These are fictional testimonials I created of real athletes who use the Twice the Speed training program that I also used to use.I am Chris James, and I play football. I’m one of the best players in USA, and I’ve won the MVP award 3 times. But I wasn’t always so good. Once, I was so bad that I got kicked out of House League Football. I was in Grade 7 at the time, and I started practicing football. I improved a little bit, but I was still not that good of a player. When I tried out for my school football team the next year in Grade 8, I got cut. When I asked the coach why I was cut, he said it was because I was too clumsy and I wasn’t strong enough to play football. Since I was kind of a fast runner, the coach recommended that I try out for track and field. I was very sad and upset and embarrased, and I remember spending the recess crying because of that. I decided to quit football and switch to track, but when I walked home I saw a man in a shirt that said Twice The Speed. He said hi to me and he told me that he was a sports trainer and his name was Jack Cascio. He asked me if I had any problems with sports. I told him about my problems in football and how I wasn’t good at it and all that. He told me that I should buy his Twice The Speed Training System and he said that if I did the workouts in Twice The Speed then I would become way faster and I would become a really good football player. So I bought the system, and I started doing the workouts. Soon I started becoming better at football, and once the football coach saw me playing football at recess and he told me that I had improved alot and that now I was faster and good. When one of his football players got injured, he replaced that player with me. The next year in High School, I tried out for the football team and I made it. I ended up winning team MVP for my hard work and my skill. I am currently in Grade 10, and I owe it all to Jack Cascio and Twice the Speed for making me the best athlete I possibly could be.

I am Cyrus Tate, and I play basketball. I just got drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 2012 NBA draft. I am the starting point guard of the Warriors.But I wasn’t that good when I started playing basketball at age 12, in Grade 6. I got inspired to start playing basketball when I watched the USA basketball team win the gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. I asked my parents if I could join the local basketball league,  and they agreed. But when I started basketball, I wasn’t that good. I often double-dribbled and the ball sometimes bounced off my feet.I often got open in basketball, but I got the ball stolen alot.  My league team won 2nd last place in the league (4th place).  I started practicing basketball, and I improved. The next year in Grade 7, I tried out for the school basketball team, but I was cut. I asked my coach why I was cut, and he said the reason I got cut was because I didn’t have the proper shooting technique and I missed almost every shot I took in the game and I didn’t keep my head up when I dribbled. He also said that most people were more athletic than me, even though I was athletic.  I was really mad, and when I went home I went in the computer and I searched for a way to get faster and more athletic.  I found the Twice The Speed website, and I found the TwiceThe Speed Training System and the Basketball Slasher System and the Master Your Dribbling System. I bought those systems, and I did them. Soon I became so fast and good at basketball, and when I played basketball during recess, people who were playing would fight over who would have me on their team. Apparently a guy on the basketball team at my school was kicked off the basketball team for behaving bad at school and not doing his work, so the basketball coach began looking for someone who would take the spot of that player.When the coach was out on duty during recess, he saw me playing basketball, and he was really impressed. He replaced the player who was kicked off the basketball team with me. Soon the basketball team won the championship because of my awesome skill and teamwork. The next year in Grade 8, I made the school basketball team. Once again the team won the championship, and that year I also tried out for the rep basketball team, and I made it. My rep team also won the championship. I owe it all to Jack Cascio and Twice the Speed for making me the best athlete I possibly could be.