I watched Iron Man 3 the other day. It was one of the best movies I watched and it was the best movie in the Iron Man series.  In the movie Tony Stark (Iron Man) needs to stop the Mandarin from destroying USA.  The Mandarin in in fact Tony’s friend Aldridge Killian who created super humans so that he could take over USA and become the President, the fake Mandarin is in fact an actor called Trevor who was paid by Aldridge to pose as the Mandarin so  that the government of USA would target Trevor as the Mandarin instead of Aldridge. The Mandarin commits several attacks in USA, and  the Iron Man investigates for the Mandarins location.  But soon Pepper Pots(who is Tony Starks girlfriend) and this girl called Mia who work in Aldridge’s company suspect that Aldridge is working for the Mandarin. They go to Tony Starks mansion, but they are attacked by the Mandarins men, who destroy Tonys Mansion and leave him for dead. But Tony survives thanks to  his Iron Man suit, and his suit transports him to Tennessee. There the Iron Mans suit runs out of battery. Tony Stark goes to fix his suit, where he is confronted by some boy called Harvey  who tells him that some army soldier guy went insane and built a bomb and blew it up, killing himself and a few other people. Tony is ordered by some woman to go see the mother of the army guy who blew himself up. He goes to see the mother, who gives Tony some files about the guy who blew himself up. But then Tony is attacked by the woman who ordered him to talk to the mother. That woman is actually one of the Mandarins super humans, but Tony is able to kill the woman by blowing her up.  But then another superhuman takes Harvey hostage, but Tony saves Harvey’s life by distracting the superhuman and defeating him. Then Tony tells Harvey to repair his Iron Man suit then he leaves. Meanwhile, Tonys friend James Rhodes(aka Iron Patriot) who is a US army commander and has a suit similar to Iron Mans, is ordered by the US President to find the Mandarins location. Rhodes suspects that the Mandarin is hiding in the Middle East, and he goes to the Middle East. But he doesn’t find the Mandarins base, instead he finds a sportswear warehouse where several women are forced to work. The Iron Patriot frees the women. Meanwhile, Tony hacks into a computer database to find about the AIM program, which was a program created by Aldridge Killian to create super humans. Tony also finds out that the Mandarin is hiding in Miami. Since Tonys suit has not been yet repaired, Tony builds temporary equipment to raid the Mandarins base. Tony goes to the Mandarins base, where he defeats all of the Mandarins guards and there he finds the Mandarin. But then he finds out that the Mandarin is actually an actor called Trevor who was hired by Aldridge Killian to pose as the Mandarin so that he would be targeted by the US government as the Mandarin and so that people would never find out that Aldridge was the Mandarin. But then Tony is knocked out by one of the super humans. Tony wakes up inside Aldridge’s base, where he sees Mia, who is working for Aldridge. Tony then asks Mia to free him, but then Aldridge arrives and gives Tony a speech on how he wanted to create super humans and how he planned to conquer USA with his army of super humans, and how he plans to use the Iron Patriot suit to trap the President in the suit and then execute the President in front of everyone, and Aldridge shows Tony his girlfriend,  Pepper Potts, who is being turned into a superhuman. Then Mia orders Aldridge to free Tony, but then Aldridge shoots her dead. Meanwhile, in another part of the base, the Mandarins super humans are holding James Rhodes hostage and they are trying to take his suit off. James gets out of the suit and starts punching the super humans. Then Tony frees himself and both Tony and James escape Aldridge’s base. But the super humans gain control of the Iron Patriot suit, and they go to the president airplane to capture the President. Iron Man arrives to try to save the President, but he fails, and the super humans and Aldridge capture the President.  Aldridge takes the President to a giant ship, where he plans to execute the President in front of everyone. Pepper Potts is also being held hostage in the ship. Tony and James arrive at the ship, and Tony summons several Iron Man suits with a remote control and he commands the Iron Man suits to attack the osuper humans on board the ship. While the Iron Man suits attack the super humans, Tony goes to save Pepper, who is on a higher part of the ship, but then Pepper falls to her apparent death.  Then Aldridge appears, and Tony, who is angry because of Peppers death, attacks Aldridge. But Aldridge, who is a super human, dodges Tonys attacks. But then Tony summons an IronMan suit and Tony orders the suit to wear itself on Aldridge Killian. Tony then orders the suit to blow up. Meanwhile, James saves the President and then James takes control of the suit.  Then Aldridge, who survived the suit explosion, tells Tony that he is the Mandarin, but then Pepper, who survived the fall because of her superhuman powers, attacks Aldridge. But then one of the Iron Man suits targets Pepper as a bad superhuman and the suit attacks Pepper. But Pepper then destroys the suit and she puts on the suits glove. Then Aldridge recovers, but then Pepper throws a bomb at Aldridge then she shoots Aldridge with her Iron Man glove, killing Aldridge. With Aldridge dead and the super humans defeated and the President saved, the mission is complete. Tony orders all the Iron Man suits to blow up, and Tony and Pepper kiss. Then Tony undergoes surgery to remove his fusion reactor and Tony throws the fusion reactor and his Iron Man mask into the ocean because he doesn’t want to be Iron Man anymore and he want to have more of a life with Pepper. Then Trevor is arrested for helping the Mandarin.  The End.