Trade Federation

400 Yagampol Road, Funichai, Cato Neimoidia,                                             


Monday, March-07-32 BBY



Queens Palace

1205-105 Avenue

Theed, Naboo

V3R 7G9


Dear Padme Amidala, Queen of Naboo:


We are tired of the increased taxation of trade routes by the Galactic Republic, and the taxes are crippling our trade in the galaxy. We are losing power, and we are unhappy about this.


In order to protest this Republic ruling of taxes, and to make the galaxy fear us and regain our lost power, we will blockade your planet. Until you sign a treaty that will allow us to occupy your planet, or until the Republic stops its insane taxation, our navy will continue to blockade Naboo. The treaty terms are as follows:

  • You will hand over possession of Naboo to the Trade Federation. In return, we will allow you to keep your position as Queen of Naboo.
  • You will allow the Trade Federation to set up quarries to mine Naboo’s plasma. In return, Naboo will receive 30% of the profit that the Trade Federation makes from mining plasma.
  • Naboo will accept the Trade Federation as their allies. In return, we will provide protection for your planet.
  • Naboo will allow the Trade Federation to trade with them.
  • There will be no resistance on Naboo to the Trade Federation. If there is, the punishments for Naboo will be harsh.


This treaty will benefit you and your people, so you should sign it. If you refuse to sign this treaty, we will invade Naboo, and we will send ground forces and we will forcibly remove you and your government. The deadline for signing this treaty is May 9 this year. If it is not signed by then, we will invade Naboo. I hope you see it our way, Queen.






Nute Gunray