As all Assassin’s Creed fans know, the Assassin-Templar war has spanned various historical eras such as the Crusades and the Colonial New World Empires. Thus, they were also involved in the 18-19th century New World wars of independence such as the American and Latin American ones.

The Spanish colonial empire was fine at first, as they and their colonies in America were kept stable by the Assassins, while the Templar British were too controlling and they caused their American colonies to rebel.

However, Spain was fighting a war against France, ruled by the Templar Napoleon. Napoleon finally conquered Spain in 1809, and he put his brother Joseph in charge of Spain and her colonies. Spain’s colonies did not react well to this, and its colonies fought wars against Spain. However, I will focus on the war in Mexico, and use screenshots from Assassin’s Creed games to make it more entertaining.

In the early 19th century, Mexico was a colony of Spain, and it was called New Spain. It was overseen by the Hispanic Assassin Brotherhood, and the Grand Master of the Assassin’s was Miguel Hidalgo, who was also a Catholic priest. Hidalgo felt that Spain was becoming more Templar in it’s approach(though Spain had traditionally been influenced by the Assassin’s ever since the Renaissance)because Spain was passing laws where an elite few had power in New Spain. He discussed a lot with his fellow Assassin and Mexican leaders Ignacio Allende and Mariano Abasolo about the idea of Mexican independence from Spain. The final straw came in 1809, when Napoleon, a Templar, conquered Spain for France. Hidalgo decided that a revolt was needed, so he, along with his military commander Ignacio Allende, went to the town of Dolores in Mexico. There, on September 16, 1810, he rallied the people to join the Mexican Army to fight against Spain. Then the Assassin’s came, and they killed Spanish colonial officers. Here’s a photo from that event: The Assassin shown in this picture is Diego Arango, full name Diego Manuel Maria Arango. Arango (the ancestor of Pancho Villa, who’s real name was Doroteo Arango) was an important Assassin in the War of Independence, assassinating many key Spanish soldiers and commanders. He will be the protagonist in my story, and we will follow his story.  Here’s a picture of his face(yes, he looks exactly like the soccer player David Silva):                Now back to the war. Hidalgo, the Assassins and the rebels marched on to Guanajuato, killing many Spanish along the way. Arango’s first assassination contract was the Spanish banker Rodrigo Arnaz. Arnaz was going inside the Guanajuato church for Sunday Mass, and was going to confession for his sins, though he never regretted his sins. Diego hid inside the confession booth, and then he assassinated Arnaz. Here’s a pic of that:   On Arnaz’s body, Diego found a Templar note about a Piece of Eden and a First Civilization temple underneath Mexico City.Hidalgo and the rebels continued to march towards Mexico City, killing a lot of Spanish along the way. They then fought the Spanish and won at the Battle of Monte de las Cruces at Ocoayacac, Mexico State on September 30, 1810. Diego himself fought in the battle, killing many Spanish to help the Mexicans win the battle. After the battle, at the Assassin compound in Toluca, Diego asked Miguel Higalgo what the Pieces of Eden and the First Civilization were, and he gave Hidalgo the nite that was on Arnaz’s body. Hidalgo said that the First Civilization was a civilization of an advanced species that lived before humans, and that they had weapons called Pieces of Eden. The Spanish Templars wanted to find a Piece and Staff of Eden that would win the the War and would give them access into the Temple under Mexico City. The temple required 2  keys to enter: The Piece of Eden, and the staff. He told Diego to find them before the Templars did. In their next battle, the Mexicans  would lose at Calderon Bridge at Jalisco, Mexico on January 17, 1811, despite having more men than the Spanish. This is because the Spanish were better equipped with artillery than the Mexicans. Not even the best efforts of Master Assassin Miguel Hidalgo and Diego Arango could defeat the Spanish. The Mexicans were now on the run, and they ran toward the Mexican-American border. They hoped to escape, however, they were caught by the Spanish army at the Wells of Bajan in Coahuila. The Mexicans were put in prison, along with the Assassins. Miguel Hidalgo, the Master Assassin and leader of the Mexicans,as well as the other leaders Ignacio Allende, Aldama and Jimenez were put on trial. They were found guilty and sentenced to death on June 26, 1811, while Hidalgo would be executed later in July. Diego was in the Coahuila prison. He successfully escaped the prison by knocking out a Spanish guard that came too close to his cell and taking his key and sword and unlocking his cell door. Then he fought his way out of the prison. He hoped to save Hidalgo before he got executed. However, he failed, and Hidalgo was hanged on July 30.  Here’s a pic of his hanging:                                                                        Diego was very upset, as Miguel Hidalgo was his Assassin mentor and was like a father figure to him. He sought to avenge him. After Hidalgo’s death, Jose Maria Morelos became the new leader of the Mexican rebels and the Assassins. Morelos sent Diego on his 2nd assassination contract: he was to go to the city of Oaxaca and assassinate it’s Spanish Marquis Carlos Ramirez de Granada. The Marquis’ assassination would pave the way for the Mexican army to take the city of Oaxaca. So Diego went to Oaxaca, and he assassinated the Marquis during his Thanksgiving parade around Oaxaca on October 11.   In the ensuing chaos that followed, Mexican forces under Morelos were able to take the city, as the Spanish forces were distracted by the assassination and were trying to find the assassin. So Oaxaca was taken by the Mexicans. Morelos was proud of Diego.On December of that year, Morelos told Diego that there Spanish were excavating a Mayan temple in Tabasco, and they believed that it contained the Piece of Eden. Morelos told Diego to get that Piece before the Spanish did, and to assassinate the Spanish commander Cruz Delgado there. So Diego went to the Mayan temple in Tabasco. He assassinated the Spanish there, and went into the temple, successfully navigating its traps to get the Piece. On his way out of the temple, he was greeted by Spanish commander Cruz Delgado and some Spanish troops. He successfully killed them all and assassinated Delgado, as his 3rd assassination target, shown here in this photo: He found the Piece of Eden and brought it to Morelos, who told him that then they needed to find the Staff in order to get to the Mayan temple, but that they needed a Precursor box to locate the Staff’s location. He told Diego that the Spanish had the Precursor box, and that he would have to get the information from the Spanish. Later, on January 8-13 1812, Morelos attempted to take Acapulco, resulting in the Battle of Tres Palos. The battle was going nowhere, and soldiers on both the Spanish and Mexican sides were dying. Diego himself fought in the battle. Diego was ordered by Morelos to kill the Spanish commander Francisco Pares. So Diego engaged Pares and killed him. When Pares was dying, Diego asked him where the Precursor box was. Pares told him that the Box was safe, mailed to British North America. However, the severity of the War of Independence would delay Diego’s search for the box, and he would not go to BNA until 5 years later. So then Pares died, and Diego’s 4th assassination target was dead.    Then Mexican reinforcements came and defeated the Spanish on January 13. Morelos and the Mexicans entered Acapulco and claimed it. The war was going well for the Mexicans, and the following year, on September 13, 1813 Morelos started the Congress of Chilpancingo to confirm Mexico’s independence from Spain. Diego Arango was part of the congress. The Congress ended on 6 November 1813. Here’s the Congress in Assassin’s Creed:   The Congress was followed by a long war at the Siege of Cuautla which lasted from 9 Feburary to 2 May 1814. The Spanish laid the Mexican-controlled city of Cuautla, in Morelia state, under siege on Feburary 9, however, the city’s high wall and the Mexican Assassin sniper unit (commanded by Diego Arango) allowed the Mexicans to resist the Spanish for 72 days, until the Spanish burned down the city and the rebels were forced to flee. During the Siege, Morelos twice sent Diego and some Assassins away to stop Spanish reinforcements. The first time was on March 12, where Spanish reinforcement under General Hugo Cabral were arriving from Mexico City. Diego successfully killed them all by using shrapnel grenades, smoke bombs, and his combat skill set,as well as help from his fellow Assassins. He also assassinated Cabral. The second time, however, on April 27, was a failure, as most of the Assassins sent to kill the reinforcements coming from Mexico City were killed by the Spanish reinforcements, and Diego was forced to flee back to Cuautla. Then on May 2, the Spanish arrived and burned down the city, and the Mexicans and Assassins were forced to flee. The Piece of Eden dissapeared. Diego, Morelos and the Mexicans and Assassins went back to Oaxaca as their base. What was Diego doing in between his battles? Well, he was doing minor assignments like assassination targets, and he was also searching for treasure and the Aztec Temples for the Aztec armor, which he would later succed in getting in about 7 years. He was also helping the Mexicans fight the Spanish in Frontier clashes around Mexico. Now back to the present moment. In April 13, 1815, Morelos was caught by Spanish colonial authorities while traveling from Oaxaca to Acapulco. He was put on trial and executed for treason in San Cristóbal Ecatepec on 22 December. After that, the Assassinas and rebels split into gurerilla bands led by 2 leaders: Guadalupe Victoria and Vicente Guerrero. They would fight that way for the next 6 years. Diego Arango joined Vicente Guerrero’s band. Guerrero sent Diego on various assignments such as capturing small villages from the Spanish and raiding Spanish camps for treasure, but they didn’t accomplish much more than that. Diego’s skirmishes stretched from the Jalisco areas to the Chiapas areas on Mexico. Diego also got married during this time, to his cousin Valentina Uribe, on August 14, 1816. They had a son born on August 18, 1817, who was named Juan Pablo Arango Uribe. Here’s a picture of some of Diego’s guerillia skirmishes:  Diego even managed to assassinate a Spanish Sargent, Don Pablo Borges, and a Spanish commander, Javier Vidal Azcarriga, in his skirmishes. When he assassinated Azcarriga in June of 1817, he found the Piece of Eden, which had been lost to the Assassins for 3 years. He brought Vicente Guerrero to light about this news at the Assassin compound in Oaxaca. Guerrero was worried, as he didn’t know where the Precursor box was. After some hard thinking, Diego finally remembered that the Precursor box was located in British North America, so he set off for British North America on September 1817 and arrived in early December. It was freezing cold in BNA. Diego disguised himself as a Templar so he wouldn’t be found out by the British, who were Templars.  He first went to Kingston, and asked the British where the Precursor box was. He was disguised as a Templar Master, and claimed that he was a British Templar, named John Peters McKenzie. Diego had gotten the suit by assassinating the Templar that he used the alias of in Georgia, USA back in October 9. He used John’s suit, and used cosmetics to look like the Templar he assassinated, as barely anyone would be fooled that he was British with his original skin colour. The British Templars gave him a map and told him the box was located in Quebec, at the governmental building there. Here’s the meeting with the British Templars, and Diego in disguise:So Diego went to Quebec and snuck into the Presidential Building, and he stole the Precursor box from the room of the Templar Mayor of Quebec, Charles Hamilton Lemay. But he was discovered by the British, and he had to run away on his horse.

He stole a ship from the Quebec dock, and he destroyed the British ships that engaged him before returning to Mexico 6 months later on June 1818. He also took away his cosmetics to retain his original appearance. Guerrero and Diego opened the Precursor Box, and they discovered that the Staff of Eden was located at the King’s Palace in Madrid, Spain. Diego set off for Madrid and arrived there in October 1, 1818. However, a coup was emerging in Spain against the corrupt Templar monarchy of Ferdinand VII, so Guerrero ordered Diego to stay in Spain to help with the coup first. Also, the King’s Palace was locked to anyone who was not invited by the King.  Diego would spend the next 2 years in Spain. The Assassin’s were maintaining order in the streets of Madrid amidst the chaos, and their leader in Spain was Joan Gonzalez, shown here.

Gonzalez met Diego, and gave him his first assassination contract, which was against a Spanish doctor, Cristobal, who was working for the Templars, and poisons his patients so they die when they seek medical care from him in his clinic. He has been linked to a number of deaths. Diego assassinated him on December 18, 1818, when he wore civilian clothes and acted like he was sick so he could apply for medical care with the doctor to get access to his clinic, before assassinating him.

Offender 4

Diego also helped the coup rebels and the Assassins fight battles in the streets of Madrid against Ferdinand’s Royalist troops.  Diego’s next target was a Spanish thief on the streets of Madrid, Andres Rodriguez, who, though he was rich and spoiled, stole from people in the streets of Madrid. He may be working with the Templars, and taking the money for them. Diego assassinated him on March 18, when he was about to stab a young woman and take her money. Thus he saved her life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     After that, he was ordered to assassinate a Spanish captain, Luis Diaz de Bivar, who was a Templar and was a captain of a squad for the Spanish king Ferdinand VII. He successfully assassinated him on May 7. He fought Luis and his squad in sword combat, armed with a knife, and killed the entire squad before killing Luigi. But after this assassination, Diego was handed a letter by Gonzalez which he got from a dead Spanish guard. The letter talked about war machines that the Spanish were producing in order to defeat the rebels and reconquer Mexico and their American colonies. The war machines used designs from Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings, and corrected and modified the flaws that the Borgia had when they produced these weapons 300 years earlier. There were 4 war machines being produced in various locations in Spain. Gonzalez ordered Diego to go to where the war machines were being produced, and sabotage the operations of the Spanish. Diego was first sent to a Spanish factory in Badenoz, Spain to destroy the machine gun production there.  Badenoz is near the Portuguese border. Diego arrived at Badenoz on August 23, and he snuck into the factory past the guards and destroyed the blueprints of the machine gun and he started a fire in the factory, burning it down. There were still machine guns in the courtyard, so he took control of a machine gun, which was mounted on a chariot driven by a horse. He shot the guards who were chasing him on horses and machine guns, before destroying the gun by driving the chariot off a cliff and jumping off the chariot and grabbing the ledge at the last second as the chariot fell off the cliff with the machine gun. File:Outgunned 10.png After destroying that war machine, he returned to the Assassin compound in Madrid. Gonzalez told Diego that there were 3 other war machines being mass produced by the Spanish, and that next Diego would destroy the airplane bomber blueprints. The airplane bombers were being mass produced in a factory in the Basque Country region of Spain. Diego set off for Basque country from Madrid on November 9 and arrived on November 10. He went to the town of Goikoetxea, and he asked the citizens about the factory, and they told him that they see smoke across the mountains, and that might be the factory that he’s looking for. So Diego went there to the factory, which was a giant tower, and he climbed the top of the tower and took the airplane there (the airplanes were similar to the one flown by the Wright brothers). He used the bomber to destroy the factories, which were wooden seperate towers. After that he destroyed the Spanish messenger that was going to tell the Spanish that Diego sabotaged their operation, shown here: File:Flying Machine 2.0 8.png After that, Diego crashed the plane by driving it into the burning factory and jumping off at the last second. Then, a little while after his return to Madrid, Diego was ordered by Gonzalez to destroy the 3rd war machine being produced by the Spanish, a naval bazooka cannon. The bazooka cannon fired bazookas at enemy ships, damaging and perhaps even destroying them. They were being produced at the docks of Gibraltar. Diego set off for Gibraltar on January 4, 1820 and arrived on January 5. He forced an engineer to tell him where the naval cannons were being produced, and the engineer took Diego to the factory on his gondola. However, the engineer was found and was killed by the Spanish, who Diego fought and killed after. Then Diego manned the gondola and went off into the sea, where 4 Spanish warships were sailing nearby.                         Loose Cannon 7                                                                                                              Diego attacked and destroyed 2 ships, however, 1 ship destroyed the cannon. But Diego jumped into the water and swam away before the cannon was destroyed, and he swam at one of the warships and climbed it. He snuck aboard and he killed the captain and the guards, before manning the warship and destroying the other one, shown here:Then Diego returned to Madrid, and Gonzalez told him immediately to destroy the last war machine, a tank. It was being produced at a factory in the plains of Central Spain, near Madrid. This was the last war machine that had to be destroyed. Diego set off on January 9 and arrived at the factory the same day, which was located near the town of Montana. Diego snuck his way around the factory and found the tank, and he burnt the blueprints and burned down the factory before escaping with the tank. However, 2 Spanish tanks followed him, so he engaged them in battle and destroyed them, shown here: File:Hell on Wheels 10.png Then after this, back in Madrid, Joan told Diego that they had to find the key to the King’s Palace, but that they didn’t know where it was and they would have to assassinate more people to find it.

Gonzalez gave him an assassination contract,which was against the Spanish banker Federico Toledo. Toledo was a fraud who stole money from alot of people and was corrupt.Diego went inside the Spanish bank of Madrid and assassinated Toledo on Feburary 19. He made his assassination secret by concealing his identity and pretending to seek a job in the bank, and Toledo took him to his office, where Diego assassinated him. His next target was the Spanish priest Juan Carlos Vaca. He was a corrupt Templar priest, killing his own fellow priests when they questioned him, and he funded the Templars with the money he got in church every Sunday. He assassinated Vaca at the church courtyard on May 14, 1820. He waited on the roof till Vaca came, then he air assassinated him.Gonzalez told Diego that each target had a piece of a note which had the name of the person who had the key to the King’s Palace. Diego’s next target was Marco Quesada, a member of the Spanish Grand Council. He liked to hang out in the open air market, and Diego went there and assassinated him on August 20. What was Diego doing in between his assignments and assassinations? Well, he was helping the Assassins fight the Spanish troops in the streets, and he was also freeing districts in Madrid by killing the Templar Captains and burning the Templar towers.  Diego ‘s final contract before getting the Key was a Spanish noble, Julio Venegas. Venegas had the final piece of the note. Venegas stole money from the people of Madrid and Spain. Diego learned that he was in his villa just outside of Madrid, so he went there and assassinated Venegas when he was going for a walk on October 26. Backed at the Assassin compound, Diego and Gonzalez put together the pieces of the note, and the complete note read “Pablo Justo Villar, el Capitan del Ejercito Espanol, y el titular del clave al Palacio del Rey” translating to “Pablo Justo Villar, Captain of the Spanish Army, and holder of the key to the King’s Palace”. This linked the Piece to the Spanish military captain, Pablo Justo Villar, and Gonzalez asked Diego to assassinate him. Diego found Pablo with his guards on the streets of Madrid on December 11, and he killed Pablo’s guards in combat, however, Pablo threw a smoke bomb and he ran away. Diego lost track of him. Diego was going to go back to the Assassin compound disappointed, but then he saw Villar, and he air assassinated him, shown here:File:Two birds 9.pngDiego now held the Key to the King’s Palace. He went to the Palace on December 15, disguised as anoble meber of the Palace, and when he was inside the Palace, he snuck past everyone, shown here: When he got to the King’s throne room, he found that King Ferdinand VII was being mind-controlled by his advisor, Arnaud Bonaparte. Bonaparte was a Templar like his cousin Napoleon was (Napoleon was in jail at the moment, having been defeated at the Battle of Waterloo 5 years earlier) and he was using the Staff to mind -control Ferdinand against his will to help the Templar cause and mobilize Spanish forces against Mexico, and restore Napoleon’s empire. Diego fought Arnaud, and during the battle, used the Apple of Eden to replicate himself and attacked Arnauld with his sword. Here’s the fight between Diego and Arnaud: Eventually Diego used the Piece of Eden to distract Arnaud, and then he assassinated Arnaud using his Hidden Blade, and stabbing Arnaud in the face, shown here:After this, King Ferdinand VII apologized for his actions in a speech to the people of Madrid and Spain, and he told them that he was mind-controlled by Arnaud Bonaparte, Napoleon’s cousin who wanted to restore Napoleon’s former empire and was a Templar. The people wanted him to reinstate the liberal Spanish Constitution of 1812, which established the principles of universal male suffrage, national sovereignty, constitutional monarchy and freedom of the press, and supported land reform and free enterprise. King Ferdinand VII agreed to reinstate the constitution.

What was happening in Mexico during all this time? Well, the independence movement was close to collapsing. The Mexican rebels were surrounded by Spanish forces, despite Vicente Guerrero’s and Guadalupe Victoria’s best efforts. The Mexicans were tired of fighting, and they wanted a better, less bloody way to get independence. At the same time that Diego gained access to the palace in Spain in December 1820, the Spanish Viceroy, Juan Ruiz de Apodaca, sent a force led by a royalist Spanish criollo officer, Colonel Agustin de Iturbide, to end the Mexican rebels in Oaxaca. Agustin (who was a Templar) first clashed with Guerrero and his forces, but when the news reached Mexico that King Ferdinand reinstated the Spanish Constitution of 1812, Iturbide saw it as an opportunity for the criollos to gain control of Mexico. He switched sides to the Mexicans, and he invited the rebel leaders over to discuss a new independence struggle. At this time, Diego was returning to Mexico from Spain on a ship with the Staff of Eden. Here, in the meeting, Iturbide is shaking hands with Vicente Guerrero.

While in the town of Iguala, where the meeting took place,  Iturbide created three rules, or “guarantees,” for Mexican independence from Spain.

  1. Mexico would be an independent kingdom. It would be ruled by King Ferdinand, another Bourbon prince, or some other conservative European prince. Special text in the treaty allowed a criollo ruler to be appointed by a Mexican congress if needed,
  2. criollos and peninsulares would from now on have equal rights and privileges,
  3. and the Roman Catholic Church would keep its privileges and be the only religion allowed.

Iturbide forced everyone in the meeting to accept these rules. Iturbide then persuaded Guerrero to join his independence movement, and Guerrero agreed, though he was a bit suspicious of Iturbide. A new army, the Army of the Three Guarantees, was then placed under Iturbide’s command to enforce the Plan of Iguala. It was a united force of Spanish and Mexican troops. The plan was so broad that it pleased both patriots and loyalists.  The goal of independence and the protection of Roman Catholicism brought together all factions. Diego Arango returned to Mexico on January 5, 1821, which was before the Army of the Three Guarantees was created on February 24, 1821. But some Spanish forces refused to accept Mexican independence, so the Army of the Three Guarantees continued fighting the Spanish for 6 months untill the Spanish finally accepted independence. Diego did not have any major assassinations during these battles. Here are the battles:  

When the rebels got to Mexico City, the viceroy resigned. On August 24, 1821, representatives of the Spanish crown and Iturbide signed the Treaty of Córdoba. This recognized Mexican independence under the terms of the Plan of Iguala. On September 27 the Army of the Three Guarantees entered Mexico City. The next day Iturbide proclaimed the independence of the Mexican Empire. Diego was present at the Treaty of Cordoba. The war was officially over.On the night of the May 18, 1822, a mass of people marched through the streets. They demanded that their commander-in-chief Iturbide accept the throne. The next day, the congress declared Iturbide emperor of Mexico.

However, the monarchy was later abolished, as the Mexican people did not like Agustin very much, and they wanted a republic. So Agustin was forced to abdicate as emperor on March 19, 1823.  Later, Iturbide left Mexico and returned on July 1, 1824. In Mexico, there  were some Spanish reconquista attempts, and the Spanish knew exactly where to find the Mexican soldiers. Diego and Guerrero suspected that there was a traitor among the Mexicans who supported the Spanish. There were anval battles in the sea of Mexico, and skirmishes within Mexico itself. In one such skirmish, on June 11, 1824, Diego fought some Spanish forces outside of Mexico City and killed all the forces. He asked a Spanish commander who’s the traitor gives him his orders, and who tells him where to fight. The Spanish commander replied that Agustin de Iturbide was a Templar, and loyal to the Spanish, and he wanted to reconquer Mexico for the Spanish. Diego, after killing the Spanish soldier, brought Vicente Guerrero and Guadalupe Victoria to light about these news at the Assassin stronghold in Mexico City. This confirmed their suspicions that King Iturbide was a Templar. After that, on July 2, some Templar Assassins attempted to kill the Assassin leaders, but Diego, Vicente and Guadalupe killed them. In interrogation, the Templar Assassins revealed that Agustin had sent them, and that he was going to use the Pieces of Eden (they were the keys to the Temple) to gain access to the Precursor Temple, which was located under the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City. Iturbide returned to Mexico from Spain on July 1. Diego, Vicente and Guadalupe went to the Metropolitan Cathedral on July 3 to engage Agustin de Iturbide in battle and gain access to the Temple before he did. As Agustin opened the Temple using the Pieces of Eden, Diego, Vicente and Guadalupe entered the church and  went to the Temple, and they ordered Agustin to stop. Agustin refused, so Diego and Agustin fought each other. Diego had an axe as a weapon, and Vicente and Guadalupe had swords, while Agustin had the staff. Agustin initially had the advantage, with his Staff and Apple mind controlling the Mexican guards to attack the Assassins. But the Assassins killed the guards, and eventually they defeated Agustin, first by Vicente knocking the staff from Agustin’s hand, and Diego threw an axe at Agustin’s chest, wounding Agustin. He knocked Agustin unconscious, and Mexican guards went in to arrest Agustin. So Diego, Vicente and Guadalupe, in the Precursor Temple, recieved a vision from the Precursor goddess Juno.  She congratulated them for defeating the Templars, and she told them that the world was changing rapidly, and that in 200 years the world would be very different. She gave the 3 Assassins enlightenment and illumination, before dissapearing. The Assassins were confused, but they returned to the Assassin compound, and celebrated the defeat of the Templars in Mexico. 16 days later, Agustin de Iturbide was executed in the town of Padilla in Taumalipas on July 19. Mexico was truly independent now, and within 3 months, on October 24, 1824, Guadalupe Victoria was made the First President of Mexico. So that is the culmination of my story, Assassin’s Creed: Independence, which highlights the story of Diego Arango and the Assassins in the Mexican War of Independence.