I have a friend called Joe Meleca who likes Italian soccer(he’s Italian). I have a post he’s gonna love from April 2011

Apr 26, 2011 17:00:00

With no Italian representation as we enter the semi-finals of the Champions League and Europa League, Carlo Garganese offers some reasons why supporters should not be too downbeat

10) Italy has the most beautiful football presenters
Goddess Ilaria D’Amico will be in the studio popping out of her little black dress, gorgeous ex-Miss Italias will be presenting the news, while Leonardo’s classy girlfriend will be leading the brigade of female correspondents. A far cry from England’s ITV coverage of the Champions League with the sexy Adrian Chiles.
9) Serie A has won the most Champions Leagues since 2006
Italy was flung head-first into crisis by Calciopoli five years ago, from which it is yet to fully recover. Since the scandal, Serie A has still won more Champions League trophies than any other country. More than a Premier League in the richest state in its history, and more than the duopoly that is La Liga. Now just imagine if Serie A hadn’t been in crisis!
8) Silvio Berlusconi is so much cooler than Angela Merkel
Who can forget the Milan president and Italian PM humiliating his German equivalent Angela Merkel at a NATO summit, leaving the greeting Chancellor waiting on the red carpet while he talked on his mobile phone? Schalke’s thumping of Inter doesn’t come close to avenging this national belittlement.
7) Europa League is not a competition
Granted, Italy have no teams remaining in the Champions League but their absence from the Europa League is not evidence of Calcio’s decline. The competition is so worthless that Christian Panucci’s run to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars should be rewarded with more co-efficient points.

Zidane to Panucci | “Show me the foxtrot, or else…”
6) Germany’s last Champions League triumph was centuries ago
Bundesliga this, Bundesliga that. Germany (Bayern Munich) still have to win another 875 titles before they are even close to equalling Italy’s number of triumphs. And that isn’t going to happen next season either with Bayern in the Europa League and Nuri Sahin fleeing Borussia Dortmund for a big championship.
5) There is no royal wedding in Italy
Football fans on the peninsula can look forward to this weekend’s Serie A action without being saturated by blanket media coverage of two cousins getting married. William vs Kate, or Chievo vs Lecce? Donkeys will fly before I watch the former.

Prince William (left) | “Tally-ho versus Lecce, you say?”
4) Italy will still be represented in the Champions League final…
…through referee Nicola Rizzoli – one more Italian starter than Inter had in the final last season. So, in many ways an improvement for Calcio from 2010.
3) Serie A’s player of the year will be better than Scott Parker
If Scott Parker is the best player in the Premier League, then Serie A has nothing to worry about.
2) Inter can use their free time to get some chores done
Such as finding a new coach, right-back, centre-back, and whipping out some scissors to start unstitching the Scudetto and world champions badges from their shirts!

Wanted | One pair of scissors (or red dye)
1) Lionel Messi is Italian
Instead of Schalke vs Man Utd on Tuesday night, Italians can watch the club their immigrant ancestors put together – Velez Sarsfield – in the Copa Libertadores knockouts. On away days Velez even wear the Italian flag as a shirt. And don’t forget that 99 per cent of Argentines are really Italian. Including Lionel Messi, whose forefathers hail from Ancona.

Messi | “Un taxi per Ancona, per favore”

Goal.com readers have been leaving their comments and opinions on how Italians can cheer themselves up in Champions League week. Here are some of the best responses we have had so far via comments, Twitter, and Facebook:
“We get to hear some more crazy stuff of how Bundesliga is better than Serie A from Clark Whitney ^^” – Michael Filletti looks forward to some Goal.com comedy from our German Football Editor.
“You can witness the oldest team (pretty much like a retirement home run by Seedorf ) win the league, and also craziness is still alive with players like Ibra hitting people and Cassano losing his mind every two games. Not to mention Gattuso 😀 Now that is entertainment.” Omar Amer likes some off-the-wall flair in his football.
“Italians can spend the night on the piazzas with pizzas watching the gorgeous Italian women go by instead of being crammed in alongside 60,000 sweaty drunken men watching Alex Ferguson’s lot play negatively away in Europe again.” Morgan Nicholas knows where he’d rather be this evening