James Pereira

Submitted to: Mr. McCarthy, Athletic Department Head at George Custer High School

April 9, 2015

Let’s End Cuts in Sports

I think we should end tryouts and cuts in sports teams, because it has way too many problems. It shatters dreams of young athletes, and when a player is cut, it’s like telling them “Fuck you kid, you’re not good enough for this sport and you never will be”. Even athletes who perform well in tryouts are cut sometimes, as there are not enough spots on the team for the good players. Getting cut causes most teens to feel like shit and some of them even turn to illegal drugs because they can’t deal with their feelings of shame at having failed in their dream: to play for whatever team they tried out for. Also, American athletes are way behind in athletics than athletes in developing countries like China and India and many top American athletes are actually given performance-enhancing drugs in order to beat out the competition from those countries. Before the 19th century, cuts in sports did not exist. Instead, every athlete who tried out for the team was put on the team. This was probably better because athletes developed more and there was a bigger talent pool to choose from. Professional sports also didn’t exist in those days, so you had to be an athlete in childhood/adolescence or you would never be an athlete. To end cuts in sports , we must create more spots on teams for players who are good enough. If there aren’t enough spots, create more teams. It’s not fair to cut players who are good enough just because there aren’t enough spots on the team. Also give equal playing time to every player on the team, as they earned their spot on the team by being good enough. The fact is that most athletes want to be treated like athletes rather than assholes.