2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Qualified teams: North America:🇺🇸USA, 🇲🇽Mexico, 🇨🇷Costa Rica(all automatic qualification),

🇨🇦Canada(qualified after beating New Zealand 5-3 on aggregate in playoff). South America:

🇺🇾Uruguay, 🇦🇷Argentina, 🇧🇷Brazil,🇨🇱Chile(all qualified automatically), 🇨🇴Colombia (qualified after beating Uzbekistan in a playoff 10-5 aggregate) Europe: 🇩🇪Germany, 🇧🇪Belgium, 🇳🇱Netherlands, 🇵🇹Portugal, 🇨🇭Switzerland, 🇬🇧England, 🇫🇷France, 🇭🇷Croatia, 🇮🇹Italy, (all qualified automatically)

🇬🇧Wales, 🇵🇱Poland,🇪🇸Spain, 🇸🇪Sweden(all qualified after winning playoffs). 🇷🇺Russia(qualified as host) Africa: 🇪🇬Egypt,

🇪🇭Libya, 🇻🇺Zambia, 🇮🇪Ivory Coast, 🇳🇬Nigeria(all qualified after winning play-offs) Asia: 🇯🇵Japan,

🇰🇷South Korea, 🇦🇪Qatar, 🇦🇺Australia (all qualified automatically).
Group A

🇬🇧England: 2 wins, 1 draw

🇷🇺Russia: 1 win, 2 draws

🇺🇾Uruguay: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss

🇪🇬Egypt: 3 losses
🇷🇺Russia 0-0 🇺🇾Uruguay

🇬🇧England 3-0 🇪🇬Egypt

🇷🇺Russia 3-1 🇪🇬Egypt

🇺🇾Uruguay 2-1🇪🇬Egypt

🇬🇧England 2-2 🇷🇺Russia

🇬🇧England 2-1 🇺🇾Uruguay
Group B

🇵🇹Portugal: 2 wins, 1 draw

🇨🇱Chile: 2 wins, 1 draw

🇦🇺Australia: 1 win, 2 losses

🇻🇺Zambia: 3 losses
🇨🇱Chile 2-1 🇻🇺Zambia

🇵🇹Portugal 3-0 🇦🇺Australia

🇨🇱Chile 1-0 🇦🇺Australia

🇵🇹Portugal 1-1 🇨🇱Chile

🇵🇹Portugal 4-0 🇻🇺Zambia

🇦🇺Australia 1-0 🇻🇺Zambia
Group C

🇦🇷Argentina: 3 wins

🇳🇱Netherlands: 2 wins, 1 loss

🇳🇬Nigeria: 1 draw, 2 losses

🇦🇪Qatar: 1 draw, 2 losses
🇦🇷Argentina 7-0 🇦🇪Qatar

🇳🇱Netherlands 1-0 🇳🇬Nigeria

🇦🇷Argentina 2-1 🇳🇬Nigeria

🇳🇱Netherlands 3-0 🇦🇪Qatar

🇦🇷Argentina 1-0 🇳🇱Netherlands

🇦🇪Qatar 0-0 🇳🇬Nigeria
Group D

🇩🇪Germany: 3 wins

🇬🇧Wales: 2 wins, 1 loss

🇭🇷Croatia: 1 win, 2 losses

🇪🇭Libya: 3 losses
🇩🇪Germany 2-0 🇭🇷Croatia

🇬🇧Wales 2-0 🇪🇭Libya

🇩🇪Germany 6-0 🇪🇭Libya

🇬🇧Wales 2-1 🇭🇷Croatia

🇭🇷Croatia 3-1 🇪🇭Libya

🇩🇪Germany 1-0 🇬🇧Wales
Group E

🇧🇷Brazil: 2 wins, 1 draw

🇯🇵Japan: 1 win, 2 draws

🇵🇱Poland: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss

🇨🇮Ivory Coast: 3 losses
🇧🇷Brazil 3-0 🇵🇱Poland

🇯🇵Japan 3-1 🇨🇮Ivory Coast

🇵🇱Poland 2-1 🇨🇮Ivory Coast

🇯🇵Japan 1-1🇧🇷Brazil

🇧🇷Brazil 4-1 🇨🇮Ivory Coast

🇯🇵Japan 0-0 🇵🇱Poland
Group F

🇪🇸Spain: 3 wins

🇮🇹Italy: 2 wins, 1 loss

🇨🇴Colombia: 1 win, 2 losses

🇨🇦Canada: 3 losses
🇪🇸Spain 6-1 🇨🇦Canada

🇮🇹Italy 3-1 🇨🇴Colombia

🇮🇹Italy 2-0 🇨🇦Canada

🇨🇴Colombia 0-1 🇪🇸Spain

🇨🇦Canada 1-2 🇨🇴Colombia

🇮🇹Italy 0-1 🇪🇸Spain
Group G:

🇧🇪Belgium: 1 win, 2 draws

🇺🇸USA: 1 win, 2 draws

🇨🇭Switzerland: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss

🇨🇷Costa Rica: 1 draw, 2 losses
🇧🇪Belgium 4-2 🇨🇭Switzerland

🇨🇷Costa Rica 1-1 🇺🇸USA

🇨🇷Costa Rica 0-3 🇨🇭Switzerland

🇨🇭Switzerland 0-2 🇺🇸USA

🇧🇪Belgium 2-0 🇨🇷Costa Rica

🇺🇸USA 0-0 🇧🇪Belgium
Group H

🇫🇷France: 2 wins, 1 draw

🇲🇽Mexico: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss

🇸🇪Sweden: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss

🇰🇷South Korea: 1 draw, 2 losses
🇫🇷France 1-0 🇲🇽Mexico

🇸🇪Sweden 3-1 🇰🇷South Korea

🇫🇷France 0-0 🇸🇪Sweden

🇰🇷South Korea 2-2 🇲🇽Mexico

🇫🇷France 4-1 🇰🇷South Korea

🇲🇽Mexico 2-1 🇸🇪Sweden

Round of 16

🇬🇧England 1-0 🇨🇱Chile

🇦🇷Argentina 1-1 🇬🇧Wales(3-1 penalties, Argentina wins)

🇩🇪Germany 3-1 🇳🇱Netherlands

🇵🇹Portugal 1-1 🇷🇺Russia (4-1 penalties, Portugal wins)

🇧🇷Brazil 2-0 🇮🇹Italy

🇧🇪Belgium 2-2 🇲🇽Mexico (5-4 penalties, Mexico wins)

🇪🇸Spain 4-0 🇯🇵Japan

🇫🇷France 4-1 🇺🇸USA

🇲🇽Mexico 3-4 🇧🇷Brazil

🇦🇷Argentina 0-0 🇬🇧England (7-6 penalties, Argentina win)

🇩🇪Germany 1-0 🇵🇹Portugal

🇫🇷France 1-0 🇪🇸Spain

🇦🇷Argentina 1-0 🇧🇷Brazil

🇫🇷France 1-0 🇩🇪Germany(after extra time)
Third place match

🇩🇪Germany 3-1 🇧🇷Brazil

🇦🇷Argentina 2-1 🇫🇷France
Argentina have become World Soccer Champions for the 3rd time in Russia 2018. Argentina’s captain Lionel Messi finally confirms his status as the best player ever in world football by lifting the coveted FIFA World Cup trophy in the Lenin Stadium in Moscow, Russia. The awards were then given out:
Golden Boot(awarded to the top scorer in the World Cup): 🇦🇷Mauro Icardi(Argentina)7 goals. Mauro Icardi was the top scorer in the 2018 World Cup, with 7 goals. Icardi has become a force in world football for recent years, transferring to FC Barcelona this summer after steering Inter Milan to the Serie A title and back into the Champions League with his Serie A Golden Boot-earning goals. He brought that form into the World Cup, scoring a hat-trick in the 7-0 demolition of Qatar, and in the next 2 group games he scored 2 goals, including the winner against Holland. He then scored a goal in the Round of 16 against Wales to bring the game to penalties. He then scored a goal in the final against France with Argentina winning 2-1 and lifting their 3rd World Cup title
World Cup top scorers:

🇦🇷Icardi(Argentina): 7 goals

🇩🇪Gotze(Germany): 6 goals

🇧🇷Gabriel Jesus(Brazil): 4 goals

Hyundai Best Young Player(awarded to the best player under 22 in the World Cup): 🇬🇧Marcus Rashford (England). Rashford beat Frenchman Joseph Maurin and Mexican Juan Diego Pena to the award, because the young Manchester United striker scored 3 goals and assisted 4 times to help England reach the quarter-finals, compared to Paris Saint Germain midfielder Maurin’s 2 goals and 3 assists for France in their run to the final and Cruz Azul winger Peña’s solitary goal and 4 assists for Mexico in their run to the quarter-finals. Earlier in the year Rashford also scored 19 goals as Manchester United won the English Premier League.
Hyundai Best Young Player candidates:

🇬🇧Marcus Rashford(England),🇫🇷Joseph Maurin(France),🇲🇽Juan Diego Pena(Mexico)
Adidas Golden Ball(awarded to the best player in the World Cup):

🇩🇪Mario Gotze(Germany): Gotze scored 6 goals(the 2nd most in the World Cup) and got the most assists, 5 assists, to help Germany to 3rd place in the 2018 World Cup. Gotze scored a hat-trick in Germany’s group stage game against Libya, where Germany won 6-0. Gotze scored 4 goals in the group stage, his 4th goal being the header game-winner against Wales with 88 minutes played so far in the game. Gotze then scored 2 goals in Germany’s Round of 16 win against the Netherlands. He did not score after the Round of 16, but he did also provide crucial assists. He assisted 2 times in the group stage, and also assisted once against the Dutch. In the quarter finals against Portugal, he assisted for the game winning goal. Gotze also had a good year in club soccer with his team Borussia Dortmund, as he won the treble, the Bundesliga and the German Cup, and the UEFA Champions League final, beating Manchester City by a goal. Icardi, meanwhile, was the top scorer in the tournament, but he only got 1 assist, in the semi final game against Brazil to set up substitute striker Rogelio Funes Mori(who had just entered the game) for Argentina’s 3rd goal in the 79th minute. Paul Pogba, on the other hand, scored 2 goals in the tourney, but got the 2nd most assists, 4 and had the most accurate passing record in the tournament. The Manchester United midfielder was crucial to France’s run to the final, and one of his goals was the winner against Spain in the quarter finals.
Golden Ball candidates:

Top 3:🇩🇪Mario Gotze(Germany),

🇦🇷Mauro Icardi(Argentina),

🇫🇷Paul Pogba(France)

Other candidates: 🇫🇷Antoine Griezmann(France), 🇩🇪Julian Draxler (Germany), 🇦🇷Lionel Messi(Argentina), 🇧🇷Gabriel Jesus (Brazil), 🇩🇪Toni Kroos(Germany),🇫🇷Dimitri Payet(France) 🇧🇷Bernard(Brazil)
Golden Glove(awarded to the best goalkeeper in the tournament):

🇫🇷Hugo Lloris(France) Lloris

may have conceded 5 goals throughout the tournament, but his ability to repair mistakes by making amazing saves is what propelled him to beat fellow candidates Sergio Romero and Manuel Neuer for the award. Also, the Tottenham goalkeeper did not concede a goal during the group stage, and he also made 2 crucial saves in the game against Spain: a penalty from Spanish striker Nolito after Spanish wingback Nacho Fernandez was fouled in the box by French defender Raphäel Varane, and a Spanish shot by Sergi Roberto that was about to go in the left corner, but then Lloris impossibly saved it.
Golden Glove candidates:

🇫🇷Hugo Lloris(France), 🇦🇷Sergio Romero(Argentina), 🇩🇪Marc-Andre ter Stegen(Germany)
FIFA World Cup All-Star team
Forwards:🇫🇷Antoine Griezmann(France), 🇦🇷Mauro Icardi(Argentina), 🇩🇪Mario Gotze(Germany)
Midfielders: 🇩🇪Toni Kroos(Germany)🇧🇷Bernard(Brazil),🇩🇪Julian Draxler(Germany), 🇫🇷Paul Pogba(France)
Defenders: 🇩🇪Mats Hummels(Germany), 🇦🇷Nicolas Otamendi(Argentina),

🇦🇷Marcos Rojo(Argentina),

🇫🇷Raphäel Varane(France)
Goalkeepers:🇫🇷Hugo Lloris(France), 🇦🇷Sergio Romero(Argentina)
Final Tournament Ranking for Teams:


1: 🇦🇷Argentina


2: 🇫🇷France

3rd Place

3: 🇩🇪Germany

4th place

4: 🇧🇷Brazil

Eliminated in Quarter-finals

5: 🇪🇸Spain

6: 🇵🇹Portugal

7: 🇬🇧England

8: 🇲🇽Mexico

Eliminated in Round of 16

9: 🇨🇱Chile

10: 🇮🇹Italy

11: 🇳🇱Netherlands

12: 🇬🇧Wales

13: 🇧🇪Belgium


15: 🇯🇵Japan

16: 🇺🇸USA

Eliminated in Group Stage

17: 🇨🇭Switzerland

18: 🇸🇪Sweden

19: 🇺🇾Uruguay

20: 🇵🇱Poland

21: 🇭🇷Croatia

22: 🇨🇴Colombia

23: 🇦🇺Australia

24: 🇳🇬Nigeria

25: 🇰🇷South Korea

26: 🇨🇷Costa Rica

27: 🇦🇪Qatar

28: 🇨🇮Ivory Coast

29: 🇪🇬Egypt

30: 🇻🇺Zambia

31: 🇨🇦Canada

32: 🇪🇭Libya