After Ronan’s defeat, his followers hide around the Galaxy. One follower of Ronan named Mantis swears revenge on the Guardians and goes to Xandar. Meanwhile, Star-lord and Rocket are arguing about whatever their plan was better. Suddenly Mantis attacks Peter Quill who manages to defeat her. When she realizes what her Master has done, she becomes an ally for the Guardians. It is revealed that Mantis’ parents were killed during the Battle of Xandar. Peter agrees to take her in as part of the team, and include her in all battles. Meanwhile, a Ravager named Nova finds out that he has special powers and attacks the rest of the Ravagers. Only Yondu survives. The newly formed Nova takes up the identity of Maximus. He swears to rule the universe and starts getting followers, including Gamora’s sister Nebula. Nebula agrees to take over the universe and starts assassinating innocent people. Meanwhile, the team meets with Howard the Duck, who reveals that the Collector has been assassinated by Nebula. Nebula has taken the collector’s collection and has taken all of his collections, including a Dark Elf. Peter Quill asks Howard where Nebula is, and Howard points to a nearby Kree base. The Guardians invade the Kree base and they encounter Nebula and Maximus. Gamora fights Nebula while the rest of the Guardians fight Maximus. Rocket kills Maximus’ captain while Maximus and Nebula escape, leaving the Guardians to scramble their next move. They question one of the hostages that Maximus and Nebula have captured in the Kree base. He reveals that Maximus and Nebula plan to destroy the whole universe including Quill’s home planet, Earth. Meanwhile, back on the Guardian ship, the Guardians ask Mantis if she knew anything about this and Mantis reveals that the power that Nova has has drove him crazy. She reveals that he is working with Thanos. She then reveals the existence of another team on Earth, called the Avengers. All of a sudden Maximus and Nebula’s fleet attack the ship. Quill and Mantis get in the cockpit while Rocket and Groot go inside the enemy ship. Maximus and Nebula again escape but they blow up the ship. Rocket and Groot come back with a piece of information: it reveals that Maximus and Nebula will destroy anything in their way, and that the Guardians are their first target. Yondu arrives and reveals that Maximus was formerly a Ravager named Richard Rider, nicknamed Nova. Quill then receives a mysterious call from a man that claims to be his dad. Peter Quill investigates and ends up meeting his dad in the process. Peter and his dad talk and his dad reveals that he was against Nova’s forces and that Nova time traveled and unleashed a disease against Peter’s mother, causing her to die of cancer. He asks his dad to join his team, and his dad agrees, They meet with Maximus, Nebula and their army near Earth, and Drax kills Nebula while Peter and Mantis fight Maximus. The Guardians kill Maximus and Peter and his dad are living together in peace. Meanwhile Rocket recovers a rocket from the Avengers to join the battle against Thanos. The End.