The Hasidic Champion

Volume 220-No. 208-Jerusalem, Israel/ Wed, Sept 23/15


Tent Town evicted by THI. Inc.

Legal representatives of THI. Inc evicted the Jerusalem Tent Town

This is a picture of Tent Town, where the evictions took place.

By Tamir Huaras

The Israeli Press


JERUSALEM, ISRAEL- The Jerusalem Tent Town, which has made a home for lots of homeless Muslim people fleeing from the Palestinian and Syrian wars, was evicted today. Legal representatives of The Heder Incorporated, a construction company in Jerusalem, evicted it because the refugees were illegally trespassing on THI’s property.

THI Inc. hired security guards to go to Tent Town and safely evict the refugees. At first, the refugees disagreed to leave, mostly because the security guards were trying to threaten the Tent Town residents. But then police officers came and nicely asked the residents to leave. They even gave the residents breakfast.

“I saw how the security guards were threatening the residents to leave Tent Town, but the police were nicer and asked them nicely,” said eyewitness Ali Wassim.

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