My name is Dopan I was born in Nar Shadda. My parents grew up in Nar Shadda, and they later came here to Tython because my Jedi talent was discovered.


The Animal that best represents me is a puma because I am very confident and perseverant, I always try hard to get what I want and never give up. For example being a Jedi was difficult to train for but I never gave up and I tried hard and practiced, and I got honors such as passing the Jedi Trials and getting to Level 65. I also worked hard this year in saving the Jedi from Vivicar and I managed to redeem him and defeat the Sith Lord possessing him in Chapter 1. My lightsaber colour is blue because that’s my favourite colour . My religious belief is Jediism because I am a Jedi. I like watching Galactictube, watching Darth Malgus comedy parodies and Angry Wookie Kid cause it’s really fun and entertaining.  The word that best describes me is benevolent because I always try to help the galaxy using my Jedi Talents. That is what the Force crown in my Life Map represents.


During my Chapter 2 quest to help the Rift Alliance I want to volunteer to prove to them that the Republic caters to their every need so they will be happy with the Republic. After the Rift Alliance joins the Republic I want to end the Sith Empire’s agression. I also want to do well as a Jedi Master.