In the year 2099 AD, there was an international company called MazioCorp, and it replaced Microsoft, which went bankrupt almost 70 years ago. MazioCorp’s headquarters was located in New York, and it’s CEO was Jack Mazio. It’s most recent innovation was the Lindeous 7 computer software. The Lindeous computer software replaced the Windows software. But on April, Jack Mazio hired one of his employees, Michael Wenhar, and eight other people to build a time machine. It took Michael ten years to build his time machine , but Michael still managed to build it with his team. After the time machine was finished, Jack told Michael and his team to go to the year 400 A D. Michael agreed to go to the year 400 AD, and Jack promised Michael the position of Chief General if Michael and his team returned with evidence about the past.                                                                                                                                       The next day, Michael and his team went in the time machine, which was shaped like a car, and went to the year 400 AD. When they got out of the time machine, they were in a forest. They had no idea where they were, though they knew they were in the year 400 AD. They walked for miles and miles. After 8 hours of walking, they became tired. It was nighttime, and they decided to go to sleep. But Diane, one of the members of the team, saw a weird shadow in the dark. She told the rest of the team. Pretty soon the shadow became bigger and Ben, Narissa, Steve, and Anthony noticed it. The “shadows” were actually Roman knights mounted on their horses, and they noticed Michael and his team. They rode to Michael and his terrified team and asked them who they were. “Who goes there?” one of the knights asked. “We are just travelers who got lost.” Michael said. “What’s your name?” asked the knight. “My name is Michael. We have been walking for hours. We don’t know where we are.” “You are in the Eastern Roman Empire, in the province of Romania. My name is General Antonio. You are strangely dressed, Michael.” “Am I in Europe” Michael asked. “Yes, Michael. Come with me to the city of Kouros. You will have good hospitality there.” So then Michael and his team rode with the knights to Kouros. At Kouros, they were taken to the landlord’s castle and were given rooms there. The landlord was called Isagoras. Michael asked Isagoras if he could ride to the capital city of the Roman Empire. Isirden told Michael that the capital city was far away, and that it was called Constantinople. Isagoras gave Michael and his team horses so they could get to Constantinople via The Road of Sargoni. The trip to Constantinople took 5 days. When they finally got there, they were greeted by Prince Dominic and his father, Emperor Constantine II. Dominic was the only son of Emperor Constantine II. Constantine’s wife, Empress Beatrice, had died during the war against the Visigoths five years ago, and Constantine avenged her death by killing the Visigothic king, ending the war. Constantine gave Michael a place to stay in Constantinople, and he treated Michael like royalty. Michael stayed for six months in Constantinople.                                                                                                                                                                        Meanwhile, back in the future, Jack Mazio was wondering what was taking Michael and his team so long to return to 2109 AD (that was the year in the future). Jack became worried, so he sent some of his robots to find out what happened to Michael and his team. Meanwhile, back in 900 AD, Michael told Constantine that it was time for him to go, and Michael asked Constantine if he could have a few of his treasures. “Of course, Michael. You have proven yourself worthy. Take some of my treasures,” said the Emperor. So then Michael took some treasures, then he and his team left Constantinople. But when they were on the middle of the Road of Sargoni, they were found and captured by the robots that Jack Mazio sent. They were taken back to the time machine and sent back to 2109 AD.                                                                                                   When they were in the year 2109 AD, Michael was taken to Jack Mazio’s office in the MazioCorp building, where Jack asked him questions. “When you got to the year 400 AD, what did you find there?” asked Jack. “We were in the Eastern Roman Empire. The emperor was Constantine II. He gave us a place to stay in his capital city. He even let us have some of his treasures.” Michael took the treasures off his backpack and gave them to Jack Mazio. “Cool treasures, Michael. You are now the Chief General of MazioCorp. You have done well,” said Jack Mazio. Jack inspected the treasures, and he kept them on display in his office, and he immediately fell in love with them. “I want more treasures like these,” said Jack Mazio. He ordered Michael Wenhar to come to his office. “Michael, I want you to go back to Constantinople.” “Why?”Michael asked. “Because I want more treasures like the ones you gave me. The Byzantine Empire was the richest empire of it’s time while the rest of Europe was at the mercy of barbarians. I want you to steal all of the empire’s treasures,” said Jack Mazio. “No way! They belong to the empire! I wouldn’t steal stuff that doesn’t belong to me. Besides, you already  have treasures,” said Michael. “Don’t you dare object to my orders, Michael! Do you want to lose your position as Chief General of my company?!” said Jack. “No I don’t. But you already have treasures, and the king might kill me if I steal his treasures,” said Michael. “Then we’ll kill him first, and we’ll conquer Byzantium!!” said Jack. ” I want you to lead my army to conquer the Byzantines, Michael,” said Jack. ” No way! Are you out of your mind Jack?! I will die before I do the evil order you gave me!!!” said Michael. ” Then you’re fired Michael, and you will never go back to this building!! Guards, take Michael to my prison!” So Michael was captured by MazioCorp guards and he was taken to the cell blocks underneath the MazioCorp building. There he was imprisoned.                                                                                                                                                              Meanwhile, Jack Mazio replaced Michael with this guy in his company named Callum Howard. Jack told Callum to set up his army to conquer Byzantium, and Jack also told one of his generals and a few of his guards to make sure Michael didn’t escape from prison. When Michael saw the guards, he knew it was gonna be hard to escape. But luckily, Michael found a bag inside his cell. He opened the bag, and he found a hacking device and a gun. ” I can use this device to hack the control panel so I can escape” said Michael. So he immediately turned the hacking device on, and he hacked the control panel and his cell electric cage immediately turned off. The guards immediately saw that, and they took out their guns. “Freeze!” they called out. But Michael shot them with his gun, and they tried to shoot him, but Michael shot them first. After Michael shot all the guards, he took their masks and uniforms and armor and put them on to disguise himself. Then he took their bodies and he went to the locker room, then he put their bodies in one of the lockers and he locked the locker tight . Then Michael made his way to the sleeping quarters to find his team. When he found them, he woke them up and told them about what Jack Mazio was planning to do, and he gave them the guns that he took from the guards. After that they made their way to the time machine and they made their way back to the year 400 AD. When they got there, they found horses in the forest. They went on the horses and they went to Constantinople. When they got there, they went to Emperor Constantine and warned him that a powerful army was planning to conquer his empire. ” Then we must prepare our army,” said Emperor Constantine. Meanwhile, back in 2109 AD, Jack and a few of his guards went down to the cell block to see if Michael was still in his cell. When Jack saw Michael’s cell open and empty, he threw a huge tantrum and almost killed the guards who were with him. When he calmed down, Jack ordered the guards to search the building for Michael, but they were unable to find him. But when they got to the locker room, they found a locked locker. They assumed that Michael was hiding inside that locker, and they used their keys to open the locker. But when they opened the locker, the bodies that Michael hid inside the locker came crashing onto the floor, and Jack immediately fainted. When Jack woke up, he ordered Callum and his army to use a time machine to go back in time to 400 AD.                                   Meanwhile, back in 400 AD, the Byzantine army was preparing for battle, and they were to be led by Emperor Constantine, Prince Dominic, Lady Saravia (Dominic’s sister), General Antonio, and Michael Wenhar and his team. Meanwhile, Jack Mazio and his army had just arrived to the year 900 AD, and they went first to Athens and conquered it and took all of its treasures, even though the Byzantine army tried to stop them.                                                                                           Pretty soon the MazioCorp army took other cities, even though the Byzantines tried their best to stop them. When they arrived to Constantinople, Jack Mazio ordered Emperor Constantine to surrender to him. “You have no hope, Constantine. Surrender your country and treasures to me, or you shall be destroyed,” said Jack. “You are a fool, Jack Mazio. You come to me with the power of evil, but I come with the power of good, which shall give me victory,” said Constantine.                                                                            Then the fighting began. Jack’s robots outnumbered the Byzantine warriors, but Michael and his team had guns, so they shot Jack’s guards and robots. But Jack’s army still had an advantage over the Bulgerian army, and Ben, Narissa, Harold, and Paul (they were members of Michael’s team) were killed. Then Constantine went up to Jack’s robot suit and tried to kill Jack,but Jack used his suit to kill Constantine. Lady Saravia, who saw Jack kill Constantine, went up to Constantine and began crying, but then Jack killed Saravia. Prince Dominic was fighting robots and destroyed most of them. He saw the bodies ofConstantine and Saravia, and he vowed revenge on Jack. The Byzantine army was getting defeated by the MazioCorp army, and it seemed like all hope was lost. Michael remembered about his hacking device, and he took one of the hovercrafts that a robot was using. He used the hovercraft to find the device that gave power to the robots. Once he found it, he used the hacking device to hack the robot device and destroy it. Once he destroyed it, all the robots in the battlefield got destroyed. The MazioCorp army became weak. The Byzantine soldiers easily killed the MazioCorp generals, and Steve (one of the members of Michael’s team) killed Callum with his gun. After this, the only MazioCorp guy left in the battlefield was Jack. “Now you are the one who must surrender!” said one of the Byzantine warriors. But Jack killed that warrior, then he began killing Bulgerian warriors and members of Michael’s team. ” You have betrayed me, Michael. You could have been rich and famous, but now you will recieve only death!”  said Jack. Jack began punching Michael with his suit, and Michael was almost killed, but Prince Dominic snuck behind Jack and killed him. Jack’s suit fell to the floor, then it exploded, but Dominic jumped off the suit before it exploded.                                                                                                                       After this, the Bulgerian army cheered. They had won the battle. Michael talked to Dominic. “Dominic, you must burn all the stuff from MazioCorp. The future must not know about this battle.” said Michael. “I will. I owe you my life, Michael. You have helped our people alot,” said Dominic. Antonio walked to Michael and said, “I owe you my life too.” “I must arrange a memorial for all the people who died in this battle, and a funeral for my father and sister,” said Dominic. Right at that moment, Dominic burst into tears. “It’ll be okay, Dominic. You will be the next emperor of the Byzantines. I must be going,” said Michael. “Bye!” said Dominic. “Bye!” said Antonio. So then Michael and his team went back to the time machine and they returned to 2109 AD. Then Michael became the CEO of MazioCorp and he changed it’s name to WenharCorp.