My name is Diego. I am a boy. I like to do alot of stuff, such as read. I read novels such as the Percy Jackson series, and I am currently in the process of reading Star Wars The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance, and Assassin’s Creed Forsaken. I also read non fiction books such as history books and Guinness World Records. I also like to write stories and am good at writing them. I publish them in this blog. I also like to make movies which I upload in Youtube (I’ve had my channel for 5 years). I used to make LEGO videos, but now I make Hitler and Angry German Kid parodies, as well as Star Wars animated videos. I also play piano and am good, I can play my favourite songs. I have been playing sports for years, and my favourite sport to play is karate, as well as occasionally playing and watching soccer and basketball. I’m better at basket, I played for my school basketball team,and my school team was really good. In my last appearance I was number 10 on my school team. I’ve also won the MVP award on my Midget High School Basketball team. I also do competitive karate, I am an orange-and-black stripe belt, in the process of getting green belt. I am an alright soccer player, I played for my school soccer team, also played house league soccer as a midfield and I did alright, scoring occasional goals sometimes. I also like video games and reading and I currently attend Jean Vanier High School in Milton.