What if Johnny Depp and Cristiano Ronaldo are related? And Johnny Depp is Ronaldo’s father? After all, they look alike, seen in this photo.  
One day, in the Ballon D’Or 2014 Soccer gala, Cristiano Ronaldo was attending as one of the finalists. Just before he won the award, Johnny Depp came up to him and said…
“You never were told who your real father was”
Cristiano replied “I knew. My father was Cristiano Ronaldo Sr.”
To which Depp replied “No Cristiano Ronaldo, I am your father ”

Cristiano then said “No that’s not true, that’s impossible!!”

“Search your feelings Ronaldo, you know it to be true. Join me and give up your soccer career, and together we will rule Holywood!!!”
Cristiano said “Noooooo!!!!!”
The truth is, turns out Depo was lying, and Ronaldo is actually Johnny Depp’s clone. For Depp went to Kamino to clone himself, and Ronaldo is his clone.