Grand Theft  Auto 3 is one of my favourite games personally, because it’s an open world game where you can do whatever you want and travel the city. If any of you ask why I am not allowed to play GTA 5, it’s because my parents don’t let me, so I play GTA 3 on my IPod. I made up a cool story about it. Here it is:

The real story behind Grand Theft Auto 3: Claude Speed is a secret agent working for the American Government. He has been sent to Liberty City on a mission to eliminate every last gang and criminal in the city. This is part of America’s plan to eradicate crime in the country. So Claude works undercover with gangs such as the Mafia and the Yakuza, but really his plan is to eradicate those gangs. So he secretly goes around the city killing gang members (even from the gang he is working with). He often gets in trouble with the police (as the police has a pact with every gang in Liberty City to protect them whenever they are attacked), but the government has given him permission to kill police officers when he is wanted by the police, for the police force is corrupt.