey and brought her to Snoke on his worldship. Meanwhile, the First Order and the Republic were fighting for control of the crystal rich planet of Christophsis. The First Order, commanded by Admiral Samaras, had mysterious giant worldships that made up the bulk of their fleet in the battle. Despite the New Republic capital ship and Poe Dameron’s X-Wing squad’s best efforts to hit the worldships, the worldships didn’t really get damaged a lot, and they regenerated when they got damaged. The battle was a failure, with the New Republic losing half of their ships and Christophsis getting terraformed. In the next battles on Naboo and Ithor, the same thing would happen: though the New Republic did damage to other ships, they couldn’t really hurt the worldships, and they decimated the New Republic fleet and terraformed the respective planets. The New Republic armies and fleets are decimated, and the leadership of the Galaxy, such as Leia Organa, Admiral Statura, Thadle Berenko of Naboo and Korr Sella flee to the Resistance base on D’Qar where the Republic and some First Order defectors sign a treaty to become the Galactic Alliance. They agree that a galactic war has truly begun, the Yuzhaan Vong war. Meanwhile, on Snoke’s lead worldship, Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order celebrate their victories, while Rey pleads with Kylo Ren to turn away from the First Order, but he refuses. Supreme Leader Snoke announces the Yuzhaan Vong army and species, and their desire to conquer the Galaxy. He, along with General Hux and Warmaster Tsavong Lah announce that they will topple the New Republic and proclaim the Yuzhaan Vong First Order in its place. During Snoke’s speech, the Yuzhaan Vong army and worldships are amassing. After his speech, Snoke summons Kylo Ren and Rey to his throne room, where Snoke shows Kylo Ren his real apprentice, Onimi. Snoke says that he doesn’t need Kylo Ren as his apprentice anymore, and he commands Onimi to kill Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren remembers what his father Han Solo told him before his death, “Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what he wants, he’ll crush you”. Kylo Ren and Rey escape the worldship, and they steal a Yuzhaan Vong fighter. Kylo Ren is really angry at Snoke and the First Order for betraying him, and he wants to strike back at them. But he is lured into a trap by the Jedi on their ship Machinima, with a Jedi strike team consisting of Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Zoltan Rowan and Jedi Knight Faria Sulla. The Jedi, along with Rey, fight Ren in a duel, and defeated and gravely injured Ren, by cutting his torso, legs and arms. Through the pain of Ren, the Jedi used a mind trick to wipe Kylo’s memories as a dark side user were wiped from his head, and he was brought to a bacta tank to recover after he was memory wiped. When Ben Solo recovered, he had no memory of his time as a Knight of Ren, and he was now loyal to the Jedi. Luke now truly saw that Kylo Ren was killed, and that the good Jedi Ben Solo has returned. Luke Skywalker decides to go to D’Qar with his Jedi Order at the urging of his sister. With the same ship Machinima, Luke takes his Jedi Order to D’Qar. Ben Solo and Rey go to the Resistance Base at D’Qar, where Luke has brought his Jedi Order and where Leia and the galactic leadership are. Luke remembers how Ben became Kylo Ren and hurt his order, that Ben, during his final trial, was captured by fallen Jedi and Knight of Ren Vergere during his search for Snoke. Ben was taken to the Shadow Academy, the training ground of the Knights of Ren, and was tortured endlessly in the Embrace of Pain. Eventually, he was convinced by Snoke to go into his grandfather Darth Vader’s footsteps. Rey’s master Mara Jade also promotes her to Jedi Knight, as she passed the final trial and helped capture and redeem Ben Solo. A few defectors from the First Order, such as Finns former storm trooper colleague TR8R, are also part of the Galactic Alliance. Here, Rey and Finn first profess their love for each other. Rey tells Leia that Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order are going to attack D’Qar, and that the Galactic Alliance must defend D’Qar. The Resistance mobilizes their fleet and anti-space cannons, and the fleet and the armies are commanded by Admiral Ackbar and Admiral Statura on space, and Major Ematt and Jagged Fel on land. During the battle, the Alliance tries to use the strategy of distracting the Vong worldships with the big Alliance command ships in space, then use small fighters to go into the worldship and sabotage it to put its shields down and make it vulnerable to destruction by the anti-aircraft cannons. Using this strategy, Ben Solo, Tenel Ka, Rey and Jedi Knight Yaul Raum , as well as Chewbacca and Jagged go inside the worldship and fight their way to Yuzhaan Vong Knight of Ren Cenzo Yamuri and his fellow Knights of Ren, but they fail to defeat him, with Yaul Raum being killed and Tenel Ka losing an arm. Ka and Rey barely escape with their lives, though. The small Alliance fighters raiding the worldships are also destroyed, and the Alliance anti-space cannons fail to penetrate the worldships, who end up terraforming D’Qar, but not before the Alliance evacuates it’s best leaders from D’Qar. The Alliance leaders escape to Hapes (where Tenel Ka is from) where the royal family has granted the Galactic Alliance a safe haven. Queen Djo of Hapes is really proud of her daughter Tenel Ka for becoming a Jedi Knight. The Hapans have a meeting with the Galactic Alliance, and the Hapans join the Alliance. Here, Tenel Ka also professes her love for the redeemed Ben Solo. However, Queen Djo is poisoned, and Tenel Ka uses her political power to grant the Hapan fleet to the Galactic Alliance. Tenel and Ben investigated, and they found out that Djo was poisoned by the Guavian Death Gang, which was hired by Snoke to help the Vong take over Hapes. Jagged Fel, Leia and Chewbacca go to Ord Mantell, which is where the gang is based. They raid the gangs headquarters and fight the enhanced security soldiers way to the gang’s leader, Bala-Tik. Bala-Tiks special weapon disables Leia’s blaster, but Bala-Tik is killed by a shot to the face by Chewbacca. After that, they leave Ord Mantell, and Poe Dameron destroys the Guavian headquarters with his fleet. Meanwhile, the rest of the Jedi have a lead on the voxyn Queen from Myrkr. The voxyn Queen was installed by the Yuzhaan Vong when thy conquered the planet. Tenel Ka, Ben Solo, Anakin Quinn(a fellow Jedi) and Rey Skywalker go to Myrkr to kill the voxyn Queen. They fight their way to the voxyn cloning facility, and they destroy it using charges and starfighters. They also fight the voxyn Queen, but Anakin is killed and Ben Solo is captured. However, Ben Solo uses the Force to escape the Voxyn queen’s clutches, and he kills the voxyn Queen by throwing a ceremonial fire on her. Ben escapes Myrkr with the help of Rey and Tenel Ka. They mourn the loss of Anakin. They return to Hapes on the ship, but Rey has a vision of the Yuzhaan Vong attacking the planet Kuat, so Ben, Rey and Tenel go to Kuat. There the battle was raging between the Galactic Alliance and the Yuzhaan Vong both in space and in land. The Alliance seemed to be winning, especially in space where Poe Dameron’s fleet was punching a hole in the Yuzhaan Vong fleet, and it was a close battle. But on land, it was a stalemate, with Jagged Fel and Admiral Statura’s Alliance troops(with Finn) and tanks failing to stop the Yuzhaan Vong. However, Luke, Rey, Ezra Bridger and Tenel led a Jedi strike team that went to defend the Kuati shipyards. Majors Ematt and Brance also lead an Alliance strike team. The shipyard was being attacked by the Yuzhaan Vong and the Knights of Ren Tao Wizaum and Cenzo Yamuri, as well as Snoke’s new apprentice Onimi(who was the new leader of the Knights of Ren). In the Jedi duel against them(with the Republic strike team distracting the Vong forces,and Ematt being killed) even though Tenel Ka managed to disarm and kill Tao Wizaum, a lot of the Jedi strike team was killed, and the main Jedi commanders only escaped by jumping out the shipyard windows into space and using the Force to pretend they were dead, then being picked up by Leia’s cruiser. The battle was lost, and Kuat was terraformed by the Yuzhaan Vong. With the Core World capital of Coruscant open, and the Galactic Alliance recovering from their losses, the Yuzhaan Vong pushed into Coruscant. They, led by shapers Nen Yim and Eshin Worr terraformed it by demolishing the buildings and installing a World Brain on the planet. The world was rebuilt in the image of Yuzhanthaar, the Yuzhaan Vong homeworld destroyed by natural disasters. Supreme Leader Snoke declared a Yuzhaan Vong Empire, and himself as its Emperor. The Galactic Alliance and its leadership is now on the planet Mandalore, one of the few planets not taken by the Yuzhaan Vong. Some of the Alliance politicians, such as Supreme Commander Gilad and Admiral Cha Niathal, want to give up and surrender to the Yuzhaan Vong. But many others, like leader Leia and Thrackan Sal Solo, encourage the Alliance to keep up the fight against the Vong, and they win out in a vote. The Mandalorian Duke Code Jenek agrees to help the Alliance and pledge the Mandalorian Warriors to the Alliance cause. That is the end of Episode 8.